Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Most Favorite Race (NOT)

(posted by Kerry)

I mentioned it earlier, so I am delivering the goods. 

Earlier I said I had an awesome picture that accurately reflected how I feel around mile 9 of a half marathon.  You know, that feeling of "OMG, what the hell am I doing?" or "I paid MONEY for this crap?" or "I just want to be DONE!"  Granted this picture was taken during the worst weather conditions I have ever encountered during a run.  

To set the stage:  It was January 2010, Disney World Half Marathon.  We were in the middle of a cold snap (yeah, we get those in Florida every once in a while).  The morning of the Half Marathon was the coldest day we had had in like 20 years. It was 25 degrees at the race start time and there was a threat of SNOW (which, in Florida is like the most exciting thing ever...just not when you have to run a half marathon).  But instead of snow, we had sleet and rain.  Ice chips falling from the sky.

Since it's always hot here, dressing for 25 degrees and sleet was a challenge.  I opted for 4 layers on top - a tight tank top (to hold in the body heat), a long sleeved wick away shirt and two zip up hoodies, long pants, a hat, and a hood, and gloves.  My only misstep with my dressing - I wore short socks so my ankles were frozen solid.  I ran the first several miles because I figured running would keep me warmer, but then I gave up.  I was so cold and wet.  It never stopped sleeting/raining the whole time.  It was awful.  And at mile 9 I took this picture which sums up exactly how I was feeling at that point in time.  

Yeah, it was as bad as I look in that pic.  And this is really embarrassing.  Here are some happier pictures from that race. (where I look a little better)

Before I stepped foot in that frigid air...

Running down Main Street USA.  Look at how everyone is dressed.  Layers.  We were slow moving and tightly packed, like if we stuck together we'd be warmer.  

Since I didn't give a rat's ass what my time was on this one, I stopped to take a picture with the bears from Country Bear Jamboree.  Fun!  And I actually look happy in this picture.  I don't at all look like I am freezing my tookus off.

This is my "OH THANK GOD I'M DONE!!!" picture.

And here we are, together saying "OH THANK GOD WE'RE DONE!"  Temperature at the end of the race - still 25 degrees and raining/sleeting.

We have not done another Disney World Half Marathon since then because we're terrified that we'll have the same or similar weather conditions.  Even though it is Florida and the chances of that are slim to none.  But even though it was bad, I'm still SO glad we did it. Just to say we were there.  

I am suddenly in the mood to do a half marathon now.  Maybe Amanda will let me take her half marathon race bib and she can do the relay with Hubs.  ...or maybe not.  :)

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