Friday, June 29, 2012

Change of Plans

Hey Hey!  Happy Friday!  I'm HOME!  Woohoo!  

Last night on my plane ride home I sat next to a lady who did nothing but hack and cough and blow her nose the whole flight.  I sat there for the whole flight praying to the Vitamin C gods that I would not get sick.  So far, so good.  But man, if I get sick I'm going to have to find her and sneeze on her.  

My flight home was fine, uneventful, just the way I like it.  Though I do have one word of advice.  Do not wolf down a Quarter Pounder with Cheese from Mickey D's 5 minutes before boarding a 3 hour flight.  Your stomach will hate you for a majority of the flight. Better yet, just don't eat a Quarter Pounder with Cheese period.  It's just bad news.  (but DELICIOUS)

I have today off of work, which makes me uber happy.  Tonight, the girls and I are going out for a crazy night on the town to see some of this...

Oh yes, we are going to the male scrip club...or at least we're seeing the movie about male strippers - Magic Mike.  We have been talking about it all week long, so we are giddy excited to see Channing Tatum and Matt Bomer take it all off.  Though they probably won't take anything off except their shirts, but that's OK too.  Hehe.  I'll let you know how it is.

So, remember a while back when I said that we were taking a vacation to the Blue Ridge Mountains over the week of July 4th?  It was going to be me and Hubs, my parents and Hubs’ parents and we were going stay in a phat cabin in the woods and do fun stuff like white water rafting and zip-lining and hiking?  Yeah, that’s not happening now.  My mom-in-law developed shingles recently and so we’ve decided to postpone our trip until Labor Day week (or Thanksgiving week, we haven’t decided yet).

It’s a bummer that our vacay was postponed, but it’s not all that bad.  See, every year on the 4th of July we have a tradition.  And if you’ve been reading this blog over the last year (God bless you for hanging in there), you know what that tradition is …

It’s a 5K put on by our local running store that attracts thousands of people.  And they serve fresh watermelon at the end.  Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?!?!  I was a little bummed that our vacation was going to make me break tradition and not do this 5K (I’ve done it religiously for the last 5 years), but when I found out that we weren’t going, I immediately texted the gals and said “WHO’S IN!?!?!?”  And, luckily everyone was totally down for the 5K.  (or, they were just down with IHOP afterwards, I’m not too sure)

Since I haven’t been running a whole lot lately, I have committed to walking it with the gals.  So we will be walking a leisurely 3.1 miles on the morning of July 4th.  Although, I have told them that I am going to make them pick up the pace a tad, because they are thinking of literally moseying along the course.  I can’t do mosey during a 5K.  So we’ll see how it goes.  I’m super excited though.  I can’t remember the last 5K I did…February’s Universal Studios one?

I guess I’d better get on the treadmill this weekend and practice, huh? 

Questions for you …
- Do your towns offer a 4th of July Fun Run? 
- Anyone doing any 5Ks or races anytime soon?
- Plans for the 4th?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No Working Tonight

Hey y’all!  (Can I still say that while I’m in the Northeast?)
Tonight I decided to get out of my room.  Every night this week has been the same - I come back from the office, turn on my computer and continue working until like 8 o’clock (while watching copious amounts of HGTV).  
Tonight, I decided enough was enough.  I vowed not to do a lick of work and instead go exploring.  So I went to West Hartford, which is the cutest little area with shops and restaurants.

If you remember, last time I was here I discovered a store that I was dying to check out, but it was closed when we went.  Tonight, Charming Charlie was OPEN!

And man, it was sensory overload. 

The mecca of accessories.  I didn’t even know where to begin looking there was so much stuff.  I didn’t need anything and I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, so it was really difficult being there, because I just didn’t even know what to look at first.  I ended up not buying anything because nothing sang to me, but everything was cute.  Don’t you hate that?  I am sure tomorrow I will be like “that necklace would have gone great with this outfit!”  Argh. 
After Charming Charlie, I walked around a bit more, enjoying the gorgeous weather they are having here (low 80s, no humidity, breezy, sunny – the complete opposite of Florida).  I capped off the evening with dinner at Panera (their mac n cheese is seriously some of the best mac n cheese everrrr) and now I’m back in my spot.
My Hotel Office.
Now it’s time for So You Think You Can Dance, so I must go.  Tomorrow I have another late morning, so you can bet that I will be at the gym tomorrow morning doing a replay of Tuesday morning’s workout! 
Talk to you later – most likely from Florida!  (going home tomorrow night – woo!) 
Questions for you ….
- Do you go exploring when you’re traveling on business?
- Do you watch SYTYCD?  Who are your faves? 
I LOVE Cyrus (the lone Dragon House guy), and the girls are amazing but I don't know any of their names.  I will be able to name names after tonight's show! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Connecticut Workout

Greetings from Connecticut!
I made it here just fine yesterday.  I was a little worried because it was still raining in Orlando yesterday morning (it literally has not stopped in days!) , so I was worried with all of the airport delays from the previous day if I would get out.  I did, and made it here safe and sound.  Got in around noontime and went straight to the office.  Luckily, after my meeting ended  at 3:30 I came to the hotel and had a lovely, leisurely rest of the work day in my hotel room in front of the TV.  Not bad, huh? 
This morning I woke up uber early (it gets really light really really early here in the Northeast) and decided to go to the gym!  YES, me, the girl who brings her workout clothes and shoes wherever she goes and never uses them!  I actually went this morning.  Go me!  I really felt the need to move, so I went down to the tiny gym here and did a 10-10-10 (bike, elliptical, treadmill).  It felt good!  Tomorrow I have to be up and out by 7:30, so I am thinking that tomorrow I won’t be able to get in a workout, but Thursday I will, my schedule doesn’t have me going into the office until after 9.  Sweet!  I’d love to keep up the momentum. 
I am looking out the window today and I see two things I haven’t seen in DAYS … the sun and blue sky.  I have missed it.  I am seriously hoping that Tropical Storm Debby is gone by the time I get home on Thursday night. 
And with that, I need to hit the showers and get the day started.  Have a terrific Tuesday!
Questions for you …
Do you workout when you travel?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rainy Day Peanut Butter Pie

Hey!  Greetings from soggy Orlando.  Sheesh, it hasn’t stopped raining at all today.  There literally hasn’t been one minute where it hasn’t been raining.  And, I was supposed to leave for Hartford tonight, but my flight got delayed from 6:45 to 9:55pm, which would get it me into Hartford after midnight.  No thanks.  I rescheduled my flight so that I leave tomorrow instead.  Thanks Tropical Storm Debbie.  

This weekend has been a total wash. (Ha!  I made a funny!)  Hubs and I have reverted into such a lazy state, we have actually run out of TV to watch.  We’ve watched everything on our DVR, we finished two seasons of The Amazing Race on You Tube (seasons 2 and 3) and we watched two more Superman movies (the 4th one, which was so horrendous I’m not even sure why it was made) and then the one from a few years back, which wasn’t half bad.  Seriously, what happened to that guy who played Superman, Brandon Routh?  He was perfect as Superman, looked just like Christopher Reeve.  I wish he was doing something now.  I will now call him SuperCutie.

Cute, no?
Sorry, I digress.  I haven’t been completely lazy this weekend.  Pilates was the name of the game this weekend.  I got a new DVD and did a workout yesterday morning and one today morning that kind of kicked my butt.  Years ago I used to go to a pilates class twice a week at my gym and it was the greatest thing I ever did for my body.  I unfortunately stopped going to that pilates class when I moved and changed gyms, but I have always tried to keep a little pilates in my life because it is so good for you.  Hence my new DVD.  I’m really digging it.

Saturday we also took a trip to Costco.  I think we have decided that we will NOT be going to Costco anymore on the weekends.  It is way too aggravating.  People don’t have a clue where they are going, they drive their carts with reckless abandon, and it’s just annoying.  We almost got in several cart accidents!  We literally got the 4 things on our list and high tailed it out of there.  We vow only to go on weeknights and weekends at 9am from now on.

Since the rain has kept us inside all day, and we’re getting cabin fever, and there’s nothing to watch on TV, we decided to check out the All Recipes channel on our Roku box.  We found all kinds of yummy delicious recipes to try and decided to try one out tonight. Ch-check this out, you will be salivating in 3-2-1...

No Bake Peanut Butter Pie
(makes 2 pies)

2 pre-made graham cracker crusts
8 oz. cream cheese
1 ½ cups powdered sugar
1 c peanut butter
16 oz container Cool Whip

1) Bring cream cheese to room temperature
2) Mix together cream cheese and powdered sugar with an electric mixer
3) Add peanut butter and mix together
4) Fold in Cool Whip with spatula
5) Spoon into graham cracker crusts
6) Cover with plastic wrap and put in freezer for 2 hours

No, it’s not low cal, it’s not low fat and it’s not very nutritious, but good Lord, it’s gonna be delicious!  (As I am typing this, it is still “cooking” in the freezer so I haven't had a piece yet. But I did lick the spoon and it was amaaaazing.  I am salivating now just thinking about it.)  We only made one, because really, who needs two peanut butter pies in their house? And to our credit we did use the ⅓ less fat cream cheese and the light Cool Whip and reduced fat Jif, if that makes any difference.  But, I’m sure it doesn’t. And for the record,  I will be adding sliced bananas to my piece because I LOVE PB and banana. Seriously though, I cannot wait to dig in!!  I think we still have an hour of freezer time left. Gah!!

And with that, I am going to leave you now.  Next time we speak I will (hopefully) be in Connecticut, unless it keeps on raining.  Sheesh.  Have a great rest of the weekend!

Questions for you …
- What did you do this weekend?
- Have any good weekend recipes to share?
- Is it raining where you are?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Rainy Weekend Ahead

Happy Friday!  WOOO!!!!  Can you tell I’m a little excited that the weekend is upon us?  Even though it’s supposed to rain all over Florida all weekend (thank you to the multiple tropical systems brewing in the Gulf), I am looking forward to a crazy lazy weekend. 

Today I took my own advice and got out of bed and went to the gym.  Yessss!  It was actually easy to get up today considering I went to sleep at 9:30 last night.  It’s amazing what a full night’s sleep will do. 

Anyway, I popped right out of bed and went to the gym and it was GOOD.  I wanted to spend the morning on treadmill trying out the running again, so I did 10 minutes on the bike and then 30 on the treadmill.  I did about 10 minutes of concentrated walking (my PT says I need to concentrate on not clomping my left foot down while on the treadmill, and instead rolling it the way normal people walk – I always knew I was really loud on the treadmill, now I know why!)  before doing 90 second intervals of running for the remainder of the workout.  It was good.  But I must say, 90 seconds of running left me TIRED.  Like, by the end of the 90 seconds I was really really happy to walk.  This means I am really out of running shape.  Bleh.  I’ll get there.

After the treadmill I did a quickie arm workout that looked like this:

Bicep Curl w/Twist10 lbs102
Mac Raises10 lbs102
Bent Over Rows10 lbs102
Tricep DipsBodyweight102
Chest Flye w/ Tricep Extension10 lbs102
Squats Bodyweight102

I did not like this arm routine at all.  Mac raises KILL me and make me not want to work my arms anymore.  Hence the measly 2 sets.  Meh.

No plans for the weekend except for lounging around and staying out of the rain.  I am leaving for another trip to Connecticut on Sunday evening.  Ugh, hate business travel on Sundays.  So, expect a week of little to no working out next week, since you know my track record with working out while traveling.  Blah.  However, my schedule is pretty flexible all week – I don’t have any meetings until 10 o’clock every day next week, so I could technically get in a morning workout and not have to wake up too too early… we’ll see how that goes... 

OK, I should skedaddle.  Have a wonderful rest of your Friday – catch ya later!

Questions for you …
- What are you up to this weekend?
- Do you work out when you travel for business or vacation? 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just Do It

Hello there!

Sorry for being absent yesterday.  I had to get to work at the crack of dawn yesterday for a meeting and by the end of it, I was so beat that I just slept under my desk the rest of the day.  Just kidding.  But I really didn’t have anything fun to talk about, so thought I would spare you the lame post.  You’re welcome.

Today might be just as lame because I don’t have anything really entertaining to talk about today either.  But I could share with you the exciting thing I ate for dinner last night.  Get ready for it….

Yeah, can you believe it?  Salad!  OK, well, I had it with a side of this…

Mini homemade pizzas.  (And no I didn’t eat both, I had the cheese one in the back, Hubs had the pepperoni.)  But let’s focus on the salad part. 

I bought a bag of Caesar salad because that’s the only kind of salad I will actually try.  We went to Sweet Tomatoes last weekend and I had a heaping plate of their Caesar, which was so good.  So I wanted to recreate it at home.  This salad was NOT as good, but it was fine.  For salad.  (For those who don’t know, I do not eat salad.  I hate lettuce – I know, it’s sad.)  So I had a bowl of the salad (with way too many garlicky croutons that gave me dragon breath for the rest of the night) and then my little pizza.  The whole meal was just OK.  About a 6 on a scale of 10.  Tonight we’re having burgers, which will likely rank higher up on that scale.  We’ll see.

I did not get up and workout today and it was a dumb idea.  I always know that I feel better – more peppy and energetic – when I work out in the morning, so why can’t I just do it?  Why does my brain tell me, at 5:30am, “no, you want to sleep in” all the time lately?  Ugh.  I need to figure out a way to override these nasty “no gym” thoughts and just do it.  Maybe I need a shirt that says “Just Do It.” 

Thank you Zac Efron for that.  Thank you.

Tomorrow I will just do it.  Promise.

Now, I need to just do… WORK.  Although I’d rather play the George Costanza game, but whatever.  Have a fabulous rest of your day!  I promise to be more inspirational tomorrow.  Though, the salad this is a big step.  OK, later!

Questions for you…
- What do you like on your salad? 
- What are some ways that you get your kids to eat salad so that it doesn’t taste so “green.” 
 (I am obviously asking this question for myself, since I’m a picky kid when it comes to salad and veggies)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Safe Running

Hi hi!  How’s it going?  I hope everyone’s having a terrific Tuesday.  (what is with me and the days of the week alliteration?)

Today started off good.  I made my triumphant return to the gym after a few days off.  Do you notice that I am having more “triumphant returns” to the gym lately?  I should be going everyday, but for some reason sleeping in has just been a better idea to me.  Ugh, must break this habit.  Today, I think I did, because it felt SO GOOD to workout today.  I always wonder, after a good workout, why have I not done this everyday?  Oh, and I RAN with no pain today!  Can I get a woo woo!! 

I did a 10-15-10 workout today (it was going to be a 10-15-20, but time got away from me) – 10 on the bike, 15 on the treadmill and 10 on the elliptical.  I did a combo of running and walking on the treadmill and felt no pain in my ankle.  Hallelujah!!!!  I was a little worried because I haven’t run in, oh, about 2 weeks, so I was worried that my inactivity would bring me back to some sort of funky foot pain, but nope!  The physical therapy and shoe inserts are working!  I didn’t run much, about 4 minutes total (with walking in between) – which is kind of a sad showing, but a start nonetheless.  I am happy with this and that’s all that matters.

Remember when I “started” Couch to 5K a couple of weeks ago?  Yeah, that didn’t pan out too well.  We went to Sanibel on our mini vacation and my want to run just kind of went away after that.  But after today’s mini-run, I am ready to give it another go again.  I don’t want to put in writing that “yes I am starting C25K this week”, but I am going to make an attempt to run a little bit each day this week (except tomorrow because I have a work meeting at the crack of dawn and won’t be able to fit in a morning workout…unless I go at like 4am which ain’t gonna happen).  Gotta get back into the (slow) running thang because I have that 10-miler coming up at the end of Sept that is looming like a dark cloud in front of me.  Not really, I am actually a little excited about it, but apprehensive at the same time.  Thankfully I have 99 days left of training.

After my cardio I did a quickie strength workout that looked like this.

Bicep Curl w/Twist10 lbs103
Front Shoulder Raises10 lbs103
Tricep DipsBodyweight103
Chest Presses10 lbs103
Dumbbell Squats10 lbs101

Overall, nice workout.  I gave myself a pat on the back and half a Lender’s egg bagel for my effort. 

Hate to cut this short, but I have a meeting coming up and need to get some work done before it so I can sound half intelligent.  Have a great day!

For all you outside runners, please read this article from Shut Up And Run (SUAR).  Scary scary stuff.  Between this story, her cousin’s story and the home invasion in my neighborhood last week I’ve decided I’m never running outdoors again unless I’m with people.  Or running a race with 10,000 other people.

Questions for you …
Do you run outside?  (if yes, be careful)
Do you carry anything with you when you run outside? (pepper spray, your phone, nunchucks?)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Recap and FMM

There is just so much to talk about today!  It might be another bullet post today…

-       To piggyback on my Matchbox Twenty conversation last week, the Matchbox Pandora station, which I listened to non stop all day Friday, is ah-mazing.  If you remember and like 90’s/early 2000’s poppy rock, this is the station for you!!  (think: old Train, Fuel, Vertical Horizon, 3 Doors Down, etc etc – good stuff)

-       I have only one workout to speak of for the last three days.  I got a great idea from Julie’s blog and did this home circuit workout on Saturday morning.  Loved it.  I did modify it a tad.  Instead of 50 jumping jacks in between each exercise (that’s a lot), I did 20.  Better.  By the end of this workout I was sweaty and felt strong.  Good stuff! 

-       Saturday we spent running around doing errands all day.  At the end of the day we ended up buying a gigantic TV for the living room.  I might be kind of blind now.

-       Our Father’s Day festivities were FANTASTIC!  We had such a good time at my parents’ house and the Tampa Bay Rays game.  Pictures from the day are forthcoming.  I left my camera at my parents house, so I am waiting to get pics from the day from my dad and mom-in-law. 

-       This morning I had my second to last Physical Therapy session.  Only one more session and then I am on my own with my home exercises.  This makes me a tad nervous, but my PT says there’s really not much more I can do with her, it’s just a matter of keeping up with my strengthening exercises.  Good stuff.  Today’s session was tough and I was SWEATY by the end of it.  What’s up with that?  I had to do 10 minutes on the treadmill (5 at the beginning of the appointment and 5 at the end when I was nice and tired), I did lunges, I did leg presses, I did all kinds of balancing and strengthening exercises with exercise bands.  I was huffing and puffing and “glistening” by the end.  Good appointment though.  Now I don’t feel so bad about not getting up and working out this morning.

So that’s what’s been happening over here.  And now it’s time for a little FMM! 

FMM:  What’s in your bag? 

Well, I can’t snap a pic, because I don’t have the right cords with me here at the office.  Hrmph.  But I can tell you what’s in my uber heavy purse today…

-       Daily Planner – I use/look at my planner very infrequently, but I feel the need to always carry it with me in my purse.
-       iPhone – Duh.
-       Wallet
-       Cosmetic case – Not much in here though:  hand sanitizer, lotion, nail file, two chapsticks, a lip stick (Clinique Lip Gloss in Black Honey), Tylenol
-       2 packs of Orbit gum
-       3 pens and a pencil (?)
-       My car key
-       A giant bottle of Smartwater

It doesn’t look like a lot, but it FEELS like a lot more than that.  My purse is uber heavy.  When I travel I stuff a heck of a lot more in my purse such a my Nook, magazine(s), food, etc.  But no travel this week (but next week), so I am good for now.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got!  Have a fab Monday!

Questions for you …
Did you have a great Father’s Day?
What did you do this morning for a workout?
What’s the weirdest thing in your bag? 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bulleted Blog

Hey hey hey!  It’s FRIDAY!  Who’s happy?

I just got off of a long conference call where we were putting together a PowerPoint, so I am in the bulleting mood. 

-     First of all, thank you all for the well wishes on my blogiversary  yesterday!!  (especially Dad, aww!)  I can’t believe it’s been a year already.  Time flies when you’re having fun.  And I do have fun with this thing!  I love having somewhere to go to just write and let anyone (or no one) know what’s up with me, even when I really have nothing exciting to talk about.

-     I got the BEST night’s sleep last night.  I think my insomnia is gone (although I shouldn’t say that too loud).  I fell asleep at 9:30 and stayed asleep until the alarm went off – at which point I reset it for an hour later, thus no workout to speak of today.

-     It’s Father’s Day weekend and we have some super awesome plans.  The Orlando clan – me, Hubs, J, my mom-in-law and dad-in-law – are all driving to Clearwater to my parents house for brunch.  After brunch we are meeting up with this crazy clan and going to the Tampa Bay Rays baseball game.  Fun stuff!  There are going to be like 30 of us there, so we’re taking over the stadium.  We’ve done this in the past and it was super fun. 

-     I LOVE the band Matchbox Twenty.  I have since my college days.  They have a new song out and a new album coming out later this year.  I am SO excited about this.  I just downloaded their new song, “She’s So Mean” and I love it!  Listen!

-     The other night, there was a home invasion ON MY STREET.  Not even joking with you.  I will be looking into a security system pronto.  Apparently four masked men rang one of our neighbors (not sure which one) doorbell at 11:30 at night and they answered it and the masked men barged in, tied them up and stole their stuff.  Holy shiz!  They caught one of the masked men when the car crashed not too far from our house, but the other three are still at large.  This proves two things – 1) This can happen anywhere - we live in a nice, gated community; and 2) This supports one of my rules in life, never ever ever ever ever answer the doorbell.  Ever. (well unless you are expecting company and you know it's them)  If it’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon I don’t answer the door if I'm not expecting anyone.  And I sure as hell do not answer it at 11:30 at night.  So, so scary!

-     I really wish there was a way to hit the fast forward button on the work day…  Thankfully the Matchbox Twenty station on Pandora is making it a little less terrible.

And with that, I am out of here.  I gotta go work one some real work related bullet points now.  Have a fab Friday! 

Questions for you …
- Anyone have some good Father’s Day plans?
- Any Matchbox Twenty fans out there?  Fave MB20 song? 

Thursday, June 14, 2012


So, remember back on June 14, 2011 when this blog started?  Yeah, I know you don’t.  I think my only reader at the time was my dad.  Who is still my most loyal reader today.  Hi Dad! 

Dad and I in vintage Cubs wear...and my old prom dress
But a year ago when this blog was conceived, it was actually a blog written by TWO people, me and my buddy Jade.  Who remembers that?

We were two chicas who were trying to get fit and thought running a blog would hold us accountable for our “get back into shape” actions.  Well, it worked for me.  I embarked on a journey through Insanity - the 60 Day Challenge DVDs, not true insanity – and literally got into the best shape of my life.  And I kept it up, thanks to this blog.  I seriously don’t know if I could have kept it up without Half Healthy, Half Nuts.

Jade, she wrote two posts and then we never heard from her again.  But with good reason, she was a new mom at the time and had very little time to blog.  So, once I fired her (hehe, just kidding, she told me to take her off) the blog became a tribute to my freakin awesome life and I shared really mind blowingly exciting things with you such as the spinach smoothie I ate for breakfast (like, once) …

What my cat looks like…

Seriously, I’m surprised anyone still reads this crap.  But I also talk about other fun and exciting stuff like running crazy Disney races

Disney's Wine and Dine Half Marathon Relay
Disney World Half Marathon - my 10th half marathon!
Disney Princess Half Marathon 
Dressing for said Disney races…

And of course, beautiful, unsuspecting race photos.  Like, seriously, what am I doing with my arms in all of these pictures?!

And talking about how SLOW of a runner I am.  Really, if you think you’re a slow runner, you’re not a slower runner than me.  Guaranteed!  Most people walk faster than I run.  Other bloggers out there run marathons in less time than I run a half marathon.  True story.  And I’m TOTALLY OK with that.  My mantra:  as long as I am DOING it, who cares how fast I do it?  Getting your butt off of the couch is half the battle.  And, thankfully, I’ve got that in check.

And I haven’t just talked about running on the blog, especially since I haven’t really been running all that much in the last few months since my injury.  I also talk about daily life stuff such as fun filled vacations…

Turks and Caicos

Somewhere in the islands

St. Maarten

Sanibel Island
My family ...

And just general shenanigans...

So, today, on my 470th blog post and my ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to whoever has read this blog at any point, and an even bigger THANK YOU to those who are still reading this blog day after day.  And even if no one is reading, I’m still going to write, because I just love it so dang much!  Here’s to another year of Half Healthy, Half Nuts!  WOOHOO!

Questions for you ...
- Do you have a blog?  If yes, link to it for me so I can read it! 
- If you blog, is it, like, the greatest thing you have ever done?