Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Funday

(posted by Kerry)

Vegging - check.
Reading - check.
New Steve Carell movie - no check.  (boo, maybe next weekend)
Lots and lots of eating bad food - check.  (double boo)

It has been a nice and lazy weekend, just like I wanted.  Hubs and I spent about 6 hours yesterday on the couch (I love our couch) watching another very exciting TV series on streaming Netflix ... Melrose Place 2.0 (Amanda, I know you just danced a little jig out there!).  Ever since we finished watching the entire series of Melrose Place on Netflix, we have playfully said, "we should watch the new Melrose too, just so we can say we've seen them ALL."  The sad part, we watched 2.0 when it was actually on the air back in '09, so we had technically already seen it all.  But we watched it again.  DAMN, that show was GOOD.  I am so perturbed that they cancelled it after one season.  It was SO GOOD.  The cast (minus Ashlee Simpson) and the story were SO good.  And they left it on a note where season two would have been even better.  Damn you CW for cancelling!!  

After lounging all day watching way too much TV, we met Hub's parents for dinner, where we proceeded to eat WAY too much food.  Longhorn, it's delicious, but deadly.  I had a stomach ache all night.  I really don't know when to say when.  It's a problem.  

Luckily for me, I did, not one, but two Insanity workouts yesterday morning (I could forsee my overeating ways).  I did Core Cardio and Balance first, then Cardio Abs for a nice hour long workout.  After that I did Push Up Challenge (Day 3, Week 4).  I did 16 reals, 18 girlies, 13 reals and 13 girlies.  That's 60 push ups y'all!  Right?  I was a math major in college, not an arithmetic major - there IS a difference.  

Today I was NOT in the mood to watch any TV, so it has been off most of the day.  Instead I got some reading done - David Baldacci, you're good.  Some blog reading done and some shopping done.  Now we are waiting around to go meet my parents in Celebration for dinner.  Celebration, oh how I miss you.  We used to live there, it was heaven on earth.  I get all weepy when we go back there.  We drive past our old condo and I reminisce about the days when we could talk about how cool we were that we lived in a city created by Disney.  OK, I don't really know if it was "created by Disney" but it sort of was.  Right?  Whatever, I loved it there.  That's where I took up running.  I still go there for long runs.  I could pound out 10 miles there and never retrace my steps or get bored.  It was heavenly.  Sniffle.  

Speaking of running, JADE is starting her Couch to 5K program tomorrow!!  (I posted this so she would be held accountable - I'm sneaky like that)  So expect some good posts from her about that this week, cuz she is NOT a runner, so I'm sure she's going to be cursing me all week long.  Me, I am SO READY to get out there and get started with my 8-mile training program.  I actually bought a new pair of running shorts today for the occasion.  I have problems with running shorts, they have to meet a certain criteria for me - long enough to cover things, lightweight, doesn't bunch up between my legs, you know the essentials.  I paid a whopping $14.99 at Target for mine, so we'll see how they are.  

I am only ONE WEEK away from starting my 8-mile training.  I am only ONE WEEK away from completing the Insanity 60-Day Challenge.  I seriously cannot believe I stuck with it for this long and I can't believe I am about to finish it.  I am so proud and happy and excited about the progress I have made.  And I can't wait to see how the hard work I have done through Insanity will be demonstrated in my running stamina.  I know I have built major cardiovascular strength through the Insane workouts I have been doing, so I am eager to see if I can ease back into running without too much huffing and puffing.  We will see.  One week y'all.  My plan for the last week of Insanity GO HARD.  I am totally going to give the last week my all and push myself.  Excitement all up in here.  

OK, I must go, time to get ready for our dinner in Celebration with the parentals.  Tonight there is much TV on the "to do" list (as per usual) - Big Bro, Entourage and a special airing of The Bachelorette are all tonight.  OMG!  

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Crazy Stupid Friday

(posted by Kerry)

Happy Friday!!

Hopefully everyone is having a wonderful Friday so far.  My day is going swimmingly – so ready for the workday to be over.  I have a hot date at a new pizza place by our house tonight with Hubs.  They sent out a “grand opening” flyer in the mail this week and we were like, “Friday night, we're there!!”  We are thrill seekers.

Last night I attempted to get through about 70% of the TV I wanted to watch (not bad!).  I watched 4 Samantha Brown’s (two of the cities I recorded I wasn’t really feeling so I deleted them), a Property Virgins (I think this is surpassing House Hunters on the “like” scale for me), SYTYCD (shocked they sent Jordan home) and Big Brother (I just saw who won HOH – OMG).  I love watching mass quantities of girl TV.  I have Giuliana and Bill and Pretty Little Liars left to watch.  Oh, and a Melissa and Joey, which I am embarrassed to say I enjoy.  The show is total geekery (so am I), but I still just love Joey Lawrence.  Like back in the Blossom days I had his CD. (it was so good back in 1994)  Does this surprise you?  It shouldn’t after Jade’s post yesterday.  And Melissa Joan Hart is entertaining too.  You should watch.  For realz.

I begrudgingly woke up this morning and did my Insanity.  Max Cardio Conditioning.  I was thisclose to turning off the alarm and sleeping in, but I kept telling myself ONE MORE WEEK, ONE MORE WEEK, YOU CAN’T FALL APART WITH ONE MORE WEEK TO GO!  So I went upstairs and gave it my all.  Glad I did!  It was a great workout, which will hopefully combat the mass amount of calories I will have consumed by the end of today.  Like a good girl I brought my lunch to work, but Jade had to be all rebel and suggest a lunchtime outing.  We went to Jersey Mike’s for subs.  I had a mini turkey and provolone on wheat.  I could have eaten two.  Then I convinced Jade and our work buddy Kevin who came with us, to walk to Subway for cookies.  I’m such a good influence.  But we walked!  Seriously though, Subway has the best cookies everrrrrr.  I could eat like 7 white chocolate macadamia nut cookies in one sitting.  Once Hubs, J and I actually bought a dozen of them and ate them over the course of a weekend.  We’re sad little piggies, but they were GOOD.

This weekend I hope to do a lot of vegging, reading and I totally want to see that new Steve Carell movie – Crazy Stupid Love. 

I LOVE Steve Carell.  He’s so cute.  And funny.  I will miss you Michael Scott.  The Office will never be the same with James Spader running the show.  Not sure how I feel about that.  Or if I’ll even watch The Office next season.  You can’t have The Office without Steve Carell.

Am I starting to sound like Rainman?  I should go.  Enjoy your Friday!

Questions for you …
What are YOU doing this weekend?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Conditioning for TV Watching

(posted by Kerry)

Yeah, so glad Jade decided to post.  Har har har.  

Whatever, I fully embrace my 12 year old dorkiness (and my 33 year old dorkiness), so, NO SHAME!  

So I slept in this morning a full hour and a half because I gave myself a pass to do my Insanity workout tonight instead of in the morning.  It was glorious.  I should definitely do that more often.  But only on Recovery workout days, because the thought of hard core cardio after work makes me sad.  Today's workout was fine.  Same Recovery workout I've been doing.  Nothing exciting to report on that. I did take the camera upstairs for some really exciting photos that I know you want to look at.

Afterwards I did Push Up Challenge.  Today's sequence was 14 reals, 16 girlies, 12 reals and 12 girlies. I know that's not how you're supposed to do it, but I don't care.  It works for me!  

Push Ups - Kerry style
After that I did some extra arm exercises, because the push ups apparently weren't enough for me.  

"I vant to pump you up"
Afterwards I came down the stairs to find Zeus doing what I wish I had been doing all along.  

"Are you going to feed me or what?"
After a succulent dinner of Lean Cuisine pizza (meh), I am now planning a hard core DVR & TV attack.  I have 6 episodes of  Samantha Brown's Great Weekends to watch (I seriously want her job), Giuliana and Bill (love them!), Property Virgins (is it me, or is Sandra a big B a lot of the time?), Big Brother, SYTYCD (vote off show, so I only have to watch the last 5 minutes) and Project Runway starts tonight (I had no idea it was coming back!).  Seriously I need a hobby, I watch WAY too much TV.  Have a superb night!  

Dear New Kids

(posted by Jade)

Hey there!

It’s been a while! Long story short…I hurt my knees doing Jillian Michael’s 30 day Shred, got all mad about it, had to take a few weeks off and ate way to much. Ugh, why did I have to hurt my knees when I was doing so well?? Life goes on. My knees are feeling better now and I have committed to starting Couch to 5k training on Monday morning at 5:30am. After Couch to 5k I will start my half marathon training as I know there is no way Kerry is going to forget that I committed to running the Disney Princess Half Marathon with her in February. Maybe I will get lucky and she will get amnesia or something! J

Anyway, I am coming back to the blog for a few reasons. First, it really does help me stay motivated to live a healthier life. I need that right now. Second, Kerry has been calling me the “phantom blogger” for a while now and it’s annoying. Third, there is something that I simply must share with everyone who reads our little blog. And here it is….


Letter to NKOTB

As you all know from Kerry’s awesome NKOTBSB concert recap, we recently relived our youth at their concert here in Orlando. The best part of the entire night was during the pre-party at Amanda’s house. Kerry busted out a couple old concert programs, some newspaper clippings and some pee-your-pants worthy little items pictured above. Kerry wrote a 2 page, single-spaced essay about her experience at a 1990 NKOTB concert. She also wrote a letter to NKOTB shortly after. Now some of you may be thinking, “This doesn’t seem that unusual. I am pretty sure I wrote the New Kids a letter back in the day too.” I promise you, even if you did write a letter to the New Kids back in the day, it did not hold a candle to the literary masterpieces that my dear friend Kerry composed. During our pre-party Kerry read both of these works of art to us. I wish we could figure out how to record her reading them to post on the blog. She read them both with such enthusiasm and inflection that I almost peed my pants laughing! This kind of dorkiness is one of the biggest reasons why I love Kerry!

Here are some of my favorite excerpts from the 2 page essay:

“The minute they opened the door we went out in a single file line and standing right by the door was none other than Donnie Wahlberg giving everyone walking out the door a gigantic hug! It was unbelievable. While Donnie was hugging me my mind was racing! I couldn’t believe I was actually hugging Donnie from the New Kids on the Block. I mean this internationally know guys was hugging not just me, but 8 other lucky girls. But the Donnie hug wasn’t the end! We still had Jordan, Joe, Danny and Jon to go!”

“Some of the girls had made a banner that said New Kids on the Block on it. So Danny put it over his head. Well, naturally I hugged him anyway. I mean if you had the opportunity to hug Danny Wood wouldn’t you?”

And from the letter to the New Kids:

“Hi! My name is Kerry and I’m from Clearwater, Florida. Actually I’m gonna be moving to Orlando, FL on July 27. Wish me luck!”

“I just got back from New York last week with my best friend and we went into the NBC building and took the guided tour. Well, they took us into one of the soundstages and they told us it was where they taped Friday Night Videos! Right then we thought about you and started touching all of the doors and walls. Is that where you taped it, or were we acting like total fools?! Then we went to the Plaza hotel and took pictures cause we knew Donnie and Jordan took a picture there, so we took lots of pictures! Boy, did we have stories to tell when we got home!”

Sorry for the long post. These little beauties were just too freakin' funny for me not to share! I’ll try not to stay away for so long next time! J

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What is Insanity??

(posted by Kerry)

So my day got better after a yummy Moe's lunch (no, I didn't take pictures).  Who knew an Overachiever with chicken and black beans would make my tummy ache (and semi bad mood) go away?

So, I got a question from Amanda over at There are Two Sides (she's hilarious - go read her).  She asked me - is Insanity like P90X?  Yes, and no.  But mostly no.  Both Insanity and P90X are designed and produced by Beachbody.  And both are extremely challenging.  But I feel like P90 (and don't quote me because I have not done the whole P90 program, but I have it and I have dabbled in it) is more strength where Insanity is purely cardio.

Insanity uses something called max interval training which means that you workout (HARD - like heart pounding out of your chest hard) for anywhere between 3-5 minutes and then rest for 30 seconds.  That's it, 30 seconds.  Then you go back to the heart pounding cardio again.  The moves range anywhere from suicide drills to jumping jack squats to burpees and push ups and many many more.  In theory it doesn't sound that hard, but it really is.  I sweat more, breathe harder and expend more energy during a 45 minute Insanity workout than I do in a half marathon.  No lie (granted, I do run super slow, but still!).  It's tough stuff!  And I think it's because I really push myself hard during those 3-5 minutes of the interval.  The rests seriously go by in the blink of an eye, so you're always gasping for air.  It's good stuff.  It really is.  Check it out!

And it works!  Over the last 50 days I have gained a boatload of stamina, I have seen increases in muscle all over my body, that layer of cellulite that used to live on my abs is gone (well, not all of it, but I can at least see abs now), I have energy out the wazoo, and I've lost pounds and inches.  But honestly it's the stamina, strength and energy I am most proud of.  I started the 60 day Insanity program because I needed a kick in the butt.  After not working out regularly for a long time, I needed something that would completely kick me back into shape, and this totally did it for me.  I feel like, after waking up and doing a morning workout for the last 50 days (minus Sundays), I am back into the routine of morning workouts, which I was SO struggling with before.  

Yay Abs!
I took some before pictures - can't wait to take some after pictures to show you what Insanity did to me - mostly in my midsection and arms.  I normally would NEVER post "before" pictures of my gut on the worldwide web, but to drive the point home at how insane Insanity is, I want to.  So stay tuned for that next week, after the program is over.

I told you I was schizo about the Insanity - now I'm all in love with it again, after bad mouthing it earlier today.  I'm a turd.  But it's awesome.  

Thanks Amanda for the question - and allowing me to write a "QUALITY" post!!  :) :)

Wah Wah Wah

(posted by Kerry)

I think I have developed a schizo relationship with Insanity.  Last week (or maybe earlier this week) I was all "I love Insanity, I'm gonna miss it so much when it's over" and then this week I'm like "I'm tired of this crap, I can't wait til it's over."  Today's feeling for it was the latter.  I was not in the mood to get out of bed to do it, and I was not into it when I was doing it.  It was the hard one - Max Interval Plyo - today and it's not really that hard anymore.  Or maybe I just wasn't putting in enough effort to make it hard - that could very well be with my blase attitude towards it right now.  I think I am just ready for a change.  But I can't give up!  I only have 9 workouts to go.  9!!!  AAH!
After the workout I layed on the floor watching the news for about 20 minutes.  I seriously was not in the mood for anything this morning. 
Luckily, I got to work today in the mood to work.  Go figure.  So that is good, at least I'm not ho hum about everything in my life today.  Maybe it's the weather?  Or the fact that I have had a stomach ache since last night.  I feel like I ate a whole pizza last night for dinner and am paying the consequences.  But I didn't.  I made a turkey tenderloin and baked potatoes.  If anything, I didn't consume THAT many calories during dinner (although it was a really big potato).  But yet I felt (and feel) overstuffed with a tummy ache.  Weird.  What is with me?  Wah!
I didn't post last night because I read something on Courtney's blog that sang to me (PS, I absolutely LOVE her blog - go read it).  She posted about not having anything to blog about the other night, so she didn't post anything.  She then posed the whole quality vs. quantity thing.  Do you post something, even if you don't have anything really exciting to say, just for the sake of posting something? (quantity)  Or do you not post anything because you know you won't put out a quality post?  (quality) 
I thought about my blogging and I post a lot of crap that is not exciting (non-quality).  I mean really, who truly cares that I did Max Interval Plyo today for the 10th time this month?  Heck, I even bore myself sometimes.  Yet, I post because I feel like I need to post often, just to keep whoever is out there reading (at least I think there are people out there reading this?) coming back for more.  Yes?  No?  I dunno.  By now you know that I like to ramble about things - sometimes interesting, sometimes not.  Hence this post ... heck, hence this blog.  Isn't that what blogs are for?  And maybe it would be better if I had more pictures?  I haven't mastered the whole taking pictures of everything I do thing just yet.  I feel silly when I am eating and I ask my lunchmate to take a picture of me eating, it's just weird.  OK, now I'm just rambling on...
I think this just means that JADE, the phantom blogger, needs to start blogging more.  Yes?  YES!  
So, bottom line - I'm tired of Insanity, I still have a stomach ache (and now a burgeoning headache), I ramble about nothing, and JADE, the phantom blogger, needs to post more. 
And now it's almost time for lunch with Amanda.  Maybe I'll take pictures ... 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bachelorette Recap

(posted by Kerry & Jade)

Here it is ... this week's Bachelorette Recap.  Click below, or go to the Reality Bites tab above.


Real vs. Girlie

(posted by Kerry)

This morning I got out of bed, brushed my teeth and then seriously contemplated going back to bed for an hour. I don't know why, but knowing that I am now less than two weeks away from the end of Insanity has made me feel a bit lazy. I think it's because I am just super ready to get this done. I have woken up at the crack of dawn everyday for the last 50 days and done a crazy Insanity workout. That's tough stuff! I'm exhausted! I am kind of proud of myself for sticking with this and coming so far. Especially when I was doing a whole lot of nothing workout-wise 50 days ago. I'm on the right track! I just have to keep it up now after Insanity is over. That's the hard part. If I can just approach my post-Insanity workout world the way I did with Insanity, I'll be golden. Anywho...

Today was Max Interval Circuit. The long one. It was good. After that I did Push Up Challenge. I am on week four, and this week I switched it up and did a combination of real push ups and girlie push ups. My goal in Push Up Challenge was to learn how to do a real push up, because before this I couldn't do one. Now I can do 12 in a row without feeling like I want to die. But I PREFER doing girlie push ups. I feel like my form is better and I feel like I am working my arms better with the girlie ones. Don't ask why, cuz I'm not sure. And, my back starts to hurt after doing a certain number of real push ups. Which means I am probably doing something wrong. So I think I am going to start to do a combination. (don't judge - how many push ups did YOU do today?  Hehe)  The first set today I did real push ups, 12 of them, then 14 girlie ones, 11 real ones and 10 girlie ones. Not bad. After that I did some bicep and back exercises to round it all out. Overall, great workout. I'm so glad I got up!

Now it's time for some WORK. Stay tuned for our awesome Bachelorette recap later today!! Honestly, the show was uber boring last night, so our B Blog is not has hilarious as usual. But still, check it out. :)


Questions for you ...
- Do you have a workout schedule?
- What do you prefer - real push ups or girlie push ups?
- Did you find Bachelorette to be super boring last night?
I'm just so ready for it to be OVER. Bring on Bachelor Pad!

Monday, July 25, 2011


(posted by Kerry)

This weekend, I spent a majority of the weekend sweating.  And not a good "I'm working out and doing something great for my body" sweating, but an "ew it is so hot I am MELTING" kind of sweat.  I sweat more than the average human being.  I hate it.  I am soaking wet after any workout I do, and I am more than "glistening" as soon as I step outside on a hot Florida summer day.  It's gross.  So I figured I sweated off at least a couple of pounds over the weekend. 

On Saturday we spent the day out at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  This was a completely unexpected trip (in a good way ... I'll be posting about it later), because we would usually never plan to spend a full day at the parks during the summer since it's 9000 degrees and super crowded this time of year.  It took me from the walk from the car to the front of the park to become soaking wet with sweat.  Seriously, even my hair was wet.  I was a mess all day long.  But luckily I was in good company - everyone there looked like they were hit with a wet mop too.  On Sunday, my mom-in-law wanted to take J and I down to Park Avenue in Winter Park to go shopping.  Park Avenue is a super cute area with shops and boutiques and outdoor cafes.  It's so pretty, and fun to do on a cool day.  When it's 9000 degrees with 98% humidity, not so much.  I did have an awesome time, but I was so worried about my sweaty, bedraggled appearance the whole time (Park Ave is super trendy and most everyone looks not sweaty).  When I got home I literally layed under the ceiling fan for an hour. 

On the subject of sweating ... today's workout was a double whammy.  I woke up this morning, after the cat woke me up several times throughout the night wanting me to play ball with him, definitely too tired to work out.  I so wanted to go back to sleep for an hour, but I knew I had to complete not one, but two, workouts this morning.  It's Fit Test day, so I had to do that along with another workout.  The Insanity schedule called for Max Interval Circuit, but it's 60 minutes long and I didn't have time to do that and the 25 minute Fit Test.  So instead I substituted in a shorter workout, Core Cardio and Balance (the "Recovery Week" routine), that was on the schedule for Saturday.  It was only 37 minutes, so I knew I could fit in the Fit Test too.  Both workouts were great.  I saw a great improvement in my numbers on the Fit Test.  In the four times I have done the Fit Test, I have seen my numbers go up so much - a true testament at how much stamina I have gained from the last 7 weeks of Insanity.  So, score one for me! 

I only have two weeks of Insanity left and I'm not sure how I feel about that.  Insanity has totally helped me "get back on the horse", so to speak, with working out.  Before this, I wasn't working out much at all.  I would do a day here and a day there, but nothing consistently.  Now I am on a schedule, I have a routine, and I know I can keep it up.  I have lost pounds and inches, I have gained muscle and I can fit into my clothes again, so I will forever be grateful for this Insanity experience.  Plus, it's been so great to be able to do my workouts indoors, in my own home, so I don't have to go out in that 9000 degree heat in the summer.  So I am going to miss that.  BUT, I am anxious to get back into the running routine.  The running routine that I have adopted incorporates outside running, cross training and strength and stretching, so I will be able to do it outside and in the gym, which will be great.  And I might even be able to pop an Insanity workout in there for an extra punch (just in case I have separation anxiety).  I am looking forward to it.  So two weeks from today, I'll be starting day one of another 8 week program.  Fun stuff I tell ya!

OK, I have a boatload of things to do, so I must go.  I will be posting about our superfun day at Disney's Hollywood Studios later today, so come back later.  It's really a cool story!!  Later!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


(posted by Kerry)

Sorry for the delay in my rockem sockem concert recap.  I was at Disney all day yesterday for some fun.  I'll post about that later ...

So Friday night was the NKOTBSB concert here in Orlando, and OMG we were transported back to 12 years old, 15 years old and like 21 years old all in one concert.  It was AWESOME!

The day began with my BFF from high school Jen driving up from the Tampa area.  She got to my house around 2 and we sat and gabbed for a couple of hours before we needed to leave.  At 4 we picked up Jade and headed over to Amanda's house for some pre-party fun.   Which, for people in their 30's means laughing, some wonderful Planter's lightly salted mixed nuts and Diet Coke. (oy...remember when pre-party fun used to mean drinking before you went out so you didn't have to pay so much for drinks at the bars?   No?)  Moving on ...

I brought some fun NKOTB stuff over so we could reminisce.  A couple of months ago I was cleaning out some stuff from parent's house and we found some old New Kids programs that I bought at concerts back in the day and some other fun stuff that I knew I had to share with the girls on the night of the concert, just for some laughs.  Back when I was 12, after Jen and I got to meet the New Kids on the Block backstage at a concert, I wanted to remember the experience forever, so I wrote about it.  Most 12 year olds would write it in their journal or diary.  I typed mine up on our family's Commodore 64 computer.  So during our pre-party I had to share them with the gals for some laughs.  Well, if they didn't think I was a complete dork before, they know now!!  My little essay was hysterical.  We laughed and laughed over it.  Jade, the phantom blogger, has actually threatened to scan them and post them on the blog.  If she does, you're in for a treat.  Apparently I was super dorky back when I was 12.  I had no idea!  

With our awesome NKOTB memorabilia

After the fun, it was time to head out.  Unfortunately, we were on the verge of a monsoon in downtown Orlando.  The weather was horrendous.  It was dark, windy and threatening to rain, hard.  It was so bad that as we were driving to the arena, the wind dislodged a tree branch from a tree overhead and it fell right in front of the car!  And of course, not knowing what to do, I ran over it and it got lodged under my car.  Great.  Luckily we got it out by throwing the car into reverse and backing over it.  So we made it downtown and were able to get half way to dinner before it started to rain.  Only half way, hence the bad hair in the rest of the pictures (my hair + rain/humidity = fuzzball curl).

We ate dinner at the closest place we could find without having to get wetter, and that ended up being Ceviche, a tapas restaurant on Church Street.  It was good!  We split a smattering of tapas and waited for the rain to subside before trekking over to the arena.  

At Ceviche
We made our way over to the arena.  It was jam packed with women in their 20's, 30's and 40's and virtually no men.  We did see men once we sat down, but they didn't look very excited to be there.  Amanda and I did take a chance to take a picture with one man...

Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic...or a cardboard cut out of him anyway.  

Then it was time to make our way into the concert.  The opening act was Matthew Morrison, Mr. Schuester from Glee.  I wasn't that excited about seeing him, but he was EXCELLENT.  He did a selection of covers and some of his original music, which was really good.  I think he turned Jen into a Gleek!  

Then it was time... The place was packed to the rafters.  Seriously, not a seat to be had.  

We weren't sure how the concert was going to work, if it would be all of them together or NKOTB singing, then BSB singing.  The concert started and the place erupted with squealing girls.  Seriously, it was like 1989 again.  And then they came out.  It was all of them on the stage doing a mashup of NKOTB and BSB hits.

Then the New Kids took the stage alone and did some of their hits from their CD that came out a couple of years ago.  

Our seats were awesome.  The stage was set up with a runway through the audience and then a stage at the end in the middle of the arena, which was right in front of our section. Yay!  After NKOTB finished their set of 3-4 songs, BSB came out and did a few of their hits.

It was so fun!  We were screaming and dancing and singing along to every song - just like we did when we were 12.  It was a blast!  

About three quarters of the way through the concert all of the guys came out on stage and talked about how long they have been in the business.  At this point they made us all feel OLD.  New Kids said they have been in the business for 25 years, BSB 18 years (really??) and it was all thanks to crazy fans like us.  Then they said they wanted to do something "special" as a thank you.  Were content with Donnie taking his shirt off again, but they did something better ... they brought out another band that everyone loved from back in the 90's ... My first thought was "Holy sh--, they're bringing back NSync."  But then I remembered that Justin Timberlake thinks he's way too good for a boy band, so I knew that wasn't it.  (although, Joey Fatone was in the audience, they showed him on the Jumbotron)  All of the sudden we heard a familiar song.  Everyone started SCREAMING like maniacs...

Freakin' BOYZ II MEN!!!!!!  Holy crap!!!!  They were there, onstage, singing "Motownphilly." The place erupted and it was seriously the most awesome treat.  They sang that, "I'll Make Love to You" and then everyone sang "End of the Road" together.  It was SO cool!!  

After that, we could have gone home happy, but the concert kept going (we still hadn't heard Hangin Tough yet).  The concert was a full 3 hours long and seriously, one of the best concert experiences ever.

We left the concert deaf and hoarse, but we had the BEST time!!!  


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hang in there

I am hoarse. I still can't hear right. But it was the best concert ever!

Stay tuned for a FULL recap of the NKOTB concer! (I'm at Disney today, unexpectedly)

Friday, July 22, 2011

I Miss Running

(posted by Kerry)

I love days off.  Having a weekday off when you should be at work is the best feeling.  When I woke up this morning, I would normally be on my drive in to the office.  When I was working out I would have been in my first meeting.  And right now I'd probably be hard at work on developing training for a class that I have the week after next.  But I'm not!!  I'm sitting at the kitchen table, post-workout, post-shower just typing away.  And I'm leaving to get a pedicure with Jade, the phantom blogger, in about an hour.  Days off are good!  I need to take more of them.

As I mentioned I got to sleep in until just after 8:00.  Glorious!  Then I went up and did my Insanity workout.  Today was Max Cardio Conditioning - what I would call the easiest of the month 2 workouts.  Today it felt tough though.  I think I was in "day off mode" and just didn't FEEL like doing anything.  But I trudged through it (and gave myself a break on the exercises I just wasn't feeling!).  After that I did day two of week 3 of Push Up Challenge.  They are getting easier, though I cannot fathom doing 25 real push ups in one interval.  Usually when I hit 10 I am like "OK, I'm tired" so I am wondering if the challenge is really going to condition me to be able to physically do 25 in one sitting.  I guess we will find out....  

I have come to realize in the last week that I miss running.  I used to do it so frequently and now I am not doing it at all, so I am really missing it.  I miss the "me time," I miss listening to the awesome running playlists I used to meticulously create for myself to keep me pumped, I miss the feeling after a good run where I'm like 'I did it!"  I am anxious to get started on my 8 mile training program - which I developed from Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training program.  Since I only need to train for 8 miles by October 1st, I am only going to do the first 8 weeks of the program.  Which works out perfectly because once Insanity is over (in 2 weeks!!) there are exactly 8 weeks until the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Relay.  So it worked out perfectly.  I am also glad that this program gives me something to do everyday.  As I mentioned before, I NEED a schedule to stay on my workouts.  That's why Insanity has been so good for me and why I have stayed with it - it maps out my entire week of workouts for me, so I never am at a loss for what I need to do.  That's what this running plan does as well.  And I like it because it incorporates cross training and strength training in there as well.  All good stuff!  

I am rambling way too much and need to be getting ready for some pampering and then the NKOTB concert tonight. (WOO!!)  But I will be talking more about my fight back into running in the coming days/weeks.  Bottom line, I can't wait to get started on a running training program and I can't wait to put Insanity behind me!!  Even though I know I will miss it in some sadistic way.

Talk to you later ... possibly before the concert.  If not, I will definitely be posting a rockem sockem concert review for you - complete with pictures!!  Later!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sonic Boom

(posted by Kerry)

This morning I was woken up by the sonic boom. That's one of the cool things about living semi close (an hour away) to Cape Canaveral, you get to see the space shuttle go up, and you get to hear the space shuttle re-enter the earth's atmosphere. How neat is that? Or, was, now that there is no more space program. (boo)

As you might have guessed, I did not workout last night. I let myself sleep in yesterday morning with the thought that I would do my workout after work. Nope. Totally wasn't feeling it. I shocked Hubs, who actually did the Fit Test yesterday. He was like, "you're skipping???" Yep, and it was nice. I made chicken tenders (tenders dipped in Panko and crunchy onions and baked) and couscous, watched Wipeout (that show is pee in your pants funny) and then watched Big Brother (Jordan, what are you thinking?!?) and after that, So You Think You Can Dance (OMG did you see the Sasha/Twitch "Misty Blue" routine? LOVE!!). It was a nice night.

Sasha and Twitch doing an amaaaazing lyrical hip hop routine
This morning thank goodness for my sonic boom alarm clock, or else I might have slept in again. Today I did the Insanity workout I was supposed to do yesterday, Max Interval Plyo, the KILLER workout. It is getting much easier the more I do it. Remember when I first did it? Haha! It's not so bad anymore. I'm getting stronger! After that I did some seated arm exercises and had a yummy egg white sandwich (oxymoron? I think not.).

And now I am wearing pants that didn't fit me 3 weeks ago. Insanity rules.

Today is my last day of work for the week, and let me tell you I have earned this day off! I think I have worked more in the last week than I have in the last month (not sure if that's good or bad to admit). The key: turn off your email. You can get SO much more accomplished when you don't have 50 emails popping up in your face. But I am glad I have been kicking A these past few days, now I can enjoy my day off. NKOTB pedicures with Jade are in the plans, along with our super exciting concert tomorrow night!

Speaking of NKOTB I jammed out to some "Cover Girl" and "Please Don't Go Girl" today on the way to the office!! It's gonna be a good day!!

Joey Joe from the "Please Don't Go Girl" video, circa 1989.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Melrose Place: Done!

(posted by Kerry)

This morning when my alarm went off at 5:40am, my body was screaming at me saying, "Nooooo!  You need to sleep!  You've gotten up every morning for last 6 weeks to do Insanity, just sleep in one day, please!"  So I listened to my body this morning and went back to sleep for an hour and fifteen minutes.  It was glorious.  I'll do today's workout tonight when I get home.  Even though I know I am going to dread it all day.  I am not a fan of working out at night. 
I felt a little guilty for not getting up and doing my workout, so I did day one of week 3 of Push Up Challenge (that I should have done yesterday).  I cranked out a sequence of 12, 10, 7, 7 and 12 real push ups.  I'm getting better.  Though I still feel a tweak in my lower back when I get to the 8th one.  What am I doing wrong?  I much prefer girlie push ups, but before this "challenge" I couldn't even do 1 real push up, so I take this as a victory.
So last night we had a momentous occasion at our house ... WE FINISHED MELROSE PLACE!! 
To give a little backstory, in January Hubs and I (mainly Hubs, because he's a sucker for 90's teen shows - this is one of the reasons why I love him) decided to embark on watching the entire series of Melrose Place (the 90's version).  218 episodes (218 hours I will never get back).  A couple years back we watched the entire series of Bevely Hills 90210 (the 90's version) on Soap Net, so it was only right to watch Melrose Place as well. 
I didn't watch Melrose in the 90's.  I dabbled here and there and knew who the characters were and knew that crazy Kimberly (Marcia Cross) blew up the building, but outside of that, I didn't know much about the show.  WOW, that show was CRAZYPANTS!!  There were some storylines where I was just like "are you serious??" and "who writes this crap??" Some examples: Michael Mancini (Thomas Calabro) and all of his antics, and wives; Kimberly - everything about Kimberly, she was seriously disturbed; Jo (Daphne Zuniga) getting held hostage on the boat by her weird drug trafficking boyfriend played by James Wilder, and then later finding out she was carrying his baby; Sydney (Lauara Leighton) - everything about Sydney; Billy's (Andrew Shue) bonkers wife Brooke (Kristin Davis from SATC) who died in the pool; Jane (Josie Bissett) and Sydney killing Richard and burying him ALIVE; Kimberly taking Peter (Jack Wagner) hostage at the mental institution and trying to give him a lobotomy (this was my favorite storyline because it was SO insane!!!)...I could go on and on.  It was super crazy!  I am SO glad it's over and that we have it done (because it was seriously eating into my current TV schedule).  So, victory!!  Now (speaking of "Victory!") bring on Entourange this Sunday!! 
OK, gotta go.  I have ridiculous work to do here, and only two more days to do it!! 
Questions for you ...
(Totally forgot to ask questions after last night's NKOTB posting)
- Were you a NKOTB fan?
Um, did you read my last post?
- Who was your favorite New Kid?
Jordan was my favorite.  Joey Joe was a close second.  Though, now that I am older I am finding Donnie to be kind of sexy.  But only with a hat on.  Without the hat you see the receding hairline and realize that he's kind of old.
- What was your favorite New Kids song?
Oh, I loved them all.  But if I had to pick one, I would say "Step By Step"  (ooh baby!)
And questions from today...
- Did you watch Melrose Place in the 90's?
- Did you watch the Melrose Place 2.0 a couple of seasons ago?
Yes!  It was SO good (minus Ashlee Simpson).  I am so mad they cancelled it after one season!! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Secret Concert

(posted by Kerry)

I had another marathon day at work and came home hungry.  I had originally planned on making a pork tenderloin for dinner tonight, but I wasn't feeling that.  So our Mexican Monday bled into Taco Casserole Tuesday!  Ole!  I got this awesome recipe for Taco Crescent Casserole from Holly's Blog and it is so delicious and so easy to make.  (although, I am terrible at maneuvering crescent roll dough)  But seriously, delish and just what I was craving!  Tomorrow there will be no more Mexican.  Tomorrow we're having chicken of some sort.  And now on to something exciting...

The Concert....

So, I've been talking about an upcoming concert that I am going to on Friday night with some girlfriends (Jade, the phantom blogger, included!).  We are super excited and giddy about it and now it is time to reveal who we're going to see... (don't laugh)

I totally had this poster
Well, now they look like this ...

Still pretty hot

A little history...  I was a HUGE New Kids on the Block fan back in the day ... in 1989, when I was 12.  My first New Kids concert was in the 7th grade when our school won a contest to get a free, private concert from the New Kids (for real!).  We raised the most money, in pennies, for a local charity (aww).  Anyway, this concert hooked me on these guys.  And who back then didn't like them?  Right?

A few months later, New Kids were coming to Tampa in concert and a local radio station was holding a weekly contest giving away backstage passes and tickets.  My childhood BFF, Jen, and I entered this contest about 87,000 times (via postcard) hoping our postcard would get pulled and we would get called.  No dice.  On the very last night of the contest, the radio station pulled a postcard and made a call ... to JEN!  She won the tickets and backstage passes!!  We were ecstatic and could not wait for the big day.  Here we are - February 23, 1990, I still remember the exact date!  

Cute huh?
Going backstage at a New Kids concert was the highlight of our lives back when we were 12.  It was like the greatest thing EVER.  But when I look back on it, it was a little bit lame - we didn't get to talk to them, we didn't get autographs, we didn't get pictures with them, but we did get to hug all of the New Kids.  OMG!  That was like the biggest thing in my entire world back then - I got to HUG Jordan Knight (my fave New Kid).  Seriously, I could have died right then and been happy.  

A few months later NKOTB came back to Tampa and of course we were there.  Not backstage that time, but we got all gussied up and went to the concert.

I got my hair specially done for the concert.  Yes, my mom paid someone to tease my hair like that.
Fast forward like 18 years to 2008 and NKOTB decided to reunite and go on tour.  WHAT WHAT!!  And you KNOW who was at the concert - me and Jen!!  Along with Amanda and Jade, we were all about seeing our beloved New Kids reunited.  

All grown up.  Not pictured, Amanda.  
Honestly, I think I had more fun at the New Kids concert as a 30 year old.  The four of us screamed like 12 year olds.  We danced, we sang every word to every song, we went back to our youth.  It was AWESOME!  And we were surrounded by women like us who were in their 30's reliving their youth.  Seriously, most fun concert experience ever.  

So when we heard that the New Kids were going back out on tour this summer, we HAD to go.  We got the gang back together and decided to spend a boatload of money on really good tickets (seriously, ticket prices these days are ridonkulous).  And here we are, three days away from another "back to our youth" concert experience.  And what makes it even more special is the fact that we're all going again together.  I cannot wait.  

Oh, and these guys are going to be there too ...

Backstreet Boys.  I wasn't a huge fan of the BSB, but I do enjoy their songs, so I am sure that the melding of the two boy bands will fabulous!!  Expect a detailed concert review on Saturday (with pictures!).  

Bachelorette Recap!

(posted by Kerry & Jade)

Here we go... Bachelorette Recap time!!!  ENJOY! 

Click here or hop on over to our Reality Bites tab... 

I Love Cereal

(posted by Kerry)

This morning all I wanted to do was sleep in til like 7:00. But I knew I had the long, 60 minute Insanity workout scheduled for today so I made myself get up. And the whole way upstairs I kept thinking "maybe the DVD player broke overnight, then I could go back to bed."  No dice, it worked just fine.

The workout was fine. I actually did better on it than I thought, given my tiredness. It was Max Interval Circuit, it made me sweat. I also did some shoulder exercises to accompnay the hundreds of push ups (OK, not really hundreds, but a lot!) that occured during the workout. And today is a Push Up Challenge day, however I am going to save that for tonight. Something to look forward to. Ha!

Breakfast today - cereal! I made up a bowl of my new favorite cereal combination - Fiber One Honey Clusters with sliced bananas, milled flax seed and cinnamon. Yum. I'm a cerealaholic. I love BAD cereal like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cap'n Cruch and Froot Loops. I could eat bowl after bowl of that stuff. But the good for me cereal I can limit myself on (because it's just not as yummy as the bad stuff). Go figure.

OK, I gotta skidaddle I have a ton of work to do today. Stay tuned for our rockem sockem Bachelorette recap!!!