Friday, February 28, 2014

March Goals

Tomorrow is March 1st.  Can you even believe that?  Where does the time go?

First off, I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to my aunt Shari (aka Struggling Law Student – she’s that person who comments all the time on the blog).  She is no longer a “Struggling Law Student” – she is graduating from Law School this weekend!  Woohoo!!  Congrats!  My mom is on her way out to California right now to attend the ceremony.  Wish I was coming too!  So, YAY SHAR!!!

Ker and Shar - circa 2008 (pre-Disneyland Half Marathon)

Because a new month starts tomorrow, it means a clean slate, and new way of thinking, a time to capitalize on some things that I have been meaning to do, but I just haven’t done yet.  Yeah, I know that every day can be a “clean slate” and that you don’t have to wait until the 1st of the month/week/year to make changes, but just go with me on this.

So here are some things I want to do this month. 

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I am going to be making a triumphant return to regular, daily exercise this month.  It’s been too long since I have had a daily sweat session (my own lazy fault) so starting tomorrow, it’s back to morning exercise.  Morning exercise has always been the best for me – you get up, you do it, it’s done and you can party the rest of the day.  I’ve had such a problem lately with getting up in the morning (I blame the cold weather, my comfy bed, my schedule, etc etc etc) and I am going to nix this starting tomorrow.  And because I need something regimented to kick me into gear, I’m starting T25 from scratch.

As I mentioned long ago, my company started a healthy living program where they give us pedometers and we track our steps daily through a website (Virgin Pulse) and you get rewards for taking a certain number of steps (and getting a certain number of points) throughout the quarter.  The reward: reimbursement of your gym membership fees.  This is a huge reward (especially since I pay for a gym that I haven’t visited since August 2013, hee).  The site gives you 20 points per day just for strapping on your pedometer.  And you get more points the more steps you go.  So at 7,000 steps you get 60 points and for 12,000 you get 80 points and for anything above 20,000 steps you get 100 points.  (Fun fact: I wore my pedometer to the half marathon on Sunday – 30,000ish steps!) 

Since I haven’t been working out regularly, I’m getting less than 7,000 steps a day (some days way less).  This is sad, especially when everything you read out there says that you need to be walking at least 10,000 steps a day to be healthy.  So this month I’m vowing to take a walk (or run, or walk/run) a day.  Whether it’s a mile or 4 miles, I’m going to try and get outside every single day to walk (and get my points).  On weekends this is easy to do (hello Disney).  On weekdays, especially days in the office where I am tethered to my desk, it’s a little harder, but I’m going to make myself do it.  Plus it’s good training for whatever race I have coming up. 

I used to be so good about packing a lunch and bringing it to work.  But back then I also had a bunch of friends at work that I lunched with.  I still have friends, but they’ve either gone to full work at home status or they are too busy to go down to the cafeteria and eat, so I’m all alone.  Lately I’ve been using my lunch hour to run errands and I always pick up some sort of sandwich on the way back to the office (Subway, Jimmy John’s, Firehouse).  I need to stop this.  It’s expensive and I make bad choices to go with my sub (cookies at Subway, chips at JJ’s and FH).  So this month I vow to bring my lunch to work the days I’m in the office.  Maybe I should kill two birds with one stone and take a walk during lunch and then eat my lunch at my desk.  Novel idea!

Alright, I’m leaving it at three goals for the month – that’s doable.  I know I do this a lot – say I’m going to do this, this and this and then I don’t.  But I guess everyone does that right?  Life gets in the way, things happen, but just sitting down and making a plan is always a step in the right direction, right?  Right.

So, what about you … What are your goals for March?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A New Look

It looks different around here, right?  

After years (almost 3!) of the same PowerPoint-created header and ugly pinky/orangey background, I decided to make a change.  A while back I actually reached out to a blog designer about making a change, but good Lord that's expensive!  And for a hobby (and a blog virtually no one reads) I thought I'd just leave well enough alone.

Then I started poking around at different sites and trying to figure out what the big girls use.  I came upon Pic Monkey, which is highly recommended by Julie.  She uses it for creating workout cards and such, I used it to completely overhaul my blog banner.  Because again, I'm cheap and like things to be free.

After playing around for literally hours on Pic Monkey, I finally got something that I liked and decided to go for it.  It was so much fun, you may see more Pic Monkey stuff on the blog in the future.  Lucky you!  


It's day three, post half marathon and I am still feeling pretty eh.  The soreness in my calves will just not go away!  My left calf is so tight it’s hard to lift my foot fully off the ground to walk, so I’m kind of just dragging my foot around everywhere I go.  OK, that’s an exaggeration, but that’s how I feel.  I was planning on making a triumphant return to T25 today, but my body is telling me no, no, no, not yet.  So, I will wait.  

Do you notice that I make a lot of “triumphant returns” to exercise?  I should stop this dumb cycle of quitting workouts, it’s bad for me. 

Once I am healed, I will be starting T25 from the beginning again.  I want to do it all the way through.  It was so good and so convenient (only 25 minutes, didn’t have to leave the house, etc) and I was starting to see results…until I stopped doing it for weeks.  Oops. 

I’ve also set my sights on the next race.  (I know, I know)  The next big race for me will be the Tower of Terror 10 Miler.  I had so much fun last year, and it was a good distance (10 is okay, it’s those last 3.1 that kill you), so I am going to actually train correctly (heh) and conquer that one later this year.  Exciting.  Registration opened for it last week or the week before, so that means that it’ll probably sell out in the next couple of weeks, so I should probably go ahead and register, huh? 

And I think I have decided to NOT register for next year’s Disney Half or Princess Half.  I’m going to set my sights on the 10Ks during those race weekends instead.  Why?  I am SO OVER the race course for the half marathons at Disney World.  7 years of running the exact same course is starting to get old, so I am going to try something different.  That, and this last half just kind of crushed me so I’m not big on half marathons at the moment, but you know I’ll change my mind on that.  (hello, Celebration Half Marathon)

How about you … What’s your next race?  Have you recently made a “triumphant return” to exercise? 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Disney Princess Half Marathon #5

Hello!  I am moving rather slowly over here.  Still feeling the after effects of the half marathon on Sunday.  Everything is sore.  Legs, calves, shins, abs … you name it, and I’m sure I didn’t help matters by walking around for miles at Disney yesterday, but oh well.  I’m hoping I will be back to normal tomorrow, because ouch! 

So how did the race go?  It went great!  I can’t say it was my most stellar half marathon, or race, but it was great nonetheless.  You  know me, I’m not in it to win it or set a PR, I’m just in it to do it and have fun and that’s just what I did. 

So things started on Sunday morning with a 3am wake up call.  That’s always fun.  Can’t get enough of those.  I also got a text from Amanda at 3am to call her …uh oh that can’t be a good sign.  I called her once I got in my car and she told me that she was going to have to bow out because her stepmom was in the hospital.  Aah!  Poor Amanda, this is the second race she’s had to forfeit – she was deathly ill for the Tower of Terror and now this.  So I was flying solo.

About half way to Disney I realized that I had absolutely no gas in my car.  I meant to go out on Saturday and get gas, but I never left the house on Saturday and totally forgot I needed gas to get me to/from the race.  Since the only gas station around was the one on Disney property (past where I needed to go) I had a mental tug of war with myself – do I stop and get gas and get stuck in that horrible traffic, or do I chance it and just get to Epcot?   The mere thought of being tired, sweaty and sore after the race, and then running out of gas on the way home did not appeal to me at all, so I drove to the gas station.  This added on lots of traffic time that I could have avoided, but in the end I had plenty of time to get there.

I got to Epcot, parked and found an uninhabited port o potty – the upside of having run this race a million times, I know where all of the uninhabited port o potties are, which is a valuable commodity on race morning.  Then it was off to the start line.  It was a 20 minute trek to the start line, so it was kind of a bummer that I had to make it alone.  Well, alone with 20,000 other people, but still alone. 


The weather was warm, humid (just how I like it) and ridiculously foggy.  Like to a point where you couldn’t see probably 100 feet in front of you.  Alright, that might be an exaggeration, but it was really foggy (as you’ll see in some of the Magic Kingdom pictures).  It actually worked to my advantage at some points of the race.  Usually you can see how far away the castle is and it’s always a bummer to be like “I’m still THAT far away?!” but this time you couldn’t see it, so you never knew exactly how far away you were.  Well, I knew since I’ve run this same course ten times and live at Disney, but anyway…

So the beginning of the race was great.  I did my 90/90 intervals and felt great.  I was like “who needs training, I got this!”  Yeah, I had it for the first 5-6 miles, aaand then I didn’t.  The running parts of my intervals were getting harder and harder and finally, after I got through Magic Kingdom, I decided that I was done with the running.  I decided I hated running and I think the words I said in my head were “F this S” – but spelled out into words.    This was actually a bad decision because everything after Magic Kingdom is SO BORING and SO LONG, and walking the long, boring parts makes for a very, very, very long race.

Speaking of Magic Kingdom, it was so foggy you could barely see the castle when you were running down Main Street, craziness.

For the rest of the race I kept chugging at a pretty good walking pace, enjoying my music, enjoying watching everyone pass me by, enjoying all of the costumes.  Oh, and can I just say that I think they had a rule this year that everyone on the course had to wear some sort of sparkly skirt or tutu, because EVERYONE had one on.  It was mind blowing how many sparkly skirts were worn.  Why didn’t I invent those?  I’d be a bazillionaire.  Even the men had them on.  There were only 1,500 men on the course (and 19,000+ women) and most of them were wearing sparkly skirts too.  Love that.

Towards mile 11 I got to a point where I was like “if the sweeper bus came, I would be glad to get on it” – that’s how tired I was.  Thankfully I was nowhere near sweeper bus territory (thanks to the scant amount of running I did in the beginning), but those last 2 miles were a bear because I was D-O-N-E.  Just after the mile 11 marker there was a downhill area where I figured I could run a little.  Um, no.  I literally could not pick my legs up to run, they were like lead.  I’ve never had that happen before.  It was really crazy.  So I just kept on walking. 

Mile 12 is at the bottom of this rather large hill and from there you get to a spectator area where everyone is cheering you on (always makes me a little teary, I don’t know why, I don’t even know those people) and the energy is great and then you’re into Epcot – the home stretch.  Just as I rounded the corner in the backstage area of Epcot I saw Sofia the First and I knew I had to stop for a photo opp.  For those non-parents out there, or parents of older kids, Sofia the First is a Disney Junior show about a Princess named Sofia and it is the cutest show ever (Tim Gunn voices a character – love!).  Jillian LOVES Sofia, so I knew I had to stop and get a picture with her favorite princess.

How cute is she?  This was mile 12.3

And from there, I just turned up my Ricky Martin (La Copa de la Vida - OMG, I love this song, such a perfect final push song)  and hoofed it as fast as I physically could around the short course inside Epcot.  As I got towards the finish line I decided that I could not walk across the finish line,  I had to muster up some sort of something and run across the finish line.  It was hard, and I think I injured something in the process, but I did it.  

Final time… well, let’s not talk about that.  Let’s just say it was the longest half marathon I have ever run and the worst time I’ve ever logged.  Eh, it happens.  That’s what I get for completely failing miserably at training…again.  Lesson officially learned. 

Oh, and that post where I said that one day I might entertain a marathon?  Hell.  No.  Never.  I will never ever, ever, ever, ever subject myself to that kind of torture and misery.  13.1 is enough for me, thank you very much.  This race taught me that, for sure! 

All in all, despite my performance, this was a great race.  I already had low expectations going in, I wasn’t expecting anything, and I feel really good about the fact that I started and I finished.  I could have stayed in bed, but I didn’t, I joined 20,000 friends for a nice, leisurely walk around the Disney resort dressed as Tweedledee.  How many people can say they’ve done that?  How many people will go through their entire life and never try to complete a half marathon?  Most people.  Us racer people are in an elite (and somewhat crazy) class of people who can do extraordinary things, and I’m pretty proud of that.  I may not run fast, heck, I may not run at all, but at least I’m doing it. 

The end! 


Monday, February 24, 2014

Recovery Day

Hi there! I am off of work today to recover from the half marathon. And by recover I mean I took the day off to hang with Jillian and my parents at Disney. I'm a glutton for punishment, yes. 

I woke up super duper sore everywhere - legs, bum, shoulders, abs, arms - it all hurts! But it hurts so good and is a constant reminder of the amazing thing I did yesterday, so it's okay. 

I'll be back tomorrow with a full race recap, but for now here are a couple of fun pics to tide you over! 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Friday, February 21, 2014

Expo Fun

Last night I went out to the Disney Princess Half Marathon expo to pick up my race packet. 

This is probably one of my favorite parts about doing these races.  Seriously.  I love the feeling and the energy and the excitement when you go and pick up your bib.  You’re surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of people who are just as excited and crazy as you are and you just feel bonded with those people.  I haven’t been that excited about my impending race, but after last night, I’m pretty pumped! 

I thought by going out to the expo on Thursday it would be less crowded.  Nay.  It was a zoo, but I did get in and out pretty quickly.  I even had a little bit of time to shop around.  Hubs and Jillian were waiting outside for me (no strollers in the expo) so I had to shop fast.  I saw these shirts that I was tempted to buy…

Fun!  I wasn’t really looking to buy anything, but I had fun just perusing the booths to see if there was anything worthy of spending money on.  There wasn’t anything I couldn’t live without.

I rocked my “Will run for Diet Coke” shirt and so many people came up to me and were like “where did you get that shirt!?!?” and “I LOVE YOUR SHIRT!”  One lady actually asked if she could take a picture of me and my shirt to send to her friend.  Definitely a hit.  I will be wearing it again at my next race expo for sure, haha.  And if you’re wondering, my shirt actually came from Amanda’s Spreadshirt shop on her blog.  She also has one that says “Pass me I’m a slow runner.”  Love!

So that’s it.  Got my packet, got my bib, I’m ready to run…er, walk…run / walk. 

The verdict is still out on how much running there will be.  I have a 3am wake up call for Sunday morning which I am dreading so badly you don’t even know.  The worst part of a Disney Half Marathon – waking up in the middle of the night because the race starts SO EARLY (5:30am).  Grr. 

Talk to you when it’s all over!!!

How about you … Do you enjoy race expos?  What’s the earliest you’ve had to wake up for a race? 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Change is Coming

Guess what I did this morning?  I ran.  A little.  OK, not really at all, but enough to know that I still know how to do it.  I went on a walk with Jillian in the “jogging” stroller (heh) and decided to try putting one foot in front of the other in a manner that resembled running, and I could do it.  Yay!  That’s always good to know 3 days before embarking on a half marathon, huh?  Oy.

Jillian and I went on a 2+ mile walk and it was glorious.  The weather is like the most beautiful, amazing springtime weather you could experience – upper 70s, not a cloud in the sky, a little breezy, perfection!  I had to keep reminding myself that it was February.  We walked for about 99.2% of the outing and ran for about .8% of it, a good, fair mix.  It felt GREAT to be outside in the fresh air though.  And I actually broke a sweat, it was so nice!

I’ve been getting really down on myself lately.  Today marked the, oh, TENTH day in a row that I did not get up and workout.  Tenth.  What is wrong with me?  I have never had a problem getting up and working out, but lately I am just Lazy McLazerton and I can’t seem to get out of my funk.  I just want to sleep and lay in bed and lounge in the morning.  I can’t even use the “I have a baby” excuse for my laziness because Jillian sleeps without a peep for 11 hours every night.  I have no excuses.  I expressed my dismay and disgust for my funk to Hubs last night and he simply said, “it’s our new bed, it’s so comfortable you don’t want to get out.”  True dat. But it’s not a good excuse to not get up and exercise. 

So I’m going to be making a change starting next week.  A big change.  Like one that involves me going back to the gym or re-starting T25, or something big.  I haven’t yet determined what it will be, but it’s going to get me out of the funk.  Next week for sure.  Well…later in the week, because post-half marathon I’m a mess for a couple of days (ie, my legs do not work properly and walking causes me to cry).  Ha, see, already making excuses…gah, what is wrong with me?!

Yesterday my lunch outing was uber successful.  I got my yellow shirt, I got my craft supplies for my hat at Hobby Lobby (Hobby Lobby makes my head want to explode because I absolutely love everything and want to buy everything) and when I got back to work I did a little “craft corner” and made my hat flag.  It took about 2.5 minutes to do.  Voila. 

Hi Jillian!

Now I just have to figure out how to adhere it to my visor so it doesn’t fall out when I’m running at high speeds.  Hahaha.  Hahahaha!

How about you … Have you ever been in a workout funk?  How did you get out? 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Don't Wanna Work

I am so not in the mood to work today, and here’s why…
  • It’s supposed to be 82 degrees and sunny today.  It’s been cold for a long time (I know, that is so insensitive of me to say that 60 is cold when most people in the US are buried under snow and slush, but I hate anything below 80).  This week feels like spring and all I want to do it be outside in the sunshine.
  • My dad was taking Jillian to Disney today.  I’m so jealous.  I almost called in sick to just hang out with them.
  • It’s SO SLOW at work.  Our annual Sales Conference is happening this week in Chicago and I’m not there.  I’ve been working on putting together training for the conference since December, but did I get an invite?  Nope.  More “senior” people on my team got to go (and by senior I mean in age, I’ve been here longer than all of them).  I am actually fine with this.  Chicago in February?  No thanks.  Chicago in June, I might have to fight for.  Anyway, since everyone is at this Conference this week it is very, very, very slow here.  Very.  I should have played hooky today.
  • I’m excited about the half marathon this weekend.  I just printed off my waiver and read through the event guide for the Princess Half Marathon this weekend.  Now I’m excited.  Before, not so excited.  It’s amazing how reading a race event guide will perk you up. 
  • I still need to finish my Tweedledee hat craft project.  Wait, no, I still need to START my Tweedledee hat craft project.  I will be going to the craft store today during lunch. 
  • I’m also hitting up Old Navy because they have yellow tees with sleeves.  It’s going to be chilly on Sunday morning (okay, 60s) and I don’t know that I want to rock a sleeveless top, so I am going to buy a tee instead.  Luckily, yellow is in right now.

  • I have a day off coming up.  I took Monday (the day after the half marathon) off because I am pretty certain I won’t be able to walk on Monday.  I actually used those exact words when I told my boss I was taking off.  He was fine with it.  He’s a runner, he knows.  He actually runs 5 miles a day almost every day of the week during his lunch hour.  I need to take up that habit during my lunch hour, but I’d be a sweaty mess for the rest of the day.
Alright, that’s all I’ve got.  I’m going to go and do some work now so that I don’t waste my entire day wishing I wasn’t at work and getting nothing done.  (did that make sense?)

How about you … Ever have one of those days where you just don’t want to be at work?  (Who doesn’t?!)  Where would you rather be today?  Is anyone else running the Princess this weekend?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's and a Big Birthday

Another lazy day with no workout.  Tomorrow will be different, I promise.  I made that promise to myself after I got on the scale this morning.  Yeesh, just another reason I definitely need to get back on the workout wagon.  As if that impending half marathon next weekend wasn’t enough.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

I know many are not a fan of this holiday, and I don’t particularly love it either, so Hubs and I decided to just buy each other cards and that’s it.  We’re not going out tonight, just hanging out home with the babycakes, but we do have a hot date at the AMC Fork and Screen movie theater at Disney on Sunday to see Monuments Men.  My parents offered to come over on Sunday and watch Jillian while we went to the movies (since the last movie we saw in a theater was May 2013), so we took them up on that offer.  Exciting.  Fork and Screen is so cool.  You sit, eat a real meal and watch a movie, it’s pretty fun!    

This weekend also marks another momentous occasion in our family.  Mr. Zeus turns 18!!!!  EIGHTEEN!?!!?  I have an 18 year old cat! 

Mr. Prim and Proper

When I got Zeus at the humane society in the summer of 1996, I did not even think that he’d still be part of my life 18 years later.  He’s seen me through college, my first job, many moves, marriage and now kids, well, kid, and he’s still truckin’.  Admittedly, he’s getting a little slower, a little thinner, a little less patient (sheesh, sometimes he’s more demanding than Jillian is) but he’s still my little guy and I love his furry little face.  We will be celebrating with some Whisker Lickins’ treats this weekend for sure! 

Also on the docket for the weekend – some movie watching, some cleaning, some Disney, the usual.  Should be a great one, hope yours is great as well! 

How about you … Any Valentine’s Day plans?  Do you usually celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Anyone else have a really old pet? 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Gearing Up For the Half Marathon … Sorta

Hello!  It’s been one of those weeks where I have been honed in on work at work and the kid at home.  No time for those extra-curriculars (ie, working out or blogging – hrmph). 

The working out thing is totally my fault and I have no good excuse.  I have been a lazy lima bean every morning this week (except Monday, surprisingly).  I’ve just been so tired and comfy cozy when the alarm went off, so I have forgone my normal workouts.  I’m starting to feel like a slug though, so I really need to get back on track.  Especially since I have that half marathon coming.  Yeah, that.

There is a 10K happening near my house on Saturday and as a cheap (or actually pricey) ploy to get me to do some sort of training run before the race, I almost signed up for it.  It would have forced me to do a training run that was longish enough to constitute training, but I decided against it.  Mainly because it’s a really small race and I would probably most definitely be last to cross the finish line, and I just can’t deal with that prospect.  So yeah, I'm weird.

I am happy to report that all of the pieces of my Tweedledee running costume have arrived! 

A little sneak peek at part of it.  Still need to figure out the flag on my hat craft project, but that’s on the docket for this weekend.

Last night I also finalized my playlist for the run.  Since I will mostly be taking a 13.1 mile leisurely stroll on race day, I made sure that I had loads of really good music to keep my energy up.  I actually just took my playlist from the Tower of Terror and added to it.  That was my best playlist and it kept me pumped up for the whole race, so I decided to just build on it.  It’s really good.  So that’s something to look forward to, even if I’m not totally looking forward to hoofing 13.1 miles, at least I will have 3 hours of uninterrupted awesome music to listen to.  Perspective, people.

Carissa finally posted her review of the Celebration Marathon.  OMG, it’s on my race list for next year for sure.  Reading her story, man, makes me never ever ever want to run a marathon.  If she feels like that and she’s supersonic and does all of her training runs, there ain’t no way I could get it done.  So just scratch all that stuff I said the other day about marathons, mmkay?

Alright, that’s it for me.  Have a supersonic day!

How about you … How is your workout mojo this week?  Hopefully it’s not in the crapper like mine! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Blabber

Good morning to you!  Happy Monday!  Another weekend, gone.  Here’s so Monday morning blabber for you…

- This weekend was a lazy one.  It was cold and exceedingly rainy on Saturday, so I did not leave the house.  I didn’t really even get out of my pajamas.  I kind of love days like that.

- By Sunday though I was ready to get out.  The weather was perfection, so we went to Disney.  It’s been a while since we’ve been out there (like two weeks), so we were due to go.  It was gloriously sunny and we had a nice time! 

- I have become sort of obsessed with The Pioneer Woman.  I knew she had a blog before she had a show on Food Network, but I never read her blog until now.  I LOVE her show (and watched like 4 episodes this weekend) so I decided to add her blog to my Bloglovin app and I am now even more in love.  Love her!  I will be making her baked ziti this week, fo sho!

- This weekend (while it was raining) we watched the movie Jobs.  The movie with Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, all about the creation of Apple.  It was fantastic.  I had heard mixed reviews about the movie, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was so interesting to learn about the whole creation of Apple and the ups and downs of Steve Jobs.  Really good!

- Due to the fact that I did not leave the house on Saturday I got a lot of house stuff done, including cleaning the oven.  Our oven was absolutely disgusting (mostly from baked on cheese from making Costco take and bake pizzas) and smelled like fire every time we turned it on (yeah bad), so I figured it was high time to clean it.  And there’s really no excuse considering that it’s a self-cleaning oven and all I have to do is hit a button and it does it for me.  But honestly, cleaning the oven scares me – this is why I didn’t do it sooner.  It gets SO HOT (like 700 degrees) that I feel like the oven is just going to explode.  I actually saw flames inside during the cycle – that means it’s working.  But it scared the bejeezus out of me.  Thankfully nothing blew up and now my oven is so clean I could eat a meal in it.  But I won’t.

- Since it was a lazy weekend, I did not work out on Saturday or Sunday.  I had grand plans to do two T25 workouts on Saturday morning, but lying in bed catching up on Nashville and reading my book just sounded like a better idea.

- I started the Beta series of DVDs today on T25.  Love.  I have decided that I am just going to do T25 for the rest of my life as my workout of choice.  Forget running, forget the gym, T25 forever! 

- This weekend, Jillian was playing in my closet and she found a pair of un-worn, brand new Balega running socks that I forgot I bought.  I guess I bought them when I bought my shoes (in July) and they were still in the shoe box.  Happy day! 

- Hubs and I finally started watching American Idol this past week.  We had like 7 of them on our DVR, so we watched one per night.  Idol this season is fantastic!  I LOVE Harry Connick Jr.  He’s hilarious.  And I’m glad JLo is back.  The panel is just great this year and I love that they are only showing good people in the auditions this year – THANK YOU!  We are starting Hollywood Week tonight (my favorite part of the entire series), so I am super duper excited.  Yes, yes, I’m a dork.  Hey, here’s a throwback from when J was on Idol!  Fun!

OK, now I’m done.

How about you … How was your weekend?  Were you productive or lazy?  Are you watching Idol?    

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Running Costume

Hi there.  So after my post yesterday I was a little bit pumped up about my impending half marathon (just a little bit), so I decided to work on my costume for the race.

Every year I always see such cool, inventive, clever costumes at the Disney runs and I always think to myself, “I want to wear a thought-out costume next year” and then I always forget to think it out.  Same goes for this year.  Yesterday was the first time I actually thought about what I was going to wear, so I am a little under the gun to pull everything together by the 23rd

After some quick Googling, I decided to dress as…

Tweedledee!! (not TweedleDUM, although my blasé approach to training could constitute me as ‘DUM’)  

Yeah, I know this isn’t a Princess, and I am running the Princess Half Marathon, but whatever.  I figured this one would be pretty easy because I already have a red Sparkle Skirt that’s begging to be worn again (the last time I wore it was for the Princess in 2012).  And then I’d just need to find a yellow top, a blue bow tie and headgear of some sort.  To get ideas I Googled “Disney running costumes” and found this for inspiration.

And then I shopped and shopped (online) and found what I needed.  I got a yellow tank from Champion for $15, I got a sequined blue bow tie on Amazon for $1.88 (!!), I have red and white striped knee socks from the Reindeer Run and in lieu of the propeller hat (I can’t wear hats that cover my head because I get too hot) I opted for a red sparkly visor that I found on Sparkle Athletic (it was way more than I would normally pay for a visor, but it’s sparkly and matches my skirt), and then I’ll somehow get crafty and add the little yellow flag thingy to it. 

So yay!  That’s kind of exciting.  Now I am just hoping that everything ships in time for me to get my costume together for the big day!  This means that I’m going to have to stop for a photo with Tweedledee during the race like I did one year… 

T25 Update … I’ve been hard at work on my T25 this week.  I took Tuesdayoff because I woke up feeling a little “eh”, but I was back at it on Wednesdaywith Lower Focus and today with Speed 1.0.  It might not be running, but it’s definitely a better workout, that gets my heart rate up way higher, than any slow run I do, so I’m hoping that counts as training.  I think it does.  So that makes me feel a little bit better. 

How about you … Have you ever worn a costume for a race?  What did you dress up as?  Ever run a Disney race? 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Marathon Envy

So I looked at the calendar and started counting the days until the Princess Half Marathon.  17 days.  Ask me how many times I have run in the past month.  Zero.

I am in exactly the same boat I was leading up to the Tower of Terror 10 Miler – undertrained and freaking out a bit.  I know I can do it, I’ve done other races without proper training (again, not recommended), but the days leading up to the race I always start to panic a little bit.  I even emailed the fine folks at RunDisney to see if I could switch over to the 10K at the last minute.  I would so rather run 6.2 miles than 13.1 miles.  Unfortunately they don’t like to let people do that so they gave me a big emphatic no because the 10K was sold out.  Really?  10,000 people are running it, do you think one more person would make a difference?  Anyway, I’m stuck running the half.

It’s okay though because I’m just going to do what I did for the Tower of Terror – 90/90 intervals (90 seconds walking, 90 seconds running), this worked out beautifully for me.  I’m going to focus on feeling good and that’s about it.  No time expectations or anything like that, just get out there and have fun.  

I ran across Andrea’s blog the other day and read about how she did the Goofy last month.  For those not up on Disney running speak, the Goofy is the unimaginable task of running the Disney Half Marathon and the Disney Marathon back to back in two days.  I have always maintained that I will NEVER run a marathon.  I feel like hell at the end of pretty much every half marathon I have completed, so having to tack on another 13.1 miles just seems idiotic to me and is something I have vowed to never, ever do.  However, reading Andrea’s story about not properly training to complete 39.3 miles in two days and succeeding at it, makes me think twice.

I’m not saying I’m going to run out and do it, I’m just saying, the door isn’t sealed shut on the notion of me running a marathon.  Even though I’ve always said “hell no” to a marathon, the intrigue and mystery have always been there.  And I just think it would be fabulous to be able to say “I ran a marathon…once.”  (because I think once would be enough for me)

Andrea also takes a run/walk approach to racing and focuses on having fun rather than running to win or PR or whatever (so refreshing), so reading her story made me think “hey, I could maybe, possibly, probably do that too!”  Well, not Goofy, but I could probably eek out a marathon.  I’d probably have to walk a good majority of it, and I’d probably be in a wheelchair for at least a week afterwards, but I could probably do it.  It’s just the whole notion of running/walking for a majority of the day that freaks me out a little bit.  I mean, I’d probably be out there for 6-7 hours, and OMG the thought of that just makes me want to cry a little.

Again, not saying I’m going to do this, but I’m just telling you about the thoughts that were going through my head when I read this.

So I posted a very nice comment on her blog congratulating her and told her about my non-desire to ever run a marathon and I got this response back from a different reader:

Well dang, now that makes me even more intrigued.

How about you … Have you ever run a marathon?  How was it?