Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!!

Thank God I found a place to wear that red Sparkle Skirt again!
Just call me Miss Firecracker.  Or not.

I’m dressed like that because this morning I did the Watermelon 5K in Winter Park.  It’s tradition.  We’ve done it every year since 2008, or maybe earlier, we were trying to figure that out today.  But it’s a fabulous 5K that brings out thousands of people to celebrate the 4th and get a little exercise in too.  

This year we all decided to be slow pokes and walk it.  The gang of slow pokes ….

John and Tam Tam,  Jade, Jen, Amanda and Michele

Michele, Jen, Me, Jade, Tam Tam and Amanda
This is the first year I have truly walked a 5K (without some sort of running) and let me tell you, that 3.1 miles goes by SO SLOWLY when you’re walking.  I complained several times throughout the course.  Everyone else told me to shut it.

But just like every year we had a great time and I’m so very glad we went out and did it.

Yes, you read that correctly, it took us almost an hour to complete it.  I say, shave about 5 minutes off that time, since it took forever to cross the starting line.  I told you, the plan was just to mosey along. We were among some of the last to finish. Go us!

And of course I ate my weight in watermelon afterwards.  (sorry no photos, I had no free hands, they were full of watermelon)  OK, I only had two pieces, but they were giant pieces.  And then we went to IHOP afterwards where I did eat my weight in pancakes.  OK, again, not really.  I actually got one of their lighter dishes, some sort of harvesty grainy blueberry pancakes with some Egg Beaters.  It was flippin delicious for a “light” meal.

And that’s it.  Now I’m beat. I might not have worked too too hard, but I did wake up at 5:45am on a holiday.  Argh.  Later today we are going over to Jade’s for a BBQ and then out to Celebration to see J sing.  It’s going to be a fab Fourth!  Hope you’re having a great one!!!!

Questions for you …
- What are your Fourth of July plans?
- Did you exercise today?

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