Friday, April 18, 2014

It's a Good Friday

Hello!  Happy Friday!  Happy GOOD Friday. 

It’s Easter weekend and I’m kicking it off with some candy! 

I went Easter basket shopping for Jillian and while she doesn’t eat candy yet, I still for some reason bought candy for her Easter basket.  I can’t get enough of Reese’s yumminess at Easter – white chocolate peanut butter eggs, Reese’s Pieces eggs, I got Hubs a chocolate peanut butter bunny.  Yum.  Since Jillian doesn’t eat candy, I got her cute Easter books, some plastic eggs and a toy bunny.  I also got her a small package of Peeps since they’re chewy and easy to eat.  We’ll see if she likes them – I am not a fan of Peeps. 

I started the morning off with a little T25.  Today was “Dynamic Core” and it was dynamic alright.  It was half cardio and half really hard core floor work.  All good!  I feel very “on” with the T25 lately.  This is a good thing!

Did anyone watch the Scandal finale last night?  OMG.  I won’t say anything about it, but I will say that WOW so much happened in an hour.  I was anxious the entire episode and afterwards I couldn’t sleep because I was so wound up.  Yikes.  That show is too good.

Alright I must go.  I have 101 things on my to do list before I can go home, and I was hoping to leave a little early today, so I’d better get crackin!

How about you … What’s in your (or your kids’) Easter basket?  Did you watch the Scandal finale?  Did you work out today?

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  1. Kiddos easter baskets have candy..peeps, peanut butter bunny, robins eggs, jelly beans, peanut butter eggs; plus a book for Lizzy and some Yu Gi Oh cards for Daniel. I waited until Wednesday to buy any candy and promptly tied the bags shut and threw them in the back of the closet.
    I have been trying to get rid of refined sugar in my diet and so far it seems to be working. Had a piece of chocolate the other day and didn't feel well afterward. Having kids in the house, invariably means that I have refined sugar of some kind in my house...mints, sour patch straws, ice cream, willpower is definitely the name of the game.
    I don't watch Scandal, so I have no comment on the show or the finale.
    Been battling posterior shin splints the last couple of weeks. Actually took 1-1/2 weeks off of running to heal them. Seemed to work, but ran too far on the first day back and aggravated my calf again. Have been foam rolling it to relieve the pain and paired down the run from a single 5 miler to two 1.7 mile sessions and it helps. Today was the step mill instead of a run to give the calf a break, plus back and triceps.
    Also started taking boxing lessons. That's fun!!! My trainer is great and knows how to convey what he wants me to do with hands and feet to get the best punches. Very effective and hard on the arms and core. Great workout. Just need to keep it up.
    Hope you have a wonderful Good Friday!! And Happy Easter!!