Monday, June 30, 2014

They Moved My Gym!

Hi there! Happy Monday! I hope your Monday started on the right foot.  Mine did - with a  T25 Cardio workout that really woke me up.  Wooha! 

This weekend was good and productive and then also lazy - the perfect kind of weekend.

On Saturday I got up "weekday early" so that I could go out for a walk/tun and complete my fifth T25 workout of the week - Ab Intervals. I knew just doing abs wouldn't be enough of a workout for a Saturday, so I combined it with a walk/run and that did the trick! Good stuff!  By 9am I had a worked out, showered, fed Jillian, started laundry and cleaned her room. Nice!

All of that productiveness led to an afternoon of sitting around. Hubs and I finally got out to the movies - our first since March - to see 22 Jump Street. I'm not sure what I was looking forward to most - the movie itself, 2 hours of Channing Tatum or the gargantuan popcorn and Diet Coke we devoured during the movie.  In the end it was ALL good.

The rest of the evening was spent with Hubs' parents (they babysat Jillian - who actually napped the whole time we were gone!) grilling out and visiting.  Nice Saturday night!

Sunday it was too dang hot to do anything, so we didn't.  The most I did was go grocery shopping.  On my way shopping I passed by my gym - you know the gym I haven't been to since August 2013? - and I realized that it wasn't there.  Say what?  They moved my gym!  After I passed by, I frantically got on Google to find out what happened to my gym.  The address appeared the same on the website, but there was no sign and I didn't see it in the strip mall that it's normally in. 

A little background on my gym - it was a really crappy gym.  Not the gym company per se, but the physical location.  It was in a really tiny space and all of the equipment was on top of each other and everything was just really out of date.  Not cool for a gym company that is extremely well known across the US and has some really high tech and fancy locations nearby.  I always thought "why is our location so crappy and all the other ones are so nice?"  Whatever, it got the job done, but I like nice, new, shiny gyms.  Well, now my gym is NICE.  And shiny. 

On my way back from shopping I went back to the strip mall where my gym used to live and voila, there it was in a brand new, giant space.  I didn't go in (because I'm ashamed ... and I wasn't wearing workout gear), but I drove by and it looks NICE.  About 3 times the size of the other space.  So now I'm going to have to go and check it out.  I wonder if I have to tell them that I haven't been there in a YEAR when I go back?  "Hi, yeah, I haven't been here in about a year.  I didn't even know you moved."  Embarrassing.  Thank goodness I get reimbursed for my gym membership by my company, or else that would really be sad.

Anyway, that was my weekend in a nutshell.  This week is a 3-day week for me!  I have Thursday off and we're heading down to my parents' house for the holiday weekend.  Should be fun.  Lots of swimming for Jillian!  Hope your Monday is going well.

How about you ... What did you do this weekend?  Do you belong to a fancy gym?  Or one that just gets the job done?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Random Facts Friday

You guys!  I have been meaning to post for two days now.  I have tried several times to chat, but I have started writing several times and then something comes up and I can’t finish, or I don’t think about it until night time – and night time is just not the right time for me.  Oy.

Anyway, I’m here and it’s random fact Friday and I have a whole bunch of randomness comin’ at ya! 

-     -  I am four days back into T25, which means on I’m a roll!  And sore.  Geez.  I forgot about the soreness when you first start.  Argh.  But it hurts so good.  I am soooo glad I am doing this again.  Gotta keep it up now!

-     -  I had a hankering for a Chick-Fil-A  chicken biscuit the other morning on my way to work (I know, shame) and I decided – after much back and forth with my psyche – that I was going to stop and get one on the way to the office.  But then I passed by and saw that the line for the drive thru was wrapped around the building.  Seriously?  Ugh, I was so upset.  My mouth was literally watering for a biscuit, but when I saw the line I was like “forget that!”  (I have very little patience for long lines in drive thrus).  So that saved me.  But it really ticked me off.  Why is Chick-Fil-A always so damn busy?  The line is like that all the time.  Well, I know why, Chick-Fil-A is outstandingly delicious.  Hrmph.

 -  I got an impromptu haircut the other day.  I got my color “did” last week because I had roots so bad that I looked like I was trying out the “ombre” hair trend.  Nope, it was just really bad roots.  I didn’t cut it at the time because I was happy with my hair.  I’ve been growing out my bangs for a few months and thought this is what I wanted.  No.  No it’s just bad.  I need bangs.  So I texted my hairdresser and 20 minutes later I had bangs.  Now that’s service!

 -  Jillian’s new favorite toy is my iPad (ah, they grow up so fast).  I downloaded some kid-friendly learning apps and now she’s actually started saying “iPad.”  Although it comes out “iDad.”  She now officially knows more about how my iPad functions than I do.  For example, she actually found this really cool thing on the camera that makes her a twin. 

OMG I cannot even imagine Jillian times two.   Too much cuteness!!

OK, I am outta here.  Have a wonderful Friday and a wonderful weekend!  Hubs and I are finally going to get out and see 22 Jump Street!  Woohoo!  

How about you ... What are you up to this weekend?  Did you start your day with a workout?  Chick-Fil-A fans out there?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Workout Decision Made

(Ugh, I started typing this early this morning and it just got buried throughout the day!) 

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been at a quandary lately about what I want to do for working out.  Do I want to get back into running (eh), do I want to focus on T25 or Insanity or something like that, or do I want to get back to the gym (that I haven’t set foot in since last August – yes, really)?  And this question literally nags me every day.  It’s so dumb, it’s like “just get up and do something, stop thinking so much about it!” – but I do.

Last week I went for a few walk/runs and they were great, but I didn’t feel like I got a great workout when I was done.  It was a good thing to get me back in the working out mood, but I just didn’t feel like it was a good enough workout – something that makes me go “woo, that kicked my butt!” at the end. 

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a super huge fan of Beachbody workouts - namely Insanity and T25 (I’m a sucker for Shaun T).  I feel like I get a good mix of strength and cardio from each workout, I feel like my heart is going to beat out of my chest (the sign of a really good workout) and they WORK (hello, tone).  And as you know I’ve been dabbling in T25 for a while now and I know that if I want to get in shape quick, I should do this.

So I am.  I did day one (Cardio) of the Alpha series this morning and damn, I felt good.  I felt like I was going to pass out at times, but in a good way.  At the end I thought to myself, “now THAT’S a workout.”  And I was so motivated afterwards I also did my 7 Minute Workout app and Daily Duo as well.  So I think this is going to be my focus for a while (ha, no pun intended).  Get my cardio and strength back, then I’ll work on the running. 

So, yay, I made a decision.

How about you … Anyone ever do T25?  Insanity?  P90X? (we have P90X, but it’s scary!)  Any other Beachbody workouts out there that you’ve tried?  

Monday, June 23, 2014

Food Rules

Hey hey!  Happy Monday!  I personally would like to take a snooze right about now – and I blame that on the fact that I did not get up and work out this morning.

I had a legit reason though!  Hubs had to leave for a work trip at 5:30 this morning, so I had to stay put (since leaving your baby asleep at home while you go run is frowned upon).  I guess I could have gotten up and done something indoors, but I opted for sleeping in a little longer.  That’s okay, I will pick back up tomorrow, I swear.

So how am I doing with all of my “rules” that I set for myself.  Pretty good.  I went for a walk/run four days last week and did my 7 Minute Workout and Daily Duo 5 times.  I know I said I’d do those every day, but hey, 5 days is a good start.  Still drinking my water like a fiend (and spending a ton of time in the bathroom – but I guess that’s good) and I’m doing really good on the other stuff – the flossing and moisturizing and exfoliating and all of that mumbo jumbo.  I feel good!

So today I thought I’d talk about some of the Food Rules I established for myself.  Lately I have become a sugar fiend – desserts, candy, lots of stuff I usually don’t let myself indulge too much in.  I’ve always been much more of a salty snacks kind of girl – I’d  much rather eat a bag of chips over a bunch of dessert – but lately I’ve been caving to the sugar cravings as well.  Not good when you’re eating a bunch of both salty and sweet treats.  Thankfully I haven’t seen the numbers on the scale go up, but I do feel kind of bloated and just bleh from all of the eating.  So I’m trying to curb that.  Here are some of my rules.

How cute is this graphic?  I cherry picked it here.

 -     Limit sugar. 
Don’t cut it all out, but limit it.  I’m starting with no dessert for a week to see how I feel.  I know I’ll feel better.

-     Limit snacks. 
I’ve been a snack-a-holic lately, especially when I work from home, so I have to nip this in the bud because my snack choices are usually crappy ones (like chips).

-     4pm Apple and Peanut Butter.
I’m stealing this one from my co-worker Beth.  Every day at 10am she has an apple.  So I decided to personalize this and thought of the time of day where I am my snackiest – right before dinner (I actually snack the most while cooking dinner, so dumb!) – and decided to make a consistent healthy snack for myself.  Apple + peanut butter = delicious and nutritious.  You get your fruit, you get your protein, and it keeps you full.  Win win!  (OOH, it's 4:19, time to eat!)

-     More fruits and veggies.
Gotta do it! 

-     Water.
My water rule will help with all of this as well.

-    Take a multi-vitamin every day.
I’ve fallen out of taking a multi-vitamin every day – I used to be so good about this – so I’ve gotten myself some gummi vitamins, which I never forget to take because they are like candy.

All do-able stuff.  Nothing mind blowing or new here, just common sense choices that make you say "duh, why haven't I been doing this all along?".  I have actually been doing this for the last couple of weeks.  The first week (the week after last), I did really good.  And then last week I did okay.  I blame the lemon cake my mother-in-law brought over on Father’s Day – I ate off that thing all week.  Not good for my sugar rule, but whatever, I’ll get back on track.  It’s all about moderation, right?

How about you … Do you  have any “food rules” that you adhere to (like no fast food or greens every day?) 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Random Fact Friday

Happy Friday y'all!  It's Random Fact Friday!   (Did I originally call it Fun Fact Friday?  I don't remember, and I'm too lazy to go look, so we're now going to call it Random Fact Friday because it's all very random today).

- After three days of walking/running, today I took the day off.  My calves are a little bit sore, so I figured I'd give them a rest.  OK, that's not really the reason why I didn't get up.  I was just really cozy in bed this morning and didn't want to get up.  Hee.  I'll be back out there tomorrow, no worries.

- I've become sort of obsessed with Sofia the First.  No, this is not an obsession with a medieval queen from Game of Thrones era, it's a children's TV show on Disney Junior.

While Jillian was feeling under the weather last week we watched a lot of Sofia, because it made her very happy and calm.  It's a freakin' fantastic show even for adults because it's so darn cute and the music is so catchy.  And any show that features a character voiced by Tim Gunn…hello, I'm in!  

Betcha can't guess which one Tim Gunn is

- I read yesterday that there was a Blossom reunion.  I loved Blossom back in the 90s!  I had a huge crush on Joey Lawrence and even bought his CD when it came out (still have it actually - it's still good!).  They are going to start airing rerun episodes of Blossom on The Hub in July.  I will be watching!

I was a big Six fan.  I just liked that her name was Six.

- In other reunion TV news there are two shows starting next week that I am kind of excited about and will be DVR'ing.  

1)  Girl Meets World starts on Disney Channel on June 27th.  This is a spin off from Boy Meets World from back in the day.  I didn't watch Boy Meets World regularly, but I saw enough of it to know Cory and Topanga.  The spin off focuses on Cory and Topanga's daughter and their family.  I think the show is going to be focused more on the daughter and may not feature a lot of the original cast, but I might be wrong about that. I'll watch and see. 

2)  Mystery Girls starts on ABC Family (seriously, how old am I?) on June 25 and reunites Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling on the small screen.  I was (and still am) a HUGE Beverly Hills, 90210 fan (I drop everything and stop to watch it whenever I catch it on) so seeing these two again onscreen just makes me happy.  I know Tori is a hot mess right now, but whatever, it's still fun.  

- I desperately want to see 22 Jump Street.  21 Jump Street was probably the funniest movie I have seen in a long time, so I can't wait to see the sequel.  And a dose of Channing Tatum is never a bad thing…  I think Hubs and I are going to finagle a date night next weekend.

Alright, that's all I've got for today.  Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!

How about you ... Interested in any of these shows/movies?  Did you workout today?  What are you up to this weekend?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Exercise Rules

So on Monday I talked about some “rules” I’ve created for myself to help me stay on the (somewhat) healthy train.  And my first focus was water – drinking more, peeing more, and reaping the wonderful benefits of water (good, hydrated skin).  I’m working to make this routine in my life so I just do it without thinking about it.  So far, I’m doing pretty good at it.

This week’s focus is exercise.  This blog used to be exercise related.  It focused on my running, my workouts, all that fun stuff.  And then, for some inexplicable reason, the workouts stopped and I became lazy.  Hence the creation of this long list of rules to live by.  The exercise rules I created are pretty lengthy, so I am going to try and focus on a couple of sub-bullets from that list this week and ease into it.  Geez, I sound as if I haven’t exercised in 4 years – it’s only been about 4 weeks since I last had a sweat session…but that’s long enough! 

So, here’s what’s on my list:

·        EXERCISE 5x PER WEEK!!
o   Do a T25 workout at least 2x per week
o   Walk/run outside at least 3x per week
o   Do The 7 Minute Workout everyday
o   Bring back the Daily Duo (!!)
o   Walk at least 7,000 steps a day – why is this so freakin’ hard?!

Those are some lofty goals for someone is a self-proclaimed lazy ass lately.  But not totally un-doable.  This week I want to focus on three, so I’ve chosen: “Walk/run outside at least 3x per week,” “Do The 7 Minute Workout every day” and “Bring back the Daily Duo.”  I can do that.

I mentioned yesterday that I have been craving getting outside in the mornings again.  While I haven’t missed running too much, I have missed my morning outdoor workouts.  So yesterday and today I took to the streets and did 30 minutes outside walking and running (a little).  It feels great to be doing this again after such a long hiatus from it.  And, I am nearing the end of the quarter where I need to log as many steps as possible so I can earn my gym reimbursement through work – so I gotta get to steppin’! 

The 7 Minute Workout,  if you  haven’t heard of it, is an app that walks you through a series of exercises and the whole thing lasts 7 minutes.  You do 12 exercises for 30 seconds a piece such as jumping jacks, wall sits, push-ups – a move for every part of the body that can be done virtually anywhere.  There are a dozen versions of the 7 Minute Workout app out there, but I particularly like the Johnson & Johnson version because it also has other workouts on the app as well.  Heck, if I can’t commit 7 minutes of my day to jumping around, then I am pretty sad.  Here's a screenshot of the exercises in the 7 minute workout:

The Daily Duo is something I conjured up for the blog a long time ago (2011?  2012?).  It’s two exercises (duo) + done every day (daily) = Daily Duo.  And usually one of the exercises is 20 push-ups, because push-ups make your arms look really nice (thank you for teaching me that Insanity).  So, for this month and next (since it’s already mid-June) my Daily Duo will be 20 push-ups (the girl kind) and 20 jump squats (because jumping and squatting is good).  

So that’s my plan.  Start slow this week with the walking (and some running), the 7 Minute Workout and the Daily Duo.  Next week I’ll work on incorporating some T25 in there to get my strength and cardio in.

Bottom line, exercise is so good for me.  Lately I’ve been tired, moody, and have just felt kind of bleh – and I think that is attributed to the fact that I haven’t been getting my morning endorphin rush.  Those endorphins make you feel good and set you up for a good day, and I have definitely noticed a difference this week because I have been working out.  So yay!! 

Jillian says YAY too.

Pay no attention to the dribble on her shirt.

How about you … Anyone into the 7 Minute Workout?  Do you do a certain exercise (or exercises) every single day?  

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I Ran Today!

For the first time in ... oh, since the Princess Half Marathon in February ... I ran!! 

Scary post-Princess medal shot

I didn't run fast (obviously), I didn't run far, I didn't run long, but I ran! And it felt amazing! 

Since I have been a lazy lima bean for far too long now (like 4 weeks now, shame) I decided that today was the day I was going to bring the exercise back into my life. I wasn't sure I was ready to just jump right back in to T25 again, out of fear that I might pass out and die, so I started slow with an outside walk. 

Oh how I have missed the morning outside walk/run. OMG, it so beautiful outside at dawn. It's cool(ish), it's quiet, it's peaceful, the sun is just peeking up - it was just me, my music and my thoughts. I have missed this. 

I set out on just a walk because I just wanted to move. But about half a mile into my walk I decided to try and pump it up to a jog, just to see if I remembered how. I did! And it felt good. No ankle pain, no feeling like I was going to keel over, I just ran. I didn't run a pre-determined specified amount of time (a la intervals), I just ran until I didn't feel like running anymore and then I walked, and then I ran some more, and then I walked. I did that for 30 minutes. 

And I'm gonna do it again tomorrow!  I'm back!!!  

How about you ... Did you run or exercise today?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Water Rules

Hello!  It’s a new week!  Thank goodness.  Last week was not a good week at our house with Jillian being sick, so I am so happy that we are in a new week, and I can finally write and say hi. 

Jillian is fully back to her old happy go lucky self, although she has been sprouting a couple of molars lately, so she has her moments.  I am so glad she isn’t sick anymore though.  I hate when she is sick.

Our weekend was a good one.  As you can tell, we had fun on the trampoline, we had fun at the playground, we had fun at Downtown Disney and we had a really fun Father’s Day BBQ at our house.  My mom made Pioneer Woman’s Smashed Potatoes – OMG, they were to die for.  Seriously.  So much butter, so much cheese, so much bacon…  Great weekend overall!

So last week I decided to start something new.  I’ve been so lazy about healthy everything lately.  Workouts have been non-existent, I haven’t been drinking my water, I have been eating crap, etc.  So I jotted down a few “rules” for myself to help me stick to something and get back on track.  It’s a long list with a lot of things, so I’m biting off small chunks and trying to make them routine as I go.  Last week’s focus:  Water.

So my “rule” that I made for myself was to drink 100 ounces of water per day.  I was going to say a gallon, but 128 ounces of water is just too much.  I know 128 is not that far off from 100, but I physically could not chug another 28 ounces of water after already having 100.  To get to 100 ounces of water a day I set some sub-rules under that rule (like sub-bullets under my big 100 oz bullet).  If that made no sense, here’s the illustration…

·        Drink 100 ounces of water each day
o   20 to start the day – drink 20 ounces of water first thing in the morning
o   20 at 10 – drink 20 ounces of water at 10am
o   20 at 2 – drink 20 ounces of water at 2pm

(Yes I know that only equals 60, but then I drink two more 20 ouncers at other times throughout the day.  At least I know I will get at least 60 ounces at these times.  Clear as mud?) 

They always says it’s best to start your day with a big ol’ glass (or bottle) of water because overnight you become dehydrated.  So having water takes care of that dehydration and it satisfies what many people think is hunger, when really it is just dehydration.  So I start my day with a 20 ouncer.  Then at 10am, I have another 20 ouncer.  I don’t know why I picked 10am, I think it just sounded cool “20 at 10.”  And then another 20 ounces at 2pm, because that’s usually the time of day where I start to fade and they say water is a great pick-me-up for the brain. 

Why 20 ounces?  Because it makes the math easier – that means I only have to drink 5 smaller bottles of water a day.  Usually I get a big liter bottle, but then I lose track and it doesn’t equal out to an even 100.  I’m math-y like that.

My water vehicle of choice - Walgreens' Nice Water.
One of the few 20 ounce bottles I could find!

The good thing about drinking all of this water – I feel great, I drink less Diet Coke and my skin looks great.  The bad, I am in the bathroom 67 times a day.  Last week, I did great with this “rule” and drank enough to float a ship and it’s slowly becoming routine for me to pick up a bottle of water versus something else, which is a good thing because my Diet Coke habit is getting out of hand.   

Two other rules that I tested out last week that aren’t really worth talking about in full detail:  flossing and moisturizing.  Flossing every morning – this is a habit that I fell out of and I don’t know why.  I used to be a super flosser, but lately I just haven’t found the time, which is stupid because it usually takes less than a minute.  And then moisturizing, which I mentioned a post a while ago. Moisturize day and night – gotta do it.  The moisturizing + all of the water I’ve been drinking has my skin looking fabulous.  Win win! 

As I said my list of rules is long, so this week I’m going to try and tackle a couple of my exercise rules.  I was going to start those this morning, but that was a big fat fail.  I’ll talk about this more tomorrow.  Have a fabulous Monday!

How about you … Do you drink a lot of water?  How do you get yourself to drink more water – flavor, fun water bottle, something else?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sick Baby

I got home from Hartford on Friday night to a baby with a scorching fever. Aww. It came out of nowhere and lasted all weekend. Poor baby. No other symptoms other than the fever, which is so frustrating because the pediatrician just says "just wait it out, there's nothing else you can do." Ugh. She's been so miserable I just wanted them to wave a magic wand to make her better! She is doing much better today, although still not back to her happy happy self just yet. 

it really is true that the world stops when your child is sick. It's like nothing else matters except her being comfy and getting better. I didn't leave the confines of the house between 10 o'clock Friday night and Monday morning at 10 when we took her to the doctor. Cabin fever. And I just feel like we've been living in a weird time warp - like, it's only Wednesday? I feel like two weeks have gone by. Crazy. I am so ready for her to be back to 100% because I just hate seeing her like this. 

For giggles here's a couple fun pictures of her from Friday before she got sick. Having some summer fun in her baby pool. 

OK enough about that. Let's focus on happy thoughts today!! 

How about you ... How's your week going so far? 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Fun Facts Friday

I'm starting a new thing on the old blog on Fridays. Everyone out there does a Friday Favorites post, and while I love to read them, there's no way that I could come up with clever faves that anyone cares about reading about each week. So instead I'm going to share randomness on Fridays. 

Let's just go with it....

- It's National Donut Day! Go get one! I am! I did! There was a Dunkin Donuts right across from my hotel. 

(I apologize, I can't hyperlink because I am relegated to my Blogger app)

- Have you heard about the Polercoaster? Apparently they are going to be building the world's tallest roller coaster right here in Orlando. The coaster will be "tower style" and will supposedly be like 570 feet. This is horrifying to me. 

- I hate it when they take a beautiful ballad and put a techno beat to it. John Legend's All of Me is beautiful as is, it doesn't need to be a song played at the club. I hate that!! Another example, Lana del Ray's Summertime Sadness. Why? It was hauntingly good as is. 

- Two new to me CDs that I am digging right now - Katy Perry's (not very) new one, Prism, and Fall Out Boy's (sorta) new one, Save Rock N Roll. Good stuff. And DJ Cassidy's Calling All Hearts (with Robin Thicke and Jessie J) I am deeming as my "song of summer." It's so fun! 

- I'm doing that #30summerdays photo challenge on Instagram put on by Staples that Julie talked about earlier this week. I don't Instagram enought, so this gives me reason to post more. Plus it's fun to have a theme each day. Follow me! kerrys99

- Hubs and I have not been to Disney in two plus weeks. I know, that's a record!! Hoping to get out there this weekend. 

- I'm making big changes starting on Monday. Diet, exercise, overall health. I'm tied of feeling like a slug and I'm mad at myself for being super lazy lately. Change is coming! Until then I will be eating all of the things and laying on the couch. Hee, kidding. Sorta. 

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

How about you ... What do you think about ballads with a techno beat? What's your song of summer? (Past or present) 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sanibel Highlights

Hey! I'm on the way to Connecticut for work, right on the heels of an awesome mini vacation on Sanibel Island. When it rains, it pours - travel wise. 

Our time in Sanibel was awesome! It was so much fun having Jillian down at the beach and seeing how she interacted with the sand, the waves and the pool. It was so much fun. Some highlights...

She's finally mastered hand holding. For the longest time when you went to hold her hand she'd sit down and get feisty. (She's so independent) This made it difficult to take her anywhere without a stroller. But in Sanibel she embraced the hand holding. Hallelujah. 

Pool time! We bought the coolest floaty that she could just sit in, and it had a sun shade so she wouldn't get sunburnt. She had a blast and giggled and squealed her way through the days. 

We weren't sure how she'd take the beach. She's been to Clearwater Beach before but didn't go down by the water too much. In Sanibel we took her right out to the water and she has a blast in the waves. 

My absolute favorite pic of the moment. 

She was a model baby at our family dinners. These pics are from a particularly lengthy dinner at the Bubble Room with our group of 15.

Yeah and I never got that morning, solo walk on the beach. Oh well, maybe next year. 

All in all, fabulous vacation!! Now it's back to the grind - in Connecticut, meh. 

Have a great Hump Day!

How about you ... Any fun summer vacations coming up?