Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fun Easter

Hello! It's Monday again. How does that happen? Weekends go by so fast. 

We had a great weekend. Jillian's second Easter was a huge, fun success. Last Easter she was just a newborn, so this year was fun because we got to do fun things like Easter baskets (she got three - one from us, and one from each set of grandparents), church and an Easter egg hunt! 

We got her all fancy for church...

 Then family photos before church. (That's my Stitch Fix dress!!)

She was perfect during church. I was a little worried because she was feisty in the car on the way there. Thought we might have to sit in the baby room, but no. 

Then it was time for brunch at my in laws and an Easter egg hunt! Jillian's first! 

So much fun. It was a great Easter!! 

Yesterday and today I did my T25, which is good considering I didn't stop eating once yesterday. Donuts, candy, ham, cheesy potatoes... There was so much delicious food. I definitely needed to sweat all of the sugar out this morning!

Alright, that's all for now. 

How about you ... How was your Easter?  

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