Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ambitious Week Ahead

(posted by Kerry)

So, as you know, I have been off the rails when it comes to eating and working out since the cruise.  I was doing GREAT before the cruise with the half marathon training and just coming off of the 24 Day Challenge with the eating.  And then the cruise just swooped in and took over.  And then we got home, and I kept acting like I was on the cruise, eating whatever and not working out as much as I should be (hey, it was Thanksgiving week, it happens).

Today, I am in a place that I'm not liking.  I feel full, I feel lethargic, I feel I have lost a whole lot of momentum (and muscle tone) with my workouts.  I just feel BLAH.  

I feel like this guy
Tomorrow is Monday and tomorrow is the day I get back on track, and I can't wait for it to get here.  I am professing it now to everyone who reads this, because I am a true testament that if you write it down (or in this case, type it) and you tell people, you're more apt to DO IT.  (thank you blog!)  So here we go, the week ahead...

Monday - BACK TO THE GYM!  3 miles treadmill, upper body workout
Tuesday - Insanity, Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Wednesday - 3.5 miles outside or treadmill, lower body workout
Thursday - Rest or Insanity, Cardio Power and Resistance
Friday - Whatever I didn't do on Thursday - so if I rest on Thur, Fri I'll do Insanity
Saturday - 7 miles outside
Sunday - Rest

This differs slightly from the half marathon training schedule I revamped last week, but I'm not sure about jumping into 3.5 miles on Monday and then 4.5 miles on Wednesday after being so out of running for the last couple of weeks.  So tomorrow will be an easy 3, and then I'll up it a half mile.  7 miles is ambitious for Saturday, but I am running out of weeks for long runs.  The Disney Half is only 6 weeks away.  Eee!

As far as eating goes, we're going clean again.  Like 24 Day Challenge clean.  But I am going to keep bread in for one meal per day.  Before, there was NO bread, no dairy, no nuthin'.  So that meal will either be breakfast (mmm, egg sandwiches) or lunch (wrap).  But that's it.  I'm still sticking to lean proteins, fruits and veggies galore and good complex carbs.  And no sweets or anything really fun.  I felt SO much better when I was eating well, so I really want to get back there.  

And of course, NO Diet Coke.  I had a can yesterday because I was bored, and it just looked lonely in the fridge by itself.  So that clocks starts tomorrow again as well.  I'm going for a streak of 45 days again, since that's how long I went last time before I broke and had one on the cruise.  

Ambitious week ahead!!  I cannot wait to dive in!!  

Questions for you ...
- Are you ready to get back on the "good" after eating bad this Thanksgiving weekend?
- What are your workout goals this week?

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