Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Every Step Counts

I have a major goal this week:  get enough steps in to get enough points to get my gym membership fee reimbursement.  (I said the word 'get' a lot in that sentence)

As I have mentioned before, my work does a program where if you wear your pedometer and log enough steps/points in a quarter, they will reimburse you for your gym membership fees.  Each quarter we have to get 4,000 points in order to get reimbursed.  You get points by walking a certain number of steps per day, and for other activity you do as well.  It’s a big motivation to get up and get moving. 

As of the beginning of the week I had 3,540 points.  That means that I need 460 points to get my moolah.  460 points equates to 8 days of walking between 7,000 and 11,999 steps per day.  Umm…don’t have 8 days to do it, I have to do it by Monday.  So I have to get MOVIN’ this week! 

It’s silly, but I’m so motivated by this.  I have charts and mathematical equations everywhere trying to figure out when and where I can get my steps in.  Hey, we’re talking $31.95.  That’s dinner for two at someplace decent.  That’s a box of diapers (with a coupon).  That’s 15 large Diet Cokes from McDonalds (umm, yeah).  I will get my money! 

I’m doing well, and actually now only need 160 points.  I logged 60 points on Monday step-wise (7,267 steps), 80 points yesterday step-wise (12,253 steps – we went to Epcot last night and walked the world), and I’m currently at 60 points for today (7,015 steps thanks to a walk I took at lunch).  I know, the math isn’t right if you’re really looking at the numbers, but you get additional points for logging into the site, you get points for logging exercise, so that stuff really adds up.  Especially when you’re trying to cram a ton of points into a few days.  But like I said, I’m determined  And heck, I never turn down a chance at free money.  So I’m pretty happy with myself right now.

As I’ve mentioned before, 7,000 steps is the baseline for this program we have going on.  I know that’s lower than the 10,000 steps that everybody says you should be walking per day.  Since this week I’m gung ho about getting steps/points in, I’ve really been trying to get closer to that 10,000 mark.  It’s not easy.  Especially when you have a sedentary job.  But I noticed today that just a 20 minute walk got me 3,500(ish) steps.  That’s not hard to do in addition to my morning workout.  I really want to make this a practice and strive to get 10,000 steps per day, every day.  If anything, just so that I don’t have to scurry around at the end of next quarter making sure I get enough for my reimbursement! 

Here are some fun stats I pulled off of the site about my activity:

I think that 6,932 (or 7,079) average daily steps is a little inflated.  Shoot, some days I don't get over 3,000, so I'm wondering how they got that number.  I guess if you average it with my "high" 36,714 (that was the day of the half marathon) it comes out like that.  But look at that - 1,883,854 total steps taken.  That's since July.  Pretty cool, but it can be better! 

Aside from the walking, I’ve also been super good with my T25 this week.  Three days in a row.  That’s like the most I’ve done in a really long time.  Sad, but true. 

How about you … Do you track how many steps you walk per day?  How?  Pedometer?  Fitbit?  App?  Some other cool gadget?  Tell me!

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