Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We Bought a Zoo

OK, wait, no we didn’t.  But we watched the movie We Bought a Zoo! 

We’ve had the movie We Bought a Zoo from Netflix for like 2 weeks, and Hubs and I have been kind of “eh” about watching it.  We didn’t really know what it was about, and we thought it sounded kind of cheesy, so we kept putting it off.  Last night we finally watched it and holy cow, it was excellent!!  I was so pleasantly surprised at how warm and fuzzy and wonderful this movie was.  I loved it.  At the end of the movie, we both looked at each other and said “I am SO glad we watched that.”  It was super!  Go rent it.  So good!! 

Also good, my workout today!  I did Day 2 of C25K – intervals of 60 seconds running and 90 seconds walking – but this time I did it outside.  Man, it was good!  I did a 5 minute warm up and then did the intervals for 20 minutes straight and then walked the last 5 minutes.  Towards the end I was getting a little tired and noticed my foot dragging a bit, but outside of that my foot and ankle were working like a champ.  Very little pain and very little foot drag.  Pain is a bad way to describe it because it doesn’t hurt anymore, it’s just a weird feeling - a nuisance.  Anyway, the workout was fab.  I’m going to take tomorrow off of running and just do elliptical, to give my ankle a rest, and then do workout 3 of week one on Friday.  And I think I am going to do week one of the program again next week.  I’m not sure I’m ready to graduate to longer running intervals just yet.  I don’t want to hurt anything, ya know?

And another good thing today (I’m just full of happiness today) – my physical therapy appointment.  Today was technically my last PT appointment until I go to the Orthopaedic again next Tuesday.  My Physical Therapist said that she can see definite improvement in the strength of my foot and my measurements.  She redid my measurements (so that she could share my progress with the doctor) and she said I had improvement across the board.  Woohoo!  She said I am still really tight in my calves, but I went from a -12 mobility in my left foot to a -4 mobility.  “Normal” is +10, so I have a ways to go, but at least I am making progress.  YES!  And, just to be able to run again without pain is enough for me to deem the PT a success, so I am just super happy about everything right now and hope to continue on with this.  YAY!

Shar asked me a while back to post some of my PT exercises that I am doing, so here we go…. 

The first three exercises require a pillow (to elevate my foot off of the ground) and a resistance band.  The tighter the better. 

This first one has me looping the resistance band around the top of my foot and then tying the other end of the band around the leg of our coffee table.  Then I position myself where the band is really taught (no give) and I start in the pointed position and then flex my foot up towards my face.  Good stretch.  I have to concentrate on not letting my foot turn inward, so it takes a lot for me to keep it straight. 

The next one is kind of the opposite of the last one.  I switch the band around to where I am holding the band and pulling it taught and then I start in a flex position and point my foot downward, like I’m mashing on the accelerator of a car.  Again, gotta keep my foot from turning inward.

The next one helps me build strength in my ankle.  I hold the band towards to right, really taught, and flex my foot to the left and back to center. 

The next one is calf stretch with a  towel.  I’m sure you’ve done this one before.

And calf raises.  I swear, over the last few weeks I have done many, many calf raises and I must say my calves are starting to look nice!  Haha.

The next three are to strengthen my hips and no resistance band is required.  This one I lay down, bend my right knee up and then raise my left leg up to knee level and then back down.  At home this is easy, at PT she adds an ankle weight, which makes it a workout.

This one is your typical hip abductor exercise (leg raises or “Jane Fondas” as my old personal trainer used to call them).  The trick though, keep your hips stacked and your foot FLEXED.  This is hard for me.  Again, in PT she adds weight and ooh boy, my leg is screaming at the end.

The last one is to strengthen the back of the leg.  Face down, lift your leg.  But engage your glute each time.  This makes it harder.

These are just my “week one” exercises (that I still do everyday).  I have a bunch of other ones that I will share later.  I don’t have pictures of those at the moment.  So feel free to try them out and strengthen your ankles/legs/hips with these little gems along with me.  It’ll be FUN! 

Alright, I should get going.  Have a wonderful rest of the day!

Questions for you ...
- Do you do any stretching type of exercises before you run/workout?
- Did anyone see We Bought a Zoo?  What did you think?


  1. I loved We Bought A Zoo! LOVED IT!! Bawled my eyes out - but really, that's nothing new.

  2. I bawled too! Like for 20 minutes after the movie was over! But it was one of those "feel good" cries.