Tuesday, September 27, 2011


(posted by Kerry)

What is it about me skipping out on workouts after a night out? 
Not that we had a wild and crazy Monday night out, but we didn't get home from Auburndale until 11:30.  Which meant I didn't get to bed until after 12, which meant that when the alarm went off this morning I was determined to keep on sleeping.  Like this guy this morning.
Don't you just want to rub his furry belly?
Grr.  I only had to do 2 miles today.  That's quick and easy.  But I didn't do it.  I'm such a bum.  Therefore I'm making myself do something tonight to make up for it.  We'll see what it is! 
So last night's trip to Auburndale was good.  We donned our awesome t-shirts (all 8 of us) and completely embarassed J.  We all wore shirts and sweaters to cover up the t-shirts until we got to Beef's.  Then we took them off to reveal our matching t-shirts.  Her eyes got huge, like "OMG, I cannot believe you are wearing t-shirts with my face on them."  It was kind of priceless.  Unfortunately the t-shirts didn't bring about a win.  J came in third.  She still won $250, which you cannot scoff at, but it was kind of a big shock that she didn't place higher.  The competition was not better than her...and I'm not just saying that cuz she's my kid, I really do believe that.  But whatever.  It was a good experience and she won a little $$, so it's all good.  Thankfully we will never have to go back to Auburndale again.  Hehe.
Alright, I have to run, sorry for the short post.  I'll be back later to talk about the Wine and Dine coming up this weekend.  Exciting!

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