Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sick Baby

I got home from Hartford on Friday night to a baby with a scorching fever. Aww. It came out of nowhere and lasted all weekend. Poor baby. No other symptoms other than the fever, which is so frustrating because the pediatrician just says "just wait it out, there's nothing else you can do." Ugh. She's been so miserable I just wanted them to wave a magic wand to make her better! She is doing much better today, although still not back to her happy happy self just yet. 

it really is true that the world stops when your child is sick. It's like nothing else matters except her being comfy and getting better. I didn't leave the confines of the house between 10 o'clock Friday night and Monday morning at 10 when we took her to the doctor. Cabin fever. And I just feel like we've been living in a weird time warp - like, it's only Wednesday? I feel like two weeks have gone by. Crazy. I am so ready for her to be back to 100% because I just hate seeing her like this. 

For giggles here's a couple fun pictures of her from Friday before she got sick. Having some summer fun in her baby pool. 

OK enough about that. Let's focus on happy thoughts today!! 

How about you ... How's your week going so far? 

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