Sunday, March 16, 2014

My First "Fix"

As I mentioned in my last post, I got my first Stitch Fix box when I got home from Connecticut on Friday. So exciting! I didn't open it til Saturday morning because the last thing I wanted to do at 10pm on Friday after flying home was try on clothes. 

The box was packed so nicely with an envelope on top containing all my goods. 

In the envelope was a little note from my stylist with pictures of all of the pieces in my box and different styling suggestions for each piece, a sheet that told me prices of each item and instructions on what to after I decided what (if) I wanted to keep. 

The note from my stylist, Cameron, was personalized with information from the style survey that I filled out, which I thought was so neat. In my survey I noted that I love gigantic purses and she said in her note "I know you love big bags so here is one..."  Personalized service like that just makes my day. 

The first piece in my box was a cute top that I loved upon first sight. 

But alas it was a little snug at the bottom around my hips. Boo. 

The next item was a super cute tank that I knew would be perfection. 

Loved it! It fit, it was something I would totally wear and I just loved it. Keeping it! 

The next thing that I pulled out of the box made me literally squeal with delight. 

I don't wear enough dresses and have been wanting to find some dresses that were work appropriate and could be a little more casual as well. 

OMG this dress was perfection. It fit, it was the perfect length, it had a little fullness in the skirt, which is so fun. It could be worn with heels to make it dressy, flats or sandals to make it casual. Love. Keeping! 

And then came the pants. I was a little apprehensive about someone who doesn't know me sending me pants, because I have to try on like 20 pairs of pants to find one pair that actually fits the way I like. 

The good was that they were a really pretty tangerine color (I have never worn tangerine pants). The bad was that they were skinny jeans and about two sizes too small. Yeah bummer. I am definitely not built for skinny jeans. Sending back, but aren't they a pretty color? 

And last was the "big bag" that my stylist picked out for me. I'm sad I didn't like this because it's a fun color and it was reversible. The inside was an ivory color. I am very picky about bags and this one  didn't tick all the boxes for me, so it was a no. Boo. 

So all in all my first Stitch Fix was a success. I ended up buying two things (the dress and the striped tank) and I had the best time!! It's pretty awesome having cool clothes sent to you and actually liking them. It would have taken me lots of shopping to find a dress that I like as much as this one, so win! 

The items I didn't want I stuffed in the prepaid shipping envelope and threw in a USPS mailbox. So easy!! I love this! So much that I scheduled my next fix. May 8th was the next available date, so  I took it. Can't wait!! 

How about you ... Would you ever try Stitch Fix? 

Oh and BTW, I am in no way affiliated with Stitch Fix (I am not that cool). All opinions are my own because I had such a fabulous experience. 

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  1. Cute clothes. Not sure if I would put skinny jeans on either. There is something about being 46 and wearing skinny jeans that just doesn't mix.
    I would try them if I had an idea of the clothes pricing. Great concept, but if I'm paying A LOT of money for each item, it may not be worth it.