Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sporadic Posting

Seriously, what is up with my sporadic posting? It has been so busy around here that I just have not had any time to write. Such a bummer because blogging is so therapeutic. It is! 

Since I worked my ass off today at work I can't really form a complete, grammatically correct paragraph so it's bullet time...
- This weekend was a good one - the home and garden show (we met Ahmed from Yard Crashers!), shopping, cleaning the house from top to bottom (also therapeutic), yummy food, some relaxing, capped off on Sunday night with Wrestlemania - awww yeah. 


Hubs and Ahmed Hassan from HGTV talking yard stuff

- Yeah, not ashamed that we watch wrestling (and Total Divas on E!) in this house. It's a big manly soap opera and it's oddly entertaining. I probably shouldn't admit that huh? 

- Still on the T25 wagon and it's going really well. It feels good to sweat every morning and be back on track. I hope it lasts. It will, because summer is almost here ... It was 90 degrees yesterday! 

- Jillian is still cute as ever. Just had to share that. 15 months old next week...where does time go? 


- Did anyone know this existed? I picked it up theming it was regular Smartfood (white cheddar popcorn), but it was kettle corn! Happy surprise!!


Aaaaand that's all I've got. I'm tired, it's time for bed. 

How about you ... How was your weekend? Do anything good? Do you like kettle corn? 

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