Thursday, May 12, 2016

The End.

It’s been a crazy last few weeks, and through it all I’ve come to realize that I need to start putting more focus on things most important to me – family, being more present, being more attentive to things and situations around me.  While I have enjoyed having this blog as my outlet for talking about whatever (and a little bit of running),  the time it takes to keep it going is one of those things that I can put to the side right now. 

So, after almost 5 years (June 14 is the blogiversary), Half Healthy Half Nuts is coming to a close.  I know there aren’t many people out there who made this an everyday read, and that’s okay.  If I made one person smile, or inspired one person out there to go out there and run slow and be you, then I did a pretty good job here.  I have enjoyed sharing my life stuff with whoever was out there to read.  Thanks for that. 

As I said before, this blog has been a great outlet for me and while I will miss it, I know that putting it to bed is a smart thing for me to do.  Take care and thanks for reading! 

… Kerry  :)

Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Five - April 15

It’s Friday.  In some respects this week flew, in other respects it was like the longest week ever.  Weird how that happens. 

Here’s my Friday Five devoted to, what else, my impending Star Wars half marathon!

Race expos
What is it about race expos that’s so exciting?  I’ve been looking forward to picking up my packet all week long.  I don’t know if it’s just the excitement in the air of an impending race weekend, or the cool stuff at the expo itself, but going to pick up my packet is always fun! 

Will run for Diet Coke. And cinnamon bears. Yes I will. 

And PS, funky hair is due to getting rained on.  As soon as we got there the skies opened up.  Figures.

Star Wars race swag
I laugh when I say swag in reference to a Disney race because despite the exorbitant price tag you get practically NOTHING in your “swag bag.”  For the Disney Marathon weekend I got a GIANT plastic bag (supposed to be your gear check bag) with a trial sized Clif Bar in it.  That’s it.  I kid you not, giant bag, tiny Clif Bar.  No pamphlets, no coupons, I don’t even think I got safety pins.  Such a disappointment.  This race, exact same thing - giant bag, tiny Clif Bar. 

BUT, the race shirt is alllllll I neeeed…check this out! 

My new fave race shirt. 

Star Wars geek geeking out over the shirt a lil bit.

What am I gonna wear? 
I think I'm leaning towards all black. Dark side, hello! Plus they were selling the Leia shirt at the expo, so I have a feeling lots of people will be wearing that one. 

The medal
I have purposely avoided anything where I might have gotten a glimpse of the medal. I wanted to be totally surprised at the end when I got my awesome inaugural Star Wars Dark Side half marathon medal. However, what did they have a life size cutout of when you walked up to the expo? The medal. Ah well.  Might as well pose with it. 

It's cooool. Darth Vader! I may actually have to stop and stand in line for pics during this race - Darth Vader, Storm Troopers... So exciting! 

Does this whole post make me sound geeky?

Leave it to me to muck up the week leading into a half marathon.  My workouts were close to non-existent this week and I’m not happy about it.  Here’s what went down…

Ran 40 min, Pilates Stretch

Pilates Classic I via Daily Burn



Pilates Classic 2 

Adrenaline and excitement, that’s all I need for Sunday, so let’s DO this!  

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Failing Miserably

So, I am failing miserably at this whole “getting ready for the half marathon” thing. 

I’m t-minus 3.5 days away from the Star Wars Dark Side half marathon and all of the things I said I was going to do this week to prepare, I really haven’t.  What things?  Things like:

Drinking water like it’s my job
Nope.  Not so much.  I’m drinking some, but not all of the water like I planned.  I will up my consumption on Friday and of course Saturday, but for now it’s Diet Coke city.  Meh.

Eating better
Yeah, no.  I cannot get the healthier eating going at all.  I don’t know what is up with me but I am all about the snacks this week.  And not healthy good snacks like fruit and nuts and that kind of stuff.  Sigh.  So snacky.

I did run on Monday and it was good.  I was supposed to get up today to run, but I was so comfy cozy this morning after sleeping 10 HOURS (yes, 10 hours, I can’t even believe it, Jillian fell asleep uber early last night which means I did too!) I just couldn’t get up.  Oh well.  I have one or two more opportunities to run before Sunday, so I’m gonna make it happen. 

I’m actually good on this.  My plan was to do Pilates three times this week to keep my core in check so that I didn’t have dumb lower back pain during the race.  I usually do Pilates on Tuesday and Thursday and one weekend day, so I’m on track.

I still haven’t figured out what I’m wearing.  I know what I’m wearing on the bottom – my fave black running capris and my black sparkle skirt from Sparkle Athletic.  And I know what I’m wearing on my head – my black sparkle visor from Sparkle Athletic (no crazy head gear like I usually rock).  But my shirt is still a toss up between my Princess Leia “aren’t you a little slow for a Storm Trooper?” top (the irony!) or an old school Star Wars shirt I found on clearance at Target.  My vision was to be dressed in all black for this race, since it’s the “Dark Side” half marathon.  I dunno.  I haven’t tried on my full outfit yet, so I’m just not sure.  What do you think?

I really, really wish I was better shape for this half marathon.  I know, story of my life right?  I always do this – I sign up when I’m gung ho and in good shape and then time goes by and I lose momentum, and then by the time the race rolls around I don’t feel fully ready.  That’s just how I roll, I guess.  And it always turns out fine in the end, I’ve always finished and I’ve never had any sort of mishap or injury due to lack of training, so I am really lucky.  But still, I wish I could get it together and keep it together so that I feel really prepared and ready on race day.  Ah well, I’m just going to go out and make this the best race it can be.  I’ll be relying heavily on race day adrenaline and excitement and that’s usually enough to get me there, so bring it!  

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Half Marathon Week

It's half marathon week! AKA the week that I think about nothing except my impending half marathon on Sunday. So much to do before Sunday - finalize my playlist, figure out what I'm wearing (I've narrowed it down to two Star Wars themed tops), um, run a little bit - you know get prepared. Exciting! 

But before all that lets chat about the glorious weekend we had. 

On Saturday we had a full (Disney) day planned. It started with breakfast at Chef Mickey's! 

We have been to so many character meals lately I'm getting a little tired of them. But Jillian is not. The smile on her face when she sees Mickey or Minnie is well worth all of the overpriced buffets.  

After breakfast we had plans to meet up with some new friends at Animal Kingdom. On our cruise we were seated at a table with a couple who literally lived down the road from us. What are the odds?! We got to know them on the cruise and hung out and exchanged information so that we could get together when we got home, and Saturday was our first outing. 

They are Disney people like us, so we met up with them and their 9 year old daughter at Animal Kingdom. Jillian was absolutely smitten with Chloe and loved following her around closely all day.  It was so cute. She hasn't stopped talking about her since Saturday. 

The weather on Saturday was beyond perfect - warm but not hot and super sunny - so we wandered around the park and enjoyed our time with our new friends. We even saw some gorilla action! 

The girls named this one Bob. 

We had a great time and left the park around 4:30. Great day! 

On Sunday we putzed around the house and cleaned. Hubs washed my car inside and out which is the best (seriously my car has not been this clean since I bought it). By late afternoon we were itching to get out of the house so we went out to All Star Movies resort to wander around, have some dinner and let Jillian run around on the playground.  It was another gorgeous day weather wise so it was nice to be outside. 

All in all great weekend! 

The week ahead I'm focused on getting ready for the half marathon. I'm beyond getting in any "good" training, so I'm just going to do what I can between now and Sunday, which includes three easy runs and Pilates. And water. I need to drink water like its my job this week. And not eat crap (AKA, no cinnamon bears. But you know I'll be buying a bag to enjoy after the race is over). I can do this!!  

Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Five - April 8

Howdy! It's been another one of those weeks where I've had little time to stop by and say hi. For no particular exciting reason, just general work and life stuff. 

But I'm here now because I didn't want to miss a Friday Five! 

1. Downtown by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
I know this song is a little old at this point, but it popped up on my Spotify recently and duuuuude, this song is so much fun!  At first I was like "what the hell is going on in this song?!" (there is so much going on!), and then I listened to it agin and again (and again) and it's now my jam. If I were ever a celebrity and I was on Lip Sync Battle, this would be my song, for sure. So good. Just added it to my half marathon playlist for next week. Click here to watch the video, because I can't get it to embed here.  

2.  Getting excited for the Star Wars half marathon!

Why? I'm no where close to being ready to run/walk 13.1 miles, but I'm excited for a couple of reasons: 

1. A new race course!! As you know I've run all of the Disney half marathons in Florida, multiple times. And every time it's the same old boring course that goes from Epcot to Magic Kingdom and back. Running through the castle is fun the first time and maybe even the second time, but after that it's kind of like "can we run somewhere else?!" I mean Disney property has miles and miles and miles of land, lets go somewhere new. When they created the Wine and Dine a few years ago they switched it up and created a course that started at Wide World of Sports, and then stopped in Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and ended at Epcot. I never ran that full half marathon, but I did both legs of the relay (on separate occasions). The Star Wars is a reverse of the Wine and Dine course, starting at Epcot, weaving through the Boardwalk, to Hollywood, up to Animal Kingdom and ending at Wide World of sports. I'm really kind of excited about this. 

2. Race photos will be taken by Disney Photo Pass (the same people who take pictures in the parks). This means that race photos will be available on the My Disney Experience app after the race. And for passholders those pics are FREE to download! (I think that holds true for this) You know my race pics are always gems, so I'll be able to share them with you. Oh yeah!!  Here's a gem from ... some race, I can't remember which.


3. 5K
I signed up for a 5K yesterday.  It’s less than a week after next week’s half marathon, but the description had me totally intrigued:

Discover Genius Drive in Winter Park. This privately owned glimpse of old Florida is opened to the public only once a year, for this event.

After reading that and seeing the pictures of the gorgeous course, I kind of had to sign up.  So yeah, another 5K on the calendar.  On the heels of a half marathon, no problem.

4. American Idol finale
American Idol ended last night after 15 seasons.  It’s the end of an era, and it’s a little bit sad.  American Idol has been a huge fixture in our house since the beginning (it sort of brought Hubs and I together – that’s how we really started talking back in 2002 – sheesh that was a long time ago!), and with the exception of one season (season 14), we watched every.single.episode.  The finale last night was absolutely awesome and brought back many, many Idol contestants from the last 15 years.  Some we remembered quite well, and some we were like “oh wow, where has that person been?” or “who is that?”  It was awesome and a great way to end the series.  I didn’t really care who won season 15 last night because both were spectacular throughout the season, so I was totally fine with who won (if not a little bit shocked).  But I would be lying if I said I didn’t shed a little tear or two during the look backs or the performances or at the very end where Ryan Seacrest said goodnight for the final time (seriously, what are we going to do without Ryan Seacrest on TV?).  It was a huge part of my life and even though I haven’t been that into in a few seasons, I am still going to miss it a bunch.

5. Workouts
Workouts are back in my life!  After a week and a half of laziness, I am happy to say I worked out 5 days in a row this week.  Hurrah!  Makes me feel so good, and so stupid for not working out for the last week and a half.  Dur.  I should know this by now, shouldn’t I?  Here’s what I did.

30 minute run/walk, some random strength exercises

Pilates Classic I (via Daily Burn)

40 minute run/walk, Pilates Stretch and Bikini Butt (via Daily Burn)

Pilates Class I and LUC 180 (which I learned means Lower, Upper, Core, a ha!)

Daily Burn Total Body

Tomorrow I have a run planned and Sunday is a rest day (or I may switch that since we have plans for Disney tomorrow morning).  Proud of myself for getting back to it.  Now the eating part… that was a big fat fail this week.  I love food too much, and my damn Cinnamon Bear obsession is out of control.  BAH!  I’ll get there.

That’s it!  Hope you have a fabulous weekend planned!  

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Weekend Things

Hi there!  I totally meant to check in yesterday and that just didn’t happen.  So here I am today, after noon, to say hello and talk about some weekend highlights.  Excitement!

Friday night dinner
Saturday was my in-laws 40th wedding anniversary, so we celebrated on Friday night with them by going to a new-to-us Asian restaurant.  It was just okay (the food, not the company), but we had a very nice time hanging with Hubs’ parents.  On Saturday Jillian and I made a fun Jib Jab for them for their anniversary. 

This was a music video of my in-laws singing "I've Got You Babe."  I love Jib Jab.

Special Delivery
I may have graduated to fancy Birchbox, but I still receive my quarterly Walmart Beauty Box.  I actually forgot all about it (since it only comes quarterly), so I was really excited to see that it came in the mail on Friday.  I love freebies!  (OK, I know it’s not really free)  This box had some great stuff in it:  trial sized versions of Cetaphil, Jergens Wet Skin moisturizer (which I’ve always wanted to try), Dove body wash, Curel lotion, Roc Correxion cream, Banana Boat sunscreen, a full sized Colgate Optic White toothpaste and a full size Neutrogena Moisture Stick lipstick.  Nice! 

Jillian’s big girl room
We had plans with friends to go to Disney, but it rained non-stop all day on Saturday, so we postponed our plans to this coming weekend and I took the opportunity to finish up Jillian’s room.  As I mentioned before, we moved her crib out and moved a big girl bed in.  Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been collecting/buying d├ęcor (wall decals, old/new artwork, a new bookshelf, etc) to complete her room and I was so excited to have it all finished up on Saturday afternoon.

New Shopping
On Sunday we escaped the house and made our first trip to the Container Store.

I’ve stayed away from the Container Store because I was afraid my head would explode upon entering.  So many amazing, cool options for home organization is just too much for me.  I always maintained that I needed a purpose to go there, like “I’m looking for x and I will only go there to buy x”, otherwise I was afraid I’d buy anything and everything that looked cool (and they have a lot of cool stuff).  I’m happy to report that we perused the aisles and looked at everything, and I didn’t go crazy.  But it gave me a lot of ideas.  What I did buy was a really pretty filebox and hanging file folders for a project I want to do for Jillian that I read about in The Happiness Project (yeah, I’m still reading it, off and on, but I’m almost done… four years later).  We followed it up with a trip to IKEA.  It was too much fun.

Wrestlemania/Fun new recipes
Sunday night was Wrestlemania – the Super Bowl of wrestling.  And like Super Bowl, we did it up food-style!  I made two new-to-us recipes that I found on the Tasty Facebook page that centered around BBQ chicken because I had some pulled chicken in the fridge that was begging to be used.  So BBQ Chicken Nachos were born.

And so were BBQ Chicken Roll Ups!

Both were just okay.  A little dry, not as much flavor as I was hoping for.  I had higher hopes.  Ah well, back to the drawing board. 

The rest of the night was spent watching the Wrestlemania spectacle and doing some things around the house.  Nice and relaxing. 

Planning for the week
After a week and a half of no working out (bad, bad), on Sunday night I sat down and made a list of what I wanted to accomplish this week – workout-wise and eating-wise.  I’ve been eating like crap lately and not working out, which is a dumb combination and definitely not something I need to be doing less than two weeks from a half marathon.  So, I made a plan to run 4 times this week (Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat), do Pilates 3 times this week  (Tues, Thur, Sat) and get some Daily Burn lower body workouts in to strengthen my lower half for the race (whenever I have time).  And I made a plan to eat cleaner – less bread, less sweets, more fruit and lots more water (because I think I’ve only drank Diet Coke for the last week).  I feel better already! 

And that’s it!  How was your weekend?  

Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Five - April 1

FRI-YAY!  And Happy April Fools Day!  I’m not a partaker in April Fools pranks, so I won’t be fooling anyone around here, but if that’s your thing, I hope you get someone good today!  Here’s my five for the week...

1)  Zootopia

When Hubs and I went on our Disney cruise (almost a month ago, still haven’t written a recap post, bad girl) it was the same weekend that Zootopia came out, so it was a big deal on our cruise.  They played it at all of the theaters on the ship multiple times, so we were lucky enough to see it on opening day.  I actually kept saying “we get to see a new movie for FREE!” and Hubs was like, “well, not necessarily free...”  OK, so it was the most expensive movie we’ve ever seen, but whatever.  

Anyway, the movie was fantastic!  I wasn’t all that excited about seeing it, it looked okay, but I was pleasantly surprised with how good, how adorable and how funny it was.  It had a very adult storyline with a really good message for kids and tackled things like bullying and things relevant today for kids. I was really a big fan of it.  And apparently the world is too.  To date it’s made $252 million in the US alone and has the highest grossing opening weekend of any Disney animated movie, Frozen included!  And I’m happy to say I got to see it for FREE.  

Jillian got to go to Zootopia while we were out at Downtown Disney one weekend.  Hee.

Hangin with Nick and Officer Judy Hopps (did anyone catch the 21 Jump Street reference there?).

2)  Brilliant Ideas
I love office supplies.  More, I love pretty notebooks to write in.  Last week when I went to Homegoods I passed by the office decor aisle and was blown away by the number of beautiful/fun/cute/clever notebooks/journals/organizers they had.  Seriously, I went a little nuts trying to decide which one I wanted to buy.  I didn’t need any, but I knew I had to buy one (or two) just because I knew that when I really wanted/needed to buy one I wouldn’t be able to find anything close to this cute.  After much deliberation (seriously, like 10 minutes of going back and forth between several), I decided on this one.

Brilliant Ideas, love it!  And I also got one that is turquoise and says “etc, etc, etc” on the cover (not pictured), because I say that a lot.  Love them and can’t wait to start using them.  For what, I don’t know, but I’m just glad I own them now.

3)  Disney Race Registration
So last week early registration opened up for pass holders for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend in November.  Being a pass holder, I synchronized my watch for 12:00 on Tuesday the 22nd, coordinated with Michele, and we were going to sign up for the Wine and Dine 10K - a new race during the Wine and Dine weekend (usually they just offer a half marathon and 5K).  

At 12:00:12 I logged on to the RunDisney site only to find that it was SOLD OUT.  Umm, really?  I literally logged on as soon as the clock struck 12, and it was sold out.  So I’m convinced that the “early registration” for pass holders only has like 3 available slots.  I was so incredibly peeved by the whole thing I pretty much was like “I’m not running it, I hate Disney races, I’m done.”  Lies, I know.  

Registration for the general public opened up this past Tuesday at noon.  The rub, I pick up Jillian from school at 12:15, so I’m usually driving and nowhere near a computer at 12 on a Tuesday.  So I was just going to give in and not even try.  But Michele was like “can you do it from your phone?”  and I was like “maybe?”  So I left a little early to get Jillian and planned to get to the church by 12 so that I had 15 minutes to try and register for the race.  At 12:00:05 (seriously, I wasn’t letting this one go) I logged on via my phone in the parking lot of church and, by some grace of God, I got in and got registered (maybe it was because I was sitting in a parking lot of a church?).  I don’t know how it happened, but it did.  The bad news, Michele didn’t get in and neither did Hubs (he was going to run the half).  Seriously, Disney race registration has gotten completely out of hand and ridiculous and it’s really become a turn off.  BUT, I’m glad I got in.  Not glad that I will be running it without any friends though.

4)  Lilies

One of Jillian’s teachers had a birthday this week and the other teacher in the class requested that every kid bring a flower to add to a birthday bouquet for the teacher.  Since it was post Easter, lilies were on sale at Publix.  I don’t see lilies that often and I LOOOOOVE lilies (my bridesmaids carried white lilies in our wedding), so I bought a small bouquet of them.  Man, they smell good.  They made the entire house smell so heavenly for a couple of days.  I want all lilies all the time now.

5)  Workouts
Non-existent this week.  I’m not happy with myself.  At all.  I did get one Pilates workout in, but it was like half a workout because Jillian came by and stole my phone mid-session, so that was the end of that.  I’ve been dealing with that whole insomnia thing this week again, so lack of sleep has definitely been a factor.  I WILL turn this around next week. I HAVE TO.  I have a race a soon.  BAH!  

And that’s all.  Happy Friday folks!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New Recipe Tue... er, Wednesday

Howdy!  Today I’m actually doing a “New Recipe Wednesday” post (used to be Tuesday, but I didn’t cook until Tuesday evening so…).  It’s been a really long time since I shared a recipe.  It’s been a really long time since I’ve cooked a new-to-me recipe (or cooked at all…um…)

Anywho, today’s recipe was inspiration from Courtney’s Weekly Meal Plan post the other day.  The Crispy Baked Honey Garlic Chicken looked and sounded delicious, so I thought I’d try it out.  Here’s what I did…

Since it’s only Hubs and I (Jillian had something different since I’m sure she’d be like “um, no” to Honey Garlic chicken), I halved the recipe and cut up 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts into small chunks.

Then I dredged them in egg and Panko.

And placed them on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet and cooked them at 400 for 15 minutes. 

While this was cooking, I whipped up the sauce.  I whisked together honey, soy sauce, Sriracha and garlic powder over medium-high heat.  In a separate bowl I mixed together a water and cornstarch “slurry” (as Pioneer Woman calls it) and whisked it into the sauce. 

It made the sauce nice and thick. 


Once the chicken was done, I added the sauce and voila, Honey Garlic Chicken.  Spooned it on top of some brown rice and I had a Pei Wei worthy meal.

The verdict:  It was good!  The flavor was a little different than what I was expecting, but it was tasty.  I loved the breaded, semi crispy chunks of chicken and how the sauce stuck to it.  Mental note though, don’t make the sauce right away.  I made and finished my sauce with still 7 minutes left on the chicken, so by the time the chicken came out the sauce was like glue.  Still good, but hard to maneuver.

Warning, this recipe makes your kitchen look like a tornado blew through.  Hubs actually said, it looked like a mad scientist had been in our kitchen.  It was mess, but I’ll take that as a nice compliment.  Fair warning though.

Here’s the real recipe if you’re interested in trying it yourself.  

Overall, it was great getting back in the kitchen and playing.  I need to do this more often!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend Highlights

Hello and happy Monday.  I am not sure how it’s already Monday again, I feel like the weekend just flew by.  We had a nice weekend over in these parts, so I thought I’d do the whole recap your weekend in bullets thing…

Friday night fun time
Just kidding, Friday night we literally hung out on the couch and watched an old episode of American Idol (we’re a few behind).  We are wild and crazy.

Saturday girls shopping trip

We are currently in the process of converting Jillian’s room to a “big girl room.”  Gone is the crib/toddler bed (sniffle).  She now has a full-size (double) bed with a headboard and adorable bedding that I found on (pictures forthcoming).  Now I’m just trying to channel my inner interior decorator and decorate the rest of the room.  So where else to go but Homegoods!  Jillian and I went to Homegoods and Target (two stores I could easily spend all of my money in) on Saturday afternoon looking for fun things to decorate her walls, her dresser, etc.  Of course I didn’t take any pictures that day, or take any pictures of the stuff we bought, so stay tuned.  But we had a blast with our “girls only” shopping trip.  

Easter basket making

After our shopping trip, Jillian conked out, which gave me time to put together her Easter basket.  

Yeah, I’m the mom that puts a little bit of candy and then toothbrush/toothpaste in the Easter basket.  Haha.  She is currently obsessed with brushing her teeth, so it was really a no brainer.  And then favorites of hers, like yogurt, cheesy poofs, cotton candy and books.  Fun.

Easter Sunday
On Easter Sunday we woke up bright and early to see what the Easter bunny had brought.  She was really excited about her books (and her toothpaste and chocolate).

Soon after we got cleaned up and headed to church.

And then after church we had a big meal at our house.  I made pork tenderloin that turned out absolutely phenomenal (not too toot my own horn or anything, but it was amazing), cheesy potatoes, french onion green beans and cornbread.  And then my mom’s pound cake for dessert.  Needless to say everything was delicious and I ate way too much.

After that, an Easter egg hunt in the backyard.

And then a few rounds of hide and seek before my in-laws left.  It was a great day! 

This morning I have every intention of getting up and going running, but it just did not happen.  Blerg.  I really wanted to get a run in today because I haven’t run in … a while (the Saturday before last?) and that pesky half marathon is coming up soon.  Ah well, back on track tomorrow.

And my random question of the day, why does an $0.85 fountain Diet Coke make me soooo happy in the morning?  

Hope your Monday is a great one!!  

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Five - March 25

Well, hello!  I’m still here.  It’s been a busy week (Spring Break) and I just haven’t had time to check in and say hello, so I’m doing it now! 

Spring Break in Clearwater
Jillian was off of school this week, so her and I headed down to my parents' house in Clearwater to have a little fun.  Unfortunately the weather at the beginning of the week wasn’t very Spring Break-y (highs in the low 60s, lows in the 50s), but by the end of the week it had warmed up to the upper 80s again.  Weird.  Anyway, we had a lot of fun.  I worked Monday and Tuesday while Jillian went to the park...

rearranged my mom's photos (multiple times)...

 got a haircut (while sitting in a car!)... 

had a playdate next door, twirled around and sang Let It Go in her new Elsa dress, etc.  

She had a blast hanging at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 

On Wednesday we took a trip to the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa for a little fun.

Our zoo photos were priceless.  This is just a small sampling of the gems they took.  We ended up buying all of the digital images because they were just too hilarious and awesome to not get.

Lowry Park Zoo is a huge zoo in Tampa and one I haven’t been to since, maybe, college?  It’s been a long time and it’s really evolved over the years.  We bought a one day ticket, which allows us admission for the rest of the year (sweet!), so we will definitely be going back.  We meandered around the zoo and saw lots of animals, and then wandered over to the area where you could feed the giraffes.

Yes, I said feed the giraffes.  For $5 you could walk right up and be face to face with a giraffe and feed it lettuce.

It was so cool.  I wanted to feed it, but we let Jillian do all of the feeding. 

After the giraffe feeding, we headed over to the children’s area that had a carousel, a little roller coaster and a splash area.  Mental note: next time bring Jillian’s bathing suit. 

We had a blast at the zoo.  It’s been so long since I’ve been to a real zoo.  We go to Animal Kingdom at Disney all the time, but that’s “nahtazu” (ha, remember those ads?), so it was nice to go to a real zoo and see the sights and the animals.  Like I said, we’ll definitely be going back soon!

Cinnamon Bears
I went shopping for Jillian’s Easter basket goodies the other day at Target and had a hankering for cinnamon bears.  I looooove me some cinnamon bears.  They are so dangerous though.  I (stupidly) bought 3 packs of them (one for Jillian’s basket, two for me) and plowed through them while I was in Clearwater.  No more cinnamon bears for me for a while.  They’re so stinkin delicious though.

Don’t you hate when you can’t get to sleep at night?  Ugh, I get so angry and frustrated when I can’t sleep, it drives me bonkers.  Last night was my first night back at home in my bed, and I was so looking forward to a nice, uninterrupted night of sleep because I was exhausted from our trip home.  I fell asleep around 11 and woke up at 11:10 for some reason.  And then I couldn’t get back to sleep.  UGGGH!  It then took me almost two and a half hours to fall back asleep!  Seriously, I was a crazy person.  I was so sleepy, but I just could not fall back asleep.  I hate that!

I worked out Monday and Tuesday and then had grand plans to run on Wednesday and do Pilates on Thursday, but that didn’t happen.  Meh.  Spring Break.  I’ll get back on track this weekend.  For this week, here’s what I did:

Butt Hips and Thighs on Daily Burn (ooh, I was sore for a couple days after)

Pilates Classic I

Walked around the zoo…?  That counts, right?

Have a fantastic weekend!  And for those celebrating Easter – enjoy!!!