Monday, October 3, 2011

Wine & Dine Recap (Part One)

(posted by Kerry)

Whatta great night!!!!! 

Any apprehensions I had going into the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Relay on Saturday night quickly dissipated as soon as I started getting dressed on Saturday night.  I did all of my outfit testing during the day - tried on my running skirt and several different tops, put my Spibelt on, jumped around and simulated running to ensure that it wasn't clunky or weird feeling - everything worked just fine.  I was ready to rumble.

Nighttime runs present a challenge.  What do you eat during the day, how much should you drink, what time should you have dinner, etc etc?  I never run at night, so I was a little bit worried about eating too much or drinking too much and having a full belly during the run.  No problems there either.  Hubs and I drank water throughout the day and then enjoyed a lovely dinner of pasta and garlic bread around 6:15. 

We ate so early because we had to leave the house at 6:45 to meet Amanda at 7:30 to be at the race by 8:00...for a 10:00 start time.  Ugh, why do they make you get there so early?  I actually learned the answer to this question later in the evening...

I had joked earlier in the week that Hubs and I should dress alike for the race.  Since our team name was Team Tweedledee, I thought it might have been cute if we had worn matching Tweedledee and Tweedledum shirts, which we actually do own, but I didn't want to wear a clunky t-shirt.  And I thought of alternative Tweedledee/dum outfits way too late in the game.  Turns out, we inadvertantly dressed alike for the race anyway... 

Black and white - exciting.  And no, we didn't plan that.  I wasn't too bland, I had some fun headgear to go along with my outfit for pop of color (you'll see later).  We did decide to wear our Tweedledee/dum shirts to the after party though.  Cuz we're dorks like that.
So we picked Amanda up at 7:30 and then made our way to Epcot for the race.  The race start was actually at ESPN's Wide World of Sports, but the finish line was at Epcot, so we had to park there and then take a bus to ESPN.  And then I had to take a bus to Animal Kingdom where I started my leg of the race.  Confusing, yes.

So we get to Epcot at 8:00 and then have to endure a mile-long line to get on the buses.  Seriously, we were in line an HOUR to get a bus to ESPN.  We could have walked there in less time.  It was ridonkulous.  The whole bussing people to various start lines was a giant clusterf...  I was so aggravated, a) for having to wait around; b) the inefficiency of it all - Disney should have had WAY more busses bussing people around; and C), I had to go to the bathroom so incredibly bad that the bus situation was a bad situation.  Now I know why we had to get there so early. 

By the time we finally made it to ESPN (one hour and 10 minutes after we parked our car), I had to turn around and get on another bus to get to the relay start line at Animal Kingdom.  And no, there was no time to stand in the porta potty line, which was 2 miles long.  Blurg! 

Oh, and can I just talk about the amount of people at ESPN.  It looked like Woodstock. (no I'm not old enough to know what Woodstock looked like, but I've seen pictures)  There were people as far as the eye could see.  I wish I had taken a picture of it, it was surreal.  Everyone on our bus, when we drove up was like "Holy sh..!!!"  It was kind of funny. 

Anyway, before I made my way to another bus, we took some fun pics... 

Check out my ears

Then I wished Hubs and Amanda good luck and made my way to the bus to Animal Kingdom - still having to pee.  Luckily for me when I got there the porta potty line was non-existent.  Thank God.

Porta potties freak me out.  I am always SO afraid I am going to drop something in the big hole, like my iPod or my Spibelt.  Terrified.  Can you even imagine?  OMG!

Anwyay... once I finally peed, it was then time to ... wait around a little more.  I swear, these things are just a bunch of "hurry up and wait."  It did give me time to take some fun pictures of myself. 

And check out my hot pink socks with my new aqua shoes.  Pretty! 

It wasn't totally boring at the relay start, they had screens showing the starting line over at ESPN and music and all that fun stuff.  We saw the National Anthem on the screen and then we saw them start the race for all 5 corrals.  Once everyone had started the race, the festivities continued on the stage where we were - music and whatnot.  It wasn't boring at all because everyone was pumped up and ready to run. 

About 25 minutes after the first runner came through...yeah, at 25 minutes they were already at mile 4.8.  Seriously, ridiculously fast.  Something I will never be.

Oh and did I mention it was COLD out?  Yes, COLD!  It was probably in the upper 60's, but it was low low humidity and windy.  So every time the wind blew I got a chill.  I was actually shivering at one point.  Yeah, I'm a wimp.  I was looking forward to starting to run so that I could warm up.

Once about 45 minutes went by I knew it was time to line and up and start looking for Hubs.  They had a screen showing the runners coming through the relay chute, so that was helpful, but it was easiest just to keep an eye out for your person. 

People running WAY faster than I could ever dream of running

Honestly, the relay chute was kind of stressful.  I kept thinking I saw Hubs, but then it wouldn't be him.  And then I got nervous, like what if he ran by and I didn't see him and then I was the only person left at the relay chute and then LAST to go through the finish line?  AAH!  Finally, after standing there for about 20 minutes, I saw him.  It was time to run!!! 

(to be continued....)  :)

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  1. I'll bet you were happy that you got those new shoes before the race!! Love the ears!

  2. Oh yes! It was so nice running through a water stop without getting a wet sock!! And the ears were super cute, but left permanent damage behind my ears. Ow!