Tuesday, January 31, 2012

31 Days of Squats

Good morning!  I hope all is well out there with everyone!
Erin - I got your comment on the other post!  Awesome job on the 10 miler!!!  Yep, you could definitely smoke me in a race, speedy!!  And trust me, if you can do 10 miles with no problems, you can definitely do 13.1 miles, so I'm pretty sure you are read for your half!!!   I am so excited for you.  Your first half will blow your mind, it's such an amazing experience!  And we've got the cheer squad in full effect over here.  Woohoo!!! 
So, last night after my prognosis on my foot I was a little down.  I was trying to plan out my morning workout and had no idea what I wanted to do exercise-wise.  I was a little bit sore from the gym yesterday and knew I couldn't/shouldn't go for a run, so I opted for something that would help my achy muscles - YOGA and a session with The Stick!  (that sounds dirty)  What a perfect way to start today!  
I did a 30 minute yoga DVD, and I swear it was the best yoga session I have had.  Usually I just can't get into it, but this morning, while the house was all quiet and still, it seems to really work for me.  I got a great stretch in my achy muscles, and just felt relaxed, yet energized when I was finished.  Good stuff!  After that I did some exercises for my achilles, that I got from the doctor yesterday (ooh, they felt good), and then I used The Stick on my sore muscles.  For those unfamiliar, The Stick  is kind of like a foam roller in that it allows you to roll out your sore muscles.  But it's a hand held stick thingie.  It hurts like a beast, but in a good way.  And then after that, I did the Daily Duo, of course.
So it's the last day of the month and that means I have done the Daily Duo  - 30 squats and 20 push ups - 31 days in a row!!  That's a hell of a lot of squats.  That's probably more squats than I have done in my lifetime (because I usually avoid squats like the plague).  And honestly, my legs feel stronger and firmer because of it.  So, hey, at least it's working!  31 day in a row, that is crazy!  I totally love having a set of exercises I have to do everyday.  It makes things a little exciting, and it means I am active in some way every day of the week, even if I am not working out. 
Next month I would like to change up my Daily Duo.  I proposed this routine to be my Daily Duo, however, it's 4 exercises and might be tough to complete every single day.  And, I wouldn't be able to call it the Daily DUO anymore.  Hmm, I need to think this through a little more.  I'll let you know what I come up with, because tomorrow is Februrary 1st, right?  Yikes! 
And on that note, I am outta here.  Have a terrific Tuesday!
Questions for you ...
- Do you do a daily exercise? 
- Anyone running a half marathon soon?  Do you need a cheer squad?  :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Tendinitis & FMM!

Hi there!  It took me all day, but I am finally posting.  

It’s been a long, busy day and it started with a trip to the gym.  Ahh, it felt good to be at the gym.  I did 10 minutes on the bike, 15 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes of incline walking on the treadmill.  I dabbled in running this morning, just to see how my ankle/achilles felt, and it felt OK.  Still sore, but I knew I was going to the doctor later on in the day to get that checked out.

After the cardio I did a nice arm routine that looked like this:

Overall, great workout!  

My appointment at the Orthopaedic went well.  (Side note: I realized that I have been misspelling Orthopaedic, by omitting the A.  I learned something new today!)  First, I got an x-ray of my ankle, then I saw the doctor who diagnosed my problem as Tendinitis.  (Shar, you were right!)  

I walk/run funny, in that I point my toe inward and tend to run ON my toe (residual effects from an injury from when I was a kid).  Some (OK, many) people ask me if I am limping and I just brush them off, but truth is, I am most of the time.  I have to actually think about not rotating my foot inward, which is really hard when you have a lot to think about.  Try it sometime, it’s difficult.  

Anyway, my funny feet, coupled with my crazy high arches are causing the tendons in my foot to work in weird ways, and I guess running on it like that for 6 years has caused some damage.  Bottom line: I’m OK.  I got an ankle brace and an arch support insert thingie for when I run.  The doctor says I can run, but has suggested I NOT run long distances (ie, half marathons).  Yeah, I’m not sure if I can get on board with that.  I seriously almost cried in the office.  He wasn’t telling me I flat out couldn’t, but he was suggesting I shouldn’t, due to the strain it puts on the foot for long periods of time (since it takes me SO long to run a half, hee).  He gave me the green light for shorter distances - 3, 4, 5 miles.  So, I have to sit and let that marinate.  What do you think?  Anyone out there a foot expert?  

So that’s what’s up with my foot!  

Changing the subject... it’s Friend Makin’ Monday, let’s check it out!!!  

FMM:  Makeup Favorites

1)  Do you ear makeup everyday?  I do wear makeup everyday.  I do not wear it to the gym or to exercise in though.  I sweat way too much.  
2)  Does your routine change if your going out with friends/on a date/to a party?  Nope.  I wear the same makeup whether I am going to the grocery store or going out on the town.  I might put on a darker eye shadow for night, sometimes, but mostly not.
3)  Are you loyal to one brand, or do you use different brands for different things?  Definitely not.  I am the United Nations of makeup.  And I buy everything at Ulta.  I use Benefit concealer, Revlon foundation, Urban Decay eyeshadow, Loreal liner (shadow), Cover Girl mascara and various lipsticks.  Soooo random.   
4)  Do you wear primer/concealer?  If so, what is your favorite kind?  I started using Smashbox Photo Finish primer, which was awesome. It totally kept my makeup from sliding off of my face throughout the day. (I hate that)  But I have kind of stopped doing that.  I’m not sure why, I should start that up again.  And then I use Benefit BOING concealer.  It’s awesome.  It’s like spackle!  
5)  What’s your favorite brand of foundation?  Right now, I am loving Revlon Photo Ready foundation.  I have gone through many many different foundations in the last 6 months and this one is a keeper.
6)  Do you use blush and/or bronzer?  If so, what’s your favorite kind?  I use Almay blush and Estee Lauder bronzer.  I use the bronzer only every once in a while though.  Always blush. Because I'm pale.
7)  Do you wear eye shadow/eye line?  If so, what’s your favorite kind?  I bought Urban Decay’s Naked palette and it is the best money I ever spent.  So many different awesome colors!  I use this for shadow, then I use Loreal’s Charisma (a deep purple) to line my eyes.
8)  What’s your favorite mascara?  Cover Girl Lash Blast.  Best everrrr.
9)  Lipstick?  Lip gloss?  Both?  Favorite?  I use Maybelline’s Superstay 24.  It’s awesome and stays on almost all day.  Love!
10)  Do you wear nail polish regularly?  If so, share a few of your favorite colors/brands.  I do paint my nails, but very very nude colors because my nails chip within about 5 minutes of painting them.  So annoying.  Case in point, I painted my nails last night with OPI Windy City Pretty and today they look like crap.  I don’t get it.  For my toes, I have a rainbow of OPI colors.  My favorite though, Charged Up Cherry.
11)  How do you remove your makeup at the end of the day?  I wash my face with Go Loreal 360 Clean, with the little scrubbie.  
12)  Do you feel prettier when you’re wearing makeup?  For sure!  I feel healthy without it, but I look better with it.  
13)  Do you have any beauty tips you could pass along?   I don’t.  My best weapon is Benefits BOING concealer.  I love it.

And that’s it.  I am so not the connoisseur of beauty, but this is what works for me.  And seriously, Benefit BOING.

Alright, this post has way too much info, so I will leave you now.  Gotta go focus on The Bachelor shenanigans!  Have a great night!

Questions for you …
- What’s your makeup routine?
- Do you think I should give up on my half marathon dreams?  

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goals - Week of January 29

So, as you know I've been setting mini goals for myself each week and I've been using the 52 Small Changes book to do this.  So far, I've totally enjoyed it and have been able to keep up with the weekly goals that the book provides.

To recap, in the four weeks I've been following the book I've:

- started drinking more H2O
- gotten used to sleeping at least 7-8 hours per night
- gotten off the couch

I've succeeded at incorporating new rules and new ways of living so that I can keep up with these goals.  This week's goal was a tad harder:

- keep a food journal

As I mentioned last week, I'm kind of off and on with keeping a food journal.  When I'm eating well, keeping a food journal is easy.  When I'm not eating well (ie, when I'm traveling), I kind of fall off in this.  

This week, I was traveling, not eating the best foods for me, but I am happy to report I did keep up with my food journal.  However, keeping the food journal did not stop me from going hog wild with the food.  So, I'm not sure keeping the journal did what it was supposed to do for me this past week.  But, I plan to continue using the journal this week while I am home and getting back on track with the eating.  And hopefully, I will get into the full habit of writing down everything I eat, and learning from it!  

This week's goal is something I already live by, so it seems pretty easy:  

- adopt a "glass half full" optimistic outlook

I already do this most of the time, but I will continue to work on this this week, because I know with my work projects lining up and me being out all last week, I am sure that there will be a time in the week where I will think "I can't do this" or "this is too difficult" and in those situations I will need to refocus and think, instead of "I can't..." think "I can learn something new..." or instead of "this is too difficult" think "let's give it a try!"  It seems pretty easy.  

The book says those with an optimistic attitude (vs. pessimistic) are more happy, confident, comfortable with themselves, which can lead to a reduced risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure and lower stress levels. All good things!  So that's what the focus is this week - be optimistic about all things!  Seems pretty easy for me.  

In addition to this goal, I also need to get back to the gym, and depending on what the orthopedic says tomorrow, running!  I am only 4 weeks away from the Princess Half Marathon.  Eeek!!  Here's hoping he will give me the green light to run it.  (was that optimistic??)  Also, I need to eat better this week!  I got on the scale this morning and was not happy about that number staring back at me.  Last week, being on the road, I didn't eat the best, so I am looking forward to eating much better and more home cooked meals this week.  

Lots of stuff to focus on!  What about you?  Do you have some good goals for this week?  What are they?

Catch Up & Universal Studios 5K

Well hi there!  It's been a while since I have written, so I thought I'd fill you in on what's been going on over here.  Fun right?

I got back home from Atlanta, after a loooong but very fulfilling week, on Friday night around 10pm and promptly went to bed.  I was whooped from 8 hours of class, 2 hours in the airport (where me and a classmate of mine spent way too much time and money in a Brighton store) and an hour long flight home.  Plus, I had to be up bright and early (ahem, 5:45am) for the Run For The Children 5K at Universal Studios.

It was cold on Saturday morning!  Colder than it had been in ATL, which was weird.  I met up with Amanda bright and early and then we made our way over to the Studios.  This 5K is super cool because you run through Universal Studios City Walk, Universal's Islands of Adventure (Harry Potter!) and Universal Studios, so there is constantly fun stuff to look at, and it makes the whole race go by really fast.  This is probably one of my absolute favorite 5Ks in our area.  Check out the scenery!!  (and sorry for the crap pictures, I forgot my camera, so I had to use my iPhone)
The start line.  This was definitely a smaller race.

Running through City Walk towards Islands of Adventure

The entry to Islands of Adventure

The Hulk!

Whoops, random picture.  I actually ended up taking about 20 of these throughout the race.

Jurassic Park


Now entering Harry Potter Land.  It was SOOO COOL to run through Hogsmeade!  Cuz remember, we're Harry Potter freaks over here.  

Running into Hogsmeade Village - neato!

It was so lifelike and real!

I totally wanted some Butterbeer!

And onto Universal Studios!

Jaws - which they are actually closing later this year.

The Simpsons ride

The finish line was right outside of Hard Rock Cafe/Live and NBA City.  

Yay, done!

My goal for the 5K was to run whatever I could, based on how bad my ankle/achilles hurt.  I had given myself an entire week off of running (and pretty much exercise), so I was hoping it wouldn't hurt too bad.  I started off running and it felt OK.  It was still sore, but not as bad as last Saturday's run, where I wanted to cry and chop off my foot and throw it.  I ran the first mile with just a bit of pain and then decided to walk for a bit at the start of mile 2.  And the rest of the race I literally ran when I wanted, stopped and walked when it hurt.  I did this off and on throughout the race and ended up finishing with a time that wasn't too far off from my Watermelon 5K back in July.  I ended with 42:15.  Not too shabby for being semi-injured and walking parts of it. I'll take it!  AND Amanda and I got our picture taken with Shrek and Fiona.  Bonus!  

The rest of the day was spent lounging and catching up on TV I missed throughout the week.  I love days like that.  We're doing a whole lot of the same today.  After breakfast with my parents, who were in town for a baby shower, I went to the grocery store, did some cleaning and now I am watching a Property Virgins marathon on HGTV.  Aah, perfection.  And, I am currently giving myself a much needed pedi.  I haven't touched my feet since my luxurious spa day the week after Christmas, so I thought it was high time to do that.  Plus, I'm going to the orthopedic guy tomorrow, and should probably have nice looking feet since my feet will be in his face.  Ha!  

And with that visual in your head, I am going to leave you now.  Have a wonderful Sunday!  

Questions for you ...
- Any races this weekend?
- Do you give yourself pedicures, or do you go for pedicures?
I do a mix of both.  I prefer to do my own, because I tend to like the way I paint my nails better, but I do like the pampering every once in a while!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Presentation Success!

I made it through my class!  Woo!  Today, my presentation went AWESOME!!!  My topic:  How to Train For a Half Marathon.  And the results:  Everyone said they could see and hear the passion I had for running and training throughout my presentation, and a couple of them actually said they might actually start running.  Ha!  I love it.  I used a fabulous prop, my Disney medal, to drive the point home, and they ate it up!  It was just awesome, I am so glad I stuck with my topic.

Now, I am anxiously waiting for this evening's TV entertainment...  That show (beginning with A) that J might be featured on is on tonight!  AAH!  I am SO nervous!  I cannot wait to see how (if) it all plays out.  She could be featured, or she could end up edited out completely, we don't know!  All we can do is watch.  Only 2.5 more hours...  :)

Today I decided not to work out.  I was contemplating it, but I am so whooped from class and this week I decided to give myself a rest.  (not that I've been working out too hard this week, ha) 

And I just remembered, I have a 5K on Saturday.  Eek!  Since I have temporarily sworn off running due to my ankle/achilles issue, I might be walking it.  We'll see how I feel on Saturday.  The 5K is at Universal Orlando, and is seriously my favorite 5K EVER.  You run through both theme parks - Islands of Adventure (with Harry Potter Land!) and Universal Studios - so it's heavy on scenery and always makes for a fun, fun race.  And then we eat Cracker Barrel afterwards, it's a win win win all around.

I have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor on Monday!  So hopefully I will find out what my potential injury thing issue is.  Hopefully it's not too serious and goes away PRONTO so I can start continue training for the half marathon.  We will see. 

Alright, I need to jet.  I have a little while before dinner with my peers, and then it's time for THAT SHOW!!! 

Questions for you ...
- How's the weather there?
The weather in ATL is dreary and rainy and kind of warm (70-ish).
- Any races this weekend?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Atlanta Mecca

I have a lot of homework to do tonight to prepare for my presentation tomorrow, but I thought I would stop by and say hi and talk about my awesome walk I took after class.  I found everything I was looking for! 

Centennial Olympic Park

CNN Center

Phillips Arena (where the Atlanta Hawks play b-ball) and the Georgia Dome

And, behold, what I was looking for yesterday ... the WORLD OF COCA COLA!!!  I was waaaay off course yesterday. 

I tried to go in, but it was after the 5:00 closing time.  Booo!  Maybe I'll try again tomorrow if we get out early.  It looked super cool inside. 

I was out wandering the streets for about an hour and went 2.73 miles total, according to my Nike GPS on my phone.  Not too shabby! 

And now it's time to work!  Have a wonderful evening! 

Questions for you ...
- Even been to ATL?
- Ever been to an NBA game?


Watch that show beginning with A on THURSDAY! You might see J or someone else you know.... Eeee! :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tour of Atlanta


Whatta day it's been!  A great day!  I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I am in the ATL for a training seminar called "Instructional Techniques for Classroom Trainers" - basically a course on HOW to train.  Man, it's good!  Within the first 20 minutes of class I learned that the way I am training is ALL WRONG!  I'm a lecturer, and apparently, according to this class, only 15% of knowledge is retained through this method of training.  God, that's scary, considering I've been training the same way for the last 4 years.  So now I am frantic trying to figure out how I can apply all of these new techniques to upcoming trainings I have.  Eek! 

As part of the class we have to put together a 15 minute presentation for Thursday's class on a topic that we enjoy.  It can be anything you want, so I'm going with something I know and love - how to train for a half marathon.  Easy, right?  Um, no, it's proving to be very difficult given the new teaching techniques I learned today.  If I could straight up chit chat about it, it would be easy peasy, but I can't, so it's not.  Anyway, that's what I will be doing for the remainder of the evening.

I'm sure you wanted to hear about that...  Sorry. 

After class, I decided to take a walk.  I had been cooped up in the hotel all day long and had to get out and get some fresh air, plus I wanted to see what was around here.  Er, not much.  I walked for about 45 minutes around the city.  I kept thinking, "if I just go one more block, there might be something awesome."  I did find a Hard Rock Cafe.

A pretty fountain

And what I thought was the Coca Cola Museum...

I got so excited, because I went to the Coca Cola museum when I was in 8th grade, and it was awesome!  So I was like "If that's the Coca Cola museum, I am going!"  Well, I walked up to the sign, walked around a little bit and didn't see anything that resembled a huge museum, so I turned around.  Well, that and the fact that it was right near the Occupy Atlanta area, which was scary, and there were like 5 cop cars in the surrounding area.  I just got the vibe that maybe I shouldn't be hanging over there.  So hightailed it up the street and found this cute street where I found my dinner for the evening ... Subway!

Then I walked back to my hotel - total walking time 45 minutes.  I was actually tracking mileage on my Nike GPS app, but it crapped out at 1.33 miles, dangit. 

I got back to the hotel and felt like I wanted to keep doing something active, so I went to the gym.  Yeah, I failed at getting up this morning to go.  I tried, I was semi awake at 5:30, but I just didn't want to get out of my cozy bed, so I vowed to do something active this evening, which I did! 

On top of my 1.5 mile-ish city walk, I also did 15 minutes on the bike, at a resistance and speed I am definitely not used to (my butt was burning) and 15 minutes on a really fancy schmancy elliptical machine.  It felt good to workout in the evening, especially after sitting ALL day long. 

Afterwards I parked myself by the indoor pool/atrium area (so pretty!) to relax (and catch up on my 50 Words With Friends games).

And now here I am.  Alright, it's all I've got.  I've been super chatty this evening.  Have a wonderful evening!

Questions for you ...
- Ever been to Atlanta?  What should I do here?
- Do you enjoy exploring new cities?
Yes!  I always make it a point to travel around on foot around my hotel to see what's near me. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Whiny Post

Greetings from Atlanta!  It's foggy here.  And chilly.  And my room is like 50 degrees, even though I turned the thermostat up to 75, so I'm not sure what's up.  Brr...
So I have to complain a bit.  I didn't fly by beloved Southwest here today, because Southwest doesn't fly Orlando to Atlanta (boo), so I had to take another airline.  One that rhymes with Schmelta.  I'm usually OK with this airline (especially since they helped me out in this situation), but today made me realize why I am such a loyal Southwest customer. 
A) my flight was delayed an hour.  Not necessarily Schmelta's fault, but that just set the mood.
B) the boarding process was a NIGHTMARE.  So they load the plane in zones.  Smart.  It would be smarter if they loaded the plan from back to front, but they don't.  They load the front, then the way back and then the middle.  This is not helpful at all, and caused me to stand in the gangway for ten minutes breathing in noxious airplane fumes (OK, maybe not noxious fumes, but that makes it sound even worse, right?). Ten minutes!  And it was hot out, so the gangway was hot.  But why does it take so long to board on Schmelta?  Everyone has their own seat assignment.  You look at the number, you sit.  Easy.  On Southwest you get to choose your own seat.  One would think this would take longer.  It doesn't.  It's quick, it's easy, and we take off on time.  Baffling to me! 
C) and then, when I was about 15 people away from actually getting onto the plane, after waiting in the gangway for ten minutes (dramatic much?), a woman comes out and announces that there is no more overheard room and that everyone in the gangway has to check their bag. Are you freakin kidding?  Half of the passengers are still waiting to get on the plane and there's no more room for luggage!?!?  Did everyone already on the plane bring 6 bags a piece?!  Thankfully I always check my bags (I like my toiletries way too much to only bring 4 ounces of liquid with me), so this didn't affect me too much.  But I did have to stow my big honker of a computer bag under my seat, which left me with nowhere to put my feet, but whatever, it was only an hour flight. Never does this sh-- happen on SW.  Ever.  Ever ever.
But ya know what made my flight better - my awesome new book that I bought in the airport.  So, I didn't realize it when I was contemplating buying it, but as I was about to begin the book, I flipped it over and noticed that it was a Harlequin TEEN novel.  Uhhh, yeah.  It's for teenagers or possibly even tweens.  Oh well, whatever, no different from those Twilight books (which I never read) or the Lauren Conrad books that I so dearly loved.  But yeah, it's about like teens and angst and dancing and scary stalking.  It's really good.  I could totally see it becoming a Lifetime or ABC Family movie starring Selena Gomez.  Just sayin'.
And on that note, it's time to sign off and get some veg time in.  I checked out the gym and it's really nice, so I am planning on getting up in the early morning hours and making my way down there.  Wish me luck!! 
Questions for you ...
- What's your favorite airline?  (and I won't think badly of you if you say Schmelta)
- What are you reading?

At The Airport...

I just bought a book at the airport. How dumb is that? I have a book with me, which I'm not that into, and I saw a deliciously smutty mystery/thriller type on the shelf and picked it up. I figure I could probably devour it by the end of the trip.  I seriously cannot resist an airport gift shop. It's a sickness.

Hey it's Monday and you know what that means... 


(sorry I can't use the logo or put in the instructions since I'm typing this on my phone) 

Today's topic: Short Answers

1) Mac or PC? I'm a PC girl.
2) Do you paint your own nails? Yes. I tend to like it better that way, I feel like sometimes I do a better job.
3)Beach or mountains? I'm a Florida girl so no mountains anywhere close to here. I do love visiting them. I think I'm more of a beach girl, even though I rarely go. 
4) What’s the title of the book you’re currently reading?  Haha, well the book I'm about to crack into on my flight is called Dancergirl. But I'm almost finished with An Object of Beauty. Two books at once, multi-tasking! 
5) Do you dance?  I'm not good at it, but I like to boogie! 
6)CNN or Fox News?  CNN. Fox is creepy.
7)Do you ride a bicycle?  No. Not since I was 8. Bad bad bicycle accident. I'll tell you about it one day. (PS PLEASE make your kids wear helmets!!! And you too!!)
8) Do you get a yearly flu shot?  Never had one, until this year. It wasn't bad!
9)Best movie you’ve seen in 2012?  I haven't watched many movies in 2012. Just watched Horrible Bosses this weekend. It was OK.
10) Do you prefer to workout at home or at the gym?  Gym! Has everything I need!
11) Last airport you were in? Haha!! I am currently sitting in Orlando International. 
12)Married or single?  Married
13) iPhone or Android? iPhone
14) Do you prefer to be in pictures or taking pictures?  I like both.  I take pictures of everything, but I am a total ham and like to be in them too.
15)Favorite brand of sneakers?  Hmmm, I've been so wishy washy lately with shoes. Asics...today.
16) Do you like snow?  It's fun to see. Don't think I could live with it, too cold!!!
17)Do you have/want to have kids?  Want.
18) Summer or Winter? Summer. I HATE being cold.
19) Do you know how to swim?  Yes! I used to be a fish! 
20) Do you prefer to shop in store or online?  Mostly in store, I have to try on everything!!

How about you?? Want to take this fun survey?

Gotta jet, about to board!!!

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Travel Day

Good morning!  How is everything going on this Monday?

All is well over here.  Today is a travel day for me, so I have a nice an easy work at home schedule this morning, then it's off to the airport after lunch.  Exciting.  

Since I didn't have anywhere to be this morning, I got up a little on the later side (for a Monday) and headed to the gym around 7:00.  Let me just say, my gym is a totally different place at 7:00 versus 6:00.  Many more people.  I'm  not sure I like that.  I like sort of having the gym to myself during the early morning hours.  Anyway, I did a quick 15 minutes on the bike, and then 25 minutes on the elliptical and headed out.  I was going to do arms there, but there were like 10 guys over by the free weights and I didn't feel like competing for space, so I went home and did my arm workout.  Here's what I did...

It was a good workout.  Here's hoping it's not the only workout I do this week!  I am going to make sure it's not.  

So, I had a very productive weekend this weekend.  I cleaned and organized my closet, which has been begging to be done for a while now.  Check out the before pics...

Seriously, a mess.  Stuff was just kind of strewn around the top shelves and every time I went into my closet I would say to myself, "I wish I could organize this better!"   Behold the after pics!

Oh, so much better!!  I feel like I can breathe again in there.  I donated a TON of unused stuff to Goodwill.  I still need to purge my clothing, because I have waaay too many shirts I do not wear.  But I'll save that for another weekend where I want to feel like I accomplished something big.  

Alright, I need to get going.  I have some work I need to get done before I leave for the airport.  I'll talk to you later from Atlanta!  

Questions for you ...
- Did you accomplish anything big this weekend?
- Did you work out today?  

Sunday, January 22, 2012

This Week's Challenge

Shar - I just responded to your comment on the last post.  Check it out!  :)

So as you know I am reading 52 Small Changes, which, in a nutshell, gives me a weekly goal to help make me a healthier person.  

A recap of the small changes I have made in 2012 thus far include:

- Drink more water.  Check!
- Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night.  Check!
- Get off the couch and move.

The last one was this past week's goal and I think I did pretty good with this.  The goal urged me to not only workout, but also get up and move at times when I normally wouldn't - like at night after dinner, or during the workday.  I made some mini goals this week to incorporate some more movement, outside of my workouts, into my day.  I did OK with those.  

- Walk after dinner at least three nights this week.  Check!  Hubs and I went on a walk on Tuesday night, Thursday night (at Disney) and then last night we did some shopping post dinner, so that counts, right?

- Use the second floor restroom at work 3 times this week.  I only did this once this week. I was too busy at work to walk up there.  However, I did walk to the first floor bathroom at least 70 times this week at work due to the vast amounts of water I drink.  That counts.

- Park the car farther away.  I always do this at work (mainly because I get there late and there are no close spots left) and usually do it wherever I go.  So, check!

- Do at least one exercise in front of the TV.  Fail.  I didn't do this once.  Except this morning when I was doing ab work and arms while watching this week's episode of Suburgatory.

So, not too shabby.  I will continue to work on this, since I am supposed to keep all of the goals going each week.  

This week's goal:  Keep a Food Journal.  

Excellent!!!  I love doing this, and I don't do it enough.  I dabble in the food journal thing.  I will write down my food for like two days, and then I'll forget, or I'll eat something bad and not write it down, or whatever.  So this week, I am going to journal every single day, every single thing I eat and drink.  Which should make for really good reading since I'm traveling this week and am notorious for eating crazy while traveling.  But, maybe if I'm journaling, I will make better choices.  We will see.  

The book was interesting and said that people who keep a food journal for every meal every week lose twice as much weight as people who only keep a food journal once or twice a week (me).  That just makes me want to run out and buy a new notebook right now!  

My second goal of the week (because I like goals):  Visit the hotel gym at least three days this week.  You know I am notorious for skipping workouts while traveling.  This week, I have no excuses - I am going to a conference, which is taking place in my hotel, so I don't have to leave my hotel for an entire week, so I have plenty of time to workout in the mornings or in the evenings, no excuses.  Plus, I checked out the hotel website and the gym looks pretty nice.  

OK, I'm done talking about my goals.  So now it's your turn - what are your goals this week?