Friday, June 20, 2014

Random Fact Friday

Happy Friday y'all!  It's Random Fact Friday!   (Did I originally call it Fun Fact Friday?  I don't remember, and I'm too lazy to go look, so we're now going to call it Random Fact Friday because it's all very random today).

- After three days of walking/running, today I took the day off.  My calves are a little bit sore, so I figured I'd give them a rest.  OK, that's not really the reason why I didn't get up.  I was just really cozy in bed this morning and didn't want to get up.  Hee.  I'll be back out there tomorrow, no worries.

- I've become sort of obsessed with Sofia the First.  No, this is not an obsession with a medieval queen from Game of Thrones era, it's a children's TV show on Disney Junior.

While Jillian was feeling under the weather last week we watched a lot of Sofia, because it made her very happy and calm.  It's a freakin' fantastic show even for adults because it's so darn cute and the music is so catchy.  And any show that features a character voiced by Tim Gunn…hello, I'm in!  

Betcha can't guess which one Tim Gunn is

- I read yesterday that there was a Blossom reunion.  I loved Blossom back in the 90s!  I had a huge crush on Joey Lawrence and even bought his CD when it came out (still have it actually - it's still good!).  They are going to start airing rerun episodes of Blossom on The Hub in July.  I will be watching!

I was a big Six fan.  I just liked that her name was Six.

- In other reunion TV news there are two shows starting next week that I am kind of excited about and will be DVR'ing.  

1)  Girl Meets World starts on Disney Channel on June 27th.  This is a spin off from Boy Meets World from back in the day.  I didn't watch Boy Meets World regularly, but I saw enough of it to know Cory and Topanga.  The spin off focuses on Cory and Topanga's daughter and their family.  I think the show is going to be focused more on the daughter and may not feature a lot of the original cast, but I might be wrong about that. I'll watch and see. 

2)  Mystery Girls starts on ABC Family (seriously, how old am I?) on June 25 and reunites Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling on the small screen.  I was (and still am) a HUGE Beverly Hills, 90210 fan (I drop everything and stop to watch it whenever I catch it on) so seeing these two again onscreen just makes me happy.  I know Tori is a hot mess right now, but whatever, it's still fun.  

- I desperately want to see 22 Jump Street.  21 Jump Street was probably the funniest movie I have seen in a long time, so I can't wait to see the sequel.  And a dose of Channing Tatum is never a bad thing…  I think Hubs and I are going to finagle a date night next weekend.

Alright, that's all I've got for today.  Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!

How about you ... Interested in any of these shows/movies?  Did you workout today?  What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. An acquaintances son plays "Farkle" on "Girl Meets World". We know the kids from theater camp. Obviously Corey isn't at camp this year but his sister Bailey is and mom makes sure to bring Corey to pick up Bailey every day. It's funny to watch some of the younger kids, because they point and stare. Lizzy and Daniel are just "Hey, Corey!" no big deal to them.

    Our local theater loves to put on Disney plays for summer camp. This year is "Peter Pan Jr.". There are 2 casts: older and younger. Lizzy is playing Tinkerbell in the older cast. Daniel is playing Chief Tiger Bamboo and a Pirate in the younger cast. Historically, Daniel has always gotten a lead, but because he is missing 1 out of the 6 weeks of theater camp for Boy Scout camp, he got a smaller role. He was a little disappointed but Boy Scout Camp has its own rewards, like numerous merit badges and work toward his next rank advancement, plus swimming, rock climbing and repelling, hiking, etc...basically BOY STUFF!!!

    Yes, I did work out today. I ran 5.5 miles and worked legs and abs. I'm doing this 60 day ab challenge where you do 167 reps of any ab exercise daily for 60 days (nets 10,020 ab exercises). Fun and makes you accountable.

    This weekend is more studying. 38 days until the Bar Exam and I haven't lost my mind yet or panicked. That's a good thing. Dance recital for Lizzy - she's in 6 dances (2 ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and hip hop competition). We send Daniel off to Boy Scout Camp - it's away camp too, so he'll be sleeping in a tent with 2 other boys Sun-Friday. I won't get to see my little man for almost 6 days!!! I know he'll be fine, but I'll miss my "mouse".