Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sanibel Highlights

Hey! I'm on the way to Connecticut for work, right on the heels of an awesome mini vacation on Sanibel Island. When it rains, it pours - travel wise. 

Our time in Sanibel was awesome! It was so much fun having Jillian down at the beach and seeing how she interacted with the sand, the waves and the pool. It was so much fun. Some highlights...

She's finally mastered hand holding. For the longest time when you went to hold her hand she'd sit down and get feisty. (She's so independent) This made it difficult to take her anywhere without a stroller. But in Sanibel she embraced the hand holding. Hallelujah. 

Pool time! We bought the coolest floaty that she could just sit in, and it had a sun shade so she wouldn't get sunburnt. She had a blast and giggled and squealed her way through the days. 

We weren't sure how she'd take the beach. She's been to Clearwater Beach before but didn't go down by the water too much. In Sanibel we took her right out to the water and she has a blast in the waves. 

My absolute favorite pic of the moment. 

She was a model baby at our family dinners. These pics are from a particularly lengthy dinner at the Bubble Room with our group of 15.

Yeah and I never got that morning, solo walk on the beach. Oh well, maybe next year. 

All in all, fabulous vacation!! Now it's back to the grind - in Connecticut, meh. 

Have a great Hump Day!

How about you ... Any fun summer vacations coming up?

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  1. Going to Hawaii in August!! Specifically Aulani - the Disney resort. Can't wait. Will be after the Bar exam and before the kids go back to school. Can't wait to relax by the pool, go in the ocean, read something other than a law book or bar prep materials.