Friday, June 6, 2014

Fun Facts Friday

I'm starting a new thing on the old blog on Fridays. Everyone out there does a Friday Favorites post, and while I love to read them, there's no way that I could come up with clever faves that anyone cares about reading about each week. So instead I'm going to share randomness on Fridays. 

Let's just go with it....

- It's National Donut Day! Go get one! I am! I did! There was a Dunkin Donuts right across from my hotel. 

(I apologize, I can't hyperlink because I am relegated to my Blogger app)

- Have you heard about the Polercoaster? Apparently they are going to be building the world's tallest roller coaster right here in Orlando. The coaster will be "tower style" and will supposedly be like 570 feet. This is horrifying to me. 

- I hate it when they take a beautiful ballad and put a techno beat to it. John Legend's All of Me is beautiful as is, it doesn't need to be a song played at the club. I hate that!! Another example, Lana del Ray's Summertime Sadness. Why? It was hauntingly good as is. 

- Two new to me CDs that I am digging right now - Katy Perry's (not very) new one, Prism, and Fall Out Boy's (sorta) new one, Save Rock N Roll. Good stuff. And DJ Cassidy's Calling All Hearts (with Robin Thicke and Jessie J) I am deeming as my "song of summer." It's so fun! 

- I'm doing that #30summerdays photo challenge on Instagram put on by Staples that Julie talked about earlier this week. I don't Instagram enought, so this gives me reason to post more. Plus it's fun to have a theme each day. Follow me! kerrys99

- Hubs and I have not been to Disney in two plus weeks. I know, that's a record!! Hoping to get out there this weekend. 

- I'm making big changes starting on Monday. Diet, exercise, overall health. I'm tied of feeling like a slug and I'm mad at myself for being super lazy lately. Change is coming! Until then I will be eating all of the things and laying on the couch. Hee, kidding. Sorta. 

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

How about you ... What do you think about ballads with a techno beat? What's your song of summer? (Past or present) 

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