Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day and DMB Love

Hello!  Happy Leap Day!  Today should be a national holiday that everyone has off of work.  This day only comes around once every four years, so it should be celebrated with no work.  Just sayin...
We are actually celebrating Leap Day tonight.  Disney is doing a really cool thing called "One More Disney Day."  They opened Magic Kingdom at 6am this morning, and it will stay open for 24 hours, closing at 6am tomorrow!  All day, all night, all Magic Kingdom!  How cool is that?!  So, being the Disney dweebs we are, we're spending the night at the park!  OK, well, maybe not the whole night, because Hubs has to work tomorrow (I don't!).  But our plan is to go out there later this evening (like 9-ish) and stay into the wee hours of the morning.  Fun right?  We'll see how long we can last.  We're kind of crotchety and like to be in bed by 10 most nights (shoot, last night we were actually in bed at 8 watching American Idol, haha). 
Speaking of American Idol, did anyone watch last night?  Holy cow, how the heck are they going to narrow the guys down to 5?  Everyone was super good last night.  Well, mostly everyone.  I would say 9 out of the 12 people were phenomenal.  My favorite:  Phillip Phillips, aka Dave Matthews Jr. 
Have I ever talked about my extreme love for Dave?  OMG, LOVE.  Actually ever since we "met" Phillip Phillips on Idol, I have busted out all of my Dave Matthews Band CDs and have been on a nostalgia trip.  Under the Table and Dreaming - best CD everrrrrrrrrrr.  That CD is the soundtrack of my senior year of high school.  I went to my first DMB concert as a senior (class of '95, woot woot!) and it was literally the greatest thing ever.  It was before they hit it really big, so the concert was at this tiny little club in Orlando, so intimate and just awesome.  Since then I've seen Dave umpteen times in gigantic venues.  Hmm, I might need to go to a Dave concert this year... 
Anyway, I a big way.  Phillip Phillips - he is my guy pick on Idol this year.  He did a rendition of Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" that was so neato!  Check it...
The girls perform tonight and they have some tough competition with the guys, so I am anxious to hear how they do.  Yes, Idol nerd right here.
There is no workout to speak of this morning.  I'm still battling some soreness in my left leg from the race.  Only my left, my right is OK.  What's up with that?  I plan on bringing back the workouts in a big way next week with something that rhymes with Shminsanity...  Yes, I'm actually thinking about doing the Insanity 60 day challenge all over again.  AAH!  We'll see, I haven't fully committed yet (because it scares me).  But I need a change in my workout routine, something that challenges me, and something that will kick my ass back into shape, because somehow I've fallen into a rut.  Insanity did it for me last year (in a big way), so I might be brining in the big guns come March.  Eee!! 
And on that note, I'm off.  I have some stuff to do.  Oh hey, did you know that today Subway (my most favorite restaurant) is giving a free cookie with any purchase to celebrate Leap Day?  Um, hi, I will be there for lunch and dinner.  There are few things on this earth that taste better than their White Chip Macadamia Nut cookie, and I am going to have TWO of them today.  Happy Leap Day to me! 
Questions for you ...
- What are you doing to celebrate Leap Day?
- Do you like Subway?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Week's Goal...

So, I forgot to mention this week's goal from 52 Small Changes ... 
But before I do that, I'd like to report back on last week's goal and say that I totally, totally failed at it. 
If you remember, last week's goal was to eat more vegetables.  And the book actually specified how many servings - 4 to 6 servings per day.  And I actually thought I might be able to at least attempt this (even though I do not like vegetables).  Ha!  I think I can safely say that I didn't eat one vegetable last week.  Not one.  Monday and Tuesday we had our house guest, Greg, over so we were out eating bad stuff like chicken wings and BBQ.  Wednesday I crock potted (yes, it's a verb) some chicken and made arroz con pollo - no veggies.  Thursday was an exceptionally crazy day at work and when I got home all I wanted was pizza.  And then Friday night I met Amanda for some Mexican, which involved no veggies ... unless salsa counts? 
So... I failed at that goal.  But I will work on it.  This book is a progression book.  Each goal that is presented each week should be carried on throughout the year.  I have been carrying on several of the goals I have succeeded at (staying active, drinking lots of water, keeping a positive attitude, taking vitamins, etc).  Others that I wasn't so successful at (keeping a food journal everyday, taking my shoes off at the door at home, eating veggies), I will work on and hopefully will make a habit.  Baby steps.
So anyway, this week's goal is one that I will truly succeed at ... "Make Time for Alone Time"  I love me some "Kerry time"!!  The book suggests to carve out at least 30 minutes in your day to be alone and reflect on the day and the things that you need to be happy.  It can be anything from taking a bubble bath, to going on a walk, to getting in a workout, to just sitting on the couch by yourself doing whatever you want.  I generally do this now, whether it's during my workout or while at home.  So I am thinking this week's goal will be an easy one to put on the "successful" list.  And, I actually have Thursday off of work and plan to have a full on "me day," complete with a pedicure (a reward for my half marathon) and some retail therapy.  Success!! 
In addition to this week's goal in 52 Small Changes, I also plan to create a plan for myself to get back on target with my diet and exercise.  I feel like ever since the January Half Marathon I have fallen into a funk with my workouts and my eating habits.  I'm not eating as healthy as I could and should, and that is reflecting on the scale.  No bueno.  And my workout schedule has kind of been on the downturn due to lots of travel in January and February, and of course my tendinitis.  So I am really really craving having a set plan for myself when it comes to diet and exercise, I just have to figure out what that is.  But expect big changes in March. 
Fun fun fun! 

Writer's Block

I seem to be having blogger writer's block.  I have so many things I want to talk about, but whenever I sit down to write about it, I don't like the way it's coming out, so I scrap it.  Hence the reason I have been silent since Sunday's half marathon.  Writer's block.  Hrmph.

Post-half marathon life is going well.  Yesterday I could barely walk.  Seriously, I think my body hates me.  I have not felt this kind of pain in a long time, so I know I worked hard on Sunday.  Which, is kind of a nice feeling.  But at the same time, it's excruciating.  I can't stand up without yelling obscenities.  (that isn't going over well at work)  Today I am a little better, but still mighty sore.  Tomorrow, I am hoping and praying that things are back to normal.  Seriously, it's been so bad I haven't even done my Daily Duo, which saddens me, because I have been so ON with that since January 1st!  Darn you half marathons!  That's OK, March is only a couple of days away and I am looking forward to switching up the Daily Duo again. (stay tuned)

Speaking of, I just found an article on the winner of the Princess Half Marathon.  Rachel Booth won the Princess this year and the Disneyland Half the past two years.  A coast to coast winner!  Wow! 

Look at this picture - it just makes me one day want to come in first in a race.  There's confetti and Mickey and Minnie, it's so cool!  Heh, the only way I would win a half marathon is if I was the only person running the half marathon.  Haha!  Rachel's time of 1:18 was 2 HOURS ahead of my time of 3:18(ish).  Ain't no shame, I'm proud of my tortoise status, because in the end (and in my head), I was a winner!  

That is one of the things I love about this race, and all Disney races.  People are just there to have fun.  Many aren't there to win, or beat anyone or PR or anything like that, they are simply there to just DO it and experience it and dress up and have a good time.  And I love that.  And, you can't help but feel the "girl power" vibe when you are surrounded by close to 20,000 women doing the same thing you love to do.  And speaking of "girl power" - they totally played the Spice Girls at the beginning of the race and I just now got the correlation.  Wow, delayed reaction. 

And on that note, I think I have worked past my writer's block.  Hooray!  Talk at ya later!

Questions for you ...
- Have you ever won a race?
Heck NO!
- Are you working out this week?
Heck NO!  But I sooo need to get back onto a normal routine.  I have some plans for that, so stay tuned...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Disney Princess Half Marathon Recap

I did it!!  Another half marathon in the books.  My eleventh.  And subsequently my eleventh Disney race.  Cuz I’m a Disney girl.  If you can’t tell by my outfit today...

I was not the only one dressed up at the Disney Princess half marathon.  In fact, I was probably wearing one of the more understated costumes of the day.  You would not believe what people were wearing - it was awesome.  I would say about 75% of the almost 20,000 women running the race were in some sort of sparkly skirt, tutu or other type of fun skirt or outfit, and many were in full blown costumes.  And of the maybe 100 guys in the race (I swear I only saw like 10 dudes), many of them were dressed in skirts, or at least pink, too!  I love this race.  

So let’s start at the beginning....  My alarm went off at 3:15am and I immediately cursed half marathons, running and everything about today.  Seriously, the worst part of the half marathon is the alarm clock.  Well, and the 2 or 3 days of utter pain and misery in my lower half, but I digress.  So the alarm went off, I crawled out of bed and made my way into the bathroom, and as soon as I saw my red sparkly skirt, I was awake, and a little excited about the day to come.

I changed, got some breakfast (I had caffeine before this race, something I have never done, this was a good call!) and took some lovely self portraits of myself before leaving.  

The weather was cool, but not cold.  Thank you God.  I was so afraid that my skirt and sleeveless top would have to be covered by a parka, but thankfully, my new arm sleeves did the trick.

I met up with Amanda and we made our way over to Epcot for the start of the race.  After a quick porta potty trip and a couple of pics, we were on our way to our corrals.

Amanda was in corral G and I was in corral F so we took a picture, said our goodbyes and made it over to our respective corrals to wait until the start.  At the start of each corral they shot off fireworks.  How cool is that?

And soon, we were off!  My plan was to do 2/1 intervals - 2 minutes running, 1 minute walking - until I couldn’t do it anymore.  I started running and I felt GOOD!  Not too much ankle/achilles pain.  I ran super slow, but hey, at least I was running, which was more than I was expecting with ol’ tendinitis foot.  I did my 2/1 intervals solidly for 5 miles.  Didn’t miss an interval, I felt SO good!  

And then I hit the big hill before the entrance to Magic Kingdom and totally lost steam.  Grr.  That hill always trips me up.  So I decided to run down Main Street USA and then walk the rest of the way through the park.  Because, why not stop and enjoy the scenery, right?  

As I was taking my nice long walk break around the park, I came across a couple of character stops without too big of a line, so I said “what the hell” and jumped in line.  I paused my Garmin and got my picture taken with Tweedledee (or Tweedledum?) and the White Rabbit.  

And the flub, I forgot to turn my Garmin back on for about 5 minutes.  AAH!   And then I came across some more photo ops...

Woody!  And, again, I paused the Garmin and forgot to turn it on again until like 5 minutes later.  GRR!  So, I really don’t know what my final time was, but I should probably add 8-10 minutes to my Garmin time.  Hrmph.  

So anyway, I exited the park and decided that my time was up on the running.  I tried going back to my 2/1 thang, but I my ankle was super sore at this point.  So I just started to walk.  The back end of this course is sooooo boring.  Couple that with walking and you have some real excitement.  Miles and miles of nothingness, though this time I did find some fun photo ops to partake in.  Like the Crooning Prince Charmings...

And these fun character ops...

Yes, that's a Mickey Mouse golf cart

And there was an awesome stretch of road where for like a mile they blared only one song - “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson.  OMG, so perfect.  I LOVE that song, and seriously, it was the most perfect song for the situation.

Anyway...  There’s not much to say about the last 5 miles.  I was hoofing it and drinking a lot.  Every water stop was like a liquid buffet for me.  Water?  Sure!  Powerade?  Don’t mind if I do!  I was all about the hydration today. 

Around mile 11 it started to rain.  Fantastic.  Not hard, but just enough to get us wet.  And I feel like it got colder at that point too.  Thankfully there were only 2 miles left.  On the stretch between 11 and 12 I was really starting to hurt everywhere - my legs, my butt, my ankle, pretty much everything.  And I must have been hobbling along because a woman stopped me and told how much she admired me for going through with a half marathon with a bum ankle.  I guess she saw my ankle brace and was like “good for you!”  So I must have been looking extra gimp-y at that moment for her to stop and say something.

And then she said something else that made me laugh out loud.  She said, “and good for you for going and doing your thing in the woods in front of everyone!”  I was like “WHAT???” and she said “weren’t you the Minnie who was in the woods doing her thing?  We were all cheering for you!”  And I emphatically said NOOOO!!!  EW!  She was like “it looked just like you!”  I was like “it WASN”T!!!!”  I have never had a bathroom attack during a race, but I’m pretty sure even if I did I would not drop trou in the woods.  There are like porta potties every 500 feet on the course so I always wonder why people (especially girls) opt to go in the woods.  

Anyway - I finally made it to mile 12.  ONE MORE MILE!!!

At this point I was uber excited to get to the finish line, so I turned up my favorite last mile song - Ricky Martin’s La Copa de la Vida - and sped up!  I ran (or hobbled) across the finish line with 3:10 on my Garmin, which means I finished in about 3:18-3:20.  Eh, I’ll take it!  

So there you have it, half marathon #11.  My fourth Disney Princess Half Marathon.  It was an awesome awesome experience despite my aches and pain and I am SO glad that I did it. So, another down. And now, I think I am going to take a nice long break from distance running for a while ...

I Did It...Again!

...and I'm still alive!

Let's DO This!

Half marathon #11 ... Here we go!!!  

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Disney Princess Half Marathon Race Expo

All I can say is I am so glad that workweek is over.  I feel like I have been neglecting the bloggity blog.  I only have one more day of utter craziness (Monday) and then I will be back to my regular schedule of blogging at some point in the morning hours.  

I am celebrating a crazy busy week by doing absolutely nothing today except sitting on the couch and catching up on TV on the DVR.  The perfect thing to do the day before I have to wake up at 3:15am to run a half marathon. Yeah, you read that right, the alarm is going off at 3:15 tomorrow.  That’s a.m.  Why do I do this?  Or better, why do I pay money (lots of it) to do this?  

Tomorrow - half marathon day - the plan is to meet up with Amanda at 4:15am at a restaurant near Disney so we only have to take one car to Epcot.  And then after that, the plan is to run 2/1 intervals until my poor little ankle can’t handle it anymore.  But I’m thinking I might surprise myself with the running and the pain.  I think it’s going to be OK and I am going to run more than I am expecting.  And if I don’t, well, that’s OK too.  I have no expectations for tomorrow’s race.  Just to finish and have fun.  

I hit the Disney Princess Half Marathon this morning to pick up my race packet and peruse the Expo.  I got there early - at 10am - because I figured it would be less crowded early in the day than in the afternoon.  Wrong.  I had to park about 2.7 miles away from the building, which is great practice for tomorrow, I guess.  

Since it’s the Princess Half Marathon, of course they had Cinderella’s carriage outside of the tent where you picked up your packets.  

And you could take your picture with these guys if you wanted to wait in a line that looks like this. 

No thanks.  

I made my way into the area where you pick up your packets and it must have been my lucky day because the line for my race number was only four people deep.  Other lines were like fifty four people deep.  These are days when it’s good to be slow and in Corral F! (corrals go up to H, so I won’t be last place, woohoo!)

After I got my bib I made my way to the Expo.  I was shopping at the Expo for arm sleeves, because the shirt that goes with my costume is sleeveless and it’s supposed to be on a chilly side in the morning (upper 50s).  So my goal was to go to the Expo early when no one was there.  Ha!  

Madhouse.  I spent about an hour perusing the the booths.  I got some good samples and found a shirt that I loved! 

Totally regret not buying that shirt. Dang. Oh well, but I found my arm sleeves.  

If only they said “half NUTS”, that would have been perfect.  :)

After I got home I checked out the swag bag from Disney and realized they forgot to put all of the swag in my bag.  WTF Disney?  Contents of my race bag - my t shirt, a booklet with race info in it and some safety pins.  Are you serious!?!?!?!  $170 race entry fee and that’s all I get?  I’m not expecting diamonds and stacks of money in my bag, but I was looking for something like pamphlets for other races or coupons or anything really.  Not even a free mini Clif bar (which I always get from other Disney races).  Not cool Run Disney, not cool.  

At least the shirt is cute this year.

On that note, I gotta go. I have about 3 liters of water to drink and some pasta to devour.  Happy carb loading to me!  

Wish me luck tomorrow, send happy vibes my way!!  Please.

Questions for you …

- Anyone else racing this weekend?

- What are you up to?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Healthy Vibes

I think your well wishes and happy healthy vibes worked!  

I woke up this morning without a sore/scratchy throat!  A little bit of leftover phlegm is still present, but overall I feel about 80% better than I did yesterday.  Thank God, I cannot handle being sick right now.  Tuesday.  If I have to be sick, let it be on Tuesday.  Or not at all, that’s my #1 preference.  I am so happy and thankful I am feeling better though.  Thanks for the tips guys!  

Today was a DAY!  In the eight hours of my day at work I had about 6 hours of meetings and phone calls, which left me no time to actually DO work.  However, I must say I had a rockin’ day at work.  Actually a rockin’ week at work.  I feel like a rock star right now with how much I have gotten done in a short amount of time.  So I’m feeling good, workwise.

Half marathon-wise … I haven’t worked out since Tuesday.  Mmm, I’m tapering.  Yeah, that’s it, tapering.  I don’t forsee a workout tomorrow (outside of my Daily Duo, which I have done every day without skipping) because I have to be at work uber early.  So this half marathon will be a tad cold turkey, but  I’m feeling OK about it.  I’m ready, bring it on!  It might be slow, (well, it will be slow, that’s my style) I might be walking, but at least I’ll be stylin’ in my makeshift Minnie costume.  

Alright, gotta jam. Sorry so short!  Have a great night!  

Questions for you …
- Anyone else out there, besides Regan, running the Princess this weekend?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Waah! I Think I'm Sick

I think I am getting sick....

Please.  God.  No!  I cannot get sick until at least next Tuesday.  Next Tuesday, bring it on, but life is way to busy between now and next Tuesday for sickness.  At work I have eight (yes, eight) training classes that I have to teach over the course of Friday and Monday.  That’s four per day.  Classes of 30.  240 people that I have to train.  That’s a lot of talking I have to do, and I neeeeed to have a voice for that.  I am notorious for developing laryngitis when I get sick, so I am freaking out just a little.  

And then there’s that half marathon that I’m doing on Sunday.  Yeah that.  That won’t be fun to do with a sore throat and mucus issues.  I am praying hard that this is just an allergy blip and that I am fine in the next day or so.  Otherwise, bummer city over here.  

I never get sick.  Ever.  The last time I was sick was my wedding in 2009.  Yeah, that was a bummer.  It didn’t stand in the way of my favorite day on earth, but I have a pretty bad scratchy throat by the end of the night that turned into 3 days of ZERO voice (thankfully we didn’t leave for our honeymoon til 5 days after our wedding, so I was good to go for that).  But yeah, haven’t been sick since 2009.  And now, when life is crazy busy, this.

Needless to say, the gym didn’t happen today.  Even though I am firm believer of “sweating it out.”  For some reason I seem to believe that I can sweat out the sickies by exercising.  Not sure if this is a proven fact or not, but I like to think that it works.  So when I felt a scratchy throat come on last night, I was like “I gotta go to the gym in the morning!”  

Why it didn’t happen... I had a dream about work (and those eight training classes) that woke me up in the middle of the night.  And then I couldn’t go back to sleep.  So I laid there from 2:15 until 3:30 thinking about work, my sore throat, and the fact that I knew I wasn’t going to get up and go to the gym and how peeved I was about everything.  I love doing that in the middle of the night.  Grr.  

So, that’s what’s up over here.  Sickies.  Hopefully it’s just an allergy flare up that will go away on it’s own.  I hope so.  Send me healthy vibes, I need them!!  

Questions for you …

- Is it me, or is everyone sick lately?  
- Did you work out today?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nice, Easy and Slow Interval Treadmill Workout

Hi!  Sheesh, it’s already the end of the day?  And I didn’t talk at you all day?  Sorry about that!  

Today was quite the day.  Non-stop is the word (or words).  And it started with a trip to the gym.  Yea!  

I almost didn’t get out of bed this morning.  It was cold, I was cozy, I wasn’t feeling the whole “get up and go” thing, but then I remembered:  I am only 5 days away from a half marathon.  EEEEK!  So I bolted out of bed and made my way to the gym for some good ol’ cardio.  15 on the bike while reading my book and then 25 minutes on the treadmill testing out my ankle brace.

Pain level today - eh, about a 3 on a scale of 10 (10 being “Yowza, I can’t run”).  Not too shabby.  I still feel stiffness and a dull pain below my ankle, which I’m not sure the ankle brace really helps, but it wasn’t too bad.  I did a really basic interval workout, that I am kind of starting to like.  It’s for beginning runners, but I’m using it anyway to ease my bum ankle back into running shape.  It went something like this:

  • 30 second walk; 30 second run
  • 1 minute walk; 1 minute run
  • 1:30 minute walk; 1:30 minute run
  • 2 minute walk; 2 minute run
  • 1:30 minute walk; 1:30 minute run
  • 1 minute walk; 1 minute run
  • 30 second walk; 30 second run
Super easy, and super duper slow (that’s my name!).  I was very happy about this workout and am feeling less freaked out about running the Princess this weekend.  Woohoo!  

After my workout, my day got to be super speedy and non-stop.  I am so freaky crazy busy at work I can’t even describe it.  Luckily I’m home now and we have some fun plans to go get some dinner somewhere fun with Greg.  He leaves tomorrow so we’re going to go live it up tonight and eat something good.  

Have a wonderful night!

Questions for you …

- What was your workout today?

Monday, February 20, 2012

FMM: Travel

Hey!  It's Monday!  That means it's Friend Makin' Monday!  

Today's Topic:  Travel

  1. Where did your most recent trip take you?  My last was to Hartford, CT for work.
  2. Is there a place that you’d like to visit that you haven’t yet?  If so, where?  There are so many places I’d like to visit!  I want to go to Europe.  And any tropical island would be good too.  I have been to several, but I can't get enough of Caribbean beaches.
  3. Do you travel lightly, or do you cram as much into your luggage as possible?  It is amazing I don't go over the 50 lb limit all the time.  I like to have clothing options when I travel,  and all of my toiletries, so I pack a lot.  I don't know how anyone can do a carry on bag on planes....I have way too much stuff to fit in a little bag.  
  4. Do your eating and exercise habits change when you travel? If so, how?  Ugh, yes.  Travel for me means little to no exercise and crazy eating.  I know I have a choice of what to eat and how much to exercise, but even when I have good intentions to keep up my normal habits, I don't.  It kind of sucks.  I'm trying to work on this.  (trying being the operative word)
  5. Tell us about a place you’ve been that you’d like to go back to. Hawaii, for sure.  Hubs and I keep saying we're going to go back for our 5 year anniversary.  So beautiful.  It's like a different country.  It was amazing.
  6. Do you prefer to travel at a certain time of year?  I travel a good amount throughout the year for work, so it doesn't matter when I go.  I prefer to not travel when there are crazy snowstorms though.  Luckily this year has been mild.
  7. If you had to choose, would you go to the beach or the mountains?  I love beachy vacations, but I also think the mountains are beautiful (and something I see rarely).  
  8. Have you ever needed a passport to travel?  Yes.  For my last cruise I got to use my passport for the first time.  
  9. Do you collect anything in your travels?  Hubs collects Hard Rock Cafe pins, so if there is a Hard Rock wherever we go, we have to stop and get one.  I try to get a Christmas ornament everywhere I go, but I haven't been keeping up with this lately. (aka during our cruise in November)
  10. Where do you plan to go next?  I'm going to Hartford in a few weeks...again (fourth time this year).  We're toying with a "summer vacation" to DC and Philly and Colonial Williamsburg - we are calling it the "American History Adventure."  Hehe!  
That's all from me, what about you???  

Sunday at Epcot

Hello there!  Sorry for being incommunicado lately.  Yesterday we left the house at 10am and didn’t get home til almost 10pm.  And today was a crazy busy day as well.  Sheesh!  

Yesterday we had a blast out at Epcot.  As I mentioned our friend Greg is in town from St. Louis and he wanted to live it up at Epcot to partake in some cocktails around the world and see the sights at Epcot.  It was a perfect day to be at the park - it was warm, sunny and breezy. And our other friend Ralph met us out there and off we went.  First stop, Mexico to La Cava del Tequila - a really cool tequila bar in the Mexico pavillion.

Photo bombed by a hat

Strawberry margarita around noon?  Don’t mind if I do!  

After that we made our way around the world - in Germany the guys had beers, I had half of a caramel apple.  

Greg had a DIY sake bomb in Japan.

And so on and so forth.  We took a break from the park around 3 and went to ESPN Club to watch the Magic/Heat game and get some grub.  We gave up on the game at halftime and made our way back to the park where we hit England, did another lap around the world and then made our way to Soarin’.  We got a Fast Pass for Soarin’ right when we got to the park at 11:00.  Our Fast Passes weren’t good until 7:20pm, so that was our last stop of the evening.  By then Hubs and Greg were in good spirits.  

All in all, great day!  I can’t remember the last time we spent the ENTIRE day at Disney.  Usually we go for a few hours and we are out of there, but we did a full day.  In fact, we did 6+ miles around the park!  

Isn’t that crazy!  I always wonder how far we walk when we go to the parks, so I got a cheapy pedometer to wear to see.  6.163 miles yesterday.  That’s a great warm up for the half marathon next weekend, yes?  

Questions for you ….
What did you do on Sunday?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

This Time Next Week & Goals

So, one week from today I will be completing my eleventh half marathon at Disney!  Although, it will be very different from my last half back in January.  That half I trained for, I had goals for and I was ready for.  

This one … not so much.  

But it’s OK!  It’s actually kind of crazy that I am actually going through with it given my dumb ol’ ankle.  But I  just can’t stomach forfeiting $170 and not crossing that finish line, ya know?  I’m hoping Mr. Tendinitis doesn’t ruin my day.  And if he does become a problem, well, I’ll be OK just walking (or maybe limping) 13.1 miles.  Though I’m hoping to at least run a little bit of it.  And who knows, I might surprise myself and my supersonic new ankle brace might be magical and I might run the whole dang thing (doubt it though).  

So, a week out, I am ready to rumble.  I’m mostly looking forward to the experience.  The Princess Half Marathon is always a fun race to do - picture 10,000 women dressed up like Disney Princesses and other Disney characters, it’s just cool.  

Changing subjects completely ….

The other day I mentioned that my next goal in my 52 Small Changes book is to eat more vegetables.  Uhh, yeah.  Actually the goal of the week is to “eat 4-6 servings of vegetables per day.”  Umm, not sure if you know this about me, but I don’t eat vegetables.  I know, that’s awful, but I don’t.  I eat some veggies - like potatoes and corn - but they don’t technically count as vegetables (or that’s what people tell me anyway).  

I have gotten a little better and have expanded my horizons a little bit, so now I eat green beans and zucchini and onions and sweet potatoes (cuz those count), but that’s it.  Oh, and I’ll eat salad, but only if it’s drenched in Caesar dressing  with more croutons than lettuce.  Hey, it’s lettuce, right?

So needless to say, this goal is going to be a toughie for me.  I will try though.  In fact, I bought a bunch of veggies at the grocery store today...the ones I like, and I actually bought a new veggie - celery.  I figure if I can dunk it in peanut butter, it’s gotta be good.  

So that’s the goal - vegetables this week.  And the gym, I gotta hit the gym (and run) this week, religiously.  I’ve gotta half marathon to prepare for.  

Questions for you …
- What are your goals this week?
- Any races next weekend?  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Home Improvement Saturday

Hey there!  

It's been a busy day thus far!  We have "home improvement" Saturday going on over here.  Woohoo!  So far we've gotten our TV hung on the wall in our bedroom (something we've been meaning to do for ages now), our toilets are fixed (they've been running for way too long now) and we have a super clean house, so I feel like we have definitely accomplished something today.  

I went to Bikram yoga this morning - oooh weee!  It was tough today.  I couldn't get into it at all, and I couldn't keep my balance to save my soul, I was all over the place.  The good thing though, I probably sweat out two gallons of sweat (ew).  I was soaked (I guess that's the name of the game).  Even though it wasn't my best showing, it was still quite the workout this morning.  It still amazes me how hard my heart beats while doing those postures.  I really don't think my heart beat that hard while on the elliptical yesterday (hmm, that must mean I am not working hard enough)...

We have an exciting weekend coming up.  Our friend Greg is coming in from St. Louis for a visit!  

Greg's on the far left, next to him is Ralph
He is staying with us (hence the cleaning and home improvement) and we have a fun filled day planned tomorrow - Epcot!  I think Ralph is joining in the fun too.  So I think this means that the boys will likely be drinking around the world and I will be the designated driver and photographer.  Fine by me, I love a good trip to Epcot.  So stay tuned for some fun pics.  

On that note, I need to go to the grocery store to pick up some food for our house guest.  I haven't been to the grocery store in two weeks so our fridge is looking bare.  

Have a great weekend!!  

Questions for you ...
- What are you up to this weekend?  
- Anyone do Bikram today?  

Friday, February 17, 2012

Daily Duo & Idol Talk

Hello there, happy Friday! 
I don't think I actually really woke up this morning until I was about 5 minutes into my bike ride at the gym.  (scary, since I drove to the gym)  I was so tired, and I don't know why.  It might have been the 4 hous of American Idol I watched last night?  But luckily, I got out of bed and completed 15 minutes on the bike, 15 minutes on the elliptical and then did a good arm workout.  I skipped the treadmill today to give my ankle a rest, don't want to do too much.  Good workout!  I actually multi-tasked and read my book while I was doing the cardio (always a bonus).  The arm workout looked a little like this... 
Chest Presses10 lbs102
Chest Flye w/ Tricep Extension10 lbs102
Upright Rows10 lbs102
Bicep Curl with Twist10 lbs102
Hammer Curls10 lbs102
Shoulder Presses10 lbs102
Front to Side Shoulder Raises10 lbs102
Dumbbell Squats10 lbs102
Overall, great Friday workout.  Tomorrow, I'm heading back to Bikram Yoga!  Yay!! 
Let's talk about my Daily Duo for a minute.  I've been spot on with it all month and I'm already thinking about how I want to change it next month.  I hate the jumping jacks.  I don't mind jumping jacks, but I wish I didn't have to do 40 of them every day.  I think next month I would like to limit the Daily Duo to just include strength exercises like squats, lunges, push ups, etc.  I get enough cardio at the gym (well, when I go, hee).  So that's that.  Over the last few weeks I have learned that some of you have started your own Daily Duos and I love that!  How's it coming along?  Having a goal to do a simple one or two exercises every single day is really kind of fun, isn't it?
Oh, and I am failing miserably at my goal of the week from 52 Small Changes - "keeping the outside .... out" AKA taking my shoes off at the door before walking into the house.  Of the 20-something times I've walked into the house this week, I've probably only taken my shoes off 4 times.  Eek.  It's a learning curve.  I'll get there.  I took a sneak peek at next week's goal and it's another one I might not do too well at ... "eating more veggies" ... uh oh.
So I mentioned above that Hubs and I watched like 4 hours of Idol yesterday - Wednesday's show and last night's show.  Did anyone watch last night?  Holy cripes, it was GOOD!  There are some amaaazing people this year.  Phillip Phillips, I like him a lot (he reminds me of Dave Matthews).  And the Asian guy, he's hilarious.  And Jen Hirsh, wow.  And the "White Chocolate" guy.  Those are just my early faves right now.  (yes, I'm an Idol nerd)
I don't think I ever shared what all happened with J on Idol this season.  So, as I have mentioned before, she auditioned in Galveston and made it through to Hollywood!  And if you've been watching you know about the crazy "Idol Bug" that was going around during Hollywood Week.  Well, J fell victim to the bug.  We originally thought she had food poisoning, but it turns out she had "the bug" too.  The day of her first audition in Hollywood she threw up about 20 times. (sorry, gross)  And if you watch really closely in the two Hollywood episodes, you see a shot of her hovering over a garbage can with her mom holding her hair back.  (fab!) 
The whole thing made my heart break when it was happening back in December.  She had made it SO far and was so excited, and then she got so sick and was not herself when she was in Hollywood.  She said she was so sick she was praying that she didn't make it, because she knew she wouldn't be able to make it through the grueling "group night."  She got cut on that first day.  Boo.  But, man, what an experience.  Tens of thousands of people tried out for Idol this year and J made it to the Top 300.  That's quite the accomplishment!!  And she's our Idol no matter what!! 
 Alright, I have a bazillion things to do before I can call it the "weekend" so I gotta fly.  Later!
Questions for you...
- Are you watching Idol?
- Do you do a Daily Duo type of thing?