Thursday, April 3, 2014

What Day Is It?

Wait, what?  It’s Thursday?  Really? 

I feel like I have been in a cave all week.  A cave called work.  I had a workshop this week with 40 people in town from around the country, so I’ve had little to no time to do anything “me” related.  Good workshop, but so glad it’s over.  Here’s some bullets to get you caught up…

- Over the weekend we met another “Crasher” at Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival.  Matt Muenster from Bath Crashers.  Super nice dude. 

- We spent more time than we wanted at Epcot on Sunday.  We went to the 12 o’clock seminar by Matt, but didn’t get in line to meet him until it was too late, so we had to stick around for the 3:00 seminar to actually talk to him.  It’s okay though because the weather was glorious and I got in the remaining steps I needed to get my gym membership reimbursement.  What what!

- I didn’t work out this week at all until this morning.   Meh.  I blame work.  I had to be at work by 8am every day.  This is not late for most people, but it is for me.  I usually don’t leave for work until 8:45, which allows me the luxury of waking up at 6:45, working out and then going to work.  That did not happen this week.  Thankfully I’m working from home the rest of the week, so T25 is back on!  And it felt so good to sweat today.

- I got to wear my Stich Fix dress yesterday to work.  OMG I LOVE IT!  I want to wear it everywhere all of the time.  It is just so dang cute and I feel so fancy in it.  Love.  So sad that my next Fix is not until May 8th.  Ugh.

- I watched the series finale of HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) on Monday.  I was okay with it.  I already had a sneaking suspicion that the mother was (SPOILER ALERT) dead and I was really really hoping that was false, but it wasn’t.  Not sure I buy into the whole Ted/Robin thing.  I dunno.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t my ideal cookie cutter ending that I wanted either.

- These came today…

Disney Magic Bands.  This means I now don’t have to faddle with my annual pass, I just slap on my bracelet and it gets me into the park, serves as my fast pass, etc.  It’s golden. And I'm a geek.

And now, I think we’re going to go and try out those Magic Bands.  It’s 5 o’clock and I am ready to get out of this house and get my Disney on (because that’s what most normal people do after work on a Thursday, right?).

How about you … Ever been to Disney?  Anyone watch Bath Crashers?    

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