Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Not Running Disney

I know I haven’t been running lately, and I know I said the other day that I like the fact that I don’t have a race hanging over my head at the moment.  But, I would like to do one towards the end of the year.  I was thinking about the Tower of Terror 10 Miler in October or even the Disney Wine and Dine Half (or relay) in November.  Yesterday I went on to the runDisney site and I noticed that they are both sold out.  Oh well, so much for that.

So then I set my sights on Disney’s Marathon Weekend in January.  January 2015.  As in 8 months from now.  There are 4 races – 5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathon – and I was leaning toward the 10K since I have never done it before (and it’s way less of a commitment).  All of the races during marathon weekend went on sale yesterday at noon.  Today at 12:20pm I went to the runDisney site and saw that all races, with the exception of the full marathon (because who wants to do that crap – hehe), are all sold out.  Are you kidding me??!  It’s been 24 hours and every race is sold out?  Seriously!?!  I am so perturbed right now I could scream. And here I was thinking I was way ahead of the ball by registering today. 

I love my Disney races, you  know this.  All of the 12 half marathons I’ve done have been on Disney soil. 

WDW Half 2012

Princess Half 2012

WDW Half 2010 - when it as snowing!

Wine and Dine relay 2011

But they have come to be a bit ridiculous.  When I first started running you could register for a race a month or two before and not have a problem.  The races were also maybe 10,000 people.  Over the years, they have opened the race up to gobs more people and now they average in the 20,000-25,000 range, which I personally like on race day, because I know I won’t be dead last.  But I hate the fact that they sell out so quickly.  If you don’t remember to register on the day/minute it goes on sales you’re out of luck – that’s not cool.  When did this become so huge?  Soon they're going to make it like Boston where you have to qualify to get in, and then I'll really never get to run Disney.

My experience today kind of turned me off from Disney races a bit.  I know, that is crazy for me to say since I am a tried and true Disney runner (and overall Disney freak).  But seriously, for the first time I actually thought “I think I’d like to just stay away from Disney races.”  I guess I’ll have to now, since there are no spots for me this year or during Marathon Weekend anyway. 


How about you … Have you run a Disney race? 

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