Saturday, February 25, 2012

Disney Princess Half Marathon Race Expo

All I can say is I am so glad that workweek is over.  I feel like I have been neglecting the bloggity blog.  I only have one more day of utter craziness (Monday) and then I will be back to my regular schedule of blogging at some point in the morning hours.  

I am celebrating a crazy busy week by doing absolutely nothing today except sitting on the couch and catching up on TV on the DVR.  The perfect thing to do the day before I have to wake up at 3:15am to run a half marathon. Yeah, you read that right, the alarm is going off at 3:15 tomorrow.  That’s a.m.  Why do I do this?  Or better, why do I pay money (lots of it) to do this?  

Tomorrow - half marathon day - the plan is to meet up with Amanda at 4:15am at a restaurant near Disney so we only have to take one car to Epcot.  And then after that, the plan is to run 2/1 intervals until my poor little ankle can’t handle it anymore.  But I’m thinking I might surprise myself with the running and the pain.  I think it’s going to be OK and I am going to run more than I am expecting.  And if I don’t, well, that’s OK too.  I have no expectations for tomorrow’s race.  Just to finish and have fun.  

I hit the Disney Princess Half Marathon this morning to pick up my race packet and peruse the Expo.  I got there early - at 10am - because I figured it would be less crowded early in the day than in the afternoon.  Wrong.  I had to park about 2.7 miles away from the building, which is great practice for tomorrow, I guess.  

Since it’s the Princess Half Marathon, of course they had Cinderella’s carriage outside of the tent where you picked up your packets.  

And you could take your picture with these guys if you wanted to wait in a line that looks like this. 

No thanks.  

I made my way into the area where you pick up your packets and it must have been my lucky day because the line for my race number was only four people deep.  Other lines were like fifty four people deep.  These are days when it’s good to be slow and in Corral F! (corrals go up to H, so I won’t be last place, woohoo!)

After I got my bib I made my way to the Expo.  I was shopping at the Expo for arm sleeves, because the shirt that goes with my costume is sleeveless and it’s supposed to be on a chilly side in the morning (upper 50s).  So my goal was to go to the Expo early when no one was there.  Ha!  

Madhouse.  I spent about an hour perusing the the booths.  I got some good samples and found a shirt that I loved! 

Totally regret not buying that shirt. Dang. Oh well, but I found my arm sleeves.  

If only they said “half NUTS”, that would have been perfect.  :)

After I got home I checked out the swag bag from Disney and realized they forgot to put all of the swag in my bag.  WTF Disney?  Contents of my race bag - my t shirt, a booklet with race info in it and some safety pins.  Are you serious!?!?!?!  $170 race entry fee and that’s all I get?  I’m not expecting diamonds and stacks of money in my bag, but I was looking for something like pamphlets for other races or coupons or anything really.  Not even a free mini Clif bar (which I always get from other Disney races).  Not cool Run Disney, not cool.  

At least the shirt is cute this year.

On that note, I gotta go. I have about 3 liters of water to drink and some pasta to devour.  Happy carb loading to me!  

Wish me luck tomorrow, send happy vibes my way!!  Please.

Questions for you …

- Anyone else racing this weekend?

- What are you up to?

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  1. Good luck on the race! Take care of that achilles. while you are running I will probably either already be up or still up coughing. I have a sinus cold that drains down the back of my throat and causes a chronic, super annoying, debilitating cough. Can't lie down without constant coughing, so I can't sleep. I get snipits of rest in between coughing fits. It is mega annoying. the coughing hasn't stopped me from running but the exhaustion has.

    Have fun on this race!! Will be cheering you on from So. Cal.