Friday, May 16, 2014

Name Your Favorite ...

Happy Friday! 
I heard on the radio this morning that today is Janet Jackson's birthday, so in honor of that I am rocking the Janet Jackson Pandora station at my desk.  It is fabulous.
Since it's Friday, and I have no more creative juices flowing, I thought I would do something fun.  I saw one of those fun little surveys on Courtney's blog and thought I would follow suit - because who doesn't love a fun survey on a Friday?  Here we go.
Name Your Favorite....
Person – Jillian
Color – Coral
Food – Pizza... Or cookies
Smell – Jasmine when it's in bloom, but I don't like jasmine scented things. Weird right? 
Book – Water for Elephants
Movie - Romancing the Stone - OMG, I can recite pretty much every word to that movie I love it so much.

Time of day – When I go in and see Jillian for the first time in the day - I love seeing that smile in the morning!

Day of the week – Saturday
Thing to do when bored – Read
Celebrity – George Clooney. Have I mentioned I'm devastated he's off the market? 
Drink – Diet Coke (I know...)
TV show – So many to name... But right now I'm loving Total Divas (because I'm a supreme geek)
Fruit – Bananas
Vegetable – Green beans
Store/shop – Target - it has everything!
Workout – T25!!!
Potato chip flavor – Plain?  Do Cheetos count?  Because I love those so much.
Meal of the day – Dinner
Ice cream flavor – Vanilla - I know boring.
Season – Spring
Dessert – Apple cobbler with vanilla ice cream ...Or cookies
Lifehack – What's a lifehack?
How about you ... Gimme a couple of your answers to the above.

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  1. Name Your Favorite....
    Person – Mike
    Color – black
    Food – don't have one
    Smell – Star Jasmine or plumeria. For perfume it's Beach by Bobbi Brown
    Book – None
    Movie - Star Trek
    Day of the week – Saturday because I can sleep in on Sunday
    Thing to do when bored – sleep because I never get enough
    Celebrity – None - I find most of them to be self absorbed and out of touch with reality
    Drink – coffee
    TV show – Supernatural, The Big Bang Theory and Criminal Minds
    Fruit – Strawberries
    Vegetable – Brocolli
    Store/shop – Target
    Workout – Running, lifting and boxing (learning how to box and it's awesome!!)
    Potato chip flavor – sour cream and onion
    Meal of the day – any that I can actually sit down and eat with the family
    Ice cream flavor – Vanilla bean
    Season – Summer
    Dessert – strawberries with a bit of whipped cream