Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stuff To Always Make Time For

Another thing I did this weekend was read.  I have a stack of magazines on my nightstand and I wanted to at least read two of them (I got one done).  

This month's Redbook had a great article that sang to me.  Since becoming a mom 16 months ago, I find it hard to make time for "me" things.  And I'm not talking like spa days or mommy shopping trips, I'm talking about menial tasks like checking my personal email or putting something away properly (i.e., if there is something that has to go upstairs or in another room, I make a pile and say "I'll go put that away later," and it never gets done!)….everyday things.  It's kind of amazing that I can't get that kind of stuff done, but I can't…or don't.  

So when I was paging through my Redbook I came across the article, "Stuff To Always Make Time For … No Matter How Busy You Are" (article linked here) and instantly perked up.  All of the items on the list I either already do or was like "oh yeah, I need to do that."  So I'm making this a "thing" and I'm going to try and live by it.

1)  Lay out your gym clothes at night - Yes!  Make your life and your morning easier.  They say that if your gym shoes are staring you in the face when you wake up, it's hard to not workout (heh).  This is something I always do because the last thing I need to be doing is fumbling for socks while Hubs and Jillian are sleeping.  I put all of my clothes in the bathroom so that I can get up, brush my teeth and get dressed for my workout.  Lately I've been uber lazy about working out, but once I get back on track, this is something that will always happen.

2)  Make your bed - There's just something nice about having a made bed.  The article says it sets you up for your day with one accomplishment checked off your to do list.  Nice.  We have one of those beds with 1000 pillows on it, so I have to make it everyday or else I have 1000 pillows on the floor - which is even worse than an unmade bed.  I have actually built it into my routine.  After my shower, while my hair dries, I make the bed, hang up clothes, straighten up the closet and do stuff like that.  On those rare days the bed doesn't get made at our house, it just feels a little off.  

3)  Moisturize - You should moisturize day and night.  I wear an SPF everyday and it's built into my moisturizer so this is a big yes.  I don't do it at night as much, but I should!  Right now I really like Cera Ve AM and PM lotions.

4)  Take a lunch break - It's good for your mind and your mood!  On days when I am in the office I always make it a point to try and get out of the office, even if its just to drive around a little bit (and get out of the frigid building). But some days I just can't leave and those days are loooong and when I walk out of the office I feel like I have been in a cave all day.  So taking a lunch break, away from my computer is definitely needed. 

5)  Drink H2O - Yeah, I've been so bad about this lately (I blame Diet Coke for this).  And it's such an easy one to do!  Everyone knows that water is good good good and the article says that it does wonders for concentration.  

6)  Give a compliment - This is a mood booster for the compliment giver.  Think of how nice you feel when you get a compliment - it feels even better when you give one.  I gotta do this more often.

7)  Set up a no phone zone - I have done this recently.  I used to live in my phone in the evenings while we were watching TV or chilling.  It's amazing what you miss when you're buried in your phone.  So I keep it up on the counter now and use it only when I need it - at the counter.  I don't bring it down to the couch because it's an attention suck, and Jillian likes to steal it and stick it in her mouth, which is probably not good, huh?

8)  Be social - The article says people who lack social connections suffer from risk factors equivalent to about 15 cigarettes a day. What?!  They don't say "go out with your friends every night" or anything like that, they say just reaching out to someone to say hi, or see how they are doing is a good step.  This makes me want to take things one step further and actually see my friends more often.  We don't get together nearly as often as we used to.  Life is busy and it's hard to find time, but we need to make it a point to do it, because friends are the best.  

I was going to insert a girl group picture here but couldn't find any taken in the last year … that is a bad sign, right?

And that's it.  Pretty simple stuff - nothing earth shattering, but it's things that I do sometimes and sometimes I don't.  I am going to try and make it point to life by these rules and see what a difference it makes.

How about you … Are these easy rules to live by?  Do you do these?

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