Monday, June 23, 2014

Food Rules

Hey hey!  Happy Monday!  I personally would like to take a snooze right about now – and I blame that on the fact that I did not get up and work out this morning.

I had a legit reason though!  Hubs had to leave for a work trip at 5:30 this morning, so I had to stay put (since leaving your baby asleep at home while you go run is frowned upon).  I guess I could have gotten up and done something indoors, but I opted for sleeping in a little longer.  That’s okay, I will pick back up tomorrow, I swear.

So how am I doing with all of my “rules” that I set for myself.  Pretty good.  I went for a walk/run four days last week and did my 7 Minute Workout and Daily Duo 5 times.  I know I said I’d do those every day, but hey, 5 days is a good start.  Still drinking my water like a fiend (and spending a ton of time in the bathroom – but I guess that’s good) and I’m doing really good on the other stuff – the flossing and moisturizing and exfoliating and all of that mumbo jumbo.  I feel good!

So today I thought I’d talk about some of the Food Rules I established for myself.  Lately I have become a sugar fiend – desserts, candy, lots of stuff I usually don’t let myself indulge too much in.  I’ve always been much more of a salty snacks kind of girl – I’d  much rather eat a bag of chips over a bunch of dessert – but lately I’ve been caving to the sugar cravings as well.  Not good when you’re eating a bunch of both salty and sweet treats.  Thankfully I haven’t seen the numbers on the scale go up, but I do feel kind of bloated and just bleh from all of the eating.  So I’m trying to curb that.  Here are some of my rules.

How cute is this graphic?  I cherry picked it here.

 -     Limit sugar. 
Don’t cut it all out, but limit it.  I’m starting with no dessert for a week to see how I feel.  I know I’ll feel better.

-     Limit snacks. 
I’ve been a snack-a-holic lately, especially when I work from home, so I have to nip this in the bud because my snack choices are usually crappy ones (like chips).

-     4pm Apple and Peanut Butter.
I’m stealing this one from my co-worker Beth.  Every day at 10am she has an apple.  So I decided to personalize this and thought of the time of day where I am my snackiest – right before dinner (I actually snack the most while cooking dinner, so dumb!) – and decided to make a consistent healthy snack for myself.  Apple + peanut butter = delicious and nutritious.  You get your fruit, you get your protein, and it keeps you full.  Win win!  (OOH, it's 4:19, time to eat!)

-     More fruits and veggies.
Gotta do it! 

-     Water.
My water rule will help with all of this as well.

-    Take a multi-vitamin every day.
I’ve fallen out of taking a multi-vitamin every day – I used to be so good about this – so I’ve gotten myself some gummi vitamins, which I never forget to take because they are like candy.

All do-able stuff.  Nothing mind blowing or new here, just common sense choices that make you say "duh, why haven't I been doing this all along?".  I have actually been doing this for the last couple of weeks.  The first week (the week after last), I did really good.  And then last week I did okay.  I blame the lemon cake my mother-in-law brought over on Father’s Day – I ate off that thing all week.  Not good for my sugar rule, but whatever, I’ll get back on track.  It’s all about moderation, right?

How about you … Do you  have any “food rules” that you adhere to (like no fast food or greens every day?) 

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