Monday, July 4, 2011

Watermelon 5K - Happy 4th!!!

(posted by Kerry)

Well, bummer.

After weeks of cardio (but very little running), I was hoping that the stamina I built up in my first month of Insanity would carry me over the finish line during today's Watermelon 5K.  But alas, not even Chris Brown, David Guetta or Brittany Murphy could carry me over the finish line today.  Oh, I finished, don't get me wrong - but I did have intermittent walking breaks throughout.  My first mile was excellent, I felt really good.  But it went a little downhill after that.  I blame a few things for my less than stellar performance:

- The heat.  It was like 85 degrees at 7:30 this morning.  And steamy.  And there were thousands of people in one area, making it even hotter (and stinkier).
- The hills.  There were several hills on the 5K course that made me downright tired.  I hate hills.  Should have trained on the ones in my neighborhood.
- My calves.  I don't know why but after running up the first of the hills my calves were burning.  And not in a good way.
- My new running skirt.  OK, this is a total lie.  My new running skirt was AWESOME!!!!  I will only run in running skirts from now on.  It was comfy, it was long enough, it had pockets, it was probably the best thing about this 5K (well, that and breakfast at IHOP afterwards).
- My camera.  As a new blogger I'm trying to get that whole "taking pictures of myself" thing down, so I thought "why not take pics during the 5K?"  So I did!  (scroll down for my wonderful handiwork)  However, maneuvering the camera and the running was just hard.  I'll get used to it.

One thing that didn't contribute to my shoddy performance ... my playlist.  It was rockin' the whole time.  Loved it.  

My performance wasn't really THAT bad.  I did it in 41:35.  That's slower than I hoped for.  I like to be somewhere just under 40 minutes.  I think if I hadn't walked about a mile of the race I would have been under 40, but oh well.  Next time!  Now I have a goal for my next race.  My bestest 5K was 34:50, I'm not sure I'll ever get there again...but I might!  

Overall, the Watermelon 5K was fabulous, as usual.  I love getting up early (sorta), getting out there with thousands of other crazy people and getting in a great workout.  It was fun, it was patriotic (check out my awesome 4th of July headgear) and now I can relax and eat mass quantities of whatever I want.  Well, not really, I only burned like 300 calories during the run, but we'll just pretend it was 3,000.  OK?  

And now a photo montage... (you can click the pics to make them bigger)

Self timer shots before I left - #1, check out my new running skirt!
2 - Check out my awesome festive headgear
#3 - Lost my balance on this one , hee
The 5K gang - much smaller group than last year - Ricky, me, Amanda, Cory and Eric
Me and Amanda. She just got back from VEGAS last night at 1am - she's a super trooper

At the starting line.  All these people are behind me...for now.  They later smoked me.
Self portrait at the start line
My awesome headgear
Look at all of those people!
Ah yes, the part of the race where you see all the people running WAY ahead of you.  Hmph.
Coming up on the finish line, mile 3.  These people had awesome headgear too.
"Keep chuggin!  Almost there!" (my face is as red as my shirt, why?)
The finish line!
Me, my water, my banana and a smile - I'm done!
The gang post race - and we found Tam Tam and John!!  
Umm, not ready yet!
Had to take a watermelon picture at the Watermelon 5K.  And we got photo bombed by that dude in the back, nice.
Jade joined us for breakfast at IHOP.  The BEST part of the race, pancakes!!  
Have a HAPPY (and safe!) 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!


  1. I LOVE the pictures! Practice taking pictures during your runs during the week. I do it for practice and I have gotten pretty good at snapping and running at the same time (without falling!).
    Sorry your 5K wasn't a new PR for you, but I am happy you enjoyed yourself!

  2. You totally can get back to your best time, just takes time to build back up. I'm right there with you, am training for the first time in a long time, slower than usual. I'm optimistic though :)

  3. Thanks Carolina!

    I am hopeful that I can get back to running shape again. It's been so long since I've really trained, I can't believe how hard it is to get back into it - it's like starting all over. I've gotta do it though...