Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Fun

I’m in Connecticut!  I’ve had this impending work trip on my calendar for a while now and I have been dreading/looking forward to coming back here.  Dreading because I SO didn’t want to leave Jillian, but kind of looking forward to it because I feel like this is my second work home.  I have missed my team up here (I haven’t been here or seen them since October).  So I am happy to be here in some respects, and in others I am sad to be away from home.  But it’s only a couple of days, so it won’t be too bad.  Thank God for Face Time.

Luckily I was able to soak up as much time as possible with Jillian over the last week.  I was home and “on vacation” with her Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I worked from home with her and then we had the whole three day weekend together.  So I have enough Jilly love to hold me over until I get back. 

We had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.  Jillian’s first trip to grandma and grandpa’s house!!  My parents drive up every single weekend to watch Jillian on Mondays (they are a godsend).  They come up on Sunday, spend the night and the leave Monday night.  So it was high time for us to make a trip to them.  We had a blast!  We got together with our family friends (our family) on Sunday and had a wonderful day hanging by the pool, enjoying the day. 

The gang

On Monday Jillian had a couple of firsts.  Her first time in a bathing suit.

 And her first time in the POOL! 

Yes, she's turning into a redhead

My parents have been dying to get her into the pool, so this weekend we finally  made it happen.  I think she enjoyed herself! 

So so so stinkin cute! 

It was a great weekend overall! 

Questions for you …
- What did you do this Memorial Day weekend?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Kicks

I got me some new kicks!

I love love love them.  I’ve never gone Nike before for running shoes, but these were so comfy and snazzy looking that I just had to get them.  I know that you’re not supposed to buy running shoes based on looks (and snazziness), but these were touted as good “cushioning” shoes for people with high arches (me).  And seriously, they are the cushiest shoes I have ever owned.  I think they have small pillowy trampolines inside.  Love them. 

I took them for a spin yesterday when we took Miss Jillian to Hollywood Studios last night.

She had a BLAST, as usual, touring around the park in the Baby Bjorn.  So stinkin cute!

This morning I wanted to get up and take my new shoes on a run, but Hubs had to be out the door early again today, so that was a bust.  Instead I loaded Jillian up in the stroller and took her for a walk.  I even threw in a couple of running intervals while pushing the stroller.  That was interesting.  But not as cumbersome and weird as I thought it would be.  And Jillian loved it.  She giggled when we went fast and I’m pretty sure I heard her go “wheee!”  OK, maybe not.  But she was grinning from ear to ear in her cute sunglasses. 

"Mom, what the...?"
OK, that’s all from me.  I am attending a play/musical written by, directed by and starring my friend Kevin from work – Mitzi Morris in If Looks Could Kill!  (yes, he plays a woman named Mitzi Morris – he also taps dances!)  Toodles! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mobile Monday

Hey guess what?  I’m in vacation!  Well, not really on vacation in a fabulous beachy locale, I’m just off work for a couple of days.  But hey, any time away from work can be considered vacation, right?  

Today I’m hangin’ with Miss Jillian who is now a master at rolling over.  OMG, my child is on the move.  I feel like it’s way too early for this.  I put her on her activity mat (her favorite thing on this earth) on her back, and 60 seconds later she’s on her tummy.  And so it begins...  Next up, walking.  Seriously, I feel like she is going to be on the move way early in life.

Today we are going to go shopping.  Mommy needs new running shoes bad!  I went for a run yesterday (hallelujah!) and it felt awesome!  What didn’t feel awesome?  The pebble that found its way into my shoe through the gigantic hole in the toe of my shoe.  Yep, definitely time for new shoes.  So that’s on the docket today along with some other shopping stops - Tar-jay, grocery store, etc.

I didn’t get a run in this morning because Hubs had to leave for work super duper early this morning.  So I am going to try and go tonight with my new shoes.  Gotta make working out a regular thing again.  I just have to.  I have the tools, I know what I need to do, I just have to do it!  The other day Hubs asked me when the last time was that I went to the gym.  Not in a “damn girl when was the last time you worked out?” kind of way, but just out of curiosity.  It’s been a while.  Like over a month since I’ve set foot in my gym.  Sad.  Since I’ve been trying to get back to my running roots, any working out I’ve been doing has been outside, so the gym has kind of taken a back seat.  Gotta fix that too.

Yesterday we took Jillian to the only Disney park she hasn’t been to yet - Animal Kingdom!  I think it’s safe to say that this was her favorite park thus far.  She was so smiley and happy in her Baby Bjorn, looking around at the animals and the trees (she has a crazy fixation on trees).  It was so fun.  We will definitely be back there.

Alright, Jillian is halfway between her back and her belly right now so I probably need to go and assist.  Have a wonderful Monday!  

Questions for you …
- When was the last time you went to the gym?
- How was your weekend?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Lunchtime *Almost* 3 Miler

After a week of workshops, I am so very happy to be sitting at my desk today. The workshop was a huge success, I got to see all of my peeps from around the country and it was just a fun time all around.  But I am glad it’s over.  I was at work in the 7 o’clock hour every day and didn’t get home until after 6 each day.  I understand this is a normal work schedule for many people, but not I – I’ve got that work/life balance down pat.  So needless to say I’m super tired and just glad I get to chill today at my desk. 

During my down time at the workshop, my mind wandered off into how I felt like such a slug.  I ate a large amount of donuts, pastries, cookies, cold cuts, Diet Coke (yes, I’m back on that - let’s not talk about it) throughout the week, and today I feel it.  I have not been motivated to work out all week (or last week, or the week before) and that is annoying the pee out of me.  So today I decided to do something about it.  I walked during my “lunch break.”  (I put that in quotes because I don’t really have a designated lunch break, just a break in meetings and projects)

I realized yesterday during the workshop, as I was looking out the window daydreaming, that lots of people go out and walk on their lunch breaks.  And my office is in a nice, pretty area, so why not go outside and get an easy walking workout in?  It’s a no brainer.

I brought my tennies with me to work (along with some deo and body spray, because it’s summer in Florida and I sweat a lot) and since we’re a “casual every day” kind of office, I was wearing capris and a sleeveless top so I didn’t have to change clothes (though I might want to rethink this next time, I’m quite damp right now, grody).  I took my phone with Pandora and Runkeeper on it and I was off.

It was so nice!!  The weather was nice (not too hot in the beginning, but by the second mile I was a little shweaty), it was good to get away from work for a while, I got listen to some cool tunes (love ya Pandora), good for my brain, it was just nice!  I will definitely be doing it again.  In fact, I just blocked off my calendar for next Friday to do it again (if I don’t block it off on my calendar it doesn’t get done).  Although, duh on my part, of course I decide to start doing this in the summer months when it’s unbearably hot.  Oh well. 

I did more miles than I meant to do...   

2.99 miles ain’t too shabby for a little lunchtime walk!!  I’m pretty proud of myself.  Although I’m kind of a mess right now – sweaty, red, stinky – but I don’t really see or talk to anyone in my office (sad, right?), so it’s NBD.   Here’s hoping today’s walk will help me get back on track with things, because really it’s been too long since I’ve worked out and that makes me sad.  That is my goal for next week – get back on track with the working out!  I NEED to do it!  (I know, I sound like a broken record)

Anyway, I should scoot.  My lunch break has now turned into a lunch/walk/blogging break, and is going on 2 hours now, I should probably get a couple more things done before I call it a weekend.  Hope you’re having a great one!

Questions for you …
- Have you ever worked out during your lunch break?
I used to go to a personal trainer during my lunch breaks for years.   I miss that.
- What are you up to this weekend?
Disney tonight.  3 year old’s birthday party tomorrow.  Relax on Sunday.  Then I have Monday and Tuesday off of work so I’m going to party it up! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Where Am I?

I'm teaching a workshop at work all week so you may not hear from me too much until Friday. (when it's over)

Training weeks always mean one thing - no workouts. I'm out the door ├╝ber early in the morning and I am home later than I would like. So my triumphant return to running will be delayed a little longer. Bummer since I had such a positive running experience over the weekend. Meh.

Until later this week ...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Fab 5K

On Friday I sent this text to the girls about the 5K on Saturday morning…

I wanted to be all rah rah about a plan for our 5K, even though I hadn’t done squat to prepare for any sort of running all week.  But I really didn't want to finish last (this was a smaller race), so I thought if we ran a little bit, we'd get ahead of those who were strictly walking.  They were sorta game and so was I – I wasn’t really sure if I could do much running or not. 

Fast forward to Saturday at 6am when my alarm went off and I was like “hell no, there will be no running today, there will be walking, but no running.”  Disappointing, yes, but since I was ill prepared and so tired, I thought it was probably best to just take it easy and make this a nice leisurely 5K walk with the gals.

Team Purple.  We didn’t even plan this, we just showed up matching.  How awesome are we? 

The race we ran was the I-Drive 5K, which took place at the heart of tourist town – International Drive.  The race began at Pointe Orlando, which is a really nice shopping/eating outdoor mall type of place near the convention center, so the scenery of the race was really nice.  We ran past the Peabody Hotel, the convention center, etc etc.  And I noticed that Carissa from Fit2Flex was the emcee of the race (she does all of the big races in town).  And no, I don’t know her, I just like to name drop.  She has lots of pics from the race here.  

Anyway … As we were standing at the start line, I started to get that little pump of adrenaline.  I don’t know what it is about races, but they just spark something inside of you. So I told the girls, “well, maybe we just throw a few short running intervals in there – when we feel like running, we’ll run” and they were pretty OK with that.  Amanda is not a runner and had worries about actually being able to walk the 5K at a good pace, but she agreed when I told her I would run slow slow slow (my specialty). 

The gun went off and we were off.  We started off walking and instantly I got that itch to run, but I had told the gals that I wanted us to all do this run together – start together, finish together – so I didn’t want to be like “see ya!” and run off on my own.  We walked for the first 10 minutes or so and I then I asked everyone if they were ready to run.  They were, so I kept a watch on my Garmin and we started running.  Well, jogging.  And ya know what?  It felt amazing! 

Sometimes the best running experiences come when you have absolutely zero expectations.  I had no expectation of this race going so well, and what did it do?  It went great!  I kept it super slow (I’m good at that) and I was barely even winded.  It felt good, it felt natural, I didn’t feel out of breath or tired – it was all kinds of right.  And it was great to run with the girls.  They helped keep me at a pace that wasn’t too fast for me where I could maintain my stamina and my conversation with them.  Win, win.

We jogged a minute and walked for two throughout the rest of the race (2-ish miles or so).  And I got to do something that I haven’t done before in any race – cross the finish line with someone I know.  Usually we all go our separate ways during a race and meet up after we finish, so it was really fun and special cross the finish line all the same time as the gals.  Man, I wish we had a picture!  Here’s one from a little later on.

I was super proud of all of us.  We went in with no expectations and we came out successful.  So great!!!  Now if only we can keep up this momentum while we train for the Tower of Terror.  Hmm, maybe we should do training runs together on weekends.  Michele, Amanda, you game?  Oh, and we also decided on a slogan for our awesome team t-shirts that we’re going to make for the 10 Miler.  I can’t share it with you yet, because it’s too awesome.  You'll have to wait for that.  

But all around, it was a great race and a great morning.  I’m so so glad that we did it and decided to run a small portion of it. 

Questions for you ...
- Have you ever gone into a race or a run with no expectations and it turned out to be fabulous?
- How do you train for a race?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Another Fun Disney Night

Last night was another monumental night for Jillian…

Her first trip to Magic Kingdom!! 

She’s been to Epcot and she’s been to Hollywood Studios, but a kid’s first trip to Magic Kingdom is super duper special and she was all smiles about it.

We went out to the park after work to avoid the crowds and the hot weather and we just had the best night!  It was so fun seeing her light up at all of the sights and sounds.  And she even got to meet Daisy and, her absolute favorite, Minnie!

It was such a fun night!!!!   

On the running front, nothing this week.  5K tomorrow, I’m just going to have fun with it and enjoy it.  Next week, I get serious.  Gotta do it!  Shar, thanks so much fo your comment on my last post – that made me feel better!!  I will get there. 

Hope everyone has a great Friday and a great weekend.  I am looking forward to my very first Mother’s Day!  YAY!!!  J

Questions for you ...
- Anyone running a race this weekend?
- What are your Mother's Day plans?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


So I’ve returned to lamery.  My running thang was short lived.  But it will come back.  It will!

I haven’t run since last Wednesday.  I have no excuses (well, it has been raining a lot here…last week anyway) except just the want and need to sleep in as long as possible in the mornings (common feeling for new moms).  I don’t have any desire to run at night.  I really don’t have the desire to work out anytime.  This is bad, right?  I mean, I know my want/need/love for working out and running will come back to me eventually, but right now it’s just clearly not there.  At night before bed I think, “OK, I’m going to plan to get up and go run in the morning” and then I really think about it and I’m like “meh, nevermind.”

But yet when I think about running – outside, on the treadmill, a race, whatever – I get a little giddy and excited.  So I don’t know what my deal is.  I’m in a funk.  During my funk I have done a little bit of exercise (very little).  Yesterday I did 8 Minute Abs and 8 Minute Arms on YouTube.  I also did them on Saturday.  So that’s something, right?  In an effort to excite myself into running this morning I created a new running playlist with running related songs (ie, “Born to Run”, “We Run the Night”, “Many the Miles") but to no avail. 

I am running (er, probably walking) a 5K on Saturday morning with Amanda and Michele (the Tower of Terror Trio – ooh, that can be on our t-shirt!) and I feel like a big shmo because I was the one who was all “ooh, we’ll run intervals during the 5K and I’ll be the cheerleader and interval tracker for us” when we signed up, and now I’m just like “eh, I don’t feel like running.”  I think I’m mostly looking forward to just seeing Amanda and Michele and having breakfast afterwards.  How sad is that?

This will pass.  I know.  I just feel so bleh.  I know the cure is to just get up and GO, because once you do it once or twice you get back in the zone and into your endorphin filled happy place, but it’s just getting there that is the issue right now.  We’re t-minus 23 weeks away from the Tower of Terror 10 Miler, so I know I have to do something soon.  I will get back there.  I will! 

Sorry for all the pity-filled blabber today.  :)

Questions for you
- Do you get into exercise/running funks where you just don’t want to do it?
- How do you motivate yourself? 

Monday, May 6, 2013

May the 4th Be With You

Hi there!  It’s Monday.  Boo.  We had such a fun weekend, I didn’t want it to end. 

We had a full on Disney weekend this weekend and Jillian did a lot of hanging around…

…in the Baby Bjorn.  This thing is pretty awesome. (I say that, but I’m not the one wearing it, hehe – hey, I carried her for 9 months, now it’s Hubs’ turn!)  She loves being in it because she gets to see everything out in front of her.  She’s so curious! 

On Saturday evening we took a trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a special night.

May 4th was “Star Wars Day” and the tagline?  “MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU”  I freaking love it.  I’m not a Star Wars geek or anything, but I got such a kick out of saying that all night.  There were plenty of crazy Star Wars fans all dressed up and ready to party.  They had a DJ at the park and then a special fireworks show set to all of the Star Wars music.  Very cool!  We went out there in the early evening just to check things out. 

With Tower of Terror looming in the background


We were life sized Star Wars action figures

This was that thing that Han Solo got frozen in

Our goal was to leave before the fireworks, since we didn’t know how Jillian would take to the loud fireworks.  But we had a great time tooling around the park and enjoying the festivities. 

On Sunday we headed back out to Disney – Epcot this time to enjoy the glorious weather we were having (after a full week of rain, the weather this weekend was perfection) and see more of the Flower and Garden Festival.  The park wasn’t too crowded, so we had a nice time wandering around.  Afterwards we met up with my parents for an early dinner and then headed home.  Great weekend in the outdoors!

This morning I woke up and made the executive decision (read: BAD decision) to not go running.  This was dumb on many levels:  a) my parents are here and I didn’t have to worry about Jillian waking up while I was gone; b) I haven’t run since last Wednesday; c) the weather was absolutely perfection this morning; d) I have a 5K on Saturday and probably need to do something to get ready for that.  So dumb.  I was just so tired though.  Maybe I’ll go out tonight.  Definitely tomorrow. 

Alright, I’m done.  Hope you’re having a great Monday!

Questions for you ...
- What did you do this weekend?
- Did you go for a run?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

We Can Do It

It’s a dreary dreary day today.  I woke up at 5am to feed Jillian, heard pouring rain and did a small happy dance knowing that I wouldn’t feel guilty about not waking up an hour later to run.  Thanks rain!  And it literally has not stopped raining since then.  It’s dreary, but we need the rain so so bad, so it’s nice and peaceful. 

In place of running I made a feeble attempt at exercise by doing a couple of online workout videos that I found out about from Janae8 Minute Abs and 8 Minute Buns .  These videos are hilarious!  They’re from the 80’s or early 90’s and the instructor wears a spandex onesie, it’s awesome. 

And the fact that they are only 8 minutes long makes me so happy.  I have total ADD when I do workout videos.  About 8 minutes in I start thinking, “I’m hungry” or “I’m not in the mood to do this” or “I’m gonna start making dinner when I’m done” (and then I walk into the kitchen mid workout) – so these videos worked great for me because by the time the ADD kicked in, it was over.  Fab!  Never mind the fact that I only worked out 16 minutes today.  We won’t think about that.

The 8 Minute Abs was a good.  Very old school ab exercises like crunches, oblique crunches and bicycles, it was fun.  After that I did 8 Minute Buns, which will probably render me handicapped tomorrow.  Nah, not really, but that’s the most I’ve worked my legs/buns in a while, so I may very well be sore tomorrow.  That’s OK, pain is good, right?

Tomorrow, if it’s not still raining, I will go back out for another run.  And then Saturday or Sunday I’m going to go on a “long run” which will be any distance over the normal 2 miles I have been running for the past 2 weeks.  Might be 2.5 miles, 3 miles, we’ll see, just not 2 miles again.  I gotta build, right?  Hmph, I remember when long runs were 8-10 miles, I miss those days. 

And Michele, I love your mantra for the Tower of Terror race – WE CAN DO IT!  Yes we can, and we will!  We should get shirts made!  I’ve done that before.  Remember this? 

It says "This is my 10th half marathon."  I still wear the visor.

We have plenty of time to train and get ready so that they don’t have to drive us to the finish line.  WE CAN DO IT!

Questions for you …
- Did you know they have cool workouts on YouTube?
- Ever worn a homemade shirt to a race? 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


There were many inaccuracies I noticed during today’s run. 

Before I get to that I am going to make a statement that I wouldn’t make unless I did extensive research on it.  (extensive research = 3 running outings)  The Runkeeper app does not work accurately unless you have 3G or 4G working.  This might be a big “DUH” for some people, but I’m not very tech savvy so it’s taken a few times for me to realize this.  I tried using Runkeeper on my iPod Touch (which has no 3G and Wifi that doesn’t work while outside) and it gave me totally whacked out results.  It’s super accurate when I use my phone (with 3G), but my iPod, not so much.  Here’s what Runkeeper told me during today’s run…

- During a walk break it told me that I was current moving at 12 miles per hour.  Not a pace of 12:00/mile, 12 miles per hour.  Wow.  Apparently I walk at a sub-3 hour marathon pace now.

- I did my normal 2 mile loop and at the end of today’s run it said I did 3.7 miles.  I wish.

- At the end of my run it said I maintained a 9 minute/mile pace.  Again, I wish.

So I have finally decided to not use Runkeeper on my iPod because the results are just comically wrong.  So if you follow me on Runkeeper (Michele), that 3.7 miles you see today is totally wrong.  I’m going to go in and manually enter my runs from now on, just so I have the history in my Runkeeper.  I do like Runkeeper, I really do, I just wish it worked on my iPod.  Oh well.  Anyway…

Other inaccuracies during today’s run:

- My Garmin told me at the end of my 2 miler (it tracked my mileage accurately) that I only burned 54 calories.  That can’t be right can it?  I’m slow but not that slow.

- My foot.  I dragged my foot all over the neighborhood.  I could literally hear the toe of my shoe ripping with each step (drag).  Ugh.

All that said, I had a great run today!  I ran further/longer than I have been lately.  The weather was perfection this morning.  The colors of the sky were gorgeous – pinks, oranges, purples – what a way to wake up!  I felt great afterward.  Great outing (despite my technology flaws).  Yay!

And YAY to my friend Michele.  She signed up for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler yesterday, her first long distance race!!   So now we have a small gang of three running this race.  Woohoo, can’t wait.  Now we all just have to learn how to run 10 miles.  Haha.  Thank God we have 20+ weeks to train!  We can do it!! 

Questions for you …
- What’s your favorite distance to race?
- What do you use to track mileage/time on runs?