Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Exercise Rules

So on Monday I talked about some “rules” I’ve created for myself to help me stay on the (somewhat) healthy train.  And my first focus was water – drinking more, peeing more, and reaping the wonderful benefits of water (good, hydrated skin).  I’m working to make this routine in my life so I just do it without thinking about it.  So far, I’m doing pretty good at it.

This week’s focus is exercise.  This blog used to be exercise related.  It focused on my running, my workouts, all that fun stuff.  And then, for some inexplicable reason, the workouts stopped and I became lazy.  Hence the creation of this long list of rules to live by.  The exercise rules I created are pretty lengthy, so I am going to try and focus on a couple of sub-bullets from that list this week and ease into it.  Geez, I sound as if I haven’t exercised in 4 years – it’s only been about 4 weeks since I last had a sweat session…but that’s long enough! 

So, here’s what’s on my list:

·        EXERCISE 5x PER WEEK!!
o   Do a T25 workout at least 2x per week
o   Walk/run outside at least 3x per week
o   Do The 7 Minute Workout everyday
o   Bring back the Daily Duo (!!)
o   Walk at least 7,000 steps a day – why is this so freakin’ hard?!

Those are some lofty goals for someone is a self-proclaimed lazy ass lately.  But not totally un-doable.  This week I want to focus on three, so I’ve chosen: “Walk/run outside at least 3x per week,” “Do The 7 Minute Workout every day” and “Bring back the Daily Duo.”  I can do that.

I mentioned yesterday that I have been craving getting outside in the mornings again.  While I haven’t missed running too much, I have missed my morning outdoor workouts.  So yesterday and today I took to the streets and did 30 minutes outside walking and running (a little).  It feels great to be doing this again after such a long hiatus from it.  And, I am nearing the end of the quarter where I need to log as many steps as possible so I can earn my gym reimbursement through work – so I gotta get to steppin’! 

The 7 Minute Workout,  if you  haven’t heard of it, is an app that walks you through a series of exercises and the whole thing lasts 7 minutes.  You do 12 exercises for 30 seconds a piece such as jumping jacks, wall sits, push-ups – a move for every part of the body that can be done virtually anywhere.  There are a dozen versions of the 7 Minute Workout app out there, but I particularly like the Johnson & Johnson version because it also has other workouts on the app as well.  Heck, if I can’t commit 7 minutes of my day to jumping around, then I am pretty sad.  Here's a screenshot of the exercises in the 7 minute workout:

The Daily Duo is something I conjured up for the blog a long time ago (2011?  2012?).  It’s two exercises (duo) + done every day (daily) = Daily Duo.  And usually one of the exercises is 20 push-ups, because push-ups make your arms look really nice (thank you for teaching me that Insanity).  So, for this month and next (since it’s already mid-June) my Daily Duo will be 20 push-ups (the girl kind) and 20 jump squats (because jumping and squatting is good).  

So that’s my plan.  Start slow this week with the walking (and some running), the 7 Minute Workout and the Daily Duo.  Next week I’ll work on incorporating some T25 in there to get my strength and cardio in.

Bottom line, exercise is so good for me.  Lately I’ve been tired, moody, and have just felt kind of bleh – and I think that is attributed to the fact that I haven’t been getting my morning endorphin rush.  Those endorphins make you feel good and set you up for a good day, and I have definitely noticed a difference this week because I have been working out.  So yay!! 

Jillian says YAY too.

Pay no attention to the dribble on her shirt.

How about you … Anyone into the 7 Minute Workout?  Do you do a certain exercise (or exercises) every single day?  

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