Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chill New Year's

Hello!  Happy New Year’s Eve!  I woke up this morning and had absolutely no idea what day it was.  I was like “do I have to wake up for work today or can I sleep in?”  I hate that, especially when you realize that you have to be up and moving by6:30.  Tomorrow can be a sleep in day.

Once I finally got up and moving, I made my way upstairs to do the second workout on the T25 Beta Series list – Speed 2.0.  There was a Speed 1.0 in the Alpha Series, and I liked it because it was cardio with some strength and stretching thrown in between the exercises.  This one did not have any sort of strength or stretching, it was strictly cardio.  Fast cardio.  Heart pounding out of your chest cardio that didn’t stop the entire 25 mintues.  Thank God it was only 25 minutes because it was tough stuff.  Tomorrow’s workout is something called Rip’t Circuit.  Just the spelling of “rip’t” makes me a little nervous.  Ha.

As for New Year’s Eve, we don’t really have any plans to go out and get rowdy.  Usually we go to Disney (shocker), but the thought of shuffling around the crowds with the baby gives me a small panic attack, so we’re planning on getting a Redbox, making some yummy dips and eating the night away.  That’s what we did last year when I was ginormous pregnant and it was quite fun.  We’ll probably be asleep before midnight, which is lame, but whatever, we have an excuse, we have a baby so we can’t be banging on pots and pans and whatnot.  Tomorrow’s plan:  Disney.  Of course.

I’m still working on my To Do list for 2014, which I will share with you tomorrow or Thursday, so stay tuned for that.  It’s guaranteed to be some amazingly stimulating reading.  Or as stimulating as it is to read what others are planning on doing with their lives in the new year.  Haha.  (although for some strange reason I actually enjoy that sort of thing)

Alright, that’s all from over here.  I hope you have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve.  Talk to you in 2014!!!

Do you have any fun plans for NYE? 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Things I Did

I’m a little perturbed at the weather man today.  He said it was going to be 74 degrees and sunny, so I wore short sleeves and jeans.  As of lunchtime it was cloudy and only 60 degrees (cold!).  I totally missed an opportunity to wear a sweater today.  I don’t have many opportunities to wear “winter clothing” so I see this as a missed opportunity.  Hrmph. 

Happy Monday to you.  It’s the last Monday of the year.  Wow!  Can you believe how fast this year flew by?  I cannot.  Come Wednesday we will be ushering in a new year and I will be that much closer to having a ONE YEAR OLD.  Good golly, Jillian will turn one in 15 days.  I just cannot believe that.  This time last year I was just sitting around (gigantic) waiting for her arrival and now she’s going to be one.  It’s kind of amazing.  Preparations have already begun for her birthday party.  Check out the invites – how cute are they?

Since a new year is coming, it’s time to reflect on 2013 a bit.  This year was full of new everythings and lots of learning.  I didn’t do New Year’s Resolutions last year because I knew that my life was going to change immensely, and I didn’t know how or if I would be able to resolve to do anything for myself, so I just didn’t make them.  But in the back of my mind I did have a few things I wanted to do in 2013 like …

Be a good mom. 
I did this!  I am a good mom and proud of it!  It still feels a little crazy to call myself a “mom” or to say I have a “daughter.”  Is that weird?

Lose my baby weight.
I did this too!  I shocked myself on this one.  I thought it was going to be very very hard to lose the 47 lbs I gained with Jillian.  The first 20 or so came off without me having to do much.  It was the remaining 27 that were harder to lose and required some serious changes to my eating habits and exercise.  But I did it.  To date I have lost 53 lbs through just changing the way I eat.  Not necessarily the foods I eat, but when I eat and how much I eat.  Amazed. 

Continue to exercise.
I wasn’t sure how often I would be able to work out with a baby in the house.  But I knew that I would somehow make it work.  I worked out until three days before I gave birth, there was no way I wasn’t going to work out after she was here.  In the beginning it was hard.  I had no energy or desire to leave the house.  But as the weeks went on I longed for a normal routine again.  And if you’ve followed the blog this year, you know that I started with walking, graduated to run/walking and kind of stayed there for a while in preparation for my 10 mile race in October.  Today I’m content with my at-home workouts – T25, Insanity, Tina’s BBB workouts – and will again venture out into running again in the coming weeks to prepare for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February (eek!).  So this is a big CHECK!

Read 20 books.
I’m not sure what I was thinking on this one.  Last year I read 15 books (I think?), I’m not sure why I thought I could read more books this year with a newborn.  Maybe all the maternity leave time off?  Yeah, like I had time to read.  I did manage to read 10 and I’m almost done with #11, so that’s something.

For 2014 I have a couple of lists of things I want to do.  Things for myself (health, exercise, body and mind), things for Jillian (how to be a better parent, raise a good kid, etc) and then things I just want to accomplish (finish decorating our bedroom, reorganize everything, plant flowers, etc).  I’ll share that stuff with you on January 1st, when the proverbial clock starts again.

T25 update – I started the Beta series this morning!  Ooh whee, it was fun!  Today’s workout was Core Cardio and it was all kinds of jumping around, planks, all kinds of fun stuff to strengthen your core.  Great workout!  I am looking forward to all of the “new” Beta workouts this week and will report back on each.

Alright, that’s all for now.  Hope your Monday is going swimmingly! 

Did you make New Year's Resolutions?  Did you stick to any of them?  Are you making a "To Do" List for 2014?

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Vacation is Over

It is the last day of Christmas vacation!  AAH!  I can’t believe tomorrow everything goes back to normal.  Well, apart from New Year’s Eve, ushering in a brand new year and then having another day off of work.  Yeah, that.  

I haven’t been to work since December 17th, and I literally feel like I have been off for like three months.  I don’t even remember the projects I was working on when I left!  So tomorrow will definitely be interesting.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being off of work for the last week and a half, I loved all of the Christmas preparation, family time and of course Jillian time, but I am ready to get back to my normal routine of waking up, going to work, etc.  I’m a routine kind of gal, so I have been missing that.  But I really am going to miss hanging out 24/7 with this cutie.  

Yesterday we had a fun filled day of taking down our Christmas decorations.  Usually we wait until after New Year’s to do that, but with a baby who likes to pull at ornaments and watch the tree wiggle (yes, even with a baby gate around the tree), we thought it was best to take it down sooner rather than later.  

I always get a little sad when the decorations come down, but at the same time there is just something so nice about having a clean, “regular” house again.  Not that our house wasn’t clean with the tree up, but I’m sure you catch my drift.  

Today I wanted to go to the mall and shop for some new pants.  I have several pairs of pants that look ridiculous on me because they are too big (not a terrible problem to have, but still annoying).  Case in point, the pants I wore to church on Christmas Eve.  My mom was like “omigod, you cannot wear those!” but I did.  And then I looked at the pictures and was like “OK time to retire those.”  

Anywho, I was on a mission for khaki pants.  Do they not make khaki pants anymore?  Like chinos?  I went to every store (exaggeration) looking and no one had khaki pants.  I was so perturbed!  And I think I have come to the realization that I hate the mall.  The whole experience was just not fun (probably because it was the weekend after Christmas hustle and bustle - bad timing on my part).  

So I ended up going to Bealls (the Florida version of Kohl’s) and found some Dockers that did the trick.  I feel like such an old fuddy duddy for buying Dockers, but seriously, when did khakis go out of style?  I’m obviously not the pinnacle of style.  

As for T25 I have actually taken the last two days off.  Shame shame.  I have had the luxury of sleeping in til almost 9 both Saturday and Sunday.  Wowee!  Jillian has slept in both days and by the time I do roll over and look at the clock I’ve been like “eh, no workout today.”  I’m still moving on to the Beta Series of DVDs tomorrow.  I’m ready!  

Alright, that’s all from over here.  Just wanted to check in a say hey!  Hope all is well.  Check back for my New Year’s To Do post later this week.  Gotta set some goals for the year.  (Better start thinking of some)  Hope you’re weekend is a great one!  

How was your Christmas?  Are you ready to go back to work after Christmas vacay?

Friday, December 27, 2013

Scenes From a First Christmas

 It was Jillian's first Christmas, and man it was fun.  Here's some fun photos from Christmas Eve and the big day!  

Christmas Eve

At Church
Silly family photos

Christmas Day

Did Santa come??!

Is this all mine?

She got everything related to Disney Junior this year - Sofia, Jake, Doc...

I love my chair!

And my new car

Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Preeve!

Oh hey!, happy Preeve! (Pre Christmas Eve, Preeve)  Its been über busy over here getting everything ready for Jillian's first Christmas extravaganza. 

There's been cleaning, shopping, more cleaning and more shopping. In the last two days I've spent an obscene amount of money at the grocery store making sure that I have enough food in the house to satisfy any craving. Not sure why considering all I have eaten lately is a steady diet of Christmas cookies. Hmph.

Aside from all the cleaning and shopping we did get out to Disney on Saturday night to walk around the Boardwalk to look at the decorations and get some exercise. It was quite different weather than Wednesday night - upper 70s and humid, not too Christmasy. Today it's 85. Yay. (I say that facetiously)  Thankfully a cold front is blowing through tonight which will bring 60s tomorrow.  Ooh, (Christmas) sweater weather!  

We also watched a weird amount of movies this weekend despite being busy. We watched The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.  I tend to think all Vince Vaughn movies are the same (sorta dumb) so I wasn't excited about it when Hubs brought it home from the Redbox. But I must say I really enjoyed it. I loved that it was filmed at the Google headquarters (the Googleplex) because it was just intriguing to see an office look like that. Kind of makes me wish I was a 19 year old computer geek. 

We also watched We're the Millers (not great) and The Adjustment Bureau, which was good but weird.  And then we got watching a documentary on CNBC about Orlando-based timeshare mogul David Siegel called The Queen of Versailles.  Queen because the documentary was mostly about Siegel's wife Jackie, their 8 kids and their lavish lifestyle.  Versailles because they were/are building the largest/most expensive home in the United States (66,000 square feet, 75 million dollars) modeled after the Palace of Versailles.  Cray cray.

Siegel owns the largest timeshare company in the world and the documentary was about his rise, and then fall from the top, and consequently how his family dealt with the economic crisis.  It was very interesting.  And fun to watch because they live not too far from me so a lot of the footage in the documentary was around where we live.  We'd be like "hey, that's our Walmart!" or "that's that building we pass all the time" and stuff like that.  It was interesting though.  We were like "why are we watching this?" and then we just couldn't stop watching it.  Intriguing.  

Speaking of movies, I desperately want to see the new movie that just came out, Saving Mr. Banks, about Walt Disney trying to make the book Mary Poppins into a movie.  You know me and my love for Disney, so Tom Hanks as Walt, I'm in.  

Anywho, T25 is going good.  Thank God I am doing T25 now - having a regimented workout plan during December is a lifesaver.  Otherwise I don't think I'd be doing a heck of a lot workout wise (all those cookies).  

I'm in Week 5 (because I redid Week 4 since I half assed it that week I was sick) so that means next week I move to the Beta series.  So exciting.  Thus far I have lost 3 pounds (even with all of the cookies I've been eating lately) and feel stronger and like my whole body is more toned from this workout, so I am definitely a happy camper with T25.  I haven't taken my measurements again, but I will at the end of the week (mid way point) to see if I've lost anything there.  Excitement.

Alright, I should skeedaddle.  I'm sure there is something I should be doing.  Tomorrow my parents are coming up and we are all going to the early church service - the one with the children's Nativity play.  We figured Jillian would love watching the little kids.  After that, dinner and presents with my family and Rob's family here at the house and then Christmas morning!  I cannot wait to see how Jillian reacts to Christmas.  SO FUN!  So I probably won't chat with you again until after Christmas, so have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and enjoy every minute of it!!!  

What are you plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?
Ever seen any of those movies I talked about?  Thoughts?  

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hubs' Birthday Fun

Hello there!  It's been a busy couple of days now that I am off of work for the holidays.

Yesterday was Hubs' birthday and we had some fun plans to go to - where else - Disney.  We had reservations at a sit down restaurant out at Hollywood Studios called Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano at 6, so we decided to head down there a little early to take advantage of the gorgeous weather we were having.

Since it was only the high 60s yesterday we decided to walk like 19 miles (it felt like that anyway).  We parked at Boardwalk, walked to Epcot and around the world, back around the Boardwalk all the way to Hollywood Studios, did our thang at Hollywood and then walked back to Boardwalk to our car.  It was a lot of walking - like 14,000 steps (per my pedometer) which equates to around 5 miles (per my pedometer software).  Not too shabby.  It was fun.

While at Hollywood Studios we took Jillian to Disney Junior Live stage show.  She loves all of the shows on Disney Junior, so it was a no brainer.  She had a blast.

Do you not love her shirt?  OMG.

Hubs getting into it
After that we made our way to Mama Melrose's, but not before taking a picture in the "Christmas area" with a snowman.  

It was super cold on the way out (like 50), so that snowman felt authentic.  

So all in all, good birthday for Hubs!  

This morning I forgot to set my alarm to get up and workout, so I missed my T25 workout.  Oopsie.  That's okay I walked a bajillion miles yesterday.  I will resume normal T25 duties tomorrow.  

I started reading a new book today and I am loving it so far (I'm only a few chapters in).  It's called Running Like  A Girl: Notes on Learning To Run by Alexandra Heminsley.  It's about the author's foray into running.  From being a total non-runner, to eventually running in the London Marathon.  It's hilarious to read about her early struggles because I can totally identify with everything she is saying.  I'm liking it so far, and hopefully it will motivate me to get back to it.  Since I have that half marathon looming and all…

Anyway, I should scoot.  Hope your day is going well!

Anyone have a December, close to Christmas, birthday like Hubs?  
What are you reading right now?  

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Music and J's Homecoming

Hi there!  Happy Friday … er, I mean Tuesday.  Today is my "Friday" (my last day of work until December 30th - yahoo!) so I'm in a super good mood!  

I'm also in a super good mood because I have been listening to the Christmas Lounge channel on SomaFM.  My friend Carrie introduced me to Soma when we were at her house on Saturday for our Christmas gathering.  I noticed the funky, different Christmas tunes that were playing in the background and asked what she was listening to.  I had never heard of Soma, but it's just like Pandora.  If you're looking for some non-traditional Christmas music (like I just cannot hear Mariah Carey "All I Want For Christmas" anymore this season) definitely check it out.  It's free and they have an app.  Good stuff!  

Speaking of our Christmas gathering - we had a blast on Saturday.  I wish I had a picture to share, but we're still waiting for Michele to figure out how to upload them from her super fancy camera.  Hehe!  We each brought a dish to share and then baked cookies or goodies for a baked good swap.  Basically we ate all day long.  

Our spread included black bean hummus (OMG, I am not a huge hummus fan, but this was deeelish), homemade guacamole, queso dip, goat cheese and crackers.  That was the appetizers.  Then we had enchiladas, cornbread soufflé, Olive Garden salad and breadsticks and then mocha espresso cupcakes and pumpkin with maple frosting cupcakes… oh, everything was just so good.  I will definitely be making that black bean hummus when I have family over for the holidays next week. Yummy.  

All in all it was a great day and a great opportunity to just hang with the girls and gab and catch up.  So many times we're squeezing in a girls dinner after work on a weeknight and we don't have sufficient time to catch up, so it was nice to have a leisurely day where we could just relax.  We will definitely be doing this more often in 2014 and not just at the holidays.  That's gonna be a New Years resolution for me - plan more girl gatherings.

Sunday Hubs and I did nothing but clean.  Like, seriously, all day long, into the evening we cleaned, organized, and just de-cluttered.  It was fabulous.  And, guess who came home from college on Sunday? 

Love this picture, I stole it from her Instagram
J!  After a crazy flight home from LA, she came over and was just absolutely blown away that her little sister was walking and so grown up!  It was great to see her and it'll be great to have her here until after New Years.  Yay!  

As for me, I'm back in the T25 zone.  I'm repeating Week 4 since I was sick last week and didn't get all of the workouts in.  So I started the week with Cardio and then did Total Body Circuit today.  I've been a little sore from my run on Saturday with a really tight calf and a little bit of pain in my achilles tendon (OMG, NO!) so I'm monitoring it, but still chugging.  The achilles pain is weird, it's there in the beginning of the workout, but goes away. Here's hoping it's nothing serious.  It's in the same foot as my tendinitis, so … who knows.

Anywho, that's all for me.  I hope you are having a fabulous Friday … I mean, Tuesday.  (I know, that's so mean)  And go check out SomaFM Christmas Lounge - it's so good!  

Anyone heard of Soma?  

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Reindeer Run 2013

Well howdy!  How are you?  It's Sunday night and sadly another weekend has flown by.  Why is time passing by so fast?  It's crazy!  I had a great weekend, despite still dealing with residual phlegm and hoarseness from earlier this week. Eh, I'll live.  

The Reindeer Run was a big success and I had a blast and kind of surprised myself a bit.  I mentioned that it might be cool out for the run - nay.  It was 72 degrees and humid at the 7:15 start time, so it didn't feel very Christmasy, but I still dressed up like it was Christmasy.

I had to.  When else can I rock those knee socks and that Christmas tree headgear?  

I had no expectations or plans for the race.  I was going to set my interval app for the race and do 2/1's but I decided to just fly by the seat of my pants and see how I felt.  I didn't think I'd run much, but I did.  I ran way more than I thought I would, at longer intervals than I have run in a while.  Wow?  Nothing consistent, I ran til I got tired and then walked until I got bored.  I kind of shocked myself, in a good way.  

This race, if I didn't mention before, was at Sea World (interesting timing given the whole Blackfish controversy) and the course took you all through the park.  It's a fun race, and really more of a sight seeing race than anything else (everyone stops at the dolphin pool to just gaze at them playing or to take pics). I had to stop and take a pic of the flamingos, because why not?  What other race do you see flamingos along the course?

Overall, it was a great race, and kind of renewed my faith in my running, since I haven't run in a while. 

Tomorrow it's back to T25, although, I kind of would like to go for a run.  But I'd like to at least finish out the Alpha set of DVDs before I go and do something else.  I do have to start half marathon training here sometime soon - the Princess Half is February 23rd and will be here before I know it.  Yikes.  I need a plan.

Alright, that's all for me.  We are gearing up in our household tonight for some fab TV - Psych the Musical (!!) and the season finale of Total Divas (yes, we watch that shlock and I truly hate that I love it).  Have a great night!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Feel Good Friday

Hey there!  I have my voice back today (somewhat).  Thank goodness.  It is so frustrating when you can't talk, or can talk but sound like a monster robot.  I still have the persistent tickle in my throat, but can deal with that I guess.  

I resumed normal operating procedures today and started today with some T25.  Ab Intervals.  I like this one, it's not as much cardio which is nice given all of the other workouts are 25 straight minutes of cardio without breaks.  However, I feel like I am totally doing most of the moves wrong since it's all core and planks and stuff that I'm not fully good at.  I'm working on it.  

Tomorrow is the Reindeer Run and I'm pretty excited.  I haven't run since I started T25 four weeks ago, so it should be interesting to see how I do/feel.  Since I'm still phlegmy I'm going to take it easy.  Intervals for sure.  It's supposed to be a little bit cooler overnight, so it might be a cool morning for the race (although the high tomorrow is 83, bleh).  I'm resurrecting my Santa shirt and knee socks from this race is 2011 and just adding some new, fun, festive headgear.  I wish I had some green pants.

After tomorrow's race I am heading out to the beach.  Well, not the BEACH, but the coast for a Christmas party at my friend Carrie's house.  We're all bringing a dish and cookies to share, so it will be a feeding frenzy and a great afternoon of catching up with the gals.  Can't wait!  

So yesterday I shared with you a feel good tear jerker of a holiday commercial.  Today I'm sharing a fun sorta tear jerker (I teared up, but didn't boo hop) holiday commercial from WestJet.  I don't even know that we have WestJet here, but this is a really good video.  Check it out.

Awww!  Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!!  

What are you up to this weekend?  Anyone doing any Christmas themed runs this weekend?

Thursday, December 12, 2013


So today I have absolutely no voice.  I squawk.  It’s really nice.  And frustrating.  And exhausting.  It takes so much to get words out.  Poor Jillian is probably frightened of the monster voice coming out of me.  Ugh.  Hopefully it will pass quickly.  I am actually supposed to host a training lunch and learn seminar today, hmm, guess I better execute my back up plan for that one.  Ha.

I did not wake up this morning to work out because I just felt crappy.  I’m sure the jumping around may have helped the phlegm-iness, but I am a firm believer in the motto, “if it’s in your chest, you must rest” – so rest I did.  Maybe I will bust out one of the lower impact T25 work outs tonight.

On a completely random note, there is a Christmas themed commercial that is showing right now for Publix (a grocery store chain mainly in the south) that literally makes me cry every time it comes on.  And it comes on a lot.  And I tear up every single time.  I’m tearing up just thinking about it.  Seriously.  Take a look and see what you think.  I dare you not to get teary.

Hope your day is going great!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Random Jabber

Well hi!  It’s been a couple of days.  I haven’t really had that much to chat about, so I thought I would spare you a forced blog posting where I rambled about nothing.  So today I’m going to ramble about all kinds of nothing since it’s been awhile.  Aren’t you lucky? 

T25 – Still going strong, still liking it.  I’m on week 4 now and on week 6 I move to the Beta series, which gives me all new workouts, which I am kind of excited about.  Although I know they will probably be harder and might kill me.  But I’m ready for the challenge! 

Sickies – Our house got struck with a case of the sickies.  Hubs started getting sinus-y and phlegm-y over the weekend and then on Monday afternoon it struck me.  Grrr.  Congestion in my chest, scratchy throat, coughing, it kind of sucks.  Today I am feeling better but I have a persistent tickle in my throat which is driving me nutso.  I pray to God that Jillian doesn’t get any crud. 

Reindeer Run – Despite the sickies, I’m still trudging forward with the Reindeer Run on Saturday.  I am looking forward to it.  Any excuse to wear Christmas tree headwear and red and white striped knee socks is good with me.

Weather – Today we got a “cool front” that blew in.  It’s now only supposed to be 78 today.  The entire country is engulfed in snow and ice, but Florida didn’t get the cold weather memo because its summer time here.  Yesterday it was 85.  It’s gross and you can barely call it “Christmas-y” around here.  Although, on the flip side, when it is cold I’m miserable and just want it to warm up, so I’m not sure why I’m complaining.

Jillian – So I told you that she’s walking.  It’s amazing.  She literally just walks all around the house for hours at a time without ever sitting down, stopping, getting tired.  I’ve given up trying to follow her at all times because she’s just constant motion.  We’ve baby proofed everything that should could get into, so she’s safe.  Although yesterday she inexplicably had an adhesive letter Z in her mouth from some scrapbooking stuff that I had on a shelf that she shouldn’t be able to reach yet – but she did.  Seriously, that kid will put anything in her mouth.

Glasses – Remember when I told you I had to get glasses?  I got them. (and no I didn’t get the Tiffany ones)  They’re cute, yes?  I’m sure I’ll wear them once in a blue moon… 

PS, I hate my hair right now.  Ugh.

Shopping – I’m about 75% finished with Christmas shopping.  Well, sorta.  I have my ideas and I know what I need to buy, I just have to execute now.  This time of year always makes me wonder why why why I don’t shop throughout the year.  Seriously, why do we always wait until December to Christmas shop?  

Subway -  Did you know that Cold Cut Combos and Meatball subs are $2 this month at Subway?  (at least in Florida they are)  $2!  Where can you eat for $2?  No where!  And they have gingerbread cookies right now and they are fabulous!  Not as fabulous as the white chip macadamia nut, but still fab.  Subway cookies are the best cookies on earth.

And on that note, I am out of here.  Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday! 

Friday, December 6, 2013


I walked off today and left my phone at home.  Wow, I may as well have left one of my arms at home.  It’s amazing (and shocking) how dependent we all are on our smart phones.  I made the realization in the car when I was half way to work and I immediately panicked like “OMG what if my car breaks down, how will anyone know?!”  Seriously?  Remember back when we didn’t have cell phones, everyone still functioned just fine.  But literally, on the way to work I reached for my phone 3 times instinctively (you know, when you’re at a stop light and want to quickly peruse your email or play a round of Words With Friends – but ONLY at stop lights).  Today is going to be a weird day.

It started off good though, with another fun filled T25 workout.  Heh.  I was being a little facetious there.  It was a fine workout, nothing wrong with it, but dare I say I am getting a little bored with the “Alpha” DVDs already?  Maybe I should try the “Betas” to spice things up?  Or go for a run.  I signed up for the Reindeer Run, which is happening next Saturday, so I should probably go out and see if I am still in running shape, yes? 

Last night we went out to Downtown Disney to do a little holiday shopping, see the holiday décor and have dinner.  It wasn’t too packed (weird), so we ended up going to a new place that they opened up called Splitsville.  It’s a combination restaurant and fancy bowling alley.  So cool!  We didn’t bowl obviously with Jillian, but it was cool to check the place out.  Since it opened it’s been ridiculously crowded, but last night we didn’t have to wait too long for a table and most of the lanes were empty.  Definitely a place I would go back to with a group. 

I took some pics of Splitsville on my phone and would love to share them with you, however, that whole “my phone is at home” thing kinda messes that up.  Oh well.  Instead, here’s that picture I was trying to upload the other day from our night with Santa and the Mrs.

Alright, this post is random (I told you it was going to be a weird day), so I’m just going to jet.  Hope your Friday is fab so far.  Have a great one! 

Ever left your phone at home or somewhere?  Was it like losing an appendage for you too?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Look Who We Met

Last night we went out to our second home, Epcot, to catch Neil Patrick Harris (NPH!!) narrate the Candlelight Processional.  For those who don’t know, Candlelight Processional is this amazing show that they do out at the American Pavilion at Epcot during the holidays.  They have choirs come in from all over Florida to sing Christmas songs while a celebrity narrates the story of the birth of Jesus.  It’s really a beautiful production.  And Epcot always gets really great celebs to come out and do it.  This year they have NPH, Ashley Judd, Blair Underwood, Dennis Haysbert (the Allstate guy, with that awesome voice), and a ton of other cool celebs doing it.

Since it was NPH night, and we love our NPH and HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother), we thought we’d meet up with some friends out there and see if we could catch a glimpse of the show.  The line to get into the show was backed up all the way to Germany (man, that’s far - haha) – which equates to about a quarter of a mile long (seriously), so we decided to just catch the show from the cheap cheap seats back in the American Pavilion area.  So we didn’t get to see NPH, but we did get to hear him and the beautiful choir, so it was still a win. 

And actually, it was a super big win because where we were seated was right next to where Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa Claus were situated!  We didn’t even know they had Santa and the Mrs. at Epcot!  We’ve been trying to figure out if we wanted to take Jillian to see Santa this year since she’s so young and squirmy and we didn’t know how she’d react to Santa.  So we figured we’d test it out with Epcot Santa to see how she’d do meeting a big hairy man in a red suit.

As with everything else in life, she was fearless.  Or maybe she was frozen with fear.  But either way, she wasn’t squirmy, she didn’t cry, she was just perfect.  OMG, I am sooo delighted!  Now if only I wasn’t looking shlubby in my Orlando Magic tee and yoga pants.  We may have to go back again wearing our red and green.  J

(OK, I can't get this picture to upload.  Grr.  I hate my work computer with its stupid outdated IE4!  I will post it later!)
Fun fun night!!  I heart Epcot. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Already?!

So I just realized that it's December.  YIKES!  What happened to this year?  I feel like an entire year of my life just came and went without me even knowing what was happening.  Obviously having a newborn/infant/now crazy fast walker made life extra crazy this year, but it's just hard to believe how fast that time went by.  I mean, Jillian is WALKING now.  It just doesn't seem possible that life moved that quickly.  Wow.  

She loves the tree - but we had to put the baby gate around it
because she likes to pull the ornaments off.  Hee.
So a new month means new goals and such.  Should I even bother?  I am really bad lately at doing things I say I'm going to do on this blog.   With the exception of T25, that's still going swimmingly.  But like last month remember when I was going to eat an apple a day and take vitamins and cook and all that?  Yeah, that stuff still isn't happening regularly.  So maybe I should make those goals for this month, yes?  OK.  Here they are - I'm going to make this easy since it's December and December = craziness.  

Take vitamins every day
Let's face it, I eat lots of crap that has little to no nutritional value (hi, I'm Kerry and I'm a junk food-aholic).  I need vitamins, so I need to take them every single day.  Do it.

Water water water
I've been pretty good about the water.  Not 3 liters a day good, but between 1 and 2 liters a day good.  I still drink a lot of Diet Coke (yeah, that's back full force - me and Janae are on the same page), but at least I am counter balancing it with the water, so that's good.

Eat more fruits and veggies
I used to eat so much fruit.  And now for some reason I don't.  It's a bummer and I don't know when this change occurred (post baby, I think).  I want to get back to a more fruit-full life.  Haha, punny!  

Keep up with T25
This is easy.  I wake up every day and I am excited about my workout.  Finally!

That's all.  So I'm going to work on that.

T25 update:  All is going well!  I took last Friday and Saturday off since I was at my parents house, so I came back Sunday and doubled up on the workouts.  Monday was Total Body Circuit, which was crazy hard last week, and this week, not as hard.  I think I'm getting stronger!  Today was  Speed 1.0 and it was good.  Tomorrow is Lower Focus (I think), which is my least fave so far due to the amount of squats and lunges and jumping and whatnot.  

And good news - my ankle is better.  I switched shoes and started doing my physical therapy exercises to strengthen my ankle, and now the problem is gone.  Thank goodness!  I really really really need to do those physical therapy exercises regularly, they make such a difference!

Aaand, that's all I've got.  I hope you're having a terrific Tuesday!

What are your December goals?  Eat better?  Workout more?  Get your Christmas shopping done before December 24th?  Do tell!