Monday, May 13, 2013

Fab 5K

On Friday I sent this text to the girls about the 5K on Saturday morning…

I wanted to be all rah rah about a plan for our 5K, even though I hadn’t done squat to prepare for any sort of running all week.  But I really didn't want to finish last (this was a smaller race), so I thought if we ran a little bit, we'd get ahead of those who were strictly walking.  They were sorta game and so was I – I wasn’t really sure if I could do much running or not. 

Fast forward to Saturday at 6am when my alarm went off and I was like “hell no, there will be no running today, there will be walking, but no running.”  Disappointing, yes, but since I was ill prepared and so tired, I thought it was probably best to just take it easy and make this a nice leisurely 5K walk with the gals.

Team Purple.  We didn’t even plan this, we just showed up matching.  How awesome are we? 

The race we ran was the I-Drive 5K, which took place at the heart of tourist town – International Drive.  The race began at Pointe Orlando, which is a really nice shopping/eating outdoor mall type of place near the convention center, so the scenery of the race was really nice.  We ran past the Peabody Hotel, the convention center, etc etc.  And I noticed that Carissa from Fit2Flex was the emcee of the race (she does all of the big races in town).  And no, I don’t know her, I just like to name drop.  She has lots of pics from the race here.  

Anyway … As we were standing at the start line, I started to get that little pump of adrenaline.  I don’t know what it is about races, but they just spark something inside of you. So I told the girls, “well, maybe we just throw a few short running intervals in there – when we feel like running, we’ll run” and they were pretty OK with that.  Amanda is not a runner and had worries about actually being able to walk the 5K at a good pace, but she agreed when I told her I would run slow slow slow (my specialty). 

The gun went off and we were off.  We started off walking and instantly I got that itch to run, but I had told the gals that I wanted us to all do this run together – start together, finish together – so I didn’t want to be like “see ya!” and run off on my own.  We walked for the first 10 minutes or so and I then I asked everyone if they were ready to run.  They were, so I kept a watch on my Garmin and we started running.  Well, jogging.  And ya know what?  It felt amazing! 

Sometimes the best running experiences come when you have absolutely zero expectations.  I had no expectation of this race going so well, and what did it do?  It went great!  I kept it super slow (I’m good at that) and I was barely even winded.  It felt good, it felt natural, I didn’t feel out of breath or tired – it was all kinds of right.  And it was great to run with the girls.  They helped keep me at a pace that wasn’t too fast for me where I could maintain my stamina and my conversation with them.  Win, win.

We jogged a minute and walked for two throughout the rest of the race (2-ish miles or so).  And I got to do something that I haven’t done before in any race – cross the finish line with someone I know.  Usually we all go our separate ways during a race and meet up after we finish, so it was really fun and special cross the finish line all the same time as the gals.  Man, I wish we had a picture!  Here’s one from a little later on.

I was super proud of all of us.  We went in with no expectations and we came out successful.  So great!!!  Now if only we can keep up this momentum while we train for the Tower of Terror.  Hmm, maybe we should do training runs together on weekends.  Michele, Amanda, you game?  Oh, and we also decided on a slogan for our awesome team t-shirts that we’re going to make for the 10 Miler.  I can’t share it with you yet, because it’s too awesome.  You'll have to wait for that.  

But all around, it was a great race and a great morning.  I’m so so glad that we did it and decided to run a small portion of it. 

Questions for you ...
- Have you ever gone into a race or a run with no expectations and it turned out to be fabulous?
- How do you train for a race?

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  1. So glad you did the race and felt great afterward. First race after baby fear......CONQUERED!!! YEA!!!

    When we ran the Moorpark 5k with the kiddos, the goal was to finish and we had a blast. We kept cheering Daniel on since he shuffled when he ran. He made it to within 100m of the finish line then took off and dusted us! Then, Daniel joined Moorpark Striders. They are part of Ventua County Youth Track. He enjoys running, shorter distances primarily, but now wants to "train" for a 5k and get ready for next years track season. So, we are going to do "couch to 5k" to get him accustomed to the distance and work on his speed. Should be fun!
    Lizzy will join us, but she loves to dance and will be taking 8 dance classes plus the Hip hop company class.

    I train for a long race by increasing my time every week. Sometimes it seems too daunting to increase mileage from 3 to 5 miles in one jump, so I just run 5 min longer each week, and the miles just creep up. Pretty simple and basic. Lately, I've been working on speed and hills so I have actually decreased my mileage from 5-6 every other day to 3-4, on certain days and then long on other days. The short runs are where I'll vary the size of the hill one day and then vary my pace the other day.
    It's all good!