Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Birthdays, New Offices, 10Ks, etc.

Hello!  Is it already Wednesday?  It has been a busy busy week, hence the not checking in thing.  I have a bazillion things I need to be doing, but I thought I would chat with you first.  Nice of me, eh? 

I’m going bullet style today because I have a bunch of things to talk about and they don’t really go together at all. Rand-o!

- I am happy to report that Amanda and Michele were able to register for the DisneyPrincess Enchanted 10K yesterday!  Registration opened yesterday (I signed up during the annual passholder pre-registration last week) and they had a devil of a time getting registered, but they were successful.  Yay, that means I won’t have to do it alone!  Amanda checked last night and both the 10K and the half marathon were already sold out.  WOW.  And it looks like the Glass Slipper is sold out today.  Crazy.

- I am talking to you from my new office!  As I mentioned last week, our office moved to a new location and Monday was my first day in the new location.  I have a bit more of a commute – 35 minutes now compared to the 15 before – but it’s not bad.  I love my new digs (bigger cubicle = happy Kerry), but it’s still weird being in a new place.  I feel like it’s temporary.  It’s weird and hard to explain.

- Jillian celebrated her “half birthday” over the weekend.  18 months!  I cannot even believe I have a one and a half year old.  We celebrated all weekend.  Friday night we took a fun trip out to Epcot.  Saturday we went out to a nice Disney dinner at one of the resorts.  And then Sunday we made a Toys R Us trip (hey, it was her half birthday, she needed a present!) and then that night my parents came up and we had dinner at a crazy good Mexican restaurant.  Fun weekend! 


- Jordyn also celebrated her 19th birthday on Monday.  OMG I'm so old!  She’s back in California and spent the day at, where else, Disneyland… Yep, she’s definitely our kid.  Well, not my kid, but my step catch my drift.

- This weekend I also discovered the phenomenon that is Pinterest.  Or, I should say re-discovered.  I got on to Pinterest back when it blew up and I wasn’t really that into it.  I didn’t understand how people could spend hours on it – I think I just didn’t really understand how it worked.  I used it occasionally if I was looking for something specific, but that was it.  On Saturday I was looking for some ideas for organizing Jillian’s toys (because they are all over our family room, dining room, living room…) and I decided to check out Pinterest.  Well… three hours later I was still perusing.  Jillian was napping, Hubs was watching a movie and I literally spent hours looking at everything from kids playrooms to organization ideas.  And it didn’t stop there.  I also learned how to do a better job with my eye makeup, how to prioritize my to do lists, how to bake a funfetti cookie cake (seen above) and I built out my Stitch Fix wish list.  Seriously, Pinterest is amazing.  I dream about it now.  Sigh.

- I’m half way through WEEK FOUR of T25.  I’m so proud of myself for sticking with it.  I’m going the full 10 weeks people. I’m gonna do it!  This week has been tough though.  Yesterday and today I woke up so tired and just wanted to sleep, but I made myself get out of bed and I am so glad I did.  I feel so much better when I stick with it.  Go me! 

OK, I need to get jammin’ – lots to do!  Have a super duper Wednesday!

How about you … Did anyone get registered for one of the Disney Princess races?  Any Pinterest fans out there?    

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