Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vacation Recap - Part One

Sorry, this week has been ridiculous and I have had no time to put together a good vacay recap. 

I just finished up a big project and decided to “reward” myself by taking a few minutes to blog.  Yeah, my idea of “reward” is strange,  I know.

As you know, last week Hubs and I took a quick little getaway.  We hadn’t had a vacation since our anniversary back in October, so we figured before the summer got out of control hot we’d make a quick getaway somewhere beachy and enjoy some down time.  So we decided to go somewhere we’d never been – the Keys!  We have both been to Key West on cruises, but never got to spend adequate time there. 

We set off on Monday and made our way down to Miami. 




We had to stop at the Miami Hard Rock, since Hubs is a collector of the Hard Rock pins.  It was nice to stop and get of the car, have lunch, stretch our legs after 4 hours in the car.  And yes, I did make a playlist for the car that included “Miami” by Will Smith.  Cuz I’m geeky like that.

About 2 hours later we made it to our first destination – the Hilton Key Largo Resort.  (yes, “Key Largo” by Bertie Higgins was also on my playlist)



It was a beautiful hotel!!  (and it was FREE with my Hilton points!)  It was a lovely mix of woods and beach.  There were trees and trails everywhere, it was so pretty. 




The beach was pretty sparse, but it was a beach and it was glorious.



After we checked in, we spent the evening just putzing around the hotel and town.  There’s not much going on in Key Largo, but we did get a light dinner (since we had a big lunch at Hard Rock) and just chilled. 

Tuesday morning we woke up and decided to go to the gym.  The gym looked really nice, and I haven’t been to a gym since like last August (really!), so we decided to start our day off the right way.  It was nice, and made me miss my gym.  Afterwards, we enjoyed breakfast on our balcony and then made our way down to the beach. 



It was lovely.  The resort was not crowded at all, which made it even nicer, and we were actually the only people at the pool. 



That evening we decided to drive to Islamorada to check up what was happening there (not much).  We did manage to find a Shula’s restaurant, so we had to stop and eat.  Shula’s is a really swanky steakhouse here in Orlando.  We’ve been a couple of times and its wicked expensive, so we don’t frequent it very much, but when we saw that there was one in Islamorada our mouths started watering.  This particular one was a “Shula’s 2” which is a less expensive version, but we still managed to spend $100 on steaks.  Eh, it was vacation.

That evening we watched the sunset and just chilled out around the hotel.

Wednesday morning we woke up and did the gym and breakfast on the balcony again and then got packed up and made our way to our second destination – Key West – which was about 2 hours away.

The drive was beautiful and peaceful, but we were ready to get out of the car when we hit Duval Street.  We stayed at the Southernmost Hotel, named for its close proximity to the southernmost point in the USA. 




Another hotel winner.  It was a huge complex and we had access to our hotel and the Southernmost On The Beach complex – lots of pools, beach access, fun stuff.

Alright, this is getting pretty heavy with content and photos, so I am going to continue with our Key West adventures tomorrow.  Sound good? 

How about you … Have you ever been to the Keys?

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  1. Sounds like a great vacay! Never been to the Keys..but someday. Not easy to get to from California. I'm using our Hyatt points to go to a dance convention this weekend with Lizzy. If not for the points, it was going to be $200-$300/night because they can book the whole place. Also got Concierge service so I can get a drink at night without having to pay $20 for a glass of wine. The convention in in LA. Sucks that it's Mother's Day weekend, but I'm going with a girlfriend., so while our daughters are dancing we can go to the spa! Then when we get back on Sunday night, dinner with the family!!