Sunday, April 27, 2014

I Got a Spray Tan

In preparation for our vacation, I decided to not subject people to the blinding whiteness that is me. I am so white I'm see through, so I decided to do something about it. 

I'm all for a good at home self tanner lotion, but I haven't found one that works well without stinking. Plus I never do it long enough to actually get to a color called "tan." So I decided to do what the glam girls do and get a real spray tan. Yeah, I know, crazy. 

I'm one of those people who has to do tons of research on something before I do it or buy it. Don't ever research spray tans, there's some crazy stuff out there. And literally after reading about all the prep and after care, it made me not want to do it (because who has time for exfoliation and patting dry?). But after talking to Amanda (who gets them every once in a while) and the girls at the spray tan place I got all the knowledge I needed. Plus I figured, look at all the dumb people who get spray tams, how hard could it be? 

It was fun! I bought a Groupon (BOGO!) for the kind where someone actually sprays you versus the machine kind - because I remember that episode of Friends where Ross does the spray tan machine. The horror. 

Anyway, I went, the girl explained everything to me, I asked a million questions and then it was time to get sprayed. I did a series of lovely poses while the girl sprayed me with what looked like a garden hose. Since I am so white I asked that she only spray me so that I looked naturally tan and not scary tan. I didn't want anyone to be like "wow, you got a spray tan" - I'm going more for the "ooh you've been out in the sun" type of reaction. 

When I was done I was a lovely shade of brownish, grayish, purplish. Yes, the girl told me that I would be straight up scary when I left and until I showered for the first time. And yes, I was a weirdly unnatural color until then. Thankfully I was just hanging at home...on an old dirty towel on the floor, because that weird color comes off on anything.  I am so glad I opted for the kind that you can wash after after 1-2 hours because if I had to sit any longer all sticky and tacky (and gray) I was going to go nuts. 

I showered off (only a quick rinse, no soap allowed) and the water was a dark gray color (grody) and when I got out of the shower I was pretty certain I had washed everything off because I was back to my pasty white color. Hmph. Apparently this is supposed to happen and you're supposed to get darker as the day goes on. 

And that I did. By the time I went to the bed I was golden. I have never been this tan before. Ever. Like in my entire life. It's amazing, and beautiful and I may just have to make his a regular thing because wow. 

(You can't really tell in this pic, but really, I'm tan!) 

So that's my spray tan story. Since I have one more tan on my Groupon I will be getting another one before our annual Sanibel Island trip next month. Fun! 

How about you ... Ever had a spray tan before??

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