Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Organized Chaos

Hi there.  It’s Tuesday and I’m happy to report that I’ve been on the workout wagon for two days this week.  Nice. 

To perk things up a bit, I switched from the T25 Alpha DVDs to the Beta DVDs and that is definitely a big help.  New workouts are always fun.  I loved today’s workout – Rip’t Circuit – because it incorporated weights and strength in with the crazy cardio, so I was definitely a fan this morning.  My goal was to get to the gym two days this week – Tuesday and Thursday – but I totally forgot to plan for it last night when I went to bed so when I woke up this morning I was like “oh, yeah, duh” and just did the T25 instead.  Thursday I will try again.

Hubs and I are in a spring cleaning kind of mood around here because our house looks like a 15 month old owns the place … oh wait, she does.  So we stumbled across a blogsite on “31 Days to an Organized Home.”  I spent about an hour reading through some of the posts last night and it made me want to get up and organize. Organize my kitchen, my pantry my closets, my sock drawer – all good stuff, and easy.  So we may be implementing some of these things in the near future.

You can read about it all on the blog, “The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking” (which is apparently now defunct, but there’s still some good stuff out there).  See if you get inspired to clean and organize like I did.  This picture should do it…

How about you … Do you get into the “Spring Cleaning” habit?  Do you love to get organized? 

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Seriously, it’s been since Tuesday since we’ve chatted?  Aah!  It’s been a crazy week!  I have had blog topics going through my head all week, but I never actually had a chance to type them out.  Today I finally have some down time, so here I am!

So I realized that it was April – about two weeks into the month – and I thought about some goals to set for the month.  And then I laughed because I have been so bad at sticking to goals lately.  But still I thought it would be fun (read: funny) to recap my March goals that never really came to fruition. 

Goal 1 was – EXERCISE COMEBACK  #348685
This didn’t happen.  It did a little bit, towards the end of the month when I got back on the T25 bandwagon, but not as much as I was hoping this month.  I blame traveling two weeks in a row and work being so dang busy.  Yeah, I blame work.  And I shouldn’t because that’s dumb.  I only have myself to blame. 

Walking, running, getting my steps in every day.  I kind of did this.  Some days I got the amount of steps I wanted/needed, and some days I didn’t .  You heard about my giant push the last week of the month to get the amount of steps I needed to get my gym reimbursement, so I did this to some extent. 

Goal 3 was – BRING MY LUNCH
I did do this!  Mainly because I have been so busy at work that I didn’t have time to go out for lunch on days I was in the office.  Win win? 

So, what’s my plan this month (now that it’s already mid-month)?  I’m going to get back on track.  I did T25 four times this week, but I still feel a little unmotivated and just in a funk about exercise.  I need to do something to get myself excited again, to make exercise a top priority in my life, to get motivated again.  Some ideas:

- Get back to the gym a couple times a week to supplement T25 – it has been far too long since I’ve visited a treadmill or an elliptical machine

- Do some new workouts – I just discovered fitnessblender.com, so cool!

- Push ups every day – this is so easy to do, drop and do 10 anywhere, but yet I don’t do it

- Steps, steps, steps – I really really want to get in at least 7,000 a day.  Why is this so hard?!

So that’s the plan from here on.  I need to get back on the wagon.  I have said this so many times, and I’m tired of talking about it.  It’s time to make working out priority again.  Yay!

How about you … What are your fitness goals this month?  What are ways you stay motivated to work out?  I need tips! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sporadic Posting

Seriously, what is up with my sporadic posting? It has been so busy around here that I just have not had any time to write. Such a bummer because blogging is so therapeutic. It is! 

Since I worked my ass off today at work I can't really form a complete, grammatically correct paragraph so it's bullet time...
- This weekend was a good one - the home and garden show (we met Ahmed from Yard Crashers!), shopping, cleaning the house from top to bottom (also therapeutic), yummy food, some relaxing, capped off on Sunday night with Wrestlemania - awww yeah. 


Hubs and Ahmed Hassan from HGTV talking yard stuff

- Yeah, not ashamed that we watch wrestling (and Total Divas on E!) in this house. It's a big manly soap opera and it's oddly entertaining. I probably shouldn't admit that huh? 

- Still on the T25 wagon and it's going really well. It feels good to sweat every morning and be back on track. I hope it lasts. It will, because summer is almost here ... It was 90 degrees yesterday! 

- Jillian is still cute as ever. Just had to share that. 15 months old next week...where does time go? 


- Did anyone know this existed? I picked it up theming it was regular Smartfood (white cheddar popcorn), but it was kettle corn! Happy surprise!!


Aaaaand that's all I've got. I'm tired, it's time for bed. 

How about you ... How was your weekend? Do anything good? Do you like kettle corn? 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

What Day Is It?

Wait, what?  It’s Thursday?  Really? 

I feel like I have been in a cave all week.  A cave called work.  I had a workshop this week with 40 people in town from around the country, so I’ve had little to no time to do anything “me” related.  Good workshop, but so glad it’s over.  Here’s some bullets to get you caught up…

- Over the weekend we met another “Crasher” at Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival.  Matt Muenster from Bath Crashers.  Super nice dude. 

- We spent more time than we wanted at Epcot on Sunday.  We went to the 12 o’clock seminar by Matt, but didn’t get in line to meet him until it was too late, so we had to stick around for the 3:00 seminar to actually talk to him.  It’s okay though because the weather was glorious and I got in the remaining steps I needed to get my gym membership reimbursement.  What what!

- I didn’t work out this week at all until this morning.   Meh.  I blame work.  I had to be at work by 8am every day.  This is not late for most people, but it is for me.  I usually don’t leave for work until 8:45, which allows me the luxury of waking up at 6:45, working out and then going to work.  That did not happen this week.  Thankfully I’m working from home the rest of the week, so T25 is back on!  And it felt so good to sweat today.

- I got to wear my Stich Fix dress yesterday to work.  OMG I LOVE IT!  I want to wear it everywhere all of the time.  It is just so dang cute and I feel so fancy in it.  Love.  So sad that my next Fix is not until May 8th.  Ugh.

- I watched the series finale of HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) on Monday.  I was okay with it.  I already had a sneaking suspicion that the mother was (SPOILER ALERT) dead and I was really really hoping that was false, but it wasn’t.  Not sure I buy into the whole Ted/Robin thing.  I dunno.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t my ideal cookie cutter ending that I wanted either.

- These came today…

Disney Magic Bands.  This means I now don’t have to faddle with my annual pass, I just slap on my bracelet and it gets me into the park, serves as my fast pass, etc.  It’s golden. And I'm a geek.

And now, I think we’re going to go and try out those Magic Bands.  It’s 5 o’clock and I am ready to get out of this house and get my Disney on (because that’s what most normal people do after work on a Thursday, right?).

How about you … Ever been to Disney?  Anyone watch Bath Crashers?    

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Babble

Helloooo!  Happy Friday!  This has been a crazy week – a long week – I’m glad it’s finally over.  I thought I’d bullet today, because hey, it’s Friday!

- I had an 8am meeting this morning.  I hate 8am meetings.  It makes the day drag on.  I feel like it’s 3 o’clock.  It’s only 11:46.  Ugh.

- The series finale of Psych aired on Wednesday after eight fun seasons.  I’m still saddened by this.  I love Psych and I hate that it’s not going to be on anymore.  But, the finale was perfection, so I was happy.

- One series finale that I fear is not going to be perfection – How I Met Your Mother.  There have been horrid rumors swirling that we find out that the mother is actually dead in the finale.  WHA?!??  WHY??!!??  This is a comedy, why would you kill the mother?  I really hope this is a false rumor because that would not be okay.

- And I just learned that White Collar got canceled.  Seriously, why are all of my shows ending?!?! 

(and why are all of my bullets about TV?)

- I took today off of T25, because of my 8am meeting.  I did four days in a row, so I figured today would be a good rest day.  Tomorrow I will do Ab Intervals and Cardio to make up for it.

- I am happy to report that I only need 70 more points (that’s 7,000 steps, which I’ll get done today) to get my gym reimbursement.  SUCCESS!!!!!  I’m so proud of myself for making this goal for the week and keeping it.  Now I just need to keep it up!  Hmm, what will I spend my $31.95 on? 

- Meeting another “Crasher” tomorrow at Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival – Matt Muenster from Bath Crashers.  Unfortunately we don’t have an ugly bathroom, so I have no idea what we’re going to talk to him about.  But it will still be fun! 

Alright, that’s all I’ve got (I know, lame).  Hope you have a great weekend!

How about you … Do you watch Psych?  How I Met Your Mother?  White Collar?  Bath Crashers?  Am I the only TV-holic around here?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Every Step Counts

I have a major goal this week:  get enough steps in to get enough points to get my gym membership fee reimbursement.  (I said the word 'get' a lot in that sentence)

As I have mentioned before, my work does a program where if you wear your pedometer and log enough steps/points in a quarter, they will reimburse you for your gym membership fees.  Each quarter we have to get 4,000 points in order to get reimbursed.  You get points by walking a certain number of steps per day, and for other activity you do as well.  It’s a big motivation to get up and get moving. 

As of the beginning of the week I had 3,540 points.  That means that I need 460 points to get my moolah.  460 points equates to 8 days of walking between 7,000 and 11,999 steps per day.  Umm…don’t have 8 days to do it, I have to do it by Monday.  So I have to get MOVIN’ this week! 

It’s silly, but I’m so motivated by this.  I have charts and mathematical equations everywhere trying to figure out when and where I can get my steps in.  Hey, we’re talking $31.95.  That’s dinner for two at someplace decent.  That’s a box of diapers (with a coupon).  That’s 15 large Diet Cokes from McDonalds (umm, yeah).  I will get my money! 

I’m doing well, and actually now only need 160 points.  I logged 60 points on Monday step-wise (7,267 steps), 80 points yesterday step-wise (12,253 steps – we went to Epcot last night and walked the world), and I’m currently at 60 points for today (7,015 steps thanks to a walk I took at lunch).  I know, the math isn’t right if you’re really looking at the numbers, but you get additional points for logging into the site, you get points for logging exercise, so that stuff really adds up.  Especially when you’re trying to cram a ton of points into a few days.  But like I said, I’m determined  And heck, I never turn down a chance at free money.  So I’m pretty happy with myself right now.

As I’ve mentioned before, 7,000 steps is the baseline for this program we have going on.  I know that’s lower than the 10,000 steps that everybody says you should be walking per day.  Since this week I’m gung ho about getting steps/points in, I’ve really been trying to get closer to that 10,000 mark.  It’s not easy.  Especially when you have a sedentary job.  But I noticed today that just a 20 minute walk got me 3,500(ish) steps.  That’s not hard to do in addition to my morning workout.  I really want to make this a practice and strive to get 10,000 steps per day, every day.  If anything, just so that I don’t have to scurry around at the end of next quarter making sure I get enough for my reimbursement! 

Here are some fun stats I pulled off of the site about my activity:

I think that 6,932 (or 7,079) average daily steps is a little inflated.  Shoot, some days I don't get over 3,000, so I'm wondering how they got that number.  I guess if you average it with my "high" 36,714 (that was the day of the half marathon) it comes out like that.  But look at that - 1,883,854 total steps taken.  That's since July.  Pretty cool, but it can be better! 

Aside from the walking, I’ve also been super good with my T25 this week.  Three days in a row.  That’s like the most I’ve done in a really long time.  Sad, but true. 

How about you … Do you track how many steps you walk per day?  How?  Pedometer?  Fitbit?  App?  Some other cool gadget?  Tell me!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Night of Great Music

On Sunday night Hubs and I went to a concert.  And it was probably one of my favorite concert experiences ever.  The music was so fantastic, I was introduced to new bands and we got to meet and hang out with some of the band members.

Hangin with Audio Adrenaline
The main reason we went to the concert was to see Audio Adrenaline play.  Hubs and I saw them at Night of Joy this past September and they put on a fabulous concert (in the pouring down rain).  Rob has been a huge fan of the lead singer, Kevin Max, since high school when K-Max was in the band DC Talk, so he was stoked to see that we could pay a little extra to meet and hang out with the band before the concert. 

It was a four band lineup featuring Audio A, Kutless, Finding Favour and Shine Bright Baby – all Christian rock bands that rocked my face off.  We got to do the meet and greet beforehand with Audio A and Kutless. 

Us + Kutless
Hubs and I had never heard Kutless before, but the guys were super duper nice.  I’m definitely a new fan.

Usually I am not a fan of opening acts.  I’m a “get to the reason I’m here” kind of gal (I know, that’s terrible), but I was so very wrong this time around and actually found the opening bands to be the highlight of the night.  First up was Shine Bright Baby. 

Add caption

I instantly liked them.  The lead singer, Emily Irene Fertig’s, voice was so great and it was just a super rockin’ show.  I loved it from the first song to the last song. 

The second band, which I am eternally grateful that I got to experience, was Finding Favour.  Four guys from Georgia who were signed by tobyMac a couple of years ago (hello, that instantly makes them cool).  W-O-W.  Wow.  Wowwowwow. 

I loved the first song.  I loved the second song.  The story in between the second and third song made me cry.  The third song made my cry some more.  And then the fourth song, Say Amen, stuck with me all night.  Wow.  Powerful message, amazing vocals, my new favorite song.  I instantly downloaded their EP and the Say Amen single as soon as I got home and I have pretty much had it on loop since the concert.  Freaking fantastic.  Click the video below and tell me you don't like it.  I dare you.

After their set, which was way too short, I posted a pic on Instagram and tagged them.  And Matt Blashaw-style, they liked my pic back and they took my pic and posted it on their Instagram.  I heart Instagram.

Next up was Kutless.  Another big WOW.  They were amaaaazing. 

I will definitely be downloading a bunch of stuff from them because they were awesome.  Hubs and I remembered the name of the band from past Night of Joys, but we never heard them play.  I’m pretty bummed about that now. 

And last, but certainly not least, the reason we were there, Audio Adrenaline.

Awesome, awesome, awesome.  They ended their set with a song off their newest album and had members from each of the four bands come out and join in.  Wow.  Great moment.

All in all, it was a fabulous night. 

How about you … Any fans of Audio Adrenaline, Kutless, Finding Favour or Shine Bright Baby?  How about any other Christian contemporary or rock bands? 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Fun Weekend

Yes, I am still alive.  I realized I haven’t blogged since I left for Hartford last Tuesday, eek!  It was a busy, busy trip and then it was even busier when I got home.  No time for fun blogging activities.  I am so sorry.  But I will be making it up to you this week because I have tons to yammer about.

First things first …  Guess what?  I worked out today!  For the first time in … well, let’s not talk about it.  I’m back on the T25 train.  And yeah, I know I have said that a couple of times in the past, but this time I mean it.  For real.  I swear.  This morning I did workout 1 of the Alpha series, Cardio, and it was grrrrreat.  It felt so good to run and jump and sweat and breathe really heavy.  All signs of a great workout. 

I have been so bad about my workouts lately and I am tired of that.  I am tired of being lazy and tired of being out of my groove with working out, so today marks a change. (yeah, another one, I know)  Back to workouts for this girl.  Because really, there is no excuse for not doing it.  Plus it makes me feel so good when I do it.

This weekend was SO FUN!  We had a packed agenda all weekend and it was all fun stuff.  On Saturday we headed out to Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival around noon.  It was a perfectly perfect day weather-wise - sunny, warm (kind of hot actually) and just beautiful.  We headed out there because we were going to a seminar by Matt Blashaw from DIY Network’s Yard Crashers. 

Hubs and I watch all of the Crasher shows (Yard, Bath, Kitchen and House) in hopes that one day we will be DIYers (haha), so when we found out that Matt was going to be at Epcot speaking, we knew we had to go.

After the seminar, we were allowed to go over and meet and talk with him. 

(Yes, that’s my Stitch Fix top!)

We have a crazy backyard.  We back up to a forest preserve and we have a terraced yard – meaning that its 3 levels.  The first level is where our screened porch is, then it drops down like 5 feet to a second level and then it drops down like 8 feel to a third level that runs off into the forest preserve.  It’s really weird, so we thought we’d show it to Matt to get his opinion (and see if he’d like to come and crash our yard). 

Alas he didn’t say “wow, I’m going to come over and crash your yard!”  But he did give us some good advice on what to do with it.  He was a really nice guy and sat and talked with us for a while about our yard and whatnot.  Very cool!.

Even cooler, afterwards I posted our pictures from meeting him on Instagram and tagged him, and guess who “liked” my photo? 

How awesome is that?  I am very new to Instagram and still haven’t grasped the whole “liking” and “tagging” and all that, so for him to like my picture, I was like “OMG!!!!”  Such a dork.  Oh and if you want to follow me on Instagram, I’m kerrys99, be my friend! 

After that excitement we decided to go over to Downtown Disney to walk around some more and get some dinner at Planet Hollywood.  (yeah, they still have one of those open)

It was such a great, great day!  It was so nice to be out and about in the lovely weather instead of sitting on the couch in the house all day (something that we do all too often).  We’ll be doing the same thing next Saturday because Matt Muenster from Bath Crashers will be at Epcot!  All of our Crasher dreams are coming true! 

OK, that’s enough chat for now.  I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about the most amazing concert Hubs and I went to last night.

How about you … Do you watch any of the Crasher shows on DIY or HGTV?  How was your weekend?  Did you work out today? 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Back at the Airport

Hey guess where I am? Back at the airport. Oh happy day. 


managed to get in the security line that did not move. The people behind me got into the line next to me and were through the entire security line before I even got to the guy who checked my ID. For real. It was a bit ridiculous. 

It's back to Connecticut for me again, this time for a conference. This would be fun if I didn't have a mountain of work to do. I'm planning on actually working on my flight up. Something I never do. Usually airplane rides are reserved for uninterrupted book and magazine reading. I'll do that too. 

Some people asked me how much the items were on Stich Fix, and that all depends, I think. On my style survey I said I wanted my items to be 60 or under. There were a couple of different options, I chose the cheapest because I'm pretty cheap and hate paying a lot for clothes. But I'm sure if you prefer high end you can choose different price points. 

Anyway, the items in my bag were between $30 and $88. The skinny jeans were the most expensive ($88) and the blue and white top I got was the cheapest ($30). Everything else was in between. Not unreasonable at all. The dress I got was $68, not bad for a dress, I don't think. Hope that answers any questions!

OK I hate to do it, but gotta jet. I'm a "A" and I have to run to the ladies room before we line up! Later!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

My First "Fix"

As I mentioned in my last post, I got my first Stitch Fix box when I got home from Connecticut on Friday. So exciting! I didn't open it til Saturday morning because the last thing I wanted to do at 10pm on Friday after flying home was try on clothes. 

The box was packed so nicely with an envelope on top containing all my goods. 

In the envelope was a little note from my stylist with pictures of all of the pieces in my box and different styling suggestions for each piece, a sheet that told me prices of each item and instructions on what to after I decided what (if) I wanted to keep. 

The note from my stylist, Cameron, was personalized with information from the style survey that I filled out, which I thought was so neat. In my survey I noted that I love gigantic purses and she said in her note "I know you love big bags so here is one..."  Personalized service like that just makes my day. 

The first piece in my box was a cute top that I loved upon first sight. 

But alas it was a little snug at the bottom around my hips. Boo. 

The next item was a super cute tank that I knew would be perfection. 

Loved it! It fit, it was something I would totally wear and I just loved it. Keeping it! 

The next thing that I pulled out of the box made me literally squeal with delight. 

I don't wear enough dresses and have been wanting to find some dresses that were work appropriate and could be a little more casual as well. 

OMG this dress was perfection. It fit, it was the perfect length, it had a little fullness in the skirt, which is so fun. It could be worn with heels to make it dressy, flats or sandals to make it casual. Love. Keeping! 

And then came the pants. I was a little apprehensive about someone who doesn't know me sending me pants, because I have to try on like 20 pairs of pants to find one pair that actually fits the way I like. 

The good was that they were a really pretty tangerine color (I have never worn tangerine pants). The bad was that they were skinny jeans and about two sizes too small. Yeah bummer. I am definitely not built for skinny jeans. Sending back, but aren't they a pretty color? 

And last was the "big bag" that my stylist picked out for me. I'm sad I didn't like this because it's a fun color and it was reversible. The inside was an ivory color. I am very picky about bags and this one  didn't tick all the boxes for me, so it was a no. Boo. 

So all in all my first Stitch Fix was a success. I ended up buying two things (the dress and the striped tank) and I had the best time!! It's pretty awesome having cool clothes sent to you and actually liking them. It would have taken me lots of shopping to find a dress that I like as much as this one, so win! 

The items I didn't want I stuffed in the prepaid shipping envelope and threw in a USPS mailbox. So easy!! I love this! So much that I scheduled my next fix. May 8th was the next available date, so  I took it. Can't wait!! 

How about you ... Would you ever try Stitch Fix? 

Oh and BTW, I am in no way affiliated with Stitch Fix (I am not that cool). All opinions are my own because I had such a fabulous experience. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Step Away From the iPad

I bought an iPad Air this past weekend. My first. It is everything I expected, and more. True love. 

And I bought it at just the right time because sitting alone in a hotel room is so much better when you have an iPad to play with. I started watching Scandal on Netflix on Wednesday night. I got into Scandal this season and now want to see previous seasons so I fully know what's going on (like who is Adnan Saleef, and what the heck does she have over Harrison?)

Since Wednesday night at 9:30 I have watched six episodes of Scandal. Keep in mind I haven't started watching until at least 9 each night, because of work activities, which means that I've been up pretty late each night while in Hartford. Last night at midnight I actually said out loud, "step away from the iPad!!!" But that show is just infectious (and a little twisted) and I didn't want to stop watching.

I have also switched over all of my magazine subscriptions to digital, which is freakin fabulous, although I will kind of miss getting fun mail in the mailbox now.  But how cool is it that I can load up all my magazines and have them all in one place? So cool! 

Speaking of fun mail, my very first Stitch Fix box is waiting for me at home. Wee, can't wait to open it and see what I got. I hope I like at least one thing in the box. I've enjoyed watching some of the "unboxings" on YouTube to see people's reactions and whatnot. Fun. I'll keep ya posted on how I fare. I'm hoping there is something in there that I can wear on my trip back to Connecticut next week. Yeah, I know crazy, two trips to the same place, four days apart. Whatever. 

That's it from me. Have a fab weekend!

How about you ... Do you have an iPad? Do you watch Scandal? 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Airport Hello

Hello from the airport! 

Of course I happen to be traveling on a really crappy weather day. Apparently there is a storm moving from Midwest to East that is affecting everything today. My travel partner Beth (the one who talks incessantly) already had her flight out of Kansas City cancelled on her. She was able to jump on another flight thankfully, but I'm just hoping she makes it to Hartford since she's my driver. I don't know how to drive in ice/snow so I'll be out of luck if she gets stuck somewhere. 

As you can imagine security was bonkers today and it took me close to half an hour to get through. Yikes. However, I did happen to get in the right line today because this sign was posted.

wonder how I managed that?  And no I'm not a "Pre" member. 

Anyway, it's time to board. Talk to you from the frozen tundra!