Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Night of Great Music

On Sunday night Hubs and I went to a concert.  And it was probably one of my favorite concert experiences ever.  The music was so fantastic, I was introduced to new bands and we got to meet and hang out with some of the band members.

Hangin with Audio Adrenaline
The main reason we went to the concert was to see Audio Adrenaline play.  Hubs and I saw them at Night of Joy this past September and they put on a fabulous concert (in the pouring down rain).  Rob has been a huge fan of the lead singer, Kevin Max, since high school when K-Max was in the band DC Talk, so he was stoked to see that we could pay a little extra to meet and hang out with the band before the concert. 

It was a four band lineup featuring Audio A, Kutless, Finding Favour and Shine Bright Baby – all Christian rock bands that rocked my face off.  We got to do the meet and greet beforehand with Audio A and Kutless. 

Us + Kutless
Hubs and I had never heard Kutless before, but the guys were super duper nice.  I’m definitely a new fan.

Usually I am not a fan of opening acts.  I’m a “get to the reason I’m here” kind of gal (I know, that’s terrible), but I was so very wrong this time around and actually found the opening bands to be the highlight of the night.  First up was Shine Bright Baby. 

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I instantly liked them.  The lead singer, Emily Irene Fertig’s, voice was so great and it was just a super rockin’ show.  I loved it from the first song to the last song. 

The second band, which I am eternally grateful that I got to experience, was Finding Favour.  Four guys from Georgia who were signed by tobyMac a couple of years ago (hello, that instantly makes them cool).  W-O-W.  Wow.  Wowwowwow. 

I loved the first song.  I loved the second song.  The story in between the second and third song made me cry.  The third song made my cry some more.  And then the fourth song, Say Amen, stuck with me all night.  Wow.  Powerful message, amazing vocals, my new favorite song.  I instantly downloaded their EP and the Say Amen single as soon as I got home and I have pretty much had it on loop since the concert.  Freaking fantastic.  Click the video below and tell me you don't like it.  I dare you.

After their set, which was way too short, I posted a pic on Instagram and tagged them.  And Matt Blashaw-style, they liked my pic back and they took my pic and posted it on their Instagram.  I heart Instagram.

Next up was Kutless.  Another big WOW.  They were amaaaazing. 

I will definitely be downloading a bunch of stuff from them because they were awesome.  Hubs and I remembered the name of the band from past Night of Joys, but we never heard them play.  I’m pretty bummed about that now. 

And last, but certainly not least, the reason we were there, Audio Adrenaline.

Awesome, awesome, awesome.  They ended their set with a song off their newest album and had members from each of the four bands come out and join in.  Wow.  Great moment.

All in all, it was a fabulous night. 

How about you … Any fans of Audio Adrenaline, Kutless, Finding Favour or Shine Bright Baby?  How about any other Christian contemporary or rock bands? 

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