Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Good Decision

So yesterday I didn’t get up in the morning to work out.  Jillian woke up at like 4:30 and then by the time we finally got back to sleep it was 5:30 and my alarm was going to go off at 6:00, so I was like “um, no.”  Then all throughout the day I felt bad about myself for not getting up and working out (since I said I was going to).  But then around 5:00 I got a burst of energy and decided “I’m going running!”  So I did.

Well, at 5:30 on a Florida summer day it’s about 900 degrees outside.  And of course yesterday there were no clouds in sight, so there was no escaping the sun or the heat.  I ended up doing the same 2.2 mile loop that I did on Monday morning (when it was about 700 degrees cooler) and I even threw in 2/1 intervals (because I could physically only run for a minute at a time without dropping dead).  All that said, it felt GREAT!  I am so glad that I went out there and did it.  I was feeling crappy about myself all day for not working out in the morning, so I’m really glad I did something about it.  When I got done my body literally felt like it was on fire.  I was so hot.  Literally, flames on my body. 

Afterwards I went upstairs (where we have a supersonic ceiling fan that I can lie directly under) and cooled off and then did the first phase three workout (yes, I’m behind) of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp.  It was good one.  All in all, so so glad I worked out yesterday, even if it wasn’t in the morning.

This morning I decided to not endure the 900 degrees in the evening, and I went out and did 3 miles at 6:30am, when it was only about 200 degrees out.  I was just going to do the same loop I did Monday and Tuesday, but then I realized that in order to work myself up to 10 miles for my 10 Miler coming up, I need to actually increase mileage.  Funny how that works huh?  So I decided to bump it up to 3 big ones.  It went well.  Now I just have to work on increasing my mileage over the next few weeks.  I need a plan.  Gotta work on that.

Jillian had her 6 month check up yesterday morning, and just as I suspected, she is perfect.  Growing wonderfully, developing wonderfully, she’s just wonderful.  And hard to keep up with lately.  She’s crawling at an alarming fast rate now.  She’s one place and the two seconds later it’s like “where’s Jillian?”  Luckily we can keep her in one place while she’s in her jumperoo.

OMG, too cute for words.  OK, gotta go!

Do you workout in the morning or the evening?  Do you venture out when it’s over a certain temperature outside?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Back to Life

Hi!  It’s been a while, yes?  I was enjoying my mini vacation at my parents house so much that I forgot to blog.  Or do anything productive.  It was fabulous!!!  Such wonderful time spent with my parents and with Jillian, I just loved it all!! 

Now it’s back to real life.  Back to our house.  Back to work.  Back to working out.  Yeah, working out, what’s that?  I was on a such a roll and then I had that week where I had to travel to Hartford, so workouts didn’t happen there, and then I had an uber busy weekend with the Baptism so workouts didn’t happen then either and then last week since I was off all week I thought “I’m going to work out every day!”  Naaaah.  That didn’t happen.  So today I knew I had to do something.

My fellow Tower of Terror 10 Milers, Amanda and Michele, both told me that they’ve been logging miles lately and training for our race – which is a mere 10 weeks away (I apparently miscounted the weeks when I did this post – oopsie).  I know 10 weeks is enough time to get the training done, but still, with my spotty workout schedule lately, I need to be really good about it and get back on track!  I’m gonna make yet another training schedule for myself to help myself adhere to this.  I’ll share when it’s ready to go.

So this morning I got up (late!) and did a 2+ miler around the neighborhood.  Since it’s been so long since I’ve put one foot in front of the other, I decided to just walk today.  I threw in some running intervals to see if I still knew how to do it.  I did, so that was a relief.  The walk felt really good and I am so glad I did it, even though I was super duper tired when I woke up (from what, my week of inactivity?).  So hopefully this will start me off on the right foot so that I can get training!  Also neglected the last two weeks – Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp.  I totally slept through Phase 3 of the program, so I’m debating whether I do Phase 3 these next two weeks, or just go to Phase 4 and make up Phase 3 after it’s all over.  Such decisions.

I’ve also developed some goals for myself for the next two weeks, just to make sure I stick with it – I always need a goal to work towards… 

-     7,000 steps a day.  I know that the “recommended” amount of steps to take for great cardiovascular health is 10,000, but I’m starting here since I typically only average about 5,000 on days I don’t work out.  Baby steps.
-     More water.  I have been neglecting my water, so I’m shooting to drink more.
-     One longer walk per day.  Whether it’s just me, or me with the stroller and Jillian, I am walking every day.  This will help with Goal #1.
-     20 push-ups a day.  Because that area near my armpits is starting to look weird.
-     Physical Therapy exercises!!  It’s been like a year since I’ve religiously done these and I can tell that my left side is w-e-a-k.  Bad bad bad.
-     Blog every weekday.  Because it’s good for my brain.

That’s enough for now.  Don’t want to go too crazy with the goals because then I have to come back and say “yeah, I didn’t do that, or that, or that…”  I hate that. 

Alright, that’s all I’ve got today – vows to get back on track!  That’s good for a Monday. 

Now you – what are your goals for the next week or two?  Have you been working out?  How’s life? 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Said I Was Gonna...

If you’re looking for exercise motivation and inspiration this week, you’re definitely in the wrong place.  There’s none of that happening over here this week.  Grr.

I had grand plans for this week to be my triumphant return to workouts (I have a lot of “triumphant returns” don’t I?).  Since I’m on “vacation” with built in childcare (hi mom and dad) I figured I’d get to the gym a few times this week.  Wrong.  I’ve been so relaxed and so unmotivated, that it just has not happened.  On one hand I think “eh, I’m on vacation, just enjoy” and then on the other hand I am totally mad at myself for falling so far out of the zone.

This is week two of non-activity.  Two straight weeks I have neglected the gym, running and Best Body Bootcamp (I’m so ashamed Tina).  I gotta get back on track.  And I will, but right now I’m mad at myself.

And working out isn’t the only thing that I haven’t done this week that I said I was going to do …

- Reading - no.  I haven’t read anything, all of my free time is spent either watching Jillian play, sleep, look cute, etc or playing that damn Candy Crush game.  I HATE THAT GAME, but I cannot stop myself from playing.  It’s crack.

- Getting a tan - no.  It’s been cloudy and gross here all week, so at least I have that excuse going for me.

- Visit with friends - yes!  I have done this!

- Shopping - yes!  I was a little worried about going shopping because I had no idea what size I was.  Some of my old clothes fit, but I didn’t know if I was that size or a bigger one still.  I may have lost 41 lbs, but my body is all sorts of different.  After trying on a few things and being a little disappointed, I tried on a pair of jeans (yes, jeans!) that fit me so well I heard angels and choirs singing from the heavens.  Not kidding.  Seriously, jeans never fit me.  And to fit my first time shopping for clothes after having a baby?  It was just crazy.  And then they were 40% off, with an extra 20% and then I had a $10 coupon (Macy’s rules!), so it was all just too much to handle.  

- Spending quality time with Jillian and my parents - yes!  It’s been so great being home with them and with her.  We've done a lot of fun stuff, like this …

And with that, I am outta here.  Have a fab day!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Great Weekend!

Whatta great last couple of days!  I’ve been absent from the blog world because I have been having so much fun. 

This weekend was Jillian’s Baptism, so we had family in town, I had a party to throw (cooking, cleaning, shopping, oh my) and to cap it all off we spent the day at Magic Kingdom all day yesterday (OMG, so hot and crowded, but fun).  Rather than talk about it, I’ll just share pictures…

Fun with Auntie Nancy

The family 

In her Baptismal gown made by her great-grandma
Conked out after church

Partying afterwards

The gang

Quiet time

Meeting Mickey

All in all, fabulous weekend. 

This week I’m on vacation, chilling out at my parents house.  My hopes for the week – get back on the workout wagon (didn’t happen today, but we walked like 19 miles yesterday at Disney, so I’m taking a rest day … I know, not the same, but tomorrow is another day), lay out in the sun and get some semblance of a tan (my legs look transparent in those Disney pictures), finish my book (I’m not digging the book I’m reading, but I do want to see how it ends), visit with friends here in town, go shopping (OMG, I haven’t shopped for clothes in ages), and just soak up quality time with Jillian and my parents.  It’s gonna be a good week.

Alright, I gotta go do fun stuff.  Talk at ya later! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

10 Weeks to 10 Miles

So while I was gone this week, this started happening.

My child is growing faster than I ever expected.  First crawling, now sitting up on her own?  Time is going by way too fast!

This weekend we have fun festivities planned for her Baptism.  My aunt is in town from Chicago and a bunch of friends/family are coming up tomorrow for the big event.  I can’t wait, it’s going to be all sorts of fun.  I'm even trying to get all "Pinterest" up in here with some fun crafty projects. I'm so not Pinterest-y, so it will probably end up looking like a 6 year old art project, but we'll see.

This morning I neglected yet another workout.  I’m one and a half for 6 this week.  I worked out on Monday and then did a half ass workout in my hotel room on Wednesday, but beyond that, that’s all I’ve done.  Not good Kerry, not good.  

I’ve been neglecting BBB, I’ve been neglecting running, and I counted, and I only have 10 more weeks until the Tower of Terror 10 Miler, and I am in NO shape to run 10 miles, that’s for sure.  I have 10 weeks to run 10 miles, so that's a mile a week, I could do that. So this coming week I’m getting back to business.  Because I have to.  And, I’ll be at my parents house this week, so I’ll have built in Jillian care.  Word.  

Alright, I hate to cut this short, but there’s tons to do and not a lot of time to do it.  Talk at ya later!

What are you up to this weekend?  Has anyone else fallen off of the wagon workout wise?  Or am I the only one?

Thursday, July 18, 2013


If I ever decide to fly any airline other than Southwest, please smack me and remind me of my Jet Blue experience this trip. My flight this evening is delayed an hour. Seriously?? I was delayed an hour and a half on the way up here. WTF Jet Blue?? And of course I didn't know my flight was delayed until I actually got to the airport. So instead of being here and hour and a half early, I was here two and a half hours early. Awesome.

And me and airport delays equals me buying stupid crap at the airport. I bought two magazines (Health and Fitness), Reeses Pieces (because its fun to eat candy while reading about Health and Fitness, ha) and a sparkly lanyard thing. Yeah, that was a random impulse buy. But it was super cute and like $9000.

I am so looking forward to getting home. It was 102 in Hartford today. 102. What is that? I'm so sure I  planned my travel on the hottest days of the year. And of course next week it's supposed to be in the 80s. PPP on my part.

And I am happy to report that I did do my BBB workout last night! I obviously had to modify it like crazy since I was in my hotel room and didn't have weights or a stability ball, but I did what I could with what I had. At least I did something!

Alright, I'm going to go take a lap around this tiny airport. Should take me all of 5 minutes. Hope your Thursday has been a great one!

(Sent from my iPhone, so apologies for how crappy this looks)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hi From Hot Connecticut

I'm in Connecticut without a computer that will allow me to blog!! For some reason, just recently, my Internet browser on my work computer no longer supports Blogger. Gah! Maybe that's a sign that I shouldn't blog from work? Hee. Nah, it's just the fact that we have the world's oldest version of Internet Explorer on our computers. Fortune 500 company and we have Office 97 and IE5. Meh.

So anyway I am blogging from my iPhone so I apologize for what this post may look like formatting  wise and typing wise (my fingers are too fat for an iPhone keyboard).

Anyway, I don't have much to chat about. Got here last night at 11 (was supposed to be here at 9, ugh), it's hotter here than it is in Florida (gross) and I haven't worked out in two days (though I may try doing my BBB workout in my room, without weights). So that's what's up over here. Just wanted to check in and say hi. Hope you have a great week, talk at ya on Friday when I'm back in FL!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Time Flies

Hi there!  It’s Monday, and it’s a weird week.  I am going to Connecticut this week and then I’m off on Friday and then this weekend is Jillian’s Baptism and then next week is vacation time!  So to say there’s a bunch of stuff to do is an understatement.  But it will all get done.

After almost a week of inactivity (shame on me!!!), I finally got back to it this morning.  My goal was to get up and go to the gym this morning, but that didn’t happen.  I slept too long and decided to instead do an outside run/walk to get me back into shape.  I started with 2/1 intervals (walk 2, run 1), then I decided to flip it and walk 1 run 2 and then I did a hybrid of the two.  I dunno.  All I know is I was out for 30 minutes and it felt great to move again.  Afterwards I did Workouts B and C of last week’s BBB (because I didn’t do them last week – EEEEK, shame on me!) 

Tomorrow I will be beginning Phase 3 of Best Body Bootcamp.  I can’t believe that it’s almost over.  I’m so sad.  I will definitely be doing it again next time Tina offers it, and I will definitely be keeping these workouts handy to keep up with the strength training once this is over.  Don’t want to lose that momentum.  I think BBB is really working for me though, I tried on some more pre-pregnancy pants this weekend and they fit!  Like pants that I have been afraid to try because I was afraid I’d be disappointed – they FIT!  AAH!  Happy days are here again!

This weekend we celebrated two birthdays – Jillian’s “half birthday” (OMG she’s 6 months old!) and Jordyn’s 18th birthday!  AAH!!   J is an adult now.  I can’t believe it!  She is leaving for college a week from today and it just blows my mind and makes me sad that she’s not going to be around anymore.  If Jillian grows up as fast as J did, it’s going to just make me cry because I feel like it was just yesterday that J was 8, now she’s 18 – not fair! 

Anyway, I’m going to go wallow over how fast time is going by and how old we’re getting.  Hope you’re having a great Monday

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?

Friday, July 12, 2013

How "Active" Are You?

You know when you fill out a questionnaire that asks you if you are active, and you have the options of “sedentary,” “moderately active,” “active,” “very active,” etc.  Well because I work out regularly I always check the “active” box because I figure I’m pretty active since I go to the gym and stuff. 

Well, that’s wrong apparently.  I was reading a blog post from celeb trainer Harley Pasternaon the other day and he basically told me that no, I’m a lazy sedentary blob.  Whatta jerk. 

He said even if you get up and work out hard for an hour or more in the morning, if you’re sitting on your butt in the office all day and sitting on your butt watching TV at night (guilty and guilty), you’re not “active.”  Well… hmph.  He’s right though.  Think about it, there are 24 hours in a day, I work out for an hour and then I’m probably up on my feet, walking around collectively maybe 2-3 hours a day, maybe.  The rest of the time I’m sitting or sleeping.  So he’s right, I’m pretty darn sedentary!  Well, crap.

So what can I do to keep more active all day long?  Sit less.  This is kind of hard though when you work in an office, which I do three days a week.  On those days I’m usually tethered to my desk working.  But I can work on getting up from my chair more frequently.  Walk to the bathroom, walk to the water cooler, walk to the printer, walk the stairs, just getting up and moving throughout the day will help.  I’ve actually started making it a point to leave the office at lunch to go somewhere.  Whether it’s to the store to pick something up or to get gas or whatever, at least it gets me away from my desk and up for a little while.  Remember when I went for a walk during my lunch break?  Well, it’s way way way too hot to do that now (I’d be a soaking wet in the office, and no one wants that), but once it gets cool (in like January) I’m going to start that up again.  But sitting less, doing more. 

Also, when I work from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ve actually started standing while I work.  I put my computer on the counter top and stand and work.  I started doing this, a) because I have to keep an eagle eye on Jillian because now that she’s moving she gets into everything and I have to be quick on my toes to get her; and b) because they say standing is always better than sitting.  I don’t do it all of the time or all day, but just doing it a little more than not is a start, right? 

So yeah, I thought I’d share that with you because I always figured “I work out, I’m active,” but I guess working out an hour a day does not necessarily make me active every day.  So I’m going to work on being more active.

And on that note, “active” is not something I have been for a couple of days now.  I haven’t been to the gym sinceMonday and I haven’t done a workout since Tuesday.  BOOO!!  I was supposed to do Workout B of Tina’s BBB yesterday, but just didn’t.  I don’t know what happened.  I’m going to turn things around this weekend though because I need to get back on the active bus.  I can’t lose momentum now!  I still have a 10 Miler that I have to run in a couple of months.  YIKES! 

Alright, that’s all from me.  I hope you have a fab Friday

How “active” are you? 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Post-Baby Body Update

I don’t quite know what to do next work-wise (because I’m getting so much done today) so I thought I would chat with you for a bit.

This morning I am sad to admit, I did not make it to the gym.  At 5:29am Jillian started crying (she never does this).  My alarm to go to the gym went off at 5:30.  Even though it was Hubs’ night to be “on call” with the baby, I didn’t feel right being like “peace out I’m going to the gym” while he was dealing with her, so I decided to stay home and chill with them.  I guess Jillian needed a little snack to hold her over until the sun came up because she was out like a light after we fed her.  It must be all of that crawling she is doing.

(OK, apparently Blogger is not uploading pictures today.  That's just great.)

She doesn’t yet know what boundaries mean.  I put pillows everywhere to try and corral her in to a specified space, but that doesn’t work so well.  She’s supposed to stay on that mat, but as you can see she likes to be everywhere but the mat.  She is pretty tough to keep up with these days, it’s crazy!

 (Picture another cute pic of Jillian that I can't upload.  GRR!)

So, Jillian is going to be 6 months old on Saturday.  MY. GOD.  That went by in the blink of an eye. 

It’s also been 6 months on my journey to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (and pants).  I am happy to report that I am 6 pounds away from my pre-prego weight.  And I’m sure those are going to be the most stubborn, awful, hardest 6 pounds to lose.  Grr. 

But I am pretty darn proud of shedding 41 pounds in 6 months.  Well, 20-something of those came off without even trying – something about the magic of having a baby and hormones and stuff like that – and then the other 21 I had to actually work at through diet and exercise.  It took me a few tries to get the eating thing down – I dabbled in Advocare’s 24-Day Challenge (I lasted 20 days), Weight Watchers (yes I did, and cancelled about 2 months in) and sewing my lips shut (ha, just kidding, I could never not eat). 

I finally found what works for me, and it’s not rocket science.  Eat only when you’re hungry.  Most of the time I eat when I’m not even hungry because I feel like I should eat (“oh, I’m bored, let me have a cookie” or “I should probably eat a snack even though I had a huge lunch” or “we have chips, I should just finish them so they’re out of the house”).  Just listening to my body and questioning myself before I put something in my mouth has helped me tremendously.  Like I said, it’s not rocket science, just common sense.  But it’s really helped me eat less.  Also, stopping eating when I’m full, that’s huge.  I used to eat until I was sick.  Now I don’t.  It doesn’t take a smarty to get that.

That, coupled with exercise – cardio AND strength training (thank you Tina for renewing my interest in strength exercises through Best Body Bootcamp!!!) – has of course contributed to my loss as well.  Yay exercise!  It really is the key to healthiness and happiness (case in point, I’m kind of grumpy today because I haven’t exercised). 

Now, I do have to say, I’ve lost 41 pounds on the scale, but I still cannot fit into a lot of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe.  All of my shirts are still tight and too short to wear and be comfortable (so annoying!).  My pants are beginning to fit, but only select pairs, and they don’t fit like they used to.  It really is true that your body is totally different after having a baby.  Totally.

Am I done with my post-baby weight loss journey?  No.  I’m determined to shed the last 6 numbers on the scale (and maybe more) and even more determined to fit comfortably into my clothes again.  But outside of scale numbers and fitting into clothes, I’m most determined to get back to my pre-pregnancy fitness level.  I want to run/walk a half marathon again comfortably, I want to be able to run a full 5K again, it’s those little (or big) goals that are really driving me to get back to pre-baby Kerry.  And I’ll get there, maybe not tomorrow, but I will get there sometime soon.  Promise!

So how about you – what are your post-baby goals?  Or if you haven’t had a baby, and are just looking to be healthier, what are your goals to get there? 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hello there!

It has been a ridiculous busy week already, and it’s only Tuesday.  Yikes!

So what’s been going on?  Not too much here.  The weekend was a good one.  Nice and relaxing.  We really didn’t do much of anything, which is kind of nice when it’s 900 degrees outside.

Yesterday I woke up and went to the gym, which was good considering I hadn’t done anything cardio related since the 5K.  Eek.  And I felt that as soon as I started running on the treadmill.  Aah!  I did 2/2 intervals, hoping to mimic the awesomeness of the 5K, but alas it wasn’t as smooth as buttah like the 5K.  I’m telling you that adrenaline during a race makes running so much better.  Anyway, I trudged through 45 minutes on the treadmill (3+ miles) and called it a day.  Glad I did it. 

This morning I woke up and took Jillian on an early walk before it got too hot.  We only did a mile because poor baby looked sweaty by the end of the first mile.  Plus I was eating into her play time.  She’s now crawling – army crawling, inch worming, scooting, crawling on all fours – she’s on the MOVE.  And she doesn’t like to not be on the move, so anytime she is confined to a stroller, car seat or bouncy seat she gets a little grumpy.  Hence the reason we cut the walk short.  After the walk I did Workout A from Tina’s BBB.  It was a good one!! 

So, it’s been about 2 weeks since I received my pedometer in the mail.  As I mentioned before, my company is doing a wellness program for all employees and they are giving out pedometers to all employees.  If you log your steps on a website and you get xx number of steps per quarter, you can qualify to get reimbursed for your gym membership.  I was SO excited about this because free is for me.  I went onto the website to check out how many steps I’ve been logging and it’s kind of crazy.

Yesterday I ended up with 10,009 steps

You can definitely tell the days that I go to the gym and run/walk on the treadmill, or days we go out to Disney and walk for miles.  The other days – generally when I work from home or on weekends when I’m kind of lazy – I get a really low number of  steps in.  I was surprised by this because in my mind I thought I got at least the minimum required 7,000 steps in, but I don’t.  Some days I don’t even get to 4,000.  Yikes!  I’m trying to work on this and get my steps up, even on those days that I don’t make it to the gym or out running (or to Disney).  Crazy huh?

OK, I need to jet.  Jillian is napping and this is prime time to get stuff done!  Have a great day!

Do you wear a pedometer?  How many steps do you/do you think you average per day?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fun Fourth

Hello!  First things first - new hair?  



4th of July Watermelon 5K?  

Red face - 4th of July themed

Awesome 4th of July in Celebration?  

"I'm red, white and cute!"

It was a good day!  But it started uber early.

I had to meet up with Amanda at 6:30 for the 7:00am race.  I don’t know what it is, but it’s 10 times easier to get up and out the door super early on the day of a race than it is to get up and out the door super early on a regular day.  Must be the adrenaline from the excitement of the race?  I dunno.  

We got there and walked around a bit before lining up at the start line.

Mmm, post race watermelon

The location of the Watermelon 5K changed this year.  After probably a decade (that I’ve been running it)  of it being at its original location, it moved to swanky Park Avenue in Winter Park, which is the site of a lot of 5Ks and 10Ks.  I love the routes around Winter Park and this course was super nice and shaded (thank God because it was HOT).  

Our race team was down to a sad two this year - just me and Amanda.

Everyone else putzed out.  Boo.  But Michele and her daughter Bella did meet up with us later for breakfast.  More on that later.

The race - it was awesome, as always.  I realized during the race that I need to run more 5Ks, because I love them.  They’re quick and easy and just make me feel like I’ve accomplished something great after I’m done.  I did 2/2 intervals and that was perfection for me.  It felt so good, it wasn’t too long to run, it wasn’t too long to walk, it was just right.   I kept it up throughout the whole race and felt really good.  My heel was still bothering me while walking on it, but when I was running I barely noticed it.  So that’s good.  
I had put some 4th of July themed songs on my playlist and really wanted to hear Firework by Katy Perry and was bummed that it didn’t pop up in the rotation.  But then, just as I rounded the corner and saw the finish line it started playing.  Perfect!  

On the good side of the finish line
All in all, another fabulous Watermelon 5K.  I am so so glad we make this a 4th of July tradition every year.  

Afterwards we met up with Michele and Bella at IHOP for yummy breakfast (the best part of race day).

I'll have one of each

M and B
It was a great time!

The rest of the day was spent at home comfy on the couch watching a 24 marathon.  Because nothing says God bless America like Jack Bauer.

Hubs and I have been watching the series on Netflix streaming for the last few months and I can safely say that it scares the sh-- out of me.  I hope to God that stuff like that doesn’t happen in real life, but sadly I think it might.  Shivers.  

Anyway, around 4:30 we headed out to Celebration to see Jordyn perform.

It was a great show and during her finale (she sang Firework - the song of the day apparently) it started to pour.  Good timing, but bummer that it rained.  So we packed it up and headed home to watch more 24.  (we’re kind of obsessed)

All in all, great day!  

Today I am off of work and have just been chillin’ with Jillian.  I just completed Workout B of Tina’s BBB and it was a doozy.  All arms.  My arms are kind of shaking right now.  It was good stuff though!!  

Alright, time to feed Jillian.  We’re eating sweet potatoes today.  Woohoo!

How was your 4th?  Any fans of 24 out there?