Thursday, April 24, 2014

Rolling the Dough

Hubs and I have a vacation coming up and we are actually using our collection of spare change to finance it.  Yes, I said spare change.

For the last 2 or 3 years (I can’t remember which Christmas I got Hubs his Sharper Image coin counter thingie) we have been throwing our spare change into a large jar with the goal of filling it to the top (it’s a really big jar, like gallon-sized) and then using the money for something cool.  Usually when we get a collection of change, we roll it and cash out or put it in the bank.  But we made a pact to use it for something good. 

We rolled everything the other night – no Coinstar for us, they take 10.9%, robbery!!! – and we managed to save $327 in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.  How cool is that?!!  So that gives us a nice chunk of change to use on gas, food and entertainment. 

I didn’t include hotel in that last statement because one of our hotel stays was bought strictly with stockpiled Hilton points (aka – free!).  I love free things.

And now it’s sort of a game to see how much unconventional money we can raise.  We had an impromptu garage sale on Saturday, and some of the items we didn’t sell at the garage sale, we sold to a baby consignment shop for money as well.  Cha-ching. 

And then my favorite money saving story of the week happened yesterday when Hubs texted me saying that we got an email from AT&T saying that we had gone over our cell phone minutes this month (dumb work calls) and had incurred over $100 in charges.  Yes, this is true, and horrifying.  So I called to see what they could do for me.  I ended up getting the charges waived, and a new unlimited talk plan for way less money than we were paying for our old 550 minutes per month plan.  I was mighty proud of that.  I love saving money, it makes me happy. 

Completely unrelated to any of this, wanted to give a T25 update.  I'm still going strong!  4 days this week (that includes Sunday).  I took today off because a) I had an 8am meeting this morning and; b) I needed a rest day.   Tomorrow I'm back to it with Speed 2.0 (that crazy workout I was telling you about last week).  I already feel stronger and more toned - good for the impending vacay.  T25 is the real deal y'all! 

How about you … Do you save spare change?  What’s the most you’ve saved?  Are you a Coinstar person or a roller (do you roll your own change)? 

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