Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Gift at My Door

Mother's Day came early yesterday - I got my second Stitch Fix!! 

I have been waiting for my next Fix, well, since my last one back in March!  I was super duper excited to get my box of fun and was a little worried when it looked a little dinky.

Luckily for me, it was filled with some good stuff!  

Pay no attention to my hair or lack of makeup (or horrendous camera work) - it's a work from home day and I'm not fancy.  

I really liked the pieces I got.  I started off trying on the coral colored top.  I liked the concept, but it's already in the 90s here in Florida and I know I am not going to be wearing a long or three-quarter sleeved shirt for a while, so this was a no.  Although I did try it on twice contemplating it.

The second top I tried on I knew I would love.  I love anything sleeveless, and this blue top was interesting.  It looks like a wrap shirt, but it's not.  It criss crosses in the front, but it's also flowy, it's really different and looked good on.  Keeping it!  

The third item was the black and white chevron maxi skirt.  I love the concept of a maxi skirt, but I know I would never wear this.  And the material was really thin and would probably require Spanx, which I cannot even deal with.  So this was a no.  

Next was the cargo shorts.  I was a little worried about the pants given the horrible experience I had with the jeans they sent last time.  But these fit and they were flattering and cute.  A little shorter that I would normally wear, but I'm ready to rock my legs.  Why not.  I'm leaning towards keeping them but I'm going to sleep on it because they are a tad pricy for shorts.  

Last was the earrings.  OMG, love at first sight.  I love them.  But… I have about 300 pairs of earrings and these were $48 - which is about 4x more than I would ever be willing to pay for earrings (unless they were like diamonds or something), so I had to part with these.  Sniffle.

Overall, happy with my Fix.  I'm going to go and schedule another one pronto.  I don't want to wait another month and a half.  It's like Christmas when that box arrives at my door!!  

How about you … Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  

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