Friday, September 9, 2011

Day of Rest, Night of Joy

(posted by Kerry)
So, the other day when I did that Insanity workout, apparently my body was not used to the weird ways I had to contort my body (or maybe I just did something really wrong), because yesterday afternoon my back started to feel like I had an elephant sitting on it.  Painful.  It actually hurt to touch it.  So I spent all last night moaning and groaning about how bad my back hurt and hobbled around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.   
I set my alarm last night with the hopes that I would be OK for my 2 miler this morning, but I promised myself that if it still hurt as much as it hurt last night, that I would sit out today's workout.  Safety first! 
So this morning the alarm went off and I stood up and OUCH.  I hobbled over to the alarm clock and quickly reset it for 7:00.  No workout for me today.  Boo.  I was kind of bummed because I wanted to keep up the momentum from yesterday's great running achievement.  (haha)  Sore leg muscles after a run or a workout, they actually say working them out is good for them.  But a sore back?  I don't want to mess with that.  I'm sure the sore back will dissipate throughout the day, but for right now, it's Quasimodo over here.
Tonight and tomorrow night we are doing something super fun that I am excited about!  Every year Disney's Magic Kingdom puts an event called Night Of Joy.  They close the park early and reopen it from 7pm - 1am and they invite some of the best contemporary Christian musical acts around.  I am not up on my contemporary Christian music, but Hubs is a huge fan of a couple of the acts who are going to be there this year, so he was like "we HAVE to go!"  Sign me up!  I am always down for a trip to Disney and a good concert. 
The two acts that Hubs is most excited about are these guys...
TobyMac and Newsboys.  If you are a fan of contemporary Christian music or you went to youth group when you were a kid, you probably know these names.  Hubs grew up listening to the sweet musical stylings of "The Beatles of contemporary Christian music," DC Talk, and TobyMac is a former member, as is the lead singer of Newsboys Michael Tait.  So he is super duper excited about seeing two of his faves this weekend. 
Since I cannot go to a concert without knowing some of the songs of the bands I'm going to see, I made Hubs load up my iPod with some of their good stuff.  And good stuff it is! The latest Newsboys album, seriously amazing.  I listened to it over and over again yesterday.  I actually put a couple of the songs on my latest running playlist too.  Excellent CD.  Highly recommended.  And TobyMac is like one giant running playlist.  So much energy (he's got a hip-hop-ish rock vibe) and such fun music.  I am totally excited about seeing him perform. 
And then amidst all of the music, we get to enjoy Magic Kingdom at night - the rides, the food, the scenery - it's going to be a good couple of nights!  Can't wait.
Tomorrow, I have a 5 miler planned.  Since it's still hot hot hot here in Central Florida, I'm not sure if I will be running inside or outside tomorrow.  It depends on what time we get home from Disney tonight.  If I can get out the door tomorrow at an early hour, I will run outside.  But if not, I will hop back on the treadmill and rocket out 5 miles at my newly achieved 5.0 pace.  Hehe.  Such a speedster am I!  I'll keep ya posted on what I decide. 
Later!  Have a wonderful Friday!

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