Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chicago Bound

This week I had a life event happen.

My grandma passed away.  She was 93 years old.

She was my dad’s mom, Jillian’s great-grandma, and she never ceased to amaze me.  At 90 she was still living on her own, lunching with the ladies, going to church and doing all of the things a much younger person would be doing. 

Over the last couple of years her health started to decline, as anyone in their 90s would, and on Tuesday she passed away peacefully. 

We had been given the heads up that the end was likely near.  Knowing this made Tuesday a little bit easier for everyone.  Her quality of life had decreased so much, it was a blessing for her to finally let go.  I know now, and am thankful for the fact, that she is in a better place. 

I’m on my way to Chicago to honor my wonderful grandma and say one final goodbye.  It will be tough, but knowing that she is in a better place will make it all okay. 

Talk to you later next week.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Post-Baby Progress

So, a while back I wrote a post about my post-baby body, and I confessed that I still had about 27 pounds (I gained 47 total during my pregnancy) to go on my journey to get back to my pre-baby weight (and back into my old pants).  And I’m happy to report that I have been working at it from a diet perspective by changing the way I eat. 

About a month ago I finally (FINALLY) rid myself of the awful Dr. Pepper habit I had developed during my pregnancy (real soda = bad bad bad) and started eating a diet that was full of lean protein, fruits, veggies (a few) and complex carbs (brown stuff – rice, pasta, etc).  You know, all of the things you should be eating the most.  I cut out things like bread, sweets and dairy, except eggs, and I’ve gotta say it worked!  Since my last posting about a month ago, I have lost 10 pounds, just by eating clean and doing my long walks with Jillian in the stroller.  I haven’t done any crazy fat burning workouts like I said I was going to like running or Insanity (that’s coming), just my walks and eating well and I lost 10 pounds.  Pretty awesome.

Now I will say a month of eating “clean” eventually made me bonkers, because I’m one of those gals who loves to eat out, and we all know eating clean at a restaurant just is not possible (too much temptation - I’m not ordering a salad when I can have a burger).  Changing to a clean eating regimen in the beginning it was easy.  Well, let me rephrase, the first couple of days sucked.  I was used to eating whatever from pregnancy – fast food, sweets, basically whatever I wanted – so to go from eating whatever to eating good was tough the first couple of days.  But after about 3 days I was in the zone and it became really easy to make good choices.  I was full from the foods I was eating, so I wasn’t eating as often as I was when I was eating junk, so that helped as well, and I saw the numbers on the scale start to go down. 

Now, if I could just sync up the clean eating and a good exercise regimen, I’d be golden.  However for some reason it’s either one or the other with me.  Sheesh. 

I still have 17 pounds to go and I’m sure those are going to be harder to shed.  But all in good time right?  I know what I need to do, now I just need to stick with it! 

That said, Jillian and I took a 2.5 mile walk this morning once it got warmer out.  It was gorgeous out when we went – super sunny and not a cloud in the sky.  Have I mentioned I’m sporting a nice tan these days from my walks?  Well, as tan as my white body can be.  Ha.  Hope you’re having a great day! 

Questions for you …
- Any weight loss tips to share?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Disney Race!

There’s a new Disney race in town and you know I’m all over it! 

It’s no secret that I am a crazy Disney freak. And a crazy runDisney freak. 

2009 Half Marathon was a family affair - Dad, Hubs and Mom-in-Law

2010 Half was COLD

2012 was momentous - my tenth

Princess 2012

2011 Wine and Dine
I’ve run 11 half marathons in my life, all Disney, and countless other Disney runs - many 5Ks, a few 10Ks, a 13K, and three 15Ks (the now defunct “Minnie Marathon” which I miss so much!) – so you know my love for running around Disney parks is strong.  So when my friend Amanda alerted me about the latest and greatest runDisney creation, I got all kinds of excited.  (if you click on the link, watch the video, it's super cute)

They are adding to the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend in January.  They are adding a 10K (woohoo!!) and they are adding another “challenge.”  Currently the weekend offers a 5K, a half marathon, a marathon and then the “Goofy Challenge” which requires you to run the half marathon and marathon back to back.  The new challenge?  Run ALL races during the weekend – the 5K on Thursday, the 10K on Friday, the half marathon on Saturday and the marathon on Sunday.  That’s 48.6 miles of running over 4 days.  OMG!!  They call it the “Dopey Challenge” and if you’re dopey enough to do it, you will receive 6 finisher medals.  Wha?  Yeah, one for the 5K, one of the 10K, one for the half, one for the full, one for the “Goofy” and one for the “Dopey.”  That’s seriously insane!  But you know there are crazy people already signing up for those shenanigans.

I LOVE the fact that there is a 10K now.  Disney used to offer a 10K a few years ago – Race for the Taste during the Epcot Food and Wine Festival - but it was replaced by the Wine and Dine Half Marathon and Relay a while back.  I really like a 10K distance – not too short, not too long (although everything to me is “too long” right now, haha).  So I am going to set my sights on that because I’m a total sucker for running in an “inaugural” Disney race… and getting a new cool medal!

Hmm, I guess this means I need to get my bootie into running shape then.  I like to talk about running a whole lot, but I'm not doing much of it.  I'll get there, no worries.  

Didn’t go to the gym again today.  It was perfect timing this morning, Jillian ate at 5 and I could have snuck out right after that, but Hubs took that feeding and I was just too dang tired. And it dipped down to like 30 degrees last night, so bed was just too cozy.  This is going to take some discipline.  We did, however, get in a 3 mile walk in the afternoon once it warmed up.  I didn't mean to do 3 miles during the work day, but it just happened!  Oops.

Alright, I am out of here.  Hope you are having a lovely hump day! 

Questions for you …
- Have you ever run a Disney race?  If yes, which one?
- What is your favorite running distance?
Back in the day when I was in tip top running shape I wouldn’t go on a run that was less than 3 miles, my mantra was 3+ or not at all.   Race-wise my favorite distance was 15K (9.3 miles).  I think it’s because that was my first “longer distance” race that I did back in 2006 (the Minnie Marathon I mentioned above).  I trained hard for that and it’s been my favorite distance ever since.  Nowadays, I’m happy to just run for 2 minutes without falling over.  Haha.  But I’ll get back there one of these days!  #determined

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

One Big Experiment

If today is any indication of how it’s going to be when I work from home with Jillian here, then it is safe to say that it’s going to be a pretty easy thing. 

She was absolutely wonderful all day.  She played when I needed her to play, slept when I needed her to sleep, she didn’t cry or get fussy once, it was perfect.  I got a ton of work done and even made it through an entire conference call without a peep from her (although she did poop half way through the call, ha). 

My view today:

Baby in the background.  I always had a view of her.  She rotated between the bouncer, the activity mat and the pack and play.  Gotta keep it fresh.

I would like to think that this is how it’s always going to be with her home with me, but that would be crazy talk.  Tomorrow may be totally different.  We will see.  It's all one big experiment.

I did not get to the gym today.  Hubs had to leave the house early today, so that’s okay.  Jillian and I were going to take a walk, but it’s COLD - in the 50s - and very very windy out today, so I think we’re just going to stay inside instead.  Maybe we’ll do some pilates or aerobics or something.  Jillian loves her baby aerobics.

Oh wait, that's not baby aerobics, that's nap time.  Maybe we'll just hang out instead.  

Hope you're having a terrific Tuesday!  

Monday, March 25, 2013

Back to Life

Today was my first day back at work.  I’ve been on maternity leave since December 21st, so it’s been a loooong while since I got up for work, got dressed for work, drove my car to work, worked…long time.

How’d it go?  Pretty good, once I got out the door.

I started my day with a trip to the gym.  My family called me nuts for waking up extra early to go to the gym on my very first day back to work.  But if I am ever going to settle into a routine that includes a morning workout, I knew I had to start it from day one.  And I did!  And it felt great!  I got to the gym earlier than I used to – 5:45 – and jumped on the elliptical for 10 minutes, did a quickie arm workout and then did a 20 minute run/walk on the treadmill.  It felt FAN-freakin-TASTIC!  Lately the only exercise I have been doing is long walks with the stroller, so to get my heart rate up felt really really good.  I am going to strive to get to the gym 3 weekdays per week, but we’ll see how that goes with Jillian’s schedule, conference calls, etc. Maybe two weekdays and a weekend day?  I dunno.

I was dressed and ready to go by 7:45, but somehow did not get out the door until almost 8:30.  Why?  Because I could not tear myself away from the cuteness and cuddliness that is Jillian.  I have spent every single day with her since she was born, so to leave her and be gone all day long at work just felt wrong.  I had to soak in all of the cuteness, so I hung out with her until I literally told myself LEAVE NOW.  It was tough.  I only cried a little bit in the car – better than I thought I would react. 

Work felt like I never left.  I secretly have been craving work lately.  I can only sit and watch HGTV for so long before my brain needs something meaty to think about.  I was anxious to get back into a routine.  Not necessarily WORK, but a routine to get me back to life.  Sitting at home on maternity leave isn’t real life for me.  I was ready to establish my work/mommy routine to see how it would go.  And so far, so good!  I must say, I am happy to be back. 

And to come home to this face just makes life so so sweet.  

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, for sure.  

So to sum it up, my first day back to work went great.  Tomorrow I get to hang out at home with Jillian and work at the same time.  We’ll see how that goes.  EEK! 

Hope you’re having a fabulous day!

Questions for you ...
- Was it tough for you to go back to work?
- Are you able to work from home? 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Some random thoughts coming your way today ...

- Today I successfully zipped and buttoned  pair of pre-pregnancy pants!  I did a happy dance in my closet and ran to the full length mirror.  We’ll just say a long shirt is needed to cover up the midsection/thigh area, but they’re zipped and they’re, dare I say, comfy.  So happy and excited about this development!  AAH! Next goal: be able to wear non-long shirt with them.

- Monday I hop back on the workout train.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had a great workout.  I’ve been doing my walks with Jillian, which have been great exercise, but I’m ready to sweat a little more.  So Monday, my first day back in the office, I’m planning on making a morning gym run.  I’m kind of excited about this and hoping that I can make the gym a routine on days I go to the office. On the workout agenda - running.  I’m going to do 2/1 intervals on the treadmill to help get me ready for the upcoming 5K with the gals.

- I downloaded and listened to Justin Timberlake’s new CD.

Meh.  It’s  just OK.  It’s kind of slow jamsy.  I’m more of a fan of up tempo Justin (Sexy Back is still a fave).  His new CD is reminiscent of Robin Thicke, and Justin’s just not Robin Thicke (love love love him).  But it’s good for a few listens.

- Speaking of Robin Thicke, did you know he’s in a Real Housewives spoof show on BET called Real Husbands of Hollywood?  I’m not sure why I know this, but Hubs stumbled upon this show while flipping channels.  We watched a couple of eps and it was pretty funny.  

It still makes me smile that he’s related to Alan Thicke, one of the greatest TV dads ever.  

"Show me that smile agaaaain..."

- One of my goals this week before I go back to work is to teach Jillian how to wave.  I’m THISCLOSE to getting her to do it.  I wave and she kind of throws her arm up in the air.  It’s a start and really just awesome that she understands to move her arm at all.  Also on the agenda, teaching her how to keep herself occupied during a 1 hour conference call.  This will come in handy once I’m back working fo sho.

- Did anyone watch the Biggest Loser finale?  I watched it and man everyone looked awesome!  Did anyone even recognize Lisa?  I was like “who is that??”

I have been rooting for Danni this whole season, so I was really really happy that she won. She looked ripped on the finale.  

Here’s a link to all of the before and after photos of the contestants.  So inspiring!

- I started a new book yesterday and can’t stop reading it.  I’m determined to finish it before the end of the week.  It’s called The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook and it’s completely crazy and hilarious and I’m super giddy to learn that there are two follow up books as well.  Yay!

Alright, that’s enough randomness from here.  I’m going to go read a couple more chapters before Jillian gets hungry again.  Have a fabulous rest of the day!

Questions for you …
- Any JT fans?  What do you think of 20/20 Experience?
- Favorite JT song?
- Who watched Biggest Loser?  Happy with the results?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One More Week

Hello there!  It’s Tuesday already.  Yesterday was one of those lost days where the entire day goes by and I have absolutely nothing to show for it.  Except a happy baby of course.  I did a whole lot of nothing except play with Jillian and hang out all day long, and it was fabulous.

This is my last week of maternity leave.  I cannot believe it.  I have to go back to work on Monday.  A week ago I was kind of excited about it.  The prospect of working, using my brain, getting into a new routine was exciting to me and something I was really looking forward to.  This week, I am freaking out a little.

Jillian and I have finally settled into a good routine together and now that’s all going to change.  I’m savoring every minute with her and trying to get her on a schedule that will help us all transition a little smoother when Monday comes.  The good thing, I have a wonderful, flexible career that allows me work from home.  For now I will be going into the office only two days a week and I will be at home with her three days a week.  I don’t yet know how this will work - me working and caring for Jillian at the same time - but we’re going to play around and see how it works.  Hubs works at home most days too, so between us I am hoping we can make it work.  If not, we have the best babysitters in the world waiting in the wings - grandparents, great-grandparents, Jordyn - everyone is willing to help!  

Who wouldn't want to hang out with this little cutie all day?!

I know all moms eventually have to do this - go back to work after maternity leave - but this week I am trying to get my brain back in the game and I keep thinking “how do I do my job?”  I can’t remember!  I haven’t worked since December 20th, so it’s been a long time since I’ve had to attend a meeting, create, train, so it’s going to take me a little while to remember how to do my job, but it’ll come I’m sure.

For now though I am focusing on making this week great.  Lots of time with Jillian, lots of walks, lots of fun stuff before it’s time to get back to reality.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!

Questions for you …
- If you’ve had a baby, was it hard for you to go back to work after maternity leave?
- How did you make it work?  Any tips?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Tendinitis Girl

So yesterday I went to the Orthopaedic to figure out what is going on with my wrists.  I’ve had strange pain in my wrists since my 8th month of pregnancy, and thought it was carpal tunnel-ish.  I looked it up in my baby book and found out that carpal tunnel like symptoms are common in the third trimester of pregnancy.  It also said that the pain goes away after the baby comes, usually within a month.  

Two months later, it’s still here and it’s worse.  It went from just the right wrist to both wrists and it is so painful.  More painful than before, so I figured a trip to my Orthopaedic was in order.

The diagnosis:  tendinitis in both of my wrists.  For real?  What is up with me and tendinitis?!  Last year I was diagnosed with tendinitis in my ankle, and now tendinitis in both wrists.  Crazy town!  It’s apparently a common side effect and sometime lasting “souvenir” from pregnancy, so it’s not abnormal. Good to know I’m not weird.  

My doc suggested a shot of corticosteroid in both wrists to alleviate the pain.  That was fun.  Have you ever gotten a shot in your wrist?  It’s not pleasant - especially when your wrists hurt.  But I’m a trooper so it was NBD.  He said the pain would worsen in the next couple of days (oh boy, has it ever!) and then subside.  I am really looking forward to the pain going away.  

Oh, I also got these snazzy wrist guards to wear to keep my wrists stabilized.  

So sexy.  And don’t judge me because I am still in my PJs at 11:30.  Now I am trying to type with them on and it’s … interesting.  (OK just took them off)  I only have to wear them whenever I feel like it, so I am choosing to wear them when my wrist pain is the worst - at night, and when I am not using my hands too much (inactivity makes them hurt worse, go figure).  

So that’s that.  Another medical weirdness for me, Tendinitis Girl.  Who knew I’d have all these weird tendon issues?  

Anywho, on the docket for today, another 3.5 miler with Jillian.  We’ve waited until afternoon because it was uber cold here this morning (40s).  Now it’s in the low 70s and super sunny so we’re going to go out and enjoy the sunshine.  

Hope you have a fab Friday and a wonderful weekend!  

Questions for you …
- Any other tendinitis girls out there?  
- What are your plans for the weekend?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Changing It Up

Hi there! It's Thursday, if you can believe it! Time is flying by. I really thought sitting at home on maternity leave for three months would go by slow...WRONG!!

Yesterday was a successful day. Jillian was an absolute angel all day (not that she's not always an angel, but she was especially angelic yesterday). Apparently she forgot all about the drama that ensued on Tuesday when she got her shots, thank you God.

It was also successful in the fitness department, Jillian and I hit a mileage high - 3.51 walking miles. It felt good, and I'm sporting a little bit of a sunburn from the outing. Mental note: wear sunscreen on your shoulders next time (I had it on my face only). When we got home Jillian slept while I did an arm workout. I have been neglecting weights lately so I need to incorporate them into my life again. I will be working on this.

On our walk yesterday I started thinking about fitness goals. As I mentioned last week, I have put Couch to 5K, and running, on hold in favor of my long walks with Jillian. Just for now, until I can figure out how and when to incorporate runs into my mommy life again. And even once I start the running again, I may not go back to the C25K program (it had me slightly stressed out), I may just go back to my interval roots (running/walking). We will see. But I am still doing a 5k in the coming months, C25K or not.

My friend (and race buddy) Amanda texted the other day to see if I wanted to do a 5K with her in May. She wants to get back to training and racing as well, so we have committed to a 5K in May (this one is only 2 weeks after the one in April I had my eye on, so I am just going to do this one with her in May instead).  

She wants to start jogging (she's usually a walker), so I suggested that we do it together and we strive for 2/1 intervals for this upcoming 5K.  Since both of us are not in "running shape," we are going to train and run the 5K together.  Usually when we do races together we go our separate ways - I start off running and she walks - and meet at the finish line.  But this time we're going to stick together to meet our goals.  FUN!  

At the Princess Half Marathon last year

At the Universal Studios 5K last year
I've also convinced her to set her sights on a long term running goal, a longer race, something to work towards - the Tower of Terror 10 Miler in October!!  I had to defer last year's registration to this year due to my pregnancy, so I was planning on doing this race later this year anyway, but now that I have a buddy to do it with me makes it that much more exciting. And knowing that we can support each other during training is even better.  YAY!!!

So that's the goal.  I'm going to start up the running again in the coming week, and I am going to focus on interval runs, so we'll see how this goes.  I may revisit C25K again, but for now I am going to set my sights on just running in general, without the pressure of a "program" - ya know?  

Anyway... On today's agenda - a visit to the Orthopaedic doctor to figure out what is wrong with my wrists and to see what he can do for me.  My carpal tunnel from pregnancy has gotten worse and I just can't take it anymore.  It hurts to pick Jillian up.  AAH!  Not good. Hopefully he will have a solution.

Gotta jet, so I will leave you with another picture from Jillian's photo shoot.  This one cracks me up!  I love that face!!!

Have a great day!  

Questions for you ...
- Are you currently training for a race?
- Do you run/walk?  
- Anyone doing the Tower of Terror?  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy 2 Months!

First things first.  Happy 2 MONTH birthday to Miss Jillian!!!  

I cannot even believe it’s been 2 months already.  She’s growing up!  

Sorry I was silent yesterday.  Yesterday was a day.  Jillian had her 2 month immunizations yesterday and let’s just say it was taxing on all of us.  I cried.  It was torture.  The rest of the day I just watched her sleep because I was so afraid that she was going to have some weird reaction or something.  What can I say, I’m a mom.  

Yesterday was a dreary day, raining off and on all day, so we didn’t get a walk in, but we did get a 3 miler in on Monday, and we plan on doing another 3 miler today, so that’s good.

Yesterday I was also able to work some magic and get some digital prints from our photo session the other day.  It was such a fun day.  My mom and dad captured some photos of us hovering over the photographer too, haha.  Enjoy!  

And now, the finished product...

Have a great day!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Photo Fun

Hello!  Happy Monday!  I cannot believe another week is upon us.  I only have two more weeks of complete and utter freedom before returning to work and that just boggles the mind.  So I've gotta make these next two weeks count.  

We had a fabulous weekend this week.  We had family over on Saturday, we took Jillian for her first photo session (and her first mall outing) on Sunday, it was just all around fabulous.

Saturday started with a 2+ miler with the kiddo.  The weather here has been ridiculously gorgeous so we took advantage of it on Saturday.  Jillian then decided to sleep for hours after her walk, allowing Hubs and I to do some major Spring Cleaning.  Our house is crazy clean now, which is just the greatest feeling.  Not that our house isn't always clean, but you catch my drift.  

After that we had family over.  Four grandmas and great-grandmas in one place...

Jillian is super lucky to have four living great-grandmas.  Two are local (Hubs') and two are in Chicago (mine), so it was really special to have two of her great-grandmas and then her two grandmas here.  Fun times!  After that Hubs and I made a run to the store to get the fixings for a yummy dinner for us and my parents, who were spending the weekend with us.  We did London Broil, roasted green beanies and roasted potatoes.  It was delish!  

Sunday we had a 1:00 appointment to take Jillian for her very first photo session.  I bought a Groupon for $18 for a session, and then a package of pictures.  Yeah, what they don't tell you is that every single picture they take is AMAZING and you end up spending over $200 in pictures when it's all said and done.  Sheesh.  We won't have the prints for a couple of weeks (and then I have to find a way to bootleg them and get them on the blog), so you'll have to wait on that.  But we did do our own little photo shoot before we left.  It was Jillian's 8 week birthday ...

Can you even stand it?  I cannot!  Hope you're having a great Monday!!

Questions for you ...
- What did you do this weekend?

Friday, March 8, 2013

The After

Before ...


After ...

Shorter, brighter and about 10 lbs lighter
It's just amazing how much better new hair will make you feel.  I think my hairdresser cut off about 5 inches of hair.  I wanted to take a picture of all of the hair on the floor, but I refrained from being weird like that.  

I cannot tell you though how much better I feel about myself with this new 'do.  As a new mom, oftentimes you feel kind of "bleh" about yourself.  You're carrying extra weight, you're still having to wear the same 6 maternity tops every week because your old clothes don't fit yet, you just feel eh.  So it was really nice to go out and get a much overdo hair makeover to make me feel more like myself.  Yay!

Another thing that makes me feel good about myself?  My morning walks with Jillian.  We started these a couple of weeks ago and I really really wish I started them about a month earlier than I did (d'oh!).  I love the time we get to spend together, I love the fact that we're both getting out into the sunshine, I love the fact that I am getting good exercise.  We walk between 2 and 3 miles, we're out for about an hour, every day and it's just good for us.  

Ready for our walk this morning - it was chilly out

Gorgeous weather
As I mentioned yesterday I've put my Couch to 5K on hold, and all other working out for that matter.  I haven't been to the gym in two weeks.  Why?  Because I enjoy my exercise time with Jillian so much, I don't really want to do anything else right now.  I suspect once I get back into a routine with work, the gym will make an appearance again, but for now I am content with our long walks. I know I'm going to have to pump up the workouts eventually to help shed this weight, I know this, but for now I am good.  

And on that note, I am going to leave you now.  Hope you have a fabulous weekend.  We are taking Jillian for her very first photo shoot this weekend... Well, I guess it would be her second photo shoot, her first was in the hospital.  Anyway, expect fun pictures coming soon!  

Questions for you...
- What are you up to this weekend?
- How much do you like getting your hair done?  

Thursday, March 7, 2013

On Hold

Well hello.  It’s already Thursday?  Seriously, the weeks are flying by so fast I cannot even keep up.  I go back to work in less than 3 weeks, which just boggles my mind (and makes me a little sad).

My day out and about yesterday was a good one.  I got some new hair, which is such a wonderful feeling.  (I just re-read that sentence and it makes it sound like I went out and bought a new wig or something, ha.)  I don’t have an “after” picture as of yet.  I forgot to take one yesterday and of course today it looks a little scuzzy after my walk with Jillian.  So expect my after picture tomorrow.

I don’t even want to discuss my dentist visit.  Apparently pregnancy and cavity creeps go hand in hand?  I did not know this.  Let’s just say that my stellar no cavities track record has been broken.  I’m not saying anymore because I might cry.  

I didn’t get out for a walk yesterday since I was gone for a good portion of the day, but Jillian did get to go out.  My dad took for a good 2 mile stroll, so she got her miles in for the day.  We did get our miles in today though.  3.17 miles and it felt nice.  It was GORGEOUS outside too - super duper sunny and on the cool side.  I hope our weather stays like this, but I have a feeling the 80s are just around the corner again.  

I haven’t been talking too much about Couch to 5K lately because I’m not doing it.  Boo.  I’m at a quandary with it.  Ever since I started doing long walks with Jillian in the mornings, I haven’t been in the mood to work out at night too (remember I’ve always been a morning worker outer).  So I am trying to find a way to get my morning workouts back - be it at the gym or just running in the mornings.  This is hard though because every hour of sleep is so so so precious to me since Jillian still isn’t quite on a “sleeping through the night” schedule just yet.  So I need to think this through.  Until then, C25K is on hold.  But no worries, I still plan on doing my 5K on April 27th.  I’m locked into that puppy.

Alright, I need to go.  I have a hungry baby staring at me like “um, stop typing and feed me!”  She’s too cute.  Talk at ya later!

Questions for you …
- What was your workout today?
- What’s the weather like where you are?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Before Picture

Hello!  It's taking me all day to blog these days, but hey, at least I'm doing it.  The days just seem to escape me.

Today was a good day!  Jillian and I got out for a long walk today - 3.2 miles and over an hour.  She thoroughly enjoyed the fresh air, it put her right to sleep.  After the walk we hung out at home and played and then took a ride in the car to the bank.  Very exciting days we have over here.  One of these days we will actually go somewhere and I will be brave enough to take her out of the car.  Ha!

Tomorrow is going to be ridiculously exciting too.  I am going to dentist (woohoo - can you sense the sarcasm?) and I am getting my hair done (woohoo! - for real).  I am SO excited about getting my hair done.  I am finally cutting my mane.  It's been growing for over a year now and it's probably the longest I have had my hair since my wedding. 

Taken with Photo Booth - I didn't even know I had this on my computer til just now!

It doesn't look that bad, but I'm at a point where I just want to shave my head, so I know it's time for a cut.  I'm not going to drastically short, but I am definitely going shorter.  Probably collarbone length, which you can't tell from the picture, but it's a good 4 or 5 inches.  So exciting.  I love new hair!  I'll be sure to post some after pics.

Alright, it's late and time for dinner so I must jet.  I will talk more tomorrow, just wanted to stop by, say hi and give you my "before" picture.  Have a great evening!  

Questions for you ...
- Don't you just love getting your hair done?  
- Did you workout today?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Saturday Night Date Night

Hello! Happy Monday! It's been a weird day. Not weird, just choppy. We had the cable guy here today and he was here for HOURS, right smack dab in the middle of the day. Anywho...

I don't have much to gab about today so I thought I would talk about our fun filled Saturday night at Disney! We left Jillian with Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) since she's still a little young to take with us (although I am totally itching to take her!).

Hubs and I had reservations to eat at one of the sit down restaurants out at Magic Kingdom, Liberty Tree Tavern.

The menu offers a set family style (read: all you care to eat) type menu that included all of this:

Not pictured, the salad and yeast rolls with honey butter that came out first.

That's roasted turkey, brisket, pork, mashed taters, veggies, mac and cheese and stuffing. Lots of delicious starch! And I will have you know that I did try, and enjoy, the "mixed vegetables."  I tried them without knowing what I was eating, and it's a good thing. Had I known I was eating rutabaga, turnips, parsnips and carrots I most likely wouldn't have tried it. But it was good!!  Go me.

Dessert came (yeah dessert too, we weren't even hungry) and it was too good to pass up - apple cake with vanilla ice cream. Yum yum yum!! It was a fab dinner.

Afterwards we braved the cold - it was in the 40s, soo freezing. I dressed for it in a coat, gloves, hat and scarf.

I'm a little sad it was too cold and I was too full for a Dole Whip, because I love me some Dole Whip.

We walked around for a while (enough to walk off some of our food), shopped around for something to buy Jillian (we came up empty handed) and then took a ride on Space Mountain. It was super fun. I haven't been on Space mountain since before I was pregnant, so it's been ages. Whee!

We walked a bit more before throwing in the towel because it was so cold outside. (we're wimps). Great Saturday night outing!!  We had a great dinner, got out and got some exercise and fresh (cold) air, my favorite way to spend a date night.  

Meanwhile Jillian was living it up with Grandma and Grandpa.

This picture cracks me up!
Jillian has started smiling and it melts my heart every time she does it.  OMG.  I try to capture her smiles on camera, but the pictures just don't do the smiles justice.  

Alright, I need to jet.  The Bachelor is on.  Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!  

Questions for you ...
- When was the last time you were at Magic Kingdom?
- Do you watch The Bachelor?  Who do you want to win?