Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Back at the Airport

Hey guess where I am? Back at the airport. Oh happy day. 


managed to get in the security line that did not move. The people behind me got into the line next to me and were through the entire security line before I even got to the guy who checked my ID. For real. It was a bit ridiculous. 

It's back to Connecticut for me again, this time for a conference. This would be fun if I didn't have a mountain of work to do. I'm planning on actually working on my flight up. Something I never do. Usually airplane rides are reserved for uninterrupted book and magazine reading. I'll do that too. 

Some people asked me how much the items were on Stich Fix, and that all depends, I think. On my style survey I said I wanted my items to be 60 or under. There were a couple of different options, I chose the cheapest because I'm pretty cheap and hate paying a lot for clothes. But I'm sure if you prefer high end you can choose different price points. 

Anyway, the items in my bag were between $30 and $88. The skinny jeans were the most expensive ($88) and the blue and white top I got was the cheapest ($30). Everything else was in between. Not unreasonable at all. The dress I got was $68, not bad for a dress, I don't think. Hope that answers any questions!

OK I hate to do it, but gotta jet. I'm a "A" and I have to run to the ladies room before we line up! Later!

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