Saturday, December 31, 2011

This Time Next Saturday...

This time next week I will be finishing my half marathon.  Hopefully by this time I will already be finished, but that's yet to be determined. Crazy huh?  I can't believe it's a week away.  I always have a mix of dread and excitement when it comes to half marathons.  Dread because of the uber early wake up time (they want us there no later than 4:30am - gah!) and the impending mileage, but excitement because of all of the people and support and just the overall feeling of accomplishment you get at the end.  Oh and the medal.  I'm super excited about the new medal this year.

I have an extra layer of dread this year due to my ankle/achilles/heel thing that's been happening.  I'm a little bummed about it.  I am hoping it will miraculously heal by Saturday by my resting it and not running too much on it.  Therefore, I nixed my run this morning.  I was going to do 3-4 miles just to see how it felt, but then I decided against it.  OK, so it wasn't entirely because I wanted to rest it, it was because when I woke up and turned on the TV I saw that there was a House Hunters International MARATHON on HGTV and I got sucked in.  Why am I so lame?

I will be running on Monday.  I am going to do 4-5 miles on Monday.  Originally I was going to do 10 miles, but I don't think that's a good idea now, especially since it's the week of the race.  So 9 miles will be the max I ran before this half marathon.  I can live with that.  Shoot, it's like 5 miles more than I ran before my last half marathon in February, so I'm really OK with that.  The rest of the week I am going to do cross training to keep everything loose, maybe do a little bit of treadmill during the week and then I'm taking off Friday from any exercise.  Maybe Thursday too. I'll see what Hal Higdon suggests - 2 days of rest before or one?  

Still working on my New Year's "To Do" List, so I'll have that to share pretty soon.  Exciting?  No?  It is to me.  For some reason I love this kind of stuff, because I'm a listing making fool.

Got any plans tonight?  Our plans have changed a little bit.  Our friends bailed on us for Disney, so we coerced J and her BF to hang out with us instead, at Disney.  They wanted to go to Disney anyway, so now they get to hang out with us.  They're so lucky.  

Have a great Saturday!  And if we don't talk before ... have a happy and SAFE New Year's Eve!!

Questions for you ...
- Have you ever been injured from running or working out?
- What are you doing for New Year's Eve?

Friday, December 30, 2011

A Look Back

So, since we're sitting at December 30th, 2011, I thought it might be a good idea to take a look back at the things I did in 2011. 

At the beginning of the year, I actually made a list with my friends Jade and Amanda of all of the things we wanted to do in 2011, health-wise and just overall.  We didn't call them "resolutions" because I just don't like that word.  It's like you're setting yourself up for failure if you call them that.  So we called it our "Healthy Living To Do List for 2011."  Here's a smattering of what we had on it. 

Work out daily – even if it’s just a little bit
So I didn't work out DAILY, but I did get my exercise mojo back.  It didn't happen until June though.  I was on and off the exercise bandwagon from January-June.  It wasn't til June, when I embarked on Insanity (and the blog) that I really got my mojo back.  I am SO very thankful I did.  I haven't felt or looked better in a while!

More running – get back to your running roots
While I was on my "running hiatus", as I like to call it (because it sounds more professional and badass than "when I just wasn't running very much") all I kept thinking to myself was "I wish I could get back to where I was with the running" and "I wish I could do that every day like I used to."  I'm not back to "where I was" with my running, but I have made significant strides (no pun intended) to get my love of running back. 

TRAIN for half marathons – don’t just rely on the fact that you’ve done several in the past
I trained this year!  I made a plan before my Half Relay and I stuck to it, more or less.  I got my long runs in when I needed to, and I did the work I needed to do to train well.  this is something I haven't done for like my last 4 half marathons.  I know, shame.

Get back into Pilates
Yeah, I failed on this one.  True story: I used to be a pilates junkie.  When I went to my old gym, I did pilates twice a week, religiously.  It transformed my body in a big way and I loved how it worked for me.  Then I quit that gym and never found an instructor that I liked as much as the one at that gym.  And that was the end of my pilates.  Maybe 2012 will be the year of pilates?

Go through a full 60 day Insanity cycle
YES!!!!  I DID THIS!!!!

Drink more water
YES!  I drank more water this year than any year, thanks to cutting out my caffeine addiction.

Less soda – limit work soda to 2 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon
I didn't just limit my soda intake, I QUIT IT!!!!

Eat more veggies
Salad, sweet potatoes, zucchini, squash and roasted green beans.  All new veggies I started to like in 2012. 

Volunteer somewhere
I'm bummed that this is something I didn't do.  2012, for sure.

Read more books – my goal is 16
Last year's (2010) goal was 15 and I did it.  This year's goal was 16, and I didn't do it.  I read 14.  But I read two of the greatest books I've ever read this year - The Help and Water For Elephants.  That's something.

Be good to yourself inside (eat well) and out (eye cream)
This was hit or miss for the most part.  When I was on, I was on.  When I was off, I was off.

Overall, I did pretty good with this list.  And I did some other awesome things in 2011 that weren't on the list.  Like start this blog!!  I know I have said it before, but starting this blog has been one of the best things I have done.  It not only makes me accountable for doing things I say I am going to do, but I've also "met" some really neat people out in the blogosphere through reading and writing.  And I've discovered I love writing.  OK, I love writing about myself, which doesn't really constitute as "writing" I guess, but I love to do it.  It's therapeutic. 

Oh and another awesome thing I did this year that wasn't on the list - I COMPLETELY QUIT DIET COKE!  I have read a lot of blog from people who cut this nasty habit (Janae, looking at you) and I was inspired by them.  But I thought, there is NO WAY IN HADES I will be able to cut out Diet Coke, I love it too much.  Well, in October I did it.  And I haven't looked back.  Well, I did a couple of times, but I found that I really did not crave it at all anymore.  And that's where I am sitting now - no Diet Coke or any type of soda for me.  So liberating.  And I'm a heck of a lot richer now that I'm not spending at least 2 or 3 dollar a day on soda.  Add that up, it's a lot! 

I'm still working on this year's list.  There are a lot of things I want to do, not just related to health and wellness, but things like tackling house projects and stuff like that.  So stay tuned for that.  It's gonna be fun!  Cannot wait to see what 2012 brings!! 

Questions for you ...
- What are your goals for 2012?
- How did you do on your 2011 goals?
- Do you call them "resolutions"?

Crazy Lazy Friday

Hello!  And happy FRIDAY!  There's a whole lot of nothing going on at the office today.  Seriously, there are like 9 people in the entire building.  Thankfully Jade is here to help me pass the time away.  We just took down our Christmas decorations, now we're both purging and cleaning our desks (we're going to be clean in 2012), we're going to follow that up with a long lunch at Sweet Tomatoes (return of the SALAD!  ...and this face)
And then we're going to pass the rest of the afternoon away by making our New Year's Resolutions.  And yes, one of my resolutions will be to work more at work.  Swear.
So I was a bit of a lazy lima bean this morning.  It was COLD and it was so warm and cozy under the comforter, I just didn't want to get up.  I was wide awake, but I just didn't want to get out of bed and go to the gym.  So I didn't.  Which makes my skipping the gym an even worse offense.  If I didn't go because I wanted to sleep longer, fine.  But if I didn't go because I was just too cold and lazy to get out of bed, that's kind of lame.  Ya know what I did instead?  I flipped on the TV at 6:15 and I watched an hour of the movie You've Got Mail, which I DVR'ed the other night.  I LOVE that movie.  It's probably one of my all time favorite movies next to Romancing the Stone and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. (yes, I am very sophisticated)  But yeah, instead of the gym I layed in bed for an hour on a workday watching a movie I have seen 100 times.  I'm so lame.  It was nice though, I must admit. 
Speaking of movies, over the holiday weekend we watched two movies (well, actually three, but the third one was the original X-Men from 2000, which I only half watched).  One of the movies was recently nominated for a Golden Globe, and one was not.  And after watching both movies, I was dumbfounded as to why the movie that was not nominated for a Golden Globe was not nominated, and the one that was nominated, was. 
The two movies were Bridesmaids and Crazy Stupid LoveBridesmaids was just OK for me.  It was funny, but it wasn't as amazingly amazing as I expected it to be, or how it has been portrayed to be.  I'm not quite so sure what the hullaballoo is all about with that movie.  And frankly, the bridal store scene just grossed me out on so many levels.  I wasn't really that impressed with it.  Funny, yes.  Award-worthy, no.
Crazy Stupid Love on the other hand - WOWEE!  And I'm not just talking about Ryan Gosling, I'm talking about the entire movie as a whole.  WOW.  I am in love with that movie.  It was SO good from beginning to end.  I loved every character (except for Kevin Bacon, that guy kind of skeeves me out), I loved the story, I love Steve Carell.  I think I love Steve Carell more than I love Ryan Gosling. (I know, weird)  But I think I love Emma Stone more than any of them.  She is just awesome.  But digress...  This movie was fantastic.  Go see it.  Now.  Go!  And I easily think that Ryan should have been nominated for that movie, or Steve Carrell, or the movie itself.  But Bridesmaids got a nod?  WTF?  (and Dad, WTF does not stand for what you think it stands for ... not at all)
One word:  HOT
And that's it for movie review Friday.  Stay tuned next week where I will be talking about the movie Bad Teacher, which we just got from Netflix yesterday (along with the second X-Men movie, blah).  One of our New Year's Resolutions at home is to watch our Netflix movies within a week of getting them.  We are notorious for letting Netflix movies sit for a month (or two) before watching them.  So, so dumb.  So we have put a week time limit on it.   I'm sure you wanted to know that.
On that note, I am outta here.  I've got some New Year's office cleaning to do, and some SALAD to eat!  Happy Friday!!
Questions for you ...
- Have you seen Crazy Stupid Love and/or Bridesmaids?  Thoughts?
- Do you find it hard getting motivated to work out when it's cold outside? 
Being a Florida girl, YES.  It's so rarely cold here, that when it does dip below 60, it's very hard to get up and out in the morning!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Friend Makin' Monday ... On Thursday

OK, so I have been following a Monday tradition on Carrie's blog and Kenlie's blog for a while now, but I have never participated.  It's called Friend Makin' Monday and here's how it works.  There's a question of the week, and what you do is you answer it on your own blog and then link to it in the comments section of Kenlie's blog: on her Friend Makin' Monday post.  The purpose is to connect with other bloggers around the 'net.  I'm not sure why I haven't done this yet, because I love talking about myself and this week's questions were cool.
Oh, and I know it's not Monday.  The whole thing is called Friend Makin' MONDAY for a reason.  You're supposed to do it on MONDAY.  However, this is a weird week, and it's technically my Monday, work-wise, so ... yeah.  So watch out for this next Monday.  On Monday.  Promise.  I'm gonna try and make this a "thing." 
And ya know what I just realized...I did the one from LAST Monday, the 19th.  So I'm waaaaay off.  (I'm a mess!)  So I'll do last Monday's FMM question: "Have You Ever..." first and then I'll do this Monday's FMM question: "Do you celebration Christmas and/or Hanukkan?  If so, tell us about your holidays 2011 experience...Did you enjoy it?  Do you wish it has been different?"
(Official Rules)  If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here at: so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too so everyone has to opportunity to be seen. The idea is to connect with other awesome bloggers so take a moment to post your own FMM post and comment on a couple of other posts. Now it’s time for this week’s topic!
FMM (December 19th) :  HAVE YOU EVER...?
1. …traveled outside of your home country?  If so, where?  
Yes!  While I haven't been anywhere overseas, I have been plenty of places in the Caribbean - this is why cruises are awesome.  I've been to the Bahamas, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Jamaica, Mexico, Turks and Caicos, Grand Cayman, and ... I think that's it with the islands.  I would LOVE to go to Europe on one of those awesome Mediterranean cruises and I really would like to see Canada as well. 

2. …performed on stage in front of at least 1,000 people? If so, share some details!  
No, definitely not.

3. …watched an episode of Jersey Shore?  
Ugh, no.  I have resisted.  And I watch some really bad reality TV (Rock of Love, anyone?), but I have abstained from this horrible train wreck.

4. …baked a cake from scratch?  If so, what’s your specialty?  
Not a cake (I'm a box mix kind of girl), but cookies from scratch yes.  And they were just OK.

5. …worked in a grocery store?  
Yes!!  I worked at a grocery store in 11th and 12th grade - Kash N Karry - as a cashier and I loved it!  So much that during my sophomore year of college, while I was home for the summer, I got a job at the really swanky Publix by my parents house.  It was like the nicest Publix in town.  To this day, whenever I see a "self checkout" register anywhere, I get my SCAN on! 

6. …dated someone who was your best friend first?  
No, but I love how that always happens in the movies.

7. …made a difference in someone’s life during Christmas?  
I like to think I do.  I think my parents were really really happy about the Jimmy Buffett concert tickets we got them for Christmas this year.  Does that count?  Maybe not... 

8. …been on TV?  
Sort of.  I wasn't featured or anything like that, but I went to several tapings of The Mickey Mouse Club back in the day (pre-Britney and JT and Ryan Gosling - darnit).  Anyway, they would do these audience shots of people clapping or laughing or whatever, and they used one of me clapping in several episodes.  Dorky.  Oh, and at the end of every show the whole audience would go out on the floor and dance to their little theme song, and there were plenty of shots of me dancing like a dork.  DORK!

9. …had cosmetic surgery?
No, ouch.  Just watching those makeover shows skeeves me out.  The recovery looks so incredibly painful, I don't think I could do it.

10. …learned a second language?  If so, what else do you speak?
I took four years of Spanish in high school and I don't remember much.  I remember words, and can string a sentence together, but I'm not sure if my tenses are ever right.  I used a sentence while in Puerto Rico last month - "donde esta la tienda de Coach?" (where is the Coach store?)  Haha.

FMM (December 26) : Do you celebrate Christmas and/or Hanukkah? If so, tell us about your Holidays 2011 experience…Did you enjoy it?  Do you wish it had been different? 

I celebrate Christmas, and this year was wonderful.  We spent it in Orlando with the family.  My parents came up on Christmas Eve and we had a wonderful time visiting before going over to Hubs' parents house for dinner with more family.  Later that night (at 10pm) it was off to church - one of my favorite things about Christmas Eve.  Our church does such a wonderful job with the Christmas Eve service, it's fun and there's lots of singing and it's candlelight, which is just beautiful.  On Christmas morning we chilled out in the morning with my parents and then around 11, Hubs' parents came over for breakfast and gift opening.  We are truly blessed that we are able to all get together as one family, instead of having to split our time between families.  I love that about us, we all have such a good time together.  The whole day was just wonderful.  If I could change any one thing about it, I would have changed the weather.  It was HOT on Christmas.  Like 80 degrees and muggy hot.  Not very Christmas-y.

So that's it!!  If you're interested in participating in Friend Makin' Monday, answer the questions on your blog and then comment on Kenlie's blog with a link to your FMM post.  You might want to wait until Monday though.  Like I said, I'm going to try and make this a "thing" over here, so stayed tuned!  :)


Hello hello!  How are you?  I am doing good!  It's my first day back to work in a week and it's odd being back.  Not odd, but just funky getting back into "real life" and "work mode", ya know?  
Anyway...  It's COLD in Orlando right now.  We had temperatures in the 40's this morning and you would think that I would have rather stayed all snuggled up under the covers this morning, but no, that was not the case.  I knew I had to get to the gym, and I did it.  But not after hitting the snooze button one too many times.  I ended up getting to the gym way later than I normally do, so I had to cut down my proposed gym plan to save some time (yeah, that's why...). 
Today I did a 10-10-10 thang.  10 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the treadmill.  The bike was A-OK.  The elliptical made my ankle/achilles/heel thing a little bit sore, but it was fine once I got going.  The treadmill...holy cow, soreness!!  I guess my ankle/achilles/heel thing is not fully healed yet.  Drat.  But I trudged on through the pain (not sure if that is smart or not), and it eventually subsided to just a dull soreness.  Is this what happens when you get older?  Am I to expect this to happen from here on out?  Oy.  Soreness aside, I did a short 10 minutes on the treadmill and ran 6 of them, in a row, no walking intervals.  Go me! 
Afterwards, I wanted to do some quickie arms, so I compounded moves to get a good arm workout overall.  Here's what I did...
Bicep to Shoulder Press10 lbs103
Single Arm Front Raises to a Double Arm Lateral Raise10 lbs103
Lying Down Chest Flyes to a Tricep Extension10 lbs103
Dumbbell Squats10 lbs301
It might not look like much, but using the 10 lb weights, coupled with the compounded movements made this short workout HARD.  Like, my arms were shaking when I was done.  NICE!  And after that, I did my obligatory 30 squats, this time with a 10 lb dumbbell.  Workout: Complete!
Today marked a momentous occasion at the gym...I finally cancelled Hubs' membership.  After one FULL year of membership (I signed us up on December 29th, 2010 - Happy Gym-iversary!), Hubs never set foot in the gym.  Not even once.  He didn't even get his picture taken for the computer scanner thingie.  So after paying for a full year, I have finally cancelled him.  I asked if I could get my money back since he never went once and they just laughed at me.  I was sort of being serious.  But oh well.  So I will continue to gym alone in 2012.  But hey, at least I will be $10 richer each month - woohoo! 
On that note, I am going to jet.  Lots to do over here.  Have a wonderful Thursday - only one more day until the HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!! 
Questions for you ...
- Do you have a gym membership?  Do you get your money's worth from it?
- What are you doing on New Year's Eve?
We are going to brave Disney and go to Epcot.  We do a Disney park every New Year's, and it's ridiculously chaotic and crowded, but you really can't beat the fireworks show they put on! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Be Like Julie

Ahh, whatta day!  

One wouldn't think that rubbing and poking and steaming and prodding of one's face would be that relaxing and wonderful, but it is.  Well, except the extractions.  I hate the extractions.  They hurt.  Apparently my nose is a breeding ground of blackheads because she spent an awful long time poking at my nose.  Ow.  But even with the extractions, it was heavenly.

I don't get facials, like ever, but I should definitely do that more often.  Well, that's what I was thinking during the facial.  Then I saw how much all of that wonderfulness cost and I was like "holy mother, really!?!?"  Now I know why I don't get facials that often.  It was 130 dollars worth of wonderfulness...that I likely won't do again for another few years.  But I 
should, because it was nice.  

I spent the day at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort Spa.  I felt like I was on vacation.  It was super nice.  I had an hour long facial, as you know, and then I had an hour long pedicure (much needed) and an hour long manicure.  It was a lot of pampering and wonderfulness.  THANK YOU HUBS for my wonderful Christmas/Valentine's Day 2011 gift!  (Hubs got me a pedicure at Saratoga for V-Day this year, but I never cashed in...til now)

After the wonderfulness of the spa, I came home and did a whole lot of nothing.  Well, if nothing included spending hours on your iPhone playing Words With Friends, Sudoku (I'm newly obsessed) and reading blogs.  I also watched the movie Julie & Julia which was on Lifetime.  I LOVE that movie.  I watch it every time it's on.  

Funny story - after seeing Julie & Julia for the first time, I totally wanted to start a blog.  This was before I even got into reading the dozens of blogs I read now.  After seeing the movie, I was like "I want to be like Julie" - not necessarily with the whole cooking/Julia Child tie-in, but you catch my drift.  It wasn't until a year or so later (and the discovery of the healthy living blogiverse) that I started this here blog.  

But I can so totally identify with the movie even more now.  Like when Julie gets all giddy about getting a comment on her blog - that's me!  If I get even one comment on my blog (which is rare), I get pee in my pants excited.  No joke!  I LOVE getting comments.  So someone comment on this post, please, just so I can get pee in my pants excited.  

But anyway, watching the movie today made me giggle with Julie's excitement about getting comments and her worry about whether anyone was actually reading her blog, etc. All things I think about on a daily basis.  Like, "is anyone reading this, or is this just a really good, therapeutic exercise for me?"  Whatever, if no one is reading, that is fine.  I just like writing about myself and it is very therapeutic and it makes me workout regularly, which is a huge plus that has been reflected in my pant size and my motivation since June when I started this bloggy.  I highly recommend it.

Aaaand, I'm rambling.  Let's talk about tomorrow, shall we?

It's back to the gym tomorrow for me.  Woohoo.  (that's an unenthusiastic woohoo, if you can't tell)  To rev myself up and get me excited about my first foray into cardio in almost a week, I made a new playlist.  For some reason this works for me - new music = me getting out of bed and working out.  My playlist is a weird mishmash of randomness - check it.

Yes, that is a s-load of TobyMac and Newsboys with a sprinkling of The Monkees (no, that's not a joke), some Rob Thomas goodness (love me some Rob Thomas), some vintage NKOTB and yes, your eyes do not deceive you, that is a Rick Astley song in there.  I'm plannin' on getting Rick Roll'd tomorrow during my workout.  Woo haa!  

And now I will leave you with the ultimate Rick Roll - when Rick Astley himself Rick Roll'd the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade a couple of years ago.  CLASSIC!  

(and if you have no idea what Rick Roll'd is, let me know, I'll explain)  :)

Have a wonderful night!!

Questions for you ...
- Are you a facial fan?  
- What is your motivation to exercise?
- How old were you when Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" came out?
I was in 4th or 5th grade, and I played softball at the time.  Everytime I hear that song I think about the softball fields.  I don't know why.  

Last Day of Vacation

Hiya!  It's another early morning for me...on a day off.  Bah!  I just could not fall back asleep this morning, so at 6:30 I was up and at 'em.  Hopefully tomorrow when I actually have to wake up early for gym and work I will be able to get up so easily.  We'll see about that.

Today is my last day off for the holidays.  Boo!  Tomorrow it's back to real life and a normal routine.  I am torn about how I feel about this.  On the one hand it has been mighty nice being off and not having to do anything.  On the other hand, I feel all out of whack routine-wise and eating-wise (what is it about being off work that totally gives me free reign to eat whatever and whenever?). So I am just really ready to get back to normal.  

I had an awesome day yesterday.  I spent the afternoon with my friend Mireille and her new baby Julian.  OMG, he is too cute.  He's just over one month old and a doll.  I kind of wanted to (gently) stuff him in my purse and take him home with me.  He would have fit too - my purse is giant and he's a tiny peanut.  It was great just hanging out with Mireille, who looks FANTASTIC for having given birth a month ago.  I was asking 1001 questions trying to get her secrets.  :)  Great day had by all.  After that, I literally did nothing but browse the internet (oh, Pinterest, you kill me!) and watch HGTV - great, lazy day!  And today is going to be equally as pampering - I'm going to the SPA!  For Christmas, Hubs booked me a wonderful spa day for a facial, mani and pedi.  I am SO excited.  

Before my day of pampering, I decided that a workout was in order.  My ankle/achilles/heel thing is much better and I am crediting the non-activity for it's healing. I haven't run on it since last Friday, and I think that's been a very good thing for it.  I wanted to give it just one more day to feel 100% better, so I decided on a low key workout day.  Well, it started low key, but then I got adventurous.  

I started with 20 minutes of random yoga on Exercise TV (low key) and then I found a really good strength workout in Women's Running magazine that looked appealing (adventurous).  It went a little something like this:

What's a bird dog?  Once you see the picture, you'll be like "ohh, yeah, that."  

This workout was good.  It incorporated moves for all muscle groups and it wasn't too hard.  I only used 5 lb weights because they were close (too lazy to grab the 8 lb ones).  5 lbs were just fine for this.  And I got to use my ball too!  I haven't used it since that first time I used it ... like a month ago.  Since I had the ball out, I decided to do some exercises incorporating the ball as well:

Overall, great workout!  It took me about 40 minutes to do everything - 20 minutes of yoga + the strength stuff.  Now, I'm ready to try some running (or at least some elliptical) tomorrow to see how the ankle/achilles/heel thing feels.  So we will see how that goes!  

And with that, I need to get going.  The spa is calling ...  Have a great day!

Questions for you ...
- Do you do a lot of strength moves in your workouts?
- Are you a fan of the spa?
I am, but I don't go very often.  Maybe once or twice a year at most.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Have a New Race Page

Hey, look up there at my little toolbar thingie.  I added a new page on the blog called "Races"!!

On that page, I have listed out every race I have done in the last 5 years.  It's a lot of freakin' races.  I have a binder full of old race numbers that I write the date and my time on.  I'm so glad I did that, because that's the only way I would have ever remembered all of these runs and my times.  I'm sure there are some missing ones, but this is the bulk of them.

It was so fun going through this and remembering these races.  There were some that I loved remembering, and some that I remembered and thought "OOF!"  I could probably tell you a fun story about each of them, but I will spare you.  It was also interesting seeing how my times have been all over the place.  I am definitely not very consistent when it comes to pacing.  Ha!  But I am consistent with one thing - I'm slow!  Whatever, I'm not out to win races or PR in each one, I'm just out there to have fun and prove to myself that I can do it.  That's what running is for me.  

I've also added my proposed list of races in 2012.  It's a lot.  I'm not sure I will do them all, but Disney Half Marathon is definitely happening (duh) and Princess Half Marathon is definitely happening (just waiting to hit the lotto so I can pay the exorbitant entry fee).  But these others are definitely on my wish list.  Exciting!

Anyway, take a gander.  I'm amazed at the length of the list.  Oh, and then I added some fun pictures from races through the years.  I definitely had fun putting this together, and I hope you have fun checking it out.

Like Jello

Good morning!  Another glorious day off of work!  I really don't know what I am going to do when I have to work a full week.  But let's not think about that right now.

Today started early.  Hubs had to be up and out for work at 6am, and naturally I couldn't fall back asleep after that, so I lazed around and watched a couple episodes of House Hunters on the DVR (I seriously can't get enough of that show) and then eventually got out of bed and decided to do an easy workout...  YOGA!

My ankle/achilles/heel thing is still bothering me, so I am going to keep off of it and not do any sort of running stuff for another day or two, and I figured Yoga was the way to go.  I did the 10 lb Slimdown Yoga on Exercise TV, which was a 20 minute routine that was great!  I'm not sure if I love yoga, but I liked this workout.  I would definitely do it again.  After the yoga I decided to try the 10 lb Slimdown Core workout on Exercise TV - that's a whole lotta Chris Freytag in the morning, but it was also a really good workout!  I am so glad I did both of these workouts.

After the Exercise TV bonanza, I did my squats - DAY ONE - and this time I threw a little dumbbell in there with the squats.  Exciting.  And after that I did an arm workout that was tough.

And now my arms feel like Jello.  

I am excited about today, I get to go visit my friend Mireille's new baby!  I haven't seen him since I visited them in the hospital the day he was born, so I am really excited to see him, a little over one month later.  Yay!  

I hope everyone has a fabulous day!  

Questions for you ...
- Do you like yoga?
- Are you working today, or are you off?

Monday, December 26, 2011

Wonderful Christmastime

Can you believe it?  Christmas is over!  There is so much build up and excitement, and then just like that it's over.  

We had a fantastic Christmas.  It was so great to be surrounded by family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  It was wonderful!  

Mom and Dad on Christmas Eve

Me and my french toast casserole on Christmas morning (it was delicious)

Mom-in-law, dad-in-law and J Christmas morning

The gang ready to open gifts

Hubs and I in front our puny tree in our Magic hats (Go Magic!)

More gift opening

The gang covering up the tree

Goofy photo
One of the things I wanted for Christmas was a new fancy bathroom scale.  I asked for it, so Hubs got it for me and I tried it out this morning.  Not a great idea for the day after Christmas where I indulged in several dozen cookies.  We got the schmancy Biggest Loser scale by Taylor that calculates your BMI and tells you how many calories you need to maintain your weight.  Let's just say I won't be stepping on that thing again for a little while.  Sure I might have run 9 miles the other day, but the 900 or so calories I burned that day didn't hold a candle to the amount of calories I have consumed since then.  Hrmph.  Oh well.

Today I am taking a needed break from working out.  My ankle is still bothering me, and after asking my parents what I should do about it, I am taking their advice and not working out.  They told me to just stay off of it - running-wise - for a few days.  I'm down with that.  But I might go to the gym tomorrow and do some light cardio (especially after that scale thing).  I bought an elastic bandage thingie to see if that helps.  I'm wearing it now and I don't feel much pain.  Is this thing magic?  And, more importantly, am I supposed to be wearing it while I am just sitting around the house?  I'm so dumb when it comes to stuff like this.

Oh dang, I just remembered I forgot to do my squats yesterday.  Ugh.  7 days was my streak.  I'll start it up again today and see if I can go for 8 days next time...  I'd better get squatting now, before I forget.  

I'm going to leave you now with the video that they shared with us in church this year on Christmas Eve.  I shared with you the video that shared with us last year - which was awesome.  This one just melted my heart and made me laugh out loud in church several times.  Take a looksie!  

Have a wonderful "day after Christmas"!!

Questions for you ...
- How was your Christmas?
- Are you working today?  
I don't go back to work until Thursday - heavenly!  
- Did you workout on Christmas?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!

I am totally tired of two things - baking and cleaning.  I feel like I have been doing both non stop for two days.  But the end result has been good.  The cookies, albeit ugly, are delicious and there are lots of them. Today I made my mom's famous zucchini bread.  But I made it into mini muffins, which took like 12 hours because I only have one mini muffin pan.  Gah!  

I'm still feeling mighty sore from yesterday's run.  Bummer.  I am SO very glad that I didn't do my 9 miler today, because yesterday I was in a tired, foul mood all day (might have been all of the baking and kitchen messiness).  So now I'm rethinking when I will do my 10 miler next week.  I was going to do it on Saturday, but we have plans for New Years and I don't want to be a sore, tired mess on New Years Eve.  And I won't do it Sunday, since we likely won't get home til early in the a.m. on Sunday.  So that only leaves Monday, since we have that day off.  So, a 10 mile Monday run, the week of my half marathon it is.  Yipee.  

Today I did the bare minimum when it comes to workouts.  I did a quickie arm/ab routine while watching Bridesmaid (got it from Netflix yesterday).  Got my squats in too, even though my legs were telling me NO.  Gotta keep the streak!  7 days so far!  

Now that the baking and the cleaning is over, I am enjoying the day with some Cupcake Wars on the couch while Hubs wraps gifts.  My parents are coming up and will be here at 4:30 or so, and then it's off to Hubs' parent's house for Christmas Eve dinner together and church at 10:00pm.  Can't wait.  Church on Christmas Eve is seriously one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  Our church puts on such an amazing service on Christmas Eve - lots of music and candlelight and fun.  It's really special.  

In fact, check out what they shared with us last Christmas Eve during the service.  It's seriously the neatest thing ever - the story of the Nativity for the 21st century... (seriously, watch this, it's really cool)

On that note, I am going to leave you.  Have a wonderful and joyous and magical Christmas Eve!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

World's Ugliest Christmas Cookies

I am pretty certain I could win a contest for the world's ugliest Christmas cookies.  

Seriously ugly.  But tasty.

9 Miler - CHECK!

So, this morning I basically said "kiss it" to that 8 miler I failed to complete last week, and pounded out 9 miles this morning.  Woohoo!

I got all gussied up to go to Celebration for my run.  Festive, yes?

I got up at 6:30 and was out of the house by 6:45.  Celebration is about 30-ish minutes away, so I wanted to allow drive time and still be able to get started on run before it got too sunny out.  It's in the 80s here in Florida, so I knew I wanted to get this run done before it got all hot out.  (sorry to those of you in cold climates, I am a bit jealous of you)

I did some things different on this run that I didn't do last week for that 8 miler.  I ate!  I had two pieces of toast with peanut butter and that seemed to do the trick, fuel-wise.  I also had water.  By the time I got to Celebration, I was rarin' to go.  I also decided to bust out my holiday knee socks.  For two reasons - 1) to be festive, because it is Christmas Eve Eve; and 2) because I feel like these knee socks are slightly magical.  

If you remember a couple of weeks ago, I wore these socks to the Reindeer Run 5K and had one of my best 5Ks in ages.  So I thought, why not wear them on my 9 miler and see if they offer the same magical running powers?  And ya know what, they kind of did.  These aren't compression socks, these are $3 knee socks that I got at Walmart, but I think they kind of act compression-y like those expensive compression socks do.  It has me thinking, maybe I need to get me a pair of those.  Or at least buy some other cool Walmart knee socks to wear on runs.  No?  

Anyway...  I have mentioned before that Celebration is one of my absolute favorite places to run in the whole wide world.  Why?  Because it's where I decided I wanted to be a runner.  (remember, I use the term "runner" loosely)  We lived in Celebration when I woke up one morning and decided "hey, I am going to become a runner and I'm going to run a 15K in May" (this was in January '06).  

We actually lived on this street - aw, memories.

So, Celebration is where I learned to run and it's where I did all of my running for years (even after we moved from there).  

Why is it so great?  See for yourself.  

It's ridiculously beautiful and there are so many places to run and there are nice running trails everywhere.  You can get so much mileage there and not even know you're covering that many miles (which is a huge plus).  And there's so much to look at and see.  It's just so pretty.  I like running in pretty places.  

So anyway, I picked a loop that I knew would give me enough mileage on the front end, allow me to get back to my car downtown to hydrate, and get the rest done, with no problems.  Next time I'm not gonna park downtown, because it was kind of far to go back to.  Next time I'll park where we used to live (in the middle of town).  Sorry, logistics discussion with myself.  I did 4/1 intervals and they felt great.  I didn't have too much achilles/heel/ankle pain today.  (maybe it's the socks?)  But I do now, post-run.  Gar!  

Let's look at more pretty pics, shall we?

The run just seemed effortless in the beginning, which was such a relief.  I was a little apprehensive about the longer distance.  Everything felt good.  About 6 miles in I started to get tired.  I think I was just ready to be done (a marathon runner I will never be), but I kept on truckin and got it done.  

The temperature was perfection.  And yeah, can you even believe it's two days before Christmas with me wearing that get up?  Crazy!  

Final tally - 9.19 miles on the Garmin.  YAY!  And I've already plotted out my 10 miler that I am doing next week - again in Celebration.  I can't wait to get back out there.  

All in all, great run!  I am so glad I did it today instead of tomorrow, because frankly, I kind of feel like I have been run over by a truck right now, and I'd hate to feel like that on Christmas Eve.  My lower legs are tired and sore.  I will be giving my legs a nice long rest now (at least til Tuesday).  You're welcome legs.

Oh, I saw this sign on my run.  Love it.  Amen, church sign, amen!  

Have a wonderful rest of the day.  My day will be spent baking and cleaning and being lazy!  Can't wait!  

Questions for you ...
- Are you done wrapping gifts?
NO!  I will also be doing that today!
- Did you workout today?