Thursday, February 6, 2014

Running Costume

Hi there.  So after my post yesterday I was a little bit pumped up about my impending half marathon (just a little bit), so I decided to work on my costume for the race.

Every year I always see such cool, inventive, clever costumes at the Disney runs and I always think to myself, “I want to wear a thought-out costume next year” and then I always forget to think it out.  Same goes for this year.  Yesterday was the first time I actually thought about what I was going to wear, so I am a little under the gun to pull everything together by the 23rd

After some quick Googling, I decided to dress as…

Tweedledee!! (not TweedleDUM, although my blas√© approach to training could constitute me as ‘DUM’)  

Yeah, I know this isn’t a Princess, and I am running the Princess Half Marathon, but whatever.  I figured this one would be pretty easy because I already have a red Sparkle Skirt that’s begging to be worn again (the last time I wore it was for the Princess in 2012).  And then I’d just need to find a yellow top, a blue bow tie and headgear of some sort.  To get ideas I Googled “Disney running costumes” and found this for inspiration.

And then I shopped and shopped (online) and found what I needed.  I got a yellow tank from Champion for $15, I got a sequined blue bow tie on Amazon for $1.88 (!!), I have red and white striped knee socks from the Reindeer Run and in lieu of the propeller hat (I can’t wear hats that cover my head because I get too hot) I opted for a red sparkly visor that I found on Sparkle Athletic (it was way more than I would normally pay for a visor, but it’s sparkly and matches my skirt), and then I’ll somehow get crafty and add the little yellow flag thingy to it. 

So yay!  That’s kind of exciting.  Now I am just hoping that everything ships in time for me to get my costume together for the big day!  This means that I’m going to have to stop for a photo with Tweedledee during the race like I did one year… 

T25 Update … I’ve been hard at work on my T25 this week.  I took Tuesdayoff because I woke up feeling a little “eh”, but I was back at it on Wednesdaywith Lower Focus and today with Speed 1.0.  It might not be running, but it’s definitely a better workout, that gets my heart rate up way higher, than any slow run I do, so I’m hoping that counts as training.  I think it does.  So that makes me feel a little bit better. 

How about you … Have you ever worn a costume for a race?  What did you dress up as?  Ever run a Disney race? 

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  1. I've run 5 Disney races: Disneyworld Marathon, Inaugural Goofy, Inaugural Women Run the World, Disneyland 1/2 marathon, and Disneyland 5K with the kids.
    Never wore a costume for a race. I don't get into the costume thing...just not me.