Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reindeer Run

(posted by Kerry)

Hey, guess what?  I ran the whole thing!!!  

That was a completely unexpected surprise.  I was not planning on running the whole thing, but once I got out there and going there was no stopping me.  Let me back up...

This morning was the annual Reindeer Run 5K at Sea World.  Actually, it was technically only a "3 miler", but at the end, my Garmin said 3.09, so I'm calling it a 5K.  Anyway, a group of us does this race annually, and we always dress up in some kind of festive headgear.  This year I went all out and did more than just head gear...

Festive holiday top, knee socks and reindeer ears...I was ready to rumble.

I met up with Amanda and Jade bright and early, and we made our way over to Sea World.  

There were a ridonkulous amount of people there.  Way more than last year, I think.  

As far as the eye could see was people.  It was crazy!  Anyway, I didn't really have any expectations for this race.  I was pretty sure that I was going to do my intervals for this race, since that's what I am used to, but part of me was like "maybe I should try running the whole thing."  But then I remembered struggling yesterday during my 4 minute running intervals, so I started to doubt how far I could run without pooping out.  From there I quickly decided, nah, just stick with the intervals.  (a lot goes through my mind early in the morning, apparently)

Once the race started, however, I made a decision to not even look at my Garmin and just run based on how I felt.  If I needed a minute walk break, I'd take it.  If I didn't, I'd keep going.  Simple, yes?  So I started running and before I knew it, I was passing the 1 mile marker, still running.  Go me, I could do this.  So I kept going.  I was also going at a faster pace than normal - in the 12's, which is fast for me (shut up).  Shortly after the 1 mile marker we finally entered Sea World (the first mile was in the parking lot).

Yeah, that little kid beat me

It was so neat running through the park.  I don't go to Sea World often, so it's nice to see a new park for a change.  And it was all decorated for the holidays, so it was very festive.  They even made it snow in one part of the park!  Neato!

And then I felt it was time for some running self portraits.  I'm getting better at these.

Wait, not ready

Judging from my face, I was feeling super good with the running and just kept going.  I was really impressed with myself.  I was running longer and faster than I had in months, what is with me?!?  First salad, now running.  Hey, maybe it was the salad last night that propelled me ...  ?  More scenes from the park...

There were times in the race that I was feeling tired, like I wanted to walk.  But I kept thinking to myself, if I stop and walk I am going to be disappointed with myself since I have come so far.  So I just kept going.  And soon, I saw the finish line.  I couldn't believe it, I was almost done!  I had run an entire 5K without stopping, something I hadn't done in a WHILE.  Like 8 months.  And my time ... my best time in years.  My last 5K time was 41-ish minutes.  Today's 5K - 37:41.  What what!!!!  I'm not sure if it was the adrenaline, or the awesome outfit I was wearing, or the fact that this race was at Sea World and just uber fun, but wowee, I'm so excited!  

Afterwards, I waited for Jade and Amanda to cross the finish line and then we made our way out to our favorite part of any 5K - BREAKFAST.  YUM!  

What a wonderful way to start off my Saturday!  I seriously want to do like 5 more 5Ks before the end of the year to see if I can keep this momentum up!  Woohoo!  

OK, gotta jet.  We're on our way to Epcot!  Two theme parks in one day, fun stuff!  Have a great Saturday!  

Questions for you ...
- Have you ever surprised yourself in a race?
- Ever run through a theme park before?

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