Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day and DMB Love

Hello!  Happy Leap Day!  Today should be a national holiday that everyone has off of work.  This day only comes around once every four years, so it should be celebrated with no work.  Just sayin...
We are actually celebrating Leap Day tonight.  Disney is doing a really cool thing called "One More Disney Day."  They opened Magic Kingdom at 6am this morning, and it will stay open for 24 hours, closing at 6am tomorrow!  All day, all night, all Magic Kingdom!  How cool is that?!  So, being the Disney dweebs we are, we're spending the night at the park!  OK, well, maybe not the whole night, because Hubs has to work tomorrow (I don't!).  But our plan is to go out there later this evening (like 9-ish) and stay into the wee hours of the morning.  Fun right?  We'll see how long we can last.  We're kind of crotchety and like to be in bed by 10 most nights (shoot, last night we were actually in bed at 8 watching American Idol, haha). 
Speaking of American Idol, did anyone watch last night?  Holy cow, how the heck are they going to narrow the guys down to 5?  Everyone was super good last night.  Well, mostly everyone.  I would say 9 out of the 12 people were phenomenal.  My favorite:  Phillip Phillips, aka Dave Matthews Jr. 
Have I ever talked about my extreme love for Dave?  OMG, LOVE.  Actually ever since we "met" Phillip Phillips on Idol, I have busted out all of my Dave Matthews Band CDs and have been on a nostalgia trip.  Under the Table and Dreaming - best CD everrrrrrrrrrr.  That CD is the soundtrack of my senior year of high school.  I went to my first DMB concert as a senior (class of '95, woot woot!) and it was literally the greatest thing ever.  It was before they hit it really big, so the concert was at this tiny little club in Orlando, so intimate and just awesome.  Since then I've seen Dave umpteen times in gigantic venues.  Hmm, I might need to go to a Dave concert this year... 
Anyway, I a big way.  Phillip Phillips - he is my guy pick on Idol this year.  He did a rendition of Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight" that was so neato!  Check it...
The girls perform tonight and they have some tough competition with the guys, so I am anxious to hear how they do.  Yes, Idol nerd right here.
There is no workout to speak of this morning.  I'm still battling some soreness in my left leg from the race.  Only my left, my right is OK.  What's up with that?  I plan on bringing back the workouts in a big way next week with something that rhymes with Shminsanity...  Yes, I'm actually thinking about doing the Insanity 60 day challenge all over again.  AAH!  We'll see, I haven't fully committed yet (because it scares me).  But I need a change in my workout routine, something that challenges me, and something that will kick my ass back into shape, because somehow I've fallen into a rut.  Insanity did it for me last year (in a big way), so I might be brining in the big guns come March.  Eee!! 
And on that note, I'm off.  I have some stuff to do.  Oh hey, did you know that today Subway (my most favorite restaurant) is giving a free cookie with any purchase to celebrate Leap Day?  Um, hi, I will be there for lunch and dinner.  There are few things on this earth that taste better than their White Chip Macadamia Nut cookie, and I am going to have TWO of them today.  Happy Leap Day to me! 
Questions for you ...
- What are you doing to celebrate Leap Day?
- Do you like Subway?

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