Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun With Crepes!

(posted by Kerry)

After a craptastic day at work (only OK because it was my LAST day before a 5-day weekend), I came home ready to do my Cardio Recovery Insanity workout.  Thank God it was a recovery day because I wasn't feeling the cardio after work today.  (no, Hubs and I didn't make it to the gym, I'll run tomorrow morning, and Hubs will make it to the gym maybe in 2012)  The workout gave me a great stretch, a good strength workout and was just a good way to wind down after a busy day. 

Awesome. Workout.  Hair.
Halfway through my workout Hubs came upstairs and asked about dinner.  I told him I wanted another one of those pizzas we had last night (ha), but would settle for yummy crunchy onion chicken.  He said he was in the mood for salad.  Since this gal doesn't do salad, there's never salad fixins in our house, so I sent him to the store to get a salad.  He came home with a beautiful looking salad, that I wish I liked, and a fun dessert idea....CREPES!

We had plenty of fruit and toppings on hand to fill our crepes...

We're not crepe connoisseurs so we weren't really sure on the whole heating and folding thing, so our crepes were a little on the cold and cardboard-y side, but still delicious.  I loaded mine with bananas (shocker), cinnamon and a little bit of caramel sauce.  

Then I folded it like an omelet and dug in.  It was good stuff.  I garnished with a wee bit of froyo on the side.  And these crepes only had 50 calories per crepe, which shocked me considering it was dessert-y goodness.

Now we're watching Melrose and the cast is literally unrecognizable.  Does anyone remember when Lisa Rinna, Alyssa Milano, David Charvet and the red headed chick from Just The Ten Of Us were on it?  I definitely didn't.  It's super lame now, bring back the old cast...I miss Grant Show.

Dentist Update!!

(posted by Kerry)

I would just like to tell everyone reading (all 5 of you) that my second opinion dental appointment revealed that I have NO CAVITIES I am super happy about the diagnosis, however, I am a little perplexed and somewhat horrified.  So dentist #1 (who I did not get a good vibe from at all) said I had multiple cavities, dentist #2 (who I adored and will be going to from now on) said I had ZERO.  I should probably get a third opinion to see who's right, but I'm just gonna go with opinion #2 and move along. 

But seriously - that is a HUGE mis-diagnosis from dentist #1, what was he going to do, drill all of my good teeth and fill them?  (horrifying)  I smell a scam and will be calling to tell them that I think they're shady and won't be back.  Dentist #2 told me that I had discoloration on a few of my teeth, and that might have been mistaken as decay by the other dentist.  Umm...don't they teach the differences between a cavity and discoloration in dental school?  Whatever.  Never going back there again!

Anyway...enough about my teeth.

Since I had to be up and out at the crack of dawn this morning for my appointment, I did not get to workout this morning.  Saving it for the evening.  I have the Cardio Recovery Insanity workout tonight and then, only if Hubs is up for it, my running workout at the gym - day 3 of week 4 of the Couch to 5K program.  If Hubs isn't up for it, I can do my running workout tomorrow since I am starting my 5-day weekend tomorrow!!! 

I have zero plans for tomorrow, and I am SO looking forward to it.  My goal is to finish the book I am reading this weekend.  I am currently reading The Help and it is fantastic!  However, I've been super slow with it.  Haven't had a ton of time to devote to reading.  So my goal is to get it done this weekend, well in advance of the movie, which comes out in August sometime.  Can't wait.  Another book to movie combo I can't wait for Harry Potter.  Is anyone else going to cry when the Harry Potter saga ends on the big screen?  Or am I just strange?  I get teary when I see the previews for the movie.

Speaking of crying ... did anyone catch So You Think You Can Dance last night?  Did you catch the number by Melanie and Marko?  OMG.  Their dance made me feel like I was watching a movie.  I totally cried when they finally kissed.  To explain, the concept of the dance was:  two best friends, guy and girl, guy just got left at the alter by his woman, BFF girl consoles him, guy realizes that he loves the BFF girl, dancing ensues.  It was fantabulous.  I have goose bumps just thinking about it. 

Melanie and Marko rock

And I am going to leave you on that note...  No weird food confessions today, sorry. 


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Will Workout for Pizza

(posted by Kerry)

This evening I came home ready to do my Insanity workout that I missed this morning.  It was Plyometric Cardio Circuit day, so I wasn't dreading it too much.  I said hello to Hubs when I walked in and he was plotting ways to get me to skip my workout and instead eat bad things for dinner (ahem, pizza).  I succeeded in not caving in.  I mean, if I'm gonna eat pizza for dinner, I HAVE to workout.  So I did.  And then I enjoyed a delicious dose of pizza afterwards.  I now feel like a piggy.  But at least I worked out first!  Right?  That's OK.  Right?  (I'm trying to convince myself that it is)  (sigh)

We had one of these bad boys, with the cheesy garlicky pull apart crust.  Sinful. SINFUL! And now I have terrible garlic breath.  Which is not going to make my NEW DENTIST happy when I visit him tomorrow.

Dental update!!  You know how I told you about my experience a couple of weeks ago at the dentist where my dentist told me I had multiple cavity creeps in my mouth?  Yeah, I'm getting a second opinion.  After asking numerous people, they all thought my dentist was sketch and said I should get a second opinion, so I am going to Jade's dentist tomorrow.  We'll see what happens.  I'm scared!  I'll keep ya posted!  

Had lunch with Amanda today and she brought me my 5K race packet for the 4th.  Loving the t-shirt, it's super cute and watermelon themed.  Rocking it now.  

You DO NOT want to see my face/hair right now after my Insanity workout
Post workout, pizza and 2 Melrose's, I took a shower and then realized that it was 8:50 - prime time to flip on the finale of The Voice (cuz the last 10 minutes of a finale show are the only important part).  It was a dead heat between Dia and my Javier. (click link to see Javier and Adam Levine sing "Man in the Mirror" - swoon worthy)  

One of the ways you voted last night was to actually go out and purchase the artist's songs on iTunes.  Today, Dia had the #1 spot on iTunes, Javier was #2.  This made me nervous.  Therefore I voted for him 12 times on the way to work.  This apparently sealed the deal because JAVIER WINS!!!!!!  What what!  And I believe my 12 votes made a difference...there was only a 2% difference between him and Dia. Yeah, I'm a doofus.

Now I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance and wishing I knew how to dance like these people.  A girl can dream...

See ya tomorrow after my dentist appointment (eek!).

Food Confession # 2

(posted by Kerry)
Last night I could not sleep!  I HATE that.  I was tired when I layed down, and I dozed off during an episode of House Hunters for like 10 minutes and then woke up wide awake.  ARGH. I blame the evening workout.

So as a result of the insomnia, and the double workout from yesterday, I decided not to do my Insanity workout this morning.  I'll do it tonight (and probably won't be able to sleep tonight either - bah!).  Once I made the decision to stay in bed and not workout, of course I couldn't fall back to sleep.  So I layed there and thought about the ol' blog and crafted what I would say about my morning sleep in.  Which, by now I can't remember what I was crafting in my head at 6am, so I am just flying by the seat of my pants now. 

Did you watch The Voice last night?  Awesomeness.  I voted for Javier Colon like 12 times by phone and then bought his song on iTunes ("Stitch by Stitch," go get it!).  He is that good.  I so hope he wins.  But honestly, everyone was fabulous, so I'll be happy no matter what. 

So yesterday I confessed that I don't like vegetables.  I know, I know, it's ridiculous.  What 30-something year old doesn't eat veggies?  Me.  Though I did have some delicious corn on the cob last night, so I am counting that.  And I do eat a boatload of fruit, so that counts for something right? 

Today's food confession is another one that will have you falling off your chairs...ready?

I don't like chocolate.

WHAT???  Whenever I tell people that, they look at me like I have four heads.  It's true.  I used to love chocolate as a kid, ate it all the time.  Then I gave it up.  Cold turkey.  When I decided to try it again after a few months of not having it, I realized I didn't like it.  Weird huh?  I look at it as a blessing and a curse.  Blessing because look at all those desserts I can politely decline.  Look at all those calories I don't have to consume.  It's great.  The curse:  everything is chocolatey.  Most dessert menus offer mostly chocolate items.  You can rarely find white chocolate versions of candy in stores (White Chocolate Reese's, where are you?).  All the good sounding protein bars are chocolate, though I have found some good non-chocolate ones - Peanut Butter Balance Bars, Oatmeal Cookie Luna Bars, Vanilla Yogurt Power Bars...but the pickins are slim.  So that's my confession, I don't like chocolate.  That leaves more for you!  :)

Alright, I have some things to conquer today - work stuff (preparing for my upcoming 5-day weekend - what what!) and then I'm meeting Amanda for lunch - she picked up our 5K race packets for us!  Later!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Evening Run and a Micro Meal

(posted by Kerry)

This evening I went to the gym to do my Couch to 5K running workout. I have never been to my gym in the evening. It's ridiculously more crowded at night than in the mornings. Hubs decided not to come with me cuz he wasn't feeling it. We are now going on month #7 that he has had a gym membership, yet he hasn't stepped foot in the gym yet. He promised to go with me on Thursday.  We'll see.  :)

As I mentioned before, I am currently doing the week 4 workout of the Couch to 5K program so today's treadmill interval looked like this...

- 5 min walking warm up- 3 min run
- 1.5 min walk
- 5 min run
- 2.5 min walk
- 3 min run
- 1.5 min walk
- 5 min run

I was a little worried about how this would go, since I'm not an evening worker outer (prefer the morning workouts), but this went fantastically (word?).  I was so glad that it wasn't a run where I was literally counting the seconds until it was over.  I really enjoy having a PLAN when I get on the treadmill - like you're going to run this many minutes and then walk this many minutes - makes the workout go by so much faster.  It was great, did 2.15 miles in 31 minutes (yes, there was walking in there, don't scoff at us tortoise runners).

My workout music was the brand spankin' new David Cook CD (my favorite American Idol).  
At first listen it was good, but unfortunately all of the songs sounded the same.  Doesn't make for the greatest workout music, but I did enjoy the CD.  I also downloaded Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" - yeah I am about a year late on that one.  When the song was popular (like last summer) I refused to buy it, because I can't stand Miley.  But that song is so dang catchy!  

I took the advice of Skinny Runner and bought me a fancy Costco workout top.  I like it!  It's long enough to not ride up and it was uber comfy.  I got mine in purple.  And I noticed that it totally matched my shoes.  I swear I didn't plan that!

Begin photo montage of me trying to hoist my foot up towards my face so that I can show you my shirt and my shoe and my face, while taking the picture myself.  (yes dad, I know I should have used my Gorilla Pod)

Almost had it
Seriously, what is going on with my face here?  See the matching purples?  Kind of?  No?

I then gave up and decided to take a picture of my shirt and my shoe, not on my body.  See, the purples match.  That's what I was going for...

 Anywho...  After the workout and the weird shoe photos it was dinner time.  We had a completely microwaved meal, and it was delicious!  We heated up some Jack Daniel's BBQ Pulled Chicken (Costco purchase, what what!) on hot dog buns and corn on the cob cooked in the microwave (hey, I was in a hurry, and hungry!).  On paper plates, cuz that's how a micro meal should roll.

I am now catching up on The Bachelorette that I missed last night, The Voice (finale week!) and some DVR'ed episodes of Man vs. Food and House Hunters (what is it about watching people look at and buy houses that I love SO much??).  

Enjoy your night!

Bachelorette Recap!

(posted by Jade & Kerry)

Our no holds barred Bachelorette recap is ready for reading under the Reality Bites tab! 

It's completely hilarious this week, so ENJOY!!

Salad Shmalad

(posted by Kerry)

Today I was not in the mood to get out of bed. I knew I had Cardio Power and Resistance, my least favorite Insanity workout, waiting for me. For some reason, I am always really tired on days I have to do this particular workout, I don't know why. But I got up anyway, ate half a Power Bar (Vanilla Yogurt flavor, the best) and got started. I really think the Power Bar helped because I rocked this workout and felt glad that I got up, even though I really would have liked to have slept in today.

During my workout I noticed something. My legs. For the first time in a long time I have some semblance of leg muscles. It's true! Before I started this little Insanity experiment, my legs resembled stumps of blubber (hehe, OK maybe not that drastic, but that's how I felt they looked). After the last few weeks of the intense Insanity workouts, I can now see see muscle definition. Hallelujah! Same with my arms. Push ups, even the girl ones, work ya'll!! I am really enjoying this transformation. I feel better, I am looking fitter and more toned, and I know I am doing good things for my body. Win, win, win all around!! Now if I could only learn to eat vegetables...

Yeah, confession, this chick doesn't eat veggies. (I think I heard someone out there just faint) It's true! I have the vegetable mentality of a 5 year old. I like potatoes (I know they don't count), corn (that doesn't either) and green beans (they're green so they count, right?). I'll eat the occasional zucchini, but only if it's served up teppanyaki style with loads of soy sauce dunked in that white dipping sauce they give you at Japanese restaurants (what IS that stuff? I probably don't want to know). And the thing is, I WANT to like vegetables. I know they are good for me and they look delicious.

Looks delish - tastes like grass.

I long to eat a beautiful delicious salad one day loaded with lots of color, but I just can't get myself to eat it. It looks pretty, it tastes like grass. When I eat lettuce, I think of trees and flowers and grass. And I can't get past it. It's sad. But I am working on it. I recently gave Caesar salad a try (yeah, I know it's the fattiest salad around probably, but hey, it's greenery!) and I enjoyed it. Nevermind that I doused the lettuce in Caesar dressing and loaded my fork with more croutons than green. It was pretty delicious. Hey, it's a start right? Anyone out there have any suggestions for getting me on the vegetable bandwagon?

Tomorrow, another shocking food confession! You don't want to miss it! (yeah, I'm a mess)

Questions for you ...
- Do you like veggies? (You know the answer to that)
- Do you have any awesome suggestions for sneaking veggies into your life?
- How do you prepare your veggies - steam, broil, roast, etc. (I have heard that broiling them makes them crunchy, which might help me. How do I do this?)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Hot Mess Fest

(posted by Kerry)

I came home today and got a surprise in the mail - the running skirt I ordered from!!  I took the advice of Shah'ada who said she loved hers in her blog, and so my interest was picqued.  I checked out the website and loved what I saw.  I chose a black one, that could go with everything, for my first foray into running skirts.  I tried it on today and I loved it.  Super comfy.  No pictures today, but I will be rockin' it for the Watermelon 5K next Monday.  Pictures will be taken then.  So stay tuned for that.

Yes, that's what I look like in mine too!  Hee.

Tonight has been nice and leisurely.  Dinner was panko crusted pork tenderloin and a baked potato.  Delish.  Oh, and a carton full of strawberries that I cut up prior to dinner.  I bought a bushel (how many is that?) from Costco this weekend, so I will be consuming many berries this week.  Now I am contemplating some froyo.  Should I top it with cinnamon and bananas or peanut butter and bananas?  Either way bananas will be consumed this evening.  

And for our TV entertainment Hubs and I are watching a Basketball Wives marathon on VH1 that we recorded.  (OMG, this show is soooo ghetto - we have deemed this marathon the "Hot Mess Fest" - it's awesome)  After the "fest" I've got some Bachelorette to watch (and blog about).  Cannot wait ... Bentley comes back tonight.  Gag me with a spoon.  


Spooky Morning

(posted by Kerry)

Happy Monday!  I'm moving slowly today, hence the lateness of this posting. 

I woke right up this morning.  The alarm went off at 5:50, I got up and looked out the bedroom door and noticed that it looked like the lights upstairs were on.  I was so creeped out by it that I just layed there in bed, wide awake.  I was thinking "Why are the lights on?  I have to go do Insanity up there. I'm not going up there if the lights are on!"  This has happened before, twice actually, we would wake up in the morning and the lights upstairs would be on.  They weren't on when we went to bed, but they were on in the morning.  Maybe the cat did it?  Maybe there's a short?  Maybe I sleepwalked upstairs and turned them on?  We never found a resolution, but it hasn't happened since those last times.  So this morning I was freaked out like, "whatever is turning the lights on is back!"  The alarm went off again and I bolted out of bed and walked out into the living room.  Yeah, the lights upstairs weren't on.  The people across the street had their glaringly bright outside lights on and it was shining through our glass doors.  OK, phew.  So I went upstairs and worked out.  But I still thought about the movie Poltergeist while I was up there.  (that movie scared the bejeezus out of me when I was a kid!)

Today's workout was good.  And by good I mean it went by so quickly that by the time I was on the cool down I was like, "I'm done already?"  It was Pure Cardio day, which is a great way to start the week.  Lots of huffing and puffing.  By week 4 of Insanity you kind of have the mentality of "been there done that."  It's still challenging, don't get me wrong, but you know what's coming, so it makes the workouts go by pretty quickly, which is good.  After Pure Cardio I did Cardio Abs.  Good stuff. 

I made a plan this week to include 2 running workouts in the mix along with my morning Insanity workouts.  I have convinced Hubs to come with me to the gym after work on Tuesday and Thursday this week.  Funny story about that.  I signed us both up for gym memberships at the beginning of the year.  I've been plenty of times, Hubs, never been.  He still hasn't even signed his waiver or gotten his picture taken for his little keychain thing.  Bad.  We're going to change that this week! 

I'm not even going to tell you how badly I ate this weekend.  What is it about weekends that makes me feel like I have a license to eat...everything.  Friday night we had plans with friends to go out to Epcot and walk around the world.  We got rained out, so we ended up at one of our favorite Disney restaurants - which happens to be an old fashioned ice cream joint with burgers, hot dogs and ice cream on the menu.  I opted for the grilled chicken sandwich (good choice) with fries (bad choice) and I graciously helped out with a community order of onion rings (bad choice).  For dessert (oh yes, there was room for dessert) instead of the vanilla malt that I normally get (do you know how many calories those have - eek!) I got a kids sized caramel sundae in the shape of Mickey Mouse (OK choice - it was bad, but it was small).  And ya know, I didn't really feel bad about eating any of it.  I'm not even going to go into what was eaten the rest of the weekend.  It was a mix of good and bad choices...and lots of Diet Coke.  Argh.

Sunday was my day off from working out, but I did get some form of workout in...  LASER TAG. 
The gang Laser Tagging.  My code name was "Cupid." 
On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day again for my father in law who was out of town last weekend.  His wish on Father's Day part deux was to go play a game of laser tag.  No joke!  And it was super fun!!  It was literally just our group of 5 in a 5000 square foot laser tag arena.  I was terrible at it and lost point-wise, but I did have the second highest score in shooting accuracy.  Go me!  It was seriously a lot more fun than I thought it would be. 
We tried out for the new Charlie's Angels...didn't make the cut.
 The rest of the day was spent on the couch, not moving.  Heavenly.

I'm off ... gotta go earn a living! 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Running Strategy

(posted by Kerry)

Happy Saturday!  

This week I made a decision ... another one.  I've got about 6 more weeks of Insanity to do and I'm gonna do it (even though Month 2 is absolutely killer).  But I am also committing myself to training for my upcoming half marathon.  For the last few half marathons I've done, I haven't trained for them.  I have rested on the fact that "hey, I've done several half marathons, no sweat, I don't need to train" and they turn out just "eh."  Like at the end I don't really feel an accomplishment, I feel more like "God, I'm glad THAT'S over."  This time around I'm going back to my roots and training - novel concept, I know.

In these last few weeks that I have been doing the Insanity I realized something - I NEED a regimented plan to keep me on track.  If I have something that says "today you are doing this workout and tomorrow you are doing this" I can stay on it.  If I don't, it's hit or miss.  I'll stay on it for a week and then fall off.  Therefore, I am going to attack my running schedule like I am Insanity - map out, every day, what I am going to do.  Most people do this already, I'm just learning that this really works. (call me slow)

Jade found a program called Couch to 5K, that is a 3-day per week schedule that tells you exactly how much you're walking and how much you're running during every workout.  Now you might be thinking "um, you've done half marathons, what do you need Couch to 5K for?"  The answer:  that's how far removed I am from running.  My last half marathon was in February (it was just eh, performance-wise).  My last 5K was in March.  And that's probably the last time I have had any sort of consistency in my running.  So I feel like I am literally at a stage where I have to start over.  Though I am going to start the program a few weeks in at week 4, which will start me of with the following interval:  

- 5 min walking warm up
- Jog 3 min
- Walk 1.5 min
- Jog 5 min
- Walk 2.5 min
- Jog 3 min
- Walk 1.5 min
- Jog 5 min

I did this running workout this morning and it felt SO good.  I pushed myself on the running parts because I knew that a walking break was waiting for me. (like I said I like to have a plan)  It ended up being 31 minutes total and 2.13 miles (I told you, I'm a slow runner/walker).  Great stuff.  I felt great afterwards.  

The plan calls for this same workout three times in a week.  Since I will still be doing the Insanity this week, I'm going to have to strategically plot out which days to run - I'm thinking run in the morning, Insanity at night?  Eh, doesn't sound appealing, but I really don't know that I can wake up early enough to do everything in the morning (unless the construction behind us begins at 5am next week - hee).  So we will see!  

Post workout, I enjoyed the AC, a fan going at a very high speed and a smoothie that I found on Julie's blog, from her Shape magazine slideshow - the Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie.  YUM.  It was delish, and I sucked it down very fast (no brain freeze though).

Afterwards, I did some push ups (80 - girlies, still haven't attempted a real push up) and then relaxed and watched 2 hours of Covert Affairs on the DVR.  

Later - a possible trip to Costco with Jade.  FUN!  We'll see though, it's looking like rain (woohoo!).  See ya!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sangria Recipe

(posted by Kerry)

Many healthy living bloggers like to post recipes for healthy baked goods or meals.  Me, I like to post recipes for alcoholic beverages.  I drink extremely rarely, but when I do, I LOVE to enjoy my dad's sangria.  It's to die for and great for summer soirees and parties. (or every holiday get together - that's how we roll) 

Kerry's Dad's Traditional Sangria
2 lemons
2 limes
2 oranges
1 bottle Burgundy wine (large jug)
1 shot Triple Sec
1 shot Brandy
Simple Syrup
    - 1 cup water
    - 1 cup sugar
    - 2-3 dashes of cinnamon

Day One:
- Pour 2 cups of Burgundy wine into a large container
- Cut and squeeze the juices from 2 lemons, 2 limes, 2 oranges into the container, add fruit rinds to the container as well
- Prepare Simple Syrup by combining 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of water and a couple dashes of cinnamon in a pot and bringing it to a boil
- Add Simple Syrup to container with wine and fruit
- Refrigerate and let marinate overnight

Day Two:*
- Add rest of wine jug to container
- Add one shot of brandy
- Add one shot of Triple Sec

Taste, and tweak as necessary.  (e.g., if you want it sweeter, add more simple syrup, if you want more alcohol, add more shots, etc)

Serve with the fruit garnishes from the marinating process - but be careful, the fruit is potent! 


* Process can be done in one day (I have done it before and it's still delicious), but its better if you let the fruit marinate overnight.

You're welcome!


(posted by Kerry)

Today the banging on the construction of the new home behind us started at 6am. Ugh! Seriously, who can I call about that? I guess it's a good thing, it got me out of bed.

This morning I got on the scale and almost fell off. In the three weeks I have been doing Insanity I have lost 7 lbs. (anyone know why the abbreviation for pounds is lbs?) 7 lbs?!?! How exciting is that? I am pretty sure I am going to celebrate this weekend by going off the rails and having a feeding frenzy and gaining 3 of them back, but let's hope not. Although I will admit I am lot more lenient on the diet on the weekends. As in, I don't follow the diet at all on the weekends. When you're out and about and eating on the run, it's hard. I look at a menu and would like to make healthy choices, but when french fries are on the menu, I really can't resist. I am working on this. Baby steps. I am superduper proud of myself though for sticking with the plan, something I have not been able to do lately, so it feels GOOD!


Hi Abs, haven't seen you since 2009.

Today's workout was Cardio Power and Resistance. It was tough getting up after doing Kettlebells last night (I can already feel it in my shoulders), but I did it. The workout was fine. This is like the 30th time I've done this workout, so there's really not much to say about it. I felt good when it was over.

Breakfast was GOOD. One egg, two egg whites, white American cheese and a Toufayan Everything Bagel Thin. With grapes. Fab.

Today I just want to be like Zeus and not do anything. Like Bruno Mars, who was on the Today Show this morning. Love him.

Let's hang out together and be lazy!

Now the lawn people are here weedwhacking outside of our bedroom window. It's a good thing I'm up...

Happy Friday everyone!!  Today is Fountain Friday, so I know it's gonna be a good one!! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011


(posted by Kerry)

So my first foray into Kettlebells was fantastic!!  It wasn't as scary as I thought and gave me a supergreat workout.  Seriously, I was soaking wet when I walked out of there. 

I picked up Amanda after work and we posed for a before picture.

Bring on the bells!

We took the class at a local studio by Amanda's house and I really liked the vibe. Throughout the class was a recurring theme - squats and lunges (which is precisely what I NEED, cuz I hate doing them on my own...and I don't).  Almost everything we did involved a squat and swinging the kettlebell somewhere - over our heads, out to the side, into a should press - you name it we flung the bell over there.  Great total body workout!  And within the first 5 minutes I was sweating like a fiend (though I tend to sweat more than the average person). At the end of class - which, thank God, was only 30 minutes - I was drenched.  

After picture - sweaty, stinky, feeling good

My hair is wet
Would I do kettlebell class again, absolutely!  I'm trying to coerce Jade into going with me next week since Amanda will be on her way to VEGAS!   We'll see if I can work my magic.  

When I got home I made something quick and easy - chicken quesadillas.  Yum.  Nothing like lots of cheese after a good workout.  Now we're watching some Melrose and waiting for it to rain ... it's been thundering and lightning for a hour with no raindrops yet.  Ugh, my grass is crunchy!


(posted by Kerry)

Good morning!  I was sooo glad that today was Cardio Recovery day. I don't think I could have gotten up this morning and jumped around, Insanity-style.

I never really understood the importance of warming up and stretching until I did Insanity the first time around. I knew I should warm up before a workout and stretch after but I just never found the time. With Insanity you do a crazy 5 minute warm up stretch involving lots of quad stretches and yoga poses to get the blood flowing. And then at the end you do a similar stretch, which feels oh so good at the end of the grueling workouts. Every Thursday is the Cardio Recovery workout which includes lots of stretching and strength exercises. Perfect midweek workout, cuz by Thursday I'm TIRED.

And hopefully today's good stretch will help me get through my Kettlebell class tonight, which I am a tad nervous about...

Last night was an indecisive night at the house. After our yummie-o turkey tenderloin dinner everyone was still hungry. I satisfied my craving by having another one of my Yogurt Banana creations (this time with a dabble of hot, melty peanut butter on top) but Hubs and my step daughter, J wanted more. They blame the Man vs. Food marathon we were watching.  Adam was tasked with eating giant chili dogs and the world's largest hamburger (190 lbs...don't worry he had a team of people to help). Can I just say, I LOVE this show.  Adam Richman is the man, but I cannot figure out how he eats all that stuff...  Anywho...

The Man vs. Food marathon took its toll on Hubs and J and prompted them to make a late night trip to Mickey D's which I promptly declined. I was so proud cuz usually I am one foot out the door when McDonald's is mentioned (cannot resist a yummy vanilla cone...or a double cheeseburger...or fries...and don't get me started on their Diet Coke). They came back with a bag of food - hamburgers, fries, cookies... Were they trying to kill me? But I declined it all and locked myself in the bedroom watching So You Think You Can Dance (in my next life I want a dancer's body) and swigging water so I wouldn't be tempted. Ah, the things you do...

Gotta jet, I am now officially running late...

Questions for you ...
- Do you like McDonald's  (YES!  I don't understand those people who say "I don't eat at McDonald's" - dude, you don't know what you're missing!)
- Ever been tempted to eat badly by your family?  (YES, every weekend.  I'm so weak.)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Stuff

(posted by Kerry)

6 and 8 - the number of times I've filled up the ol' Tervis with water, and subsequently the number of times I've made the long trek to the bathroom.  And the day isn't over yet. This cup just makes you want to drink water, it's amazing! 

I am T-minus 26 hours away from attending Kettlebells class with Amanda.  AKA - 26 hours away from not being able to walk.  However, I roped Jade into doing a 4-mile run/walk with me on Saturday morning at 6am so I hope I can walk by then.  I know what you're thinking - 6am on a Saturday?  Two reasons:  1) this is Florida and it gets hot hot hot really really early.  It's still hot at 6am, but it's an OK hot since the sun isn't out; and 2) Jade has to take Special K somewhere at 8:30, so we have to go uber early.  Fine by me, I like getting a weekend workout out of the way really early so I can enjoy myself and eat mass quantities of bad food.  Because weekend food has no calories.

After getting several things off my plate today, I did a little internet perusing and found some tidbits you might be interested in...

George Clooney and Elisabetta Break Up!

The number one rule of dating George Clooney is don't talk about George Clooney.  And never, ever talk about marrying him (like she did here), because he will dump your a$$ so fast (like he did here).

Audrina: Shape Cover Girl

This month's edition of Shape should be called "No Shape."  Audrina is a twig.  Come on Shape!

Update on Last Night's The Voice

Javier Colon made it through to the semi finals of The Voice last night (what, what!).  He sang "Fix You" by Coldplay, which was, as usual, amazing.  Vicci Martinez killed it on "Dog Days Are Over" - she is my second fave.  If either of them win, I will be A-OK.  See the performances here

Oh, and why did Christina Aguilera wear this t-shirt on live TV?

Tonight nothing exciting is planned.  I'm making a Jennie-O turkey tenderloin, if you are interested.  Yummie-O.  And probably watching more Melrose.  We are almost done, thank God!!  OH!  JD$$ just reminded me that So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight.  WOOO!!  I know what I'm doing tonight!

Question for you ...
- What are you having for dinner tonight?  (As mentioned earlier, turkey turkey turkey and some leftover rice that I made last week.  Eh.)

Thank You, Blog!

(posted by Kerry)

This morning all I wanted to do was turn off the alarm, get back into bed and sleep in.  However, I thought of this bloggy blog and the five readers reading this (hi dad!), and decided I didn't want to disappoint. Seriously, the blog got me out of bed. This thing is great!

And then I was cursing the blog when I realized that today's Insanity workout was Pure Cardio AND Cardio Abs. Curses!!

As I was walking upstairs to the "Insanity Room" (big empty room upstairs with nothing in it but a TV) I noticed Zeus looking out the window hissing. The neighbor's outdoor cat, Boots, was sitting outside our glass doors and Zeus was giving him the stink eye and hissing at him. Geez. So I invited him upstairs with me to do Insanity. He got bored after he licked the condensation off my water bottle.

Pure Cardio today was hard. But good. I can already tell a difference in my clothes after doing this for two plus weeks (they used to be tight, now they're not - score!). I told you, Insanity works. It is hell for a few days but it's good. Today's workout also called for Cardio Abs but I was not feeling that after completing Pure Cardio. Mr. Insanity is lucky I got out of bed to complete one workout let alone two! So instead I did a quick tricep and shoulder workout and then some ab exercises of my own (the easy ones that don't really do much, but allow me to lay under the fan and dry off).

Now it's time for breakfast. I am thinking waffles and bananas. I just bought those Van's Blueberry waffles, looking forward to trying them!  Later...

Questions for you ...
- How often do you skip your morning workout to get a few more minutes in?  (Before I started this, all the time!  Now, I'm a little better about popping out of bed in the morning.  Once you get used to it, it's not that hard...I swear!)
- Have you ever tried Insanity?  (As you know, I did it before my wedding and the results were amazing.  It's definitely a good "kick you in the butt" way to get you back on track.)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Water Requirement Fulfilled

(posted by Kerry)

My 24 ounce Tervis tumbler has proven to be a successful way to drink my designated 2 liters of water in a day.  I filled that bad boy up 5 times today! 

24 x 5 = 120 ounces = 3.55 liters (I was a math major in college ... true story!)

Therefore I can drink Diet Coke for the rest of the day and not feel bad!  No?

I did have Diet Diet Pepsi with lunch today.  Jade and I met up with Amanda for a yummy lunch at Crispers.  I had chicken noodle soup and a fruit salad.  Definitely not what I would order if I wasn't "being good."  Normally I'd go for the Creamy Tomato Bisque with the cheese and croutons on top and a Margherita Flatbread.  YUM!  And this is precisely why I'm blogging about my journey back to being fit and healthy...  Oy. 

No big plans for tonight.  The Voice is on tonight.  Does anyone watch that?  It is good.  I was a little iffy at first about it.  I liked the audition rounds where the chairs turned around, but once they got past that I was like "is it going to be good anymore?"  Then they did the battle rounds, which I loved!  And now it's on to the live shows which, honestly, I'm not enjoying as much.  It's OK, but it's very American Idol with the live show and the voting.  I will say though, if Javier Colon does not will it all, I will be extremely disappointed.  He is amaaaazing!!  Check him out here.  I voted for him like 58 times, you should too!

Word of the day:  Dabble.  Apparently Jade said I said it 12 times in a conversation I had with Carrie regarding running shoes.  "I dabbled in Asics for a while, then I dabbled in Nikes."  Now I wear Pumas, thank you very much. 

Speaking of words - are there any Words With Friends out there?  I am addicted to this fun little app, and I am GOOD.  Seriously, all that Scrabble my parents made me play when I was younger is FINALLY paying off!  Someone play with me - K-Lo2409 - I only have 3 games going, I need more!!   


Bachelorette Recap!

(posted by Kerry & Jade)

If you know us, you know that Monday nights are sacred nights because The Bachelorette is on.  We love talking trash about the show, the guys and Ashley during the show via massive amounts of text messages.  Now that we have the ol' blog here we get to share our ridiculous thoughts on this ridiculous show with other people.  (please don't think negatively about us) 

So for last night's recap, head over to the Reality Bites tab at the top of the screen, or click the link below!  ENJOY!

It's Hot!

(posted by Kerry)

Last night when I layed out my clothes for the morning I was in the mood to run. I woke up this morning and was ready to run. I walked outside and realized that was a dumb choice. At 6am it had to be at least 80 degrees with 90% humidity. Awful. I stuck it out for a mile loop around the block and then decided to just go back and do my Insanity workout. Better choice. Air conditioning, fan, you catch my drift.

That's me saying "Boo, running outside stinks in the summer!"

Today's workout was Plyometric Cardio Circuit. It was fine. I am getting a tad bored with it, but I can tell it is working. When I started the program two weeks ago just keeping up was hard. At first I wasn't used to doing so much jumping and cardio, but it's definitely getting easier. I feel stronger and definitely less winded every time I do it. Me thinks it's working!
"Yay!  It's working!"
Here's the thing I love about Insanity - the people in the workout video are not people who just smile and are happy throughout the workout like "this is fun and not hard at all!" They are breathing hard, they are taking breaks, they are screaming their way thru it, just like me. It's dang hard! And it's refreshing to see super fit people thinking it's hard too.

Anywho... Today I have a new toy. I took Jade's advice and bought me a super nifty Tervis tumbler to increase my water consumption (and bathroom trips). I love it. It's pretty, it keeps my ice water icy and it doesn't sweat all over everything. It was worth the exorbitant price tag at Bed Bath and Beyond (thank goodness for those non-expiring 20% coupons).

Hi buddy! 

OK we are crafting a supergreat Bachelorette recap, so stay tuned!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Running in Numbers

(posted by Kerry)

As Jade mentioned in her last post, I have lured her to my world....  1) She signed up and is committed to doing the Watermelon 5K on the 4th of July with us; and 2) she has verbally agreed to participate in the Disney Princess Half Marathon next February.  Can I get a "what what!" for Jade!! 

As I have mentioned before, I like to run the races.  I don't run them to win, I just like being out there with hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of people like me who enjoy running and get a little thrill out of wearing a pinned on race number and running through a finish line.  I also enjoy the free Gatorade, snacks and "stuff" afterwards as well, but I digress.

When I first started running, I was all alone.  None of my friends or family members were into running or doing any sort of race that required you to get out of bed while it was still dark outside.  So I would typically do my 5Ks or 10Ks solo, getting lost in a sea of hundreds.  I never felt alone, I had my music to accompany me. 

For my first "big run" (my 15K in '07) I figured the same would be true - just me, surrounded by family and friends at the finish line.  Thankfully, my aunt in California (hi Shar!) was of the same mind (she actually likes to run 10 miles at 3am) and decided to fly down to do the run with me along with a friend.  It was great knowing that someone I knew was doing the race with me.  Though she runs at like rocket speed compared to me, so I saw her at the start line and then the finish line and nowhere in between. 

As the years went on and I ran in more and more longer races, I started recruiting people to run with me.  Not WITH me, but in the same race as me.  And I would normally bribe them with breakfast afterwards.  It worked!  My next big run I got my mom and my mother in law involved, and then my next big run I got my dad and my husband involved and then I got friends who have never run before running.  I felt like the Pied Piper of races! 

Today, the numbers have dwindled a bit on the half marathon front, but for 5Ks we still manage to get a good group of us together.  Especially if breakfast is involved.  This brings us to this year's Watermelon 5K, a local race on the 4th of July that brings together hundreds and hundreds of runners in the Orlando area.  It's early, it's hot, but they give out free watermelon at the finish line - score! 

A large group of us have been doing the race now for the last 3 years, so it's become 4th of July tradition.  This year, so far, we have 8 people ready to run, and I know more are considering it (let me lure you with IHOP after the race).  I'm proud of the running gang we have created and I'm excited to see how many more we can get to join us.  So Jade, welcome back to the running gang!!! 

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a pictorial of past races:

Minnie Marathon 15K (2008) - Yes, my mom and mom-in-law are wearing the same top.

Tower of Terror 13K (2008) - The photographer told us to look scared.  Hubs apprently didn't hear him.
Watermelon 5K - Breakfast at IHOP afterwards, looking PRETTY

Am I Crazy?

(posted by Jade)

Happy Monday!

I woke up this morning at 5:15, leashed Bentley up and hit the sidewalk. I am so impressed that I actually pulled myself out of bed.

Bentley was so excited when we started our walk. He kept up well but, I could tell he was fading about 17 minutes into our walk. Poor little guy has to basically jog to keep up with my normal walking stride because his legs are so short. Pretty much as soon as I decided we should head home he sat down on the sidewalk and looked at me like I was crazy. Luckily, we were only a few houses away so we made it home without me having to carry him. Thank goodness because he is heavy!

Look at that tongue!

I think my lack of sleep has affected my brain! I committed to doing the Disney Princess Half Marathon with Kerry in February 2012. I must be crazy! I don't run...unless I'm being chased. Seriously, I DON'T run. I have a lot of work to do. Kerry has already sent me a training plan, such a supportive friend! More to come on this topic.

Day 7 of the 1st level of the Shred tonight. I've never actually made it to level 2 before. I'm a little scared...

Have a great day!

A New Day

(posted by Kerry)

Confession: this weekend I had like 62 Diet Cokes. And lots of food that is not found in the Insanity Elite Nutrition cookbook. Today is a new day...

This weekend was great! We had a great time with friends and family in Clearwater and had a very Happy Father's Day with my dad and hubs.

Now its back to the grind - workouts, eating well and work.  (meh)

Today's Insanity workout was the Fit Test. Every two weeks you complete the Fit Test to gauge your progress. Even though I was feeling a little sluggish this morning, I still saw improvement in the repetitions of each exercise. So that is positive. I'm recording all of my Fit Test results and will post the results at the end of the 60 days to see how far I've come.  I might even throw in a few before and after pics if you're lucky.  :)

Push-Up Count:  35 girl ones (the Fit Test doesn't include many push-ups)

For a little variety this week, I have committed myself to attending a Kettlebell class with my friend Amanda on Thursday.  She has attended two and said they are killer, so my interest is picqued!  I most likely won't be able to walk on Friday, but we'll see! 


Questions for you ...
- Do you over-indulge on the weekend?  (Um, yes.)
- Have you ever tried a Kettlebell class?  (No, can't wait to try it!)