Monday, June 16, 2014

Water Rules

Hello!  It’s a new week!  Thank goodness.  Last week was not a good week at our house with Jillian being sick, so I am so happy that we are in a new week, and I can finally write and say hi. 

Jillian is fully back to her old happy go lucky self, although she has been sprouting a couple of molars lately, so she has her moments.  I am so glad she isn’t sick anymore though.  I hate when she is sick.

Our weekend was a good one.  As you can tell, we had fun on the trampoline, we had fun at the playground, we had fun at Downtown Disney and we had a really fun Father’s Day BBQ at our house.  My mom made Pioneer Woman’s Smashed Potatoes – OMG, they were to die for.  Seriously.  So much butter, so much cheese, so much bacon…  Great weekend overall!

So last week I decided to start something new.  I’ve been so lazy about healthy everything lately.  Workouts have been non-existent, I haven’t been drinking my water, I have been eating crap, etc.  So I jotted down a few “rules” for myself to help me stick to something and get back on track.  It’s a long list with a lot of things, so I’m biting off small chunks and trying to make them routine as I go.  Last week’s focus:  Water.

So my “rule” that I made for myself was to drink 100 ounces of water per day.  I was going to say a gallon, but 128 ounces of water is just too much.  I know 128 is not that far off from 100, but I physically could not chug another 28 ounces of water after already having 100.  To get to 100 ounces of water a day I set some sub-rules under that rule (like sub-bullets under my big 100 oz bullet).  If that made no sense, here’s the illustration…

·        Drink 100 ounces of water each day
o   20 to start the day – drink 20 ounces of water first thing in the morning
o   20 at 10 – drink 20 ounces of water at 10am
o   20 at 2 – drink 20 ounces of water at 2pm

(Yes I know that only equals 60, but then I drink two more 20 ouncers at other times throughout the day.  At least I know I will get at least 60 ounces at these times.  Clear as mud?) 

They always says it’s best to start your day with a big ol’ glass (or bottle) of water because overnight you become dehydrated.  So having water takes care of that dehydration and it satisfies what many people think is hunger, when really it is just dehydration.  So I start my day with a 20 ouncer.  Then at 10am, I have another 20 ouncer.  I don’t know why I picked 10am, I think it just sounded cool “20 at 10.”  And then another 20 ounces at 2pm, because that’s usually the time of day where I start to fade and they say water is a great pick-me-up for the brain. 

Why 20 ounces?  Because it makes the math easier – that means I only have to drink 5 smaller bottles of water a day.  Usually I get a big liter bottle, but then I lose track and it doesn’t equal out to an even 100.  I’m math-y like that.

My water vehicle of choice - Walgreens' Nice Water.
One of the few 20 ounce bottles I could find!

The good thing about drinking all of this water – I feel great, I drink less Diet Coke and my skin looks great.  The bad, I am in the bathroom 67 times a day.  Last week, I did great with this “rule” and drank enough to float a ship and it’s slowly becoming routine for me to pick up a bottle of water versus something else, which is a good thing because my Diet Coke habit is getting out of hand.   

Two other rules that I tested out last week that aren’t really worth talking about in full detail:  flossing and moisturizing.  Flossing every morning – this is a habit that I fell out of and I don’t know why.  I used to be a super flosser, but lately I just haven’t found the time, which is stupid because it usually takes less than a minute.  And then moisturizing, which I mentioned a post a while ago. Moisturize day and night – gotta do it.  The moisturizing + all of the water I’ve been drinking has my skin looking fabulous.  Win win! 

As I said my list of rules is long, so this week I’m going to try and tackle a couple of my exercise rules.  I was going to start those this morning, but that was a big fat fail.  I’ll talk about this more tomorrow.  Have a fabulous Monday!

How about you … Do you drink a lot of water?  How do you get yourself to drink more water – flavor, fun water bottle, something else?

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  1. I keep water at my computer all the time, so that I drink it as I study.
    It may sound weird, but I floss in the shower. I don't have to worry about getting ick everywhere and since I shower every day, it's an every day habit.

    As for sick kiddo...Mine were sick the week before school got out. Puts a crimp into the studying for me. Lizzy ended up with fun!! Daniel was just throwing up. Oh joy!
    The doc will tell you that they don't get a fever when they are cutting molars, but most kids get a low grade one and are super cranky. Advil, tylenol and orajel work really well. She may not have been sick, just cutting the molars.