Thursday, July 31, 2014

Disney Dining Review: Garden Grill at The Land

On Saturday night we went to our third Disney dining experience using our new Tables in Wonderland membership. This outing took us out to our favorite park, Epcot, to go to The Garden Grill, which is located in The Land pavilion. 

(That picture above is a vintage Epcot photo from November 1982!  How cool!  (found it here)  The Land has been spruced up over the years, but it still pretty much looks like this.  I just loved the old pic from the year Epcot opened and had to use it.  (Disney nerd here))

Garden Grill is a family-style restaurant that serves foods that are fresh from their Living With the Land greenhouses.  On the menu were things like char-grilled filet, all-natural turkey breast and sustainable tilapia with sides of buttermilk mashed potatoes and stuffing.  Mmm.  And it was all delicious! 

Oh, and the restaurant rotates, so throughout the meal you see various scenes from the Living With the Land ride, which is kind of cool. Although you're not really paying that much attention to the scenery, you're paying more attention to the characters and the food. Just sayin'. 

From here
Family style dining is great because they just keep bringing you more. You want more steak, they bring it. If you want more potatoes, they bring it. It's a dream. Also included in the price of the meal are drinks and dessert (also all you care to eat). Since it was family style, and Hubs and I didn't want to look like pigs, we brought Hubs' parents along as well. 

I didn't take many pics of the food because we were too busy taking pictures of Jillian with the characters, but the highlights of the meal were the warm rolls that were as big and fluffy as your face served with orange blossom honey butter. (Mmm Mmm Mmm, I live for a bread basket.) The turkey and steak and potatoes and stuffing were also great. I even tried the salad, which was okay.  It had ranch dressing on it and I'm not a fan of ranch on salad.  On fries, yes, on salad no.  (Hee)

They also brought Jillian her own plate of food (also all you care to eat) which had more "kid fare" - a chicken drumstick, Mac n cheese, sweet potato fries and broccoli. Jillian ate a little bit of everything, except the broccoli, because she is my kid and we don't do broccoli. It smells like feet. 

Throughout the meal the characters stroll around the restaurant and stop at your table to say hi. The characters making the rounds were Farmer Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale. Jillian loved them all. 

Character dining is so fun with kids because they get to interact one on one, which is awesome. They would come over and give Jillian high fives…

...and she would touch their noses…

...and pet them, it was too cute. 

She had a blast and was often sad to see them leave and move on to the next table. 

Don't go!  
Overall, we had a great time at Garden Grill and would definitely go back. Character dining with a one and a half year old is the best, so we will definitely be finding other restaurants in our Tables in Wonderland outings that offer it.

Up next: (this Saturday) Shutters at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort! 

How about you ... Ever been to Garden Grill? Ever been to Shutters? Where should we go next? 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm All About That Bass

Hello there! I am happy to report that I woke up feeling much better today. Steroids work, man! My sore throat was literally gone yesterday afternoon which made me uber happy. Yay for going to the doctor!

As a result of not feeling like crap when I woke up, and a mental butt kicking, I was able to get out of bed this morning to workout. I embarked on the first day of the T25 Beta series - Core Cardio. It was good stuff. Kicked my butt majorly, in a good way. I'm a little behind now for week one so I'm either gonna have to play catch up for the rest of this week or just repeat week one again next week. We'll see how the rest of the week goes.

OK I might live under a rock, but I just heard Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" song for the first time yesterday. OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!! I LOVE it. (I'm such a geek) I love her, I love the video, I love the message, I love it. Why have I not heard this yet?!

For others living under a music rock like me, check this out. Please. Do it!

Amazing right? I love her so much. And I love this song. If you didn't click on the video to watch it (shame on you) the song is very girl power-ish and basically says love your body, love yourself, in a super fun way. Love that. Yay for Meghan Trainor! I Wikipedia'd (yes that's a verb) her and she's from Nantucket (somewhere I want to visit before I die - damn Elin Hilderbrand books) and she was born in 1993. Yes, doesn't that make you feel super old? Who cares, I love this song!  I might have listened to it 6 times on my way to work, just sayin'. 

Who about you ... Have you heard this song?  What do you think?  Are you in love?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Check In

Well hello!  Sorry I was MIA yesterday.  I had a busy day that included a trip to the doctor.  I’m still sick and totally tired of being sick, so I finally sucked it up and got some meds to make me feel better.  I’m now on a steroid and will hopefully be able to shake this creeping crud that I have had now going on 12 days.  12 days?!?  I’m also hoping for some killer muscles while I’m on the ‘roids.  Ha, kidding.

I’m 0 for 2 on the workouts this week.  Boo.  I woke up yesterday and this morning exhausted and not feeling peachy, so I decided to stay in bed and rest.  I know, I know, I felt worse last week and still got up to work out, but this week I’m just tired.  So I’m giving myself a small reprieve until I feel better, which will hopefully be tomorrow.  I’ve got Beta to start! 

This weekend’s trip out to Epcot to go to the Garden Grill was excellent.  We ate, we walked the world, we rode Nemo, it was a good night.  And I think I love character dining.  And so does Jillian.  Some sneak peek pics.  I’ll have more in my write up later this week!

Too cute!  She got SO excited when they came by - if you can't tell from the pics.  Aside from that outing, we did a whole lot of nothing this weekend, which was good considering I still haven’t been feeling 100%.  I’m getting there though! 

Hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday! 

How about you … What did you do this weekend?  Anyone having a busy week too?  

Friday, July 25, 2014

Random Fact Friday

Random Fact Friday - oh yeah!

- What did I do yesterday after posting about my Goldifsh habit?  I went and grabbed a handful.  I’m not even lying to you.  But it was only one handful, so that’s progress.

- While talking about habits I jokingly mentioned my new found addiction to Pinterest.  I don’t do it every day, but when I get on I love looking at the randomness of things out there.  Case in point, the other night, pinned an article called “14 Moves For a Perfect Bubble Butt,” (hey, why not?) and then not 30 seconds later I pinned a recipe for frosted banana nut scones.  Like, seriously?  It’s so random.  And so wonderful.  If anyone would like to follow my randomness on Pinterest you can find me at user name halfhealthyker

- While my froggy voice has finally disappeared (almost a week of hoarsiness!), I now kind of feel like crap again.  The sinus headache is back and last night my teeth actually hurt because of my sinus headache.  I think it’s time to go to the doctor. 

- I did four days of T25 this week so I took this morning off.  Normal T25 activities will continue tomorrow.  While I decided to take a day off, I still woke up at the same time I usually get up to workout.  Weird.  And frustrating.

- No huge plans this weekend.  Tomorrow night we’re going out to Epcot for our dinner at Garden Grill, which we just realized is Chip and Dale character dining.  Bonus!  We haven’t been out to the parks in a while (too hot!), so I am looking forward to it.

Hope you have a great weekend!!  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Diet Coke and Goldfish

Can we talk about a couple of bad habits I’ve developed?  (and no, Pinterest is not one of them…although it should be!)

A couple of years ago I kicked a dirty, nasty habit that I had for a long time … Diet Coke. 

My Diet Coke addiction was bad, so one day I decided to go cold turkey and stop.  And it worked for about 2 years and then I got prego and decided that soda was going to be my craving of choice.  And not diet soda, real soda, which is even worse.  Dr. Pepper was my go to and man, it was good.  I don’t care what anybody says, Diet Dr. Pepper does NOT taste just like real Dr. Pepper.  That’s a fact.

Anyway, after I had Jillian I knew I had to quit my real soda habit stat (do you know how many calories are in a large Dr. Pepper – it’s astronomically scary).  So how did I do that?  I supplemented diet soda for the real soda.  How dumb am I?  Like seriously.  Anyway, a year and a half later I’m back to square one – hooked on Diet Coke.

I look at my Diet Coke addiction in two ways

a)  It’s bad, it’s horrible for my body, I need to get off of it pronto; and then

b)  Eh, it’s just Diet Coke, it’s not like I’m addicted to smoking or drugs or something really horrible

Why does Diet Coke have to be considered so taboo?   Why does it have to be on everyone’s top ten list of bad things for you.  Yeah, I know it has weird chemicals in it that I can’t pronounce, but it just makes me happy.  A fresh, fountain Diet Coke, OMG, there’s nothing tastier.    

I will just continue to talk in circles about my love for Diet Coke, so I’m going to stop.  Bottom line, yes, I should quit it again.  Do I want to?  Nah.  I have no vices in life except for one, and that is Diet Coke, so let me have that one vice.  I’m keepin’ it!

My other habit I have recently developed is snacking.  I have been really good in the past year and a half about my snacking.  I’ve adopted a lifestyle of “eat only if you are really hungry” (and not bored, tired, stressed, etc).  And I’ve done pretty good at this.  Mainly because I don’t normally keep a lot of “snacky” foods in the house.  But now that Jillian is older, there are some “snacky” foods in our house.  Namely, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers – the cheddar kind.

Jillian loves her Goldfish, and so do I.  I grew up on the Parmesan and Pizza flavors and never really strayed outside of those.  I figured Pizza flavor wasn’t really a flavor I needed to introduce my one year old, so I chose the safe cheddar kind for her.  Man, they’re tasty.  Truth be told, I eat them by the handful.  A handful here, handful there….  I refuse to look and see approximately how many calories are in a “handful.”  I choose to be blissfully unaware.

So what am I gonna do about?  Well, I’m not going to deprive my daughter of her beloved Goldfish, but I am trying to keep my “’handfuls” at bay by eating lunches and snacks that are satisfying and keep me full.  Like today I was feeling a little snacky after lunch, so I made myself a Pioneer Woman Apple Peanut Butter Delight   And it’s safe to say I won’t be eating until dinnertime.  OMG, so good.  Pesky Goldfish, stay away! 

How about you … Do you drink Diet Coke/diet soda?  Real soda?  Do you snack a lot?  What’s your favorite Goldfish cracker flavor?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Disney Dining Review: Maya Grill at Coronado Springs Resort

As I mentioned last week … or this week … is Sunday the start of your week or Monday?  Anyway…

A couple of days ago I talked about the fact that Hubs and I decided to become members of Disney’s Tables in Wonderland, which gets us a 20% discount at most Disney table service restaurants.  And I told you that we were going to try out a new Disney dining experience each week to get our money’s worth … or spend a lot of money on food … however you want to look at it. 

This past Saturday we made reservations through the My Disney Experience app for the Maya Grill at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. 

Hubs and I love going out to the Coronado because it’s a fun hotel with a Southwest theme, it has a neat “food court-y” type of restaurant called the Pepper Market that we like to go to, and we love walking the trail around the lake/resort to get a little exercise in after stuffing our faces.  It’s a win win experience all around.  Love Coronado. 

In all of our outings to Coronado we have always seen Maya Grill from afar, but we never ate there.  Until Saturday night.  For some reason I didn’t realize that Maya Grill was a straight up Mexican restaurant.  I thought it was mostly American food with some chimichangas thrown in the mix.  But no.  Before I get to the menu, let’s talk about the ambiance, because this was a really pretty restaurant.

Hi Hubs!

The menu was very nice and had everything from enchiladas to tacos to chimichangas and then they had non-Mexican fare on the menu as well.  Since Hubs and I were in the Mexican mood, we opted for Mexican, but it was hard to make a decision because everything sounded so good.  We started with the Queso Fundido as an appetizer, because I just can’t go to a Mexican restaurant and not get queso, it’s just not right.  It was delish, and polished off in about 3 minutes with warm tortillas and chips.  Mmm.  

Hubs opted for the Chimichanga Platter, which was a beef and chicken chimi. I opted for the Three Amigos, which was a chicken enchilada, a beef enchilada and a cheese enchilada.  I never order enchiladas in a restaurant because my dad makes the best enchiladas on the planet, and I know restaurant enchiladas will never stack up to my dad’s (seriously).  So that was my first mistake when I ordered the Three Amigos.

My food was good, but not great.  It wasn’t “blow me out of my chair” Mexican and I think that’s partly because I broke my enchilada ordering rule and partly because I was already full from the Queso Fundido, chips and salsa.  Ah well.  I had a bit of Hubs’ chimi and it was very good.    

Overall I really liked Maya Grill.  I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant and the menu was great.  While I didn’t love my dish, I would like to go back and try something different, because everything sounded so yummy. 

After dinner we did the big loop around Coronado Springs and walked off part of our meal.  I ran into one of the Three Caballeros.

Yes, I am wearing my Stitch Fix shirt AGAIN.  I wear it too much, I know.

And then I wore a giant bow.

Overall, great night out! 

Next week:  Garden Grill at Epcot – my choice! 

How about you … Have you ever been to Maya Grill?  Coronado Springs?  How about Garden Grill – anyone been there?  Did you like it?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hoarse-y Monday

Hi there!  Happy Monday!  I’m still feeling a little hoarse-y and eh today, but okay. 

This weekend we did a lot of chilling out at home, which was nice considering both Hubs and I are recovering from the creeping crud.  I finally got to see Saving Mr. Banks, which is am so happy about, because I wanted to see that movie the day it came out (back in December), but it never happened.  I loved it. 

On Saturday night Hubs and I had a “date night.”  We had reservations for our next Disney dining outing and were planning on taking Miss Jillian with us, but Hubs’ parents offered to watch her while we went, so we took them up on it and enjoyed a nice evening alone.  

Going out is so different without Jillian.  We talked about this during dinner – while we both didn’t feel it was better or worse without her, we both agreed that it was just different.  Whenever she is around, which is like 99% of the time, you can't ever give the other person 100% of your attention, you just can’t (she's too cute).  So being able to give 100% to a conversation was nice.  Too bad I couldn’t really talk very much on Saturday, I could croak.  Anyway, I will be writing up my recap on the Maya Grill later this week.

This morning I woke up and immediately thought about skipping T25 because I was feeling eh.  Then I remembered that I feel much better after working out because it gets all that phlegm moving.  I embarked on week 5 of T25 this morning, which means that next week I get to start the Beta series of workouts.  Excitement.  Today was the Total Body Circuit workout, which was good as always.  I can’t believe it’s already week 5. 

Thank you, thank you Ryan.

Like I have said time and time again, I am really glad I decided to commit to T25.  It’s really helped me get into a groove with getting up and working out in the mornings.  Without a plan I’m all over the place and tend to sleep in a little more than I should.  I’ve noticed that it’s much easier to get up in the mornings now too.  My alarm goes off, I think “eh, maybe I’ll skip today” and then I instantly talk myself out of it and get up.  Before, without a plan, I would be like “nah, don’t feel like it” and hit snooze.  So, that right there is worth the price of admission.

And when I complete T25, I found a new challenge to embark on … the InsaniT25 plan!  What?!?  It’s a hybrid of Insanity and T25…  Oh, I might have to try this because it sounds fun!

What about you … Has anyone tried T25 or Insanity before?  Have you see Saving Mr. Banks?  

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Disney Dining Review: Olivia's at Old Key West Resort

Since Hubs and I frequent "The Disney" and eat a lot of food out there, we decided to become members of the Tables in Wonderland program. 

For a reasonable annual membership fee, Tables in Wonderland offers a 20% discount to all table service restaurants at all of the parks, resorts and other areas like Downtown Disney.  It also offers discounts to some quick service restaurants, but not many (annual pass holders, your annual pass discount card actually gets you a discount at some quick service place, just ask!). 

To make the most of our membership, Hubs and I have decided to try a new Disney restaurant each week. We want to calculate all of the discounts to see if the money we save equals the membership fee. We're nerdy like that. 

We went to our first restaurant last Saturday - a hidden gem - Olivia's at Disney's Old Key West Resort

I chose this restaurant because the menu had a lot of traditional American cuisine on it that sounded delish.  But I mostly chose it because of the dessert menu - they had a banana bread pudding sundae, hello. 

Olivia's is a small restaurant, so the ambiance is very homey. And it wasn't crowded, which is crazy considering it's the middle of the summer. Like I said, a hidden gem! 

Our meal started with a warm loaf of pineapple coconut bread - the same bread that they serve at Ohana at the Polynesian Village Resort (our favorite Disney dining experience ever). It was delish and we gobbled it up. 

Hubs ordered the pork chop with Gruyere fondue (fancy) and I ordered the special which was buttermilk chicken with sawmill gravy. OMG, not at all healthy but who cares, I ate every single bite. It was soo delicious. Jillian even ate some of my green beans and mashed potatoes.

The entire meal I just kept saying "mmmmmm" - it was so good. We were both full at the end of our meal but we knew that we had to have dessert, since that's why I chose this place. I, of course, ordered the banana bread pudding sundae with bananas foster sauce. Yes really. Hubs ordered the flourless chocolate cake. We inhaled everything. The banana bread pudding was big and gooey and divine, OMG. So good. 

At the end of the meal we rolled ourselves out of there and took a short walk around the resort (it was drizzling a bit). All in all, excellent experience!! I loved Olivia's and would totally go back to try other things on the menu. And we saved $12.09 using our discount - not too bad! 

Hubs picked out the next restaurant we are going to (we are alternating weeks on picking), so we are going to Maya Grill at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. I'll let you know how it is!! 

How about you ... Any Tables in Wonderland members out there? Ever been to Olivia's? 

Saturday, July 19, 2014


As if this week hasn't been busy enough (I only got to blog once?!), Thursday I woke up with the creeping crud. Hubs has been fighting a sore throat/cough/phlegmy thing all week and I thought I was immune. No dice. I woke up Thursday feeling like poo with a sore throat and general crapiness from the neck up. And then yesterday, the icing on the cake, I lost my voice. Awesome. 

Since I am a firm believer of "sweating out the ickies" I decided to workout this morning. I didn't T25 on Thursday or Friday - wasn't happening - so today I did the workout that was mostly cardio so I could sweat a lot and jump a lot. The jumping helped loosen up the phlegm that has accumulated over night (sorry, gross), so right now, post-workout, I'm feeling pretty good. 

Needless to say Hubs and I are going to lay pretty low this weekend and pray to God that Jillian doesn't get the crud. So far so good. 

How about you ... Anyone else sick out there? (That's a weird question) What are your plans for the weekend? 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Birthdays, New Offices, 10Ks, etc.

Hello!  Is it already Wednesday?  It has been a busy busy week, hence the not checking in thing.  I have a bazillion things I need to be doing, but I thought I would chat with you first.  Nice of me, eh? 

I’m going bullet style today because I have a bunch of things to talk about and they don’t really go together at all. Rand-o!

- I am happy to report that Amanda and Michele were able to register for the DisneyPrincess Enchanted 10K yesterday!  Registration opened yesterday (I signed up during the annual passholder pre-registration last week) and they had a devil of a time getting registered, but they were successful.  Yay, that means I won’t have to do it alone!  Amanda checked last night and both the 10K and the half marathon were already sold out.  WOW.  And it looks like the Glass Slipper is sold out today.  Crazy.

- I am talking to you from my new office!  As I mentioned last week, our office moved to a new location and Monday was my first day in the new location.  I have a bit more of a commute – 35 minutes now compared to the 15 before – but it’s not bad.  I love my new digs (bigger cubicle = happy Kerry), but it’s still weird being in a new place.  I feel like it’s temporary.  It’s weird and hard to explain.

- Jillian celebrated her “half birthday” over the weekend.  18 months!  I cannot even believe I have a one and a half year old.  We celebrated all weekend.  Friday night we took a fun trip out to Epcot.  Saturday we went out to a nice Disney dinner at one of the resorts.  And then Sunday we made a Toys R Us trip (hey, it was her half birthday, she needed a present!) and then that night my parents came up and we had dinner at a crazy good Mexican restaurant.  Fun weekend! 


- Jordyn also celebrated her 19th birthday on Monday.  OMG I'm so old!  She’s back in California and spent the day at, where else, Disneyland… Yep, she’s definitely our kid.  Well, not my kid, but my step catch my drift.

- This weekend I also discovered the phenomenon that is Pinterest.  Or, I should say re-discovered.  I got on to Pinterest back when it blew up and I wasn’t really that into it.  I didn’t understand how people could spend hours on it – I think I just didn’t really understand how it worked.  I used it occasionally if I was looking for something specific, but that was it.  On Saturday I was looking for some ideas for organizing Jillian’s toys (because they are all over our family room, dining room, living room…) and I decided to check out Pinterest.  Well… three hours later I was still perusing.  Jillian was napping, Hubs was watching a movie and I literally spent hours looking at everything from kids playrooms to organization ideas.  And it didn’t stop there.  I also learned how to do a better job with my eye makeup, how to prioritize my to do lists, how to bake a funfetti cookie cake (seen above) and I built out my Stitch Fix wish list.  Seriously, Pinterest is amazing.  I dream about it now.  Sigh.

- I’m half way through WEEK FOUR of T25.  I’m so proud of myself for sticking with it.  I’m going the full 10 weeks people. I’m gonna do it!  This week has been tough though.  Yesterday and today I woke up so tired and just wanted to sleep, but I made myself get out of bed and I am so glad I did.  I feel so much better when I stick with it.  Go me! 

OK, I need to get jammin’ – lots to do!  Have a super duper Wednesday!

How about you … Did anyone get registered for one of the Disney Princess races?  Any Pinterest fans out there?    

Friday, July 11, 2014

Random Fact Friday

Happy Friday!  I’m working from home today because today is moving day for our office and they told us to stay away.  Nice.

It’s a little bittersweet.  While I am excited about having a new office to go to starting on Monday, I have been going to work in the same place for 14 years.  14 years!  Gosh, that makes me sound (and feel) really old!

As I walked in to the office yesterday, I snapped this pic.  Aww. 

So it’s Friday and that means it’s random fact Friday, so here we go…

- It’s July 11th, 7/11, that means go get your FREE SLURPEE today at 7-11! 

- I am NOT a Lebron James fan at all, but I am just dying to know where he’s going to end up – Miami or Cleveland.  Hurry up Lebron, the world is waiting for you to speak!!

- Yesterday I totally bought the People magazine with all of Jessica Simpson’s wedding photos.  I’m sorry, I hate to admit it, but I just love her.

- As I mentioned the other day, I signed up for the Disney Princess 10K during a special annual passholder preview.  For giggles, I decided to go back out to the passholders website to see how the race was shaping up.  The 10K is already 50% sold out and the Glass Slipper Challenge (5K, 10K and Half) is sold out.  Wow!  I really hope that they only allow a certain number of spots for passholders and that’s what is sold out, and not the whole thing is sold out during the pre-registration.  Otherwise there would be a lot of pissed off people on Tuesday when registration opens to everyone.  Sheesh, I remember when you could register for this race like a couple of months before the race and have no problems.  Crazy how big these have gotten. 

- Speaking of Disney races, Hubs and I were talking last night about how many races they now have at Disneyland.  We did the inaugural Disneyland Half Marathon back in 2007 and that was the only one.  Now they have the Tinkerbell Half, Avengers Half, Star Wars Half and then the Disneyland Half.  That’s more half marathons than they have here - here we have Disney World, Princess and Wine and Dine (Tower is not a half).  He also jokingly said “we should do them all one year.”  Haha, that intrigues me, but at the same time gives me a slight panic attack as well.  Lots of those are close together date-wise!  Not to mention the travel back and forth.  Here’s some fun pics from that inaugural race.

The Disneyland castle is so puny

California Adventure

Alright, that’s all I’ve got.  Hope your Friday is going well and that you have a fab weekend! 

How about you … Have you ever run a Disney race?  Any dreams to do one?  Which one would you like to do?  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A New Race

So I signed up for a race yesterday!  No, I haven’t been running and the thought of a half marathon makes me a little anxious, so I decided to sign up for a 10K.  Last year, the Disney Princess half marathon introduced a 10K to the weekend, and it sold out in like 10 seconds.  I was so bummed because I love a 10K, and a Disney Princess 10K, hello. 

So this year I found out that there is a perk for Disney Annual Passholders … we get to register for Disney races a week ahead of everyone else.  How did I not know about this before?!  Yesterday the pre-registration opened and I got in.  Woohoo!  Now here’s hoping Amanda and Michele can get registered when registration for everyone else opens on Tuesday.  I told them to log on at noon on Tuesday to get in, because the 10K will sell out super fast, and I don’t want to run it alone. 

Last year's Princess with Amanda
Tower of Terror 10 Miler with Michele
I think we are going to have to get cool matching shirts again!!  

Exciting.  Now I just need to start running again… ?

On that note, I logged in another day of T25 – my third this week.  I am starting to feel really good and strong.  These workouts are the bomb.  I’m even getting used to waking up earlier – like I’m waking up before my alarm, yikes.  I guess that’s a good thing. 

Alright, I gotta jam.  So much to do.  Our office is moving to a new location tomorrow (more on this later) and I have lots of packing to do amidst the mountain of work to do, argh.  Have a super Thursday!

How about you … Anyone planning on running the Disney Princess 5K/10K/Half Marathon in 2015?  

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Big Purse, Happy Fourth

Hey there!

I tried all day yesterday to get a post up, but it just didn’t happen.  Too much going on at work! 

First things first, I got a question from Sabrina asking for the designer of my awesome Stitch Fix purse

It is an Urban Expressions bag and the style is Yolanda Woven Buckle Detail.  I Googled it and I found this one in brown.  Same bag, just in brown. I kind of dig it in brown too!  

I love this bag!!  Here’s a couple of pics of me and the bag, with all of my crap in the bag, since I know how important it is to actually see a bag on a real person and not a mannequin (you know, to see just how big it is, where the straps fall, etc)

 So how was everyone’s Fourth of July holiday?  Hopefully great!  Ours was a lot of fun.  We started the festivities on Thursday night when we drove down to Sarasota for a friend’s birthday party.  It was a lot of fun – they rented a hall, had a DJ, there was food and dancing and balloons, so Jillian was happy.

On the Fourth we had some quality swimming time in my parents’ pool. 


And then we had some friends over and had a delish cookout complete with steaks and corn on the cob.  I ate so much I literally exploded. 

On Saturday we had more swimming fun and then headed home during Jillian’s nap.  Timing a nap and a long car ride is crucial to everyone’s well being. 

The rest of the weekend it rained cats and dogs, so we spent the rest of the weekend indoors catching up on TV and whatnot.  Good stuff! 

On Monday it was back to the grind.  I couldn’t get my sorry a$$ out of bed to T25 yesterday, but after seeing Courtney’s post (and awesome ecard) I was propelled out of bed this morning.  

It felt good!! 

Alright, lots to do, and little time to do it.  Have a great Tuesday!

How about you … Are you a fan of large purses/bags?  Do you like a colorful purse or a more muted tone?  What did you do during your Fourth of July holiday?